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St Evan Echoes
Oct 17, 2004

Fun Shoe

Stay safe Lucy

E: content for new page. Old dogs are the best dogs. Sidney got caught in a hail shower and was shivering when I got him home, so here he is wrapped up with the heating set to Old Folks Home

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Max Hammer
Jan 3, 2008


This is my puppy Aria. Half husky, half malamute. She us possibly the most affectionate and protective dog I have ever known. And people stop us in the street all the time to tell us how beautiful she is.

Jun 16, 2003
Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!

Damnit Thomas, no you may not have ice cream. Dairy does terrible terrible things to your insides.

Also, limited success with snake toy.

He's been a lot more vocal lately, especially when it's play time but never when I have a camera available.

Edit 2: When this happens playtime is either over or starting.

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Jun 22, 2006
My mom says I'm cool.

comper posted:

We've had Oscar for about a week now - found him at our local shelter and had to have him. He's about 15 weeks old and we hope he grows up to be a big cat.

Oscar update and our new addition tentatively named Lucy that we just adopted tonight I posted these pictures along with a question in the other cat thread but hey might as well go here too :p

Apr 5, 2010

This is Sheldon, my baby red-eared slider. He's almost 2 inches long and honestly a joy to keep as a pet. I didn't know a lot about keeping turtles when I got him but I quickly learned, shelled out (heh) a good bit of money for a proper habitat, and I'm looking forward to him being in my life for the next 20 years or so.

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Apr 5, 2010

And this is a slightly edited glamour shot of my male halfmoon betta, Castamere. He's the first fish I've owned since becoming an adult and it's been a learning experience with him as well.

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May 6, 2007
Tacos! Tacos! Tacos!

I feel dumb as poo poo, doing this. But, I'm super loving happy. I've worked with animals, and done a ton of rescue work over the years, and I've gotten attached to a lot of dogs, but never have I really felt like a rescue was a dog that I should adopt.

My friends and family, and all of my co-workers(who all know this dog) are sick of hearing about this...but I'm in the process of moving, so I can have a place large enough for a large dog. Her name is Shiloh.

And, I want some nerds on the internet to see her, too, damnit.

She loves to go hiking, and aside from when she gets to play with other dogs, it is generally the only time she allows herself to really relax.

Shiloh has been with our program for more than a year, and came with a sister that looked much like her. They were ten months old, or so...and had been in the shelter system since they were 4 months old, with one short aborted adoption during that time. They were never socialized, possibly living in a basement for their first four months. After they came to us, her sister was much quicker to adapt, and open up.

I typically describe Shiloh as autistic, which while not accurate, is easy shorthand. For a very long time...she refused to make eye contact, take treats, or engage with humans at all. She simply shut down. It took months and months of long walks, excursions to the woods, and generally just chilling out with her. But, she's finally opened up, and shows much more confidence, if in her own quiet ways.

A family that came to visit Shiloh, ended up taking her sister home instead. It was a better fit, and a very happy day, but the wake up call that I needed, to decide to adopt her myself. Apologies for all the words...but, I've been working with animals for fifteen years, and I've never dealt with a dog quite like this, and am absurdly goddamned pleased that I was able to establish trust, and a bond with her. Have more pictures. Because picture thread.

She also loves rides. The day after I took her on her first hike, I was taking her on a more mundane walk at work, and stopped to get my sunglasses. She was like...gently caress that poo poo. Let's ride.. It was a big deal.

Miserable dogs at bathtime are adorable.

And, so I'm not doting on only the new dog...have another miserable dog at bathtime. Chiquito. She is very attached to the little shithead for some reason, just like me.(He's actually the best trained, smartest dog that I've ever had. )

Feb 26, 2003

don't mind me, I'm just out hunting.

This was Gonzo

He was a bit of a poo poo honestly, he barked at everything, and howled at the doorbell. Later on in life whenever I was visiting my parents he would never let me sleep in. He'd scratch at the door of the room I would sleep in until I would wake up and let him in, and he would immediately jump on the bed and wouldn't leave me alone until I got up. He never stopped begging for food, ever, mostly because my mom never stopped feeding him scraps from the table.

