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Scary Ned
Mar 16, 2007

very scary

No purebreds here.

Once upon a time my mother wanted to buy me a purebred puppy, so I researched breeds and decided I wanted a working lines Australian cattledog. I researched breeders near and far, interviewed several, and finally settled on one who was anticipating a litter in a couple months. I met the tubby momdog and her cows the resident horses. The puppies finally arrived and...well...oops. That time she jumped out of the car window right after a trip to the next ranch over to see their blue heeler? When the neighbors brought her back the next day and asked if she was in heat?

Three maybe-purebreds, two houndy puppies, and two of these:

He was pretty much a typical cattledog puppy/unholy terror (oh god I'm never getting a puppy ever again!)

We figured he was kinda beagley too...

...until he wasn't.

He's pretty much all herding dog. His dad could have been an aussie shepherd, a border collie, a corgi, or some delightful mix of assorted breeds. Something with a fluffy tail, fluffy butt, and earbeards. It's fun to guess.

I take him to camp every summer and show the kids all his tricks. He's a very talented boy, herds sheep, does novice obedience, canine freestyle, a little agility, and stupid pet tricks.

The absolute best part about his lack of breed is when kids ask what kind of dog he is. They're all ready to write it down and go ask their mom for one just like him. I'm sure if he were a purebred there would be at least a dozen families that would have insanely unsuitable dogs by now. I've even had a few people ask about his breeder and try to track her down. Sorry everyone, she retired, sold the cows, and moved to Idaho.

Let's see your mutts! Where did they come from? What is fabulous about their muttness?

(Bonus points for puppy-to-adult pictures. It's amazing what they turn into when they grow up.)


May 22, 2009

Here's my soon to be adopted 2nd puppy. The rescue lady thinks it's part Silky terrier and part schnauzer. She looks kind of like a Yorkie, but she has really long legs.

We were looking for a medium sized dog with long legs that can keep up with our Rat terrier, who is part jack russell, and part italian grayhound. No purebreds here!

Edit: maybe part Border terrier? I have no idea where those long legs come from.

And here's the other mutt:

Click here for the full 1042x727 image.

standardtoaster fucked around with this message at 22:57 on Jul 21, 2009

Jan 31, 2005

Mine confuses 'em all!

(his tail is tucked in a bit; it's labrador-type)

He is about 45lb and the best part about him (among many) is that he never ever makes a sound, unless in pain or dreaming about something in his sleep. He was incredibly timid when I first got him from the Houston municipal pound, but is the polar opposite in personality nowadays.

Plus that brown color isn't really brown; it's a dark sort of red like you'd see on an Irish setter.

I have no clue what could be behind him -- or why some family would give him up (as the pound claimed), because he is about the easiest dog to keep for his size that I could possibly think of.

Jul 29, 2003

Lilah is a purebred mutt. She's still an itty bitty wittle puppy so I have no clue what she'll end up looking like, but I want her to hurry up and grow so I can see!

Oct 16, 2005

And then it falls
And then I fall
And then I know

Scary Ned posted:

Wow, that is one fluffy butt.

Don't have a dog but I support this thread, mutts own.

Scary Ned
Mar 16, 2007

very scary

yawnie posted:

Lilah is a purebred mutt. She's still an itty bitty wittle puppy so I have no clue what she'll end up looking like, but I want her to hurry up and grow so I can see!

We expect updates. Mutts grow up all interestingly.

Dec 11, 2004
Of course... If the Jell-O gets moldy, the whole thing should be set aflame.

Rusty is 1/2 Golden retriever and 1/2 who knows what. Our best guess is that dad (who my roommate did get to see) was a lab/spaniel/chow or lab/golden/chow mix. Rusty adores retrieving, swimming, and shedding all over everything.

His hair is mostly like a golden's, but he has a spotty tongue, curly tail, and thicker hair than most goldens. Apparently he's quite striking, as I get comments on how pretty he is from random people on the street all the time.

He also has a gloriously fluffy tail

Kara is our recent addition. I adopted her from the shelter. She's definitely at least mostly lab, beyond that I have no clue.

May 22, 2009

I wish my dog liked water.

Scary Ned
Mar 16, 2007

very scary

Ceridwen posted:

He also has a gloriously fluffy tail

drat that's a pretty dog.

Apr 1, 2003

Wooo for mutts! I have a soft spot in my heart for black and brown dogs like Rusty and SpermyShermy's dog.

Shiny Penny
Feb 1, 2009

This is Loki. I adopted him from a shelter last September. They claim he's a german shepherd/rotti mix, but his personality doesn't match any of that. He's the goofiest dog I've had.

The car ride home

Here he is next to our giant lab

His favorite puppy toy

He's about 4 months old in this picture

And here he is today!

It never ceases to amaze me how some dogs lay

You can't really tell, but he has a lot of butt fluff like Scary Ned's dog has. His hobbies include putting his toys on the couch for easier chewing action (he's not allowed on furniture so he stands there and chews on them), trying to play tug with beefhide bones, dribbling his kong on non-carpeted floors, and sleeping. I know he has some separation issues because I raised him from a puppy while I was living alone, so if he sees me leave the house he'll lay in front of the door I went out and refuses to play with anyone or move until I get back. I also get a lot of comments about how fantastic he is, so people must like long haired brown/black mutt dogs

Scary Ned
Mar 16, 2007

very scary

rear end Crackers! posted:

I know he has some separation issues because I raised him from a puppy while I was living alone, so if he sees me leave the house he'll lay in front of the door I went out and refuses to play with anyone or move until I get back. I also get a lot of comments about how fantastic he is, so people must like long haired brown/black mutt dogs

Brisbane has separation issues as well, and I raised him from a puppy in a house full of people. He still wallows in despair every time I leave the house. I think it's a personality thing, he's done it since babyhood.

Loki is also quite lovely.

bub spank
Feb 1, 2005


SpermyShermy posted:

Mine confuses 'em all!

So does mine. Mine's a mutt of unknown origin that was found stray when she was ~6 weeks old in -40 weather last winter. They said she's a rotty cross, but I'm pretty sure that's just because of her colouration. She looks nothing like a rottweiler now.

She's ~45lbs, has a tail that never stops wagging, and is probably the friendliest dog I've ever met.

Recent (~2 months ago)


Puppy with a cone!

Jan 29, 2009

So, I have two mutts. Well, they live at my parents' house, but I essentially took care of them besides vet bills until I moved out in March, so I still consider them partially mine.

This is Snowball (or Snowy, or Worrier):

The second shot is shaky, because she doesn't like cameras. Most of the shots I have of her are shaky because she doesn't like that thing being pointed at her, so she tries to leap away. Anyway, we're pretty sure she's got some yellow lab in her, as she's sweet and has the coat like one, but she also hates water. If I had a better shot of her, you could also see she's a bit too short to be full-lab. So, the next best guess I had was a Whippet, as they're small and she has somewhat of their build/frame, just with the lab's bulk. She also has the awesome ability to smile, which is cute and adorable and makes you feel loved. She's currently 12 years old, 11 when these pics were taken, though when I walked her no one believed me when I told them how old she is/was. She's far too springy. Her favored activities are: whining when the power goes out or there's a storm coming (which happens a lot in Florida), barking at and chasing squirrels, running about the house like a maniac.

This is Shadow:

Shadow's a 75-pound black lab mixed with some sort of hound dog, possibly a bloodhound. We discovered that she's larger than most labs and bays like a hound dog (after a week of making no noise when we first got her). She's torn both of her back ACLs, so she doesn't move too much now-a-days, but she's still the happiest drat dog you'll ever meet, and the sweetest thing, as well. She once kept a dying squirrel company (it had fallen out of a tree) in our backyard until he finally passed away. And you can call this dog anything except late for dinner. She'd eat pretty much anything if we didn't watch her, even now, and she's a whore for pets... or laying on your feet. She's also dumb as a rock, but that can be overlooked because of her overwhelming cuteness. Shadow is currently 10 years old, nine when the pics were taken. Her current activities include barking at potted plants my mom has moved in the backyard (they're attacking the house!), giving the sad puppy face to my dad so he'll give her scraps of his lunch, and generally enjoying the heck out of my dad being retired at specifically at home to pet her all day.

Here the two of them are together (Shadow's in the background in the bottom left-hand corner):

Jun 8, 2005

Very pretty dogs ITT

This is mine, when asked I tell people he is a pure bred idiot

When I got him at 6 months old, he didn't grow much more after that

Best body shot I could find

He is very cute

Old owners told me he's a bullmastiff x wolfhound. Bullmastiff I agree with, but he's waaaay too small to have wolfhound in him so it's probably greyhound. Definitely has some kind of sighthound mixed in there.

He's usually mistaken for a great dane or ridgeback mix.

Dec 12, 2006


Pretty sure she is a Shepherd/Lab mix, not sure what else she may be but she is awesome.