Me and my 3 other siblings got him for my father for his birthday, because we knew my dad didn't really want a dog but my mother did, so we figured if it was a birthday present he couldn't be upset about it. We got him November 4th, 2001. I know this exact date because it was the game 7 of the world series, Diamondbacks vs the Yankees. We named his Gonzo after Luis Gonzalez, the Diamondback player who scored the 9th inning RBI to beat the Yankees and win the World Series. We don't like the Diamondbacks, our family are Texas Rangers fans, we just really loving hate the Yankees. Dad ended up loving the little bastard. Once all of us kids grew up and moved out Gonzo became a totally spoiled brat. He slept in my parents bed, refused to sleep elsewhere. He became my parents swimming buddy, and despite being absolutely horrible with other dogs he was great with kids, even infants who would grab at him. He showed a lot of patience with all my nieces and nephews growing up, they always wanted to go swimming with Gonzo.

In the past month he developed an issue with a couple vertebrae that was preventing him from, well, doing much of anything. Surgery was apparently a risky situation for the issue at hand, so he was on muscle relaxers and pain killers for a short while, but quickly my parents realized he was in a lot of pain and lacked the mobility necessary for a dog to well, continue to be a dog. He was put to sleep last week, and I found out today.

All in all he must have had a pretty awesome life. My parents loved to play with him, take him swimming. He got a lot of house and backyard to have fun in, bark at other dogs and squirrels, and always got a ton of attention.

Have fun chasing balls and barking at anything wherever you are little buddy.

Apr 9, 2009

We're not?

So this is a bit different I suppose. I'm actually wondering if anyone is able to help me out with figuring out what this dog is. Here she is:

This is Missy. I grew up with her, sort of. She was my favorite dog of my grandmother's. I stayed with her during my time off school (summer, winter, vacations) about 40 minutes from "civilization." For reference, the girl in the first picture is my younger cousin who just turned 31.

Missy was basically an impromptu rescue. My mom found her after she'd been hit by a car. She had a pretty big gash on her stomach which left a sizable scar. After we got her patched up, eventually my mom realized that her tiny guest house apartment wasn't going to cut it and we sent the dog to my grandmother's so she could have 50 or so acres to run around as much as she liked. Whenever I spent time there it was always my job to watch out for her and I stayed up late to make sure she came inside for the night. She was the sweetest dog I've ever met.

So with more time and expendable income I'm feeling more capable of properly caring for a dog and would love to have one just like Missy if possible. I just don't even know where to begin to guess what breed(s) she might be. I'm guessing she's a mutt but I'm just not that studied when it comes to dogs. Anyone have any ideas.

May 25, 2015

The Tiger and the Lion may be more powerful, but the Wolf does not perform in the circus.

Suspect Bucket
Jan 14, 2012

er, maybe also A DRAGON
or possibly

Ugato posted:

So this is a bit different I suppose. I'm actually wondering if anyone is able to help me out with figuring out what this dog is. Here she is: would be more the thread for you there. Looks like some kind of australian shepard/tinydog mix. Definately a mutt though.

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Dec 22, 2010

That is definitely a feline overlord looking to conquer the stars, mark my words.

That Ignorant Sap
Nov 20, 2010


Why not, here's our two little beasts.

Max the beagle in his usual activity:

No, wait...that's not his normal position...

THERE we go... When he's not asleep and displaying his goods, he looks like this

Here he is with Oreo, a dog my mom got for free from someone at her work. We know he's definitely part dachshund, maybe part yorkie as well? A Dorkie?

Another shot of Oreo

A final shot of Max judging you all

Sep 19, 2003


This is my new dog. He does not have a name yet.

He is 6 months old and he likes doing dog stuff!

May 19, 2006
I've lurked here for years

Cat trying to fill the Scratch Lounge

Fuzz Feets
Apr 11, 2009

Sup scratch lounge (aka boat) buddy?

Jun 3, 2005

Grimey Drawer

Lazy Saturday

Dec 7, 2012

Is it a tiny alien in a bowl?

No, it's just Black Beauty the Skinny Pig!

a life less
Jul 12, 2009

We are healthy only to the extent that our ideas are humane.

Boxed pets? Don't mind if I do!!!


Aug 22, 2002

he too knows it's bullshit but that somehow it all helps

Fun Shoe

Rokitanski being a kitten.

Lulu shows him who's boss.

Put this picture of him up the other day in the YOSPOS cat thread

later that day I came back to the forum to find this made by user Natalie Fartman

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