I don't ahve any good pics of it uploaded anywhere, but she has a lot of white coloring now. Pretty much her whole chest/underside and behind her ears. She also has a lot of chocolatey brown coloring that only really shows in sunlight.

Spermy Smurf
Jul 2, 2004

This is Leela. She was tiny. Some random kind of dog mix. Mother was a mutt, dad was never seen. She used to eat with all 4 legs in the food dish.

She was small.

Real small. 4 pounds small.

Click here for the full 1280x960 image.

Click here for the full 1280x960 image.

Small enough to sleep on a couch pillow.

But cute.

Especially when she's wet.

I dont have any grown-up pictures now, but she's short hair (3 freakin layers of shedding hair. Black. Brown. Then white under it all and sheds nonstop), about 45 pounds, all legs. She can run like the wind.

She outruns my friends 1-2 year old labs easy.
She runs too far ahead of them, then stops and waits for them to catch up, then passes them again.

She recently caught a squirrel. She was in the tallish grass, a squirrel popped up and took off running across the lawn to get to trees. Leela took 2 running steps toward me in fear, then realized it wasnt going to eat her, so she took off after it and caught it halfway.

Edit: Found a bunch of cell phone pics!

Sleeping on a cat

Click here for the full 1280x960 image.

Sleeping on another cat

Click here for the full 1280x960 image.

Sleeping on Momma Bear.

Click here for the full 1280x960 image.

2 dogs, 1 position.

Click here for the full 1280x960 image.

On top of the couch, being bad as always.

Click here for the full 614x461 image.

Waiting for her sister to come in with the ball so that she can steal it.

Click here for the full 576x768 image.

Spermy Smurf fucked around with this message at 13:58 on Jul 22, 2009

Mar 1, 2003

It's a strange world.

Mutts are the best


Top two are old pictures from when I first brought her home, bottom two are more recent cellphone shots.

She's some sort of shepherd mutt but I'm at a loss to guess any breeds beyond that. I adopted her from the Delaware Humane Association about two and a half years ago, whereupon her vet ballparked her age at 18 months, so I'd guess she's now about four.

She's about 40 pounds, has a very soft coat that sheds nonstop, and is lightning fast.

Maia story: the other day I was studying and trying to ignore a fly that kept buzzing around but was way too fast for me to swat. Eventually, it made the mistake of buzzing Maia, who sprung to her feet, focused on the fly with laserlike precision, chased it down the hall and pounced on it in midair, snatching it up in her mouth and devouring it. No more fly distractions.

Jan 21, 2008

It's infectious

This is the oldest picture I have of my baby.

She hasn't changed much since then.

We adopted her from the local shelter when I was 12. She's part Jack Russell, and acted exactly like one as a puppy, but we don't know what else she is. She has a really long tail that curls over and touches itself, and she can only wag it to the left. Here's an old video showing that with my Shih Tzu next to her (he's purebred, but they're good friends so I hope it's okay).

e: since when has Facebook not been a legitimate picture-hosting source?

Zaftig fucked around with this message at 14:53 on Jul 25, 2009

Sep 13, 2007

when they're yours you'll love them


We were told by the shelter that he was a yorkie/maltese cross, but who the hell knows. He's bigger than either of those two breeds by a bit and his bone structure is much more solid. My best guess is silky/something big-boned. Like many of the people in this thread, I too get stopped by strangers and asked what breed is he and where they can get one, especially when his hair is at full shag. At times he looks like a miniature, washed-out Briard, and at times like a miniature colored English sheepdog. His vets like to comment favorably on his confirmation and build, and that's one of the things I've always liked about him.

This is a good thing because he has shockingly bad judgment as to depths and distances. He's fallen down stairs, jumped four feet down and landed badly, run full-speed into everything, and somehow he just gets up and goes running off into the next immovable object. At almost 12, he has some very mild joint stiffness that we take care of with a supplement but that's it, and I was convinced that he would have leapt to his death by adolescence at least.

Dec 6, 2007
They say you have a monster here. They say your lands are cursed. I am Beowulf and I'm here to kill your monster.

huplescat posted:

This is awesome, If i had the time (and permission) (running late for work) I'd make it my avatar.

Plato fucked around with this message at 21:31 on Jul 22, 2009

Feb 21, 2009

Live, Laugh, Love,
Poop in a box.

Aw, a mutts thread!

That's the only pic of him I have access to at the moment. But this is Shadow. He's a lab/GSD/maybe something else mix. The shelter people said they believe he had a little wolf in him but I really doubt that. I'm 20 now and I've had him since I was 14. We adopted him from a shelter shortly before he was to be euthanized.

He's been a fantastic dog. Very well-behaved, smart, and loving. He's VERY picky about food and the only treat he gets excited over is pig ears. But his absolute favorite reward is praise and petting. But if you'd like to take him for a walk as well, the last thing he would do is complain, since that is his favorite thing to do in the world.

His biggest fear is loud noises. On July 4th, he will be glued to your side the entire night, shaking, and refuse to go outside. I feel really bad for him but there's not much I can do. But if I'm upset, he's happy to let me lay down beside him and hug on him for a while. There's not an aggressive bone in his body (except when it comes to the squirrels, which he can never catch), he is all about pleasing people.

Here's a video of him getting excited for his walk:

Dec 10, 2007



I love mutts.

This is my mutt, Hershey, when she was 2 months old.

Click here for the full 640x427 image.

The shelter said she's a lab mix, but other than that we have no idea. I've been told golden retriever, German shepherd, and even akita. She's 52 lb. so she's not huge, but not tiny either.

Click here for the full 804x1200 image.

Click here for the full 1000x750 image.

She's the same orange color all over, with white on her chest, neck and toes. She has one straight ear and one floppy ear, though the floppy one sometimes goes straight. Either way, despite what she is, she's the best mutt ever.

Chef Bromden
Jun 4, 2009

This is Keaton:

He's a german shepherd/something. I took him in as a foster dog for around 8 months. He had all the shepherd quirks and I miss the lil' guy. The only good guess I ever heard for his other half was airedale terrier. I'm sorry I don't have any better full body pics, but he usually managed to foil every attempt to take a picture of him.

That dog is no mutt, he's pure bred adorable.

Chef Bromden fucked around with this message at 22:00 on Jul 22, 2009

Jul 8, 2005

I have 2 mutts, myself. My first one is a 5 year old border collie/GSD/some other poo poo mix named Katie. She's great for herding cattle when we do vaccinations but bad for herding cattle when we are trying to count heads. She only listens to my grandpa. She is a jerk and steals/hogs food from my other dog, Sophie. She greets people by making this weird whining and baring her teeth (like she's snarling). She loves to roll on her back and ask for tummy rubs. She has Lupus (I know I know, it's never Lupus, but this time it is!) and takes prednisone, but at least her nose isn't raw and bleeding all the time now. She has never been sprayed by a skunk or gotten quilled by a porcupine. I shaved her recently because her fur was so matted she was getting dreadlocks. Now she looks like a really weird greyhound. I'll take a picture of her the next couple days, it really is hilarious.

Overall, nice and friendly, hard-working, but very strange.

Here she is waiting for the calf to be let out the squeeze so that she can chase it into the corner with the rest. Unfortunately this ends up not working in the end. The calf is scared of her, so they don't come out of the squeeze at all. So we have to hold her to the side and then she gets bored and goes off with my dog to find something to entertain her...

Click here for the full 1214x972 image.

My other dog is Sophie. She is like 9 months old or something like that. I got her from the SPCA around here April 30th. She is very smart, very loyal to me, and just awesome in every way. She doesn't shed, she's perfectly house-trained, she doesn't bark (unless she is chained up, or there is some kind of wild animal in the yard), and she loves to cuddle. I don't know what I would do without her. I love her so much =] Oh ya, she is also mixed with some kind of Shar Pei or something (like the wrinkle dogs), we know this because of the curly tail, wheat allergy, no shedding, and LOADS of loose skin. It's not so loose that it wrinkles but I can grab a handful of her skin and pull it up. It is so loving funny!!!! It also means I can give her smooshy faces. I should video it one day, it is really cute.

Click here for the full 1200x1600 image.

Click here for the full 1536x1152 image.

Click here for the full 1152x1536 image.

Click here for the full 1200x1600 image.

A girl I used to party with has a mutt as well. I hate this dog. It isn't fixed, it's very aggressive, it barks at everything, it's not house-trained, and she doesn't walk the drat thing. I feel bad for it. He's super cute but I hate him because he barks and bites everyone, and shits on the floor.

Click here for the full 1600x1200 image.

Click here for the full 1200x1600 image.

auri fucked around with this message at 22:16 on Jul 22, 2009

Scary Ned
Mar 16, 2007

very scary

auri posted:

Awwww! I absolutely adore working herding dogs of all breeds or lack thereof.

Also, Sophie totally has that pei face. Go forth and make smooshy pictures!

Larry Koldsweat!
Dec 7, 2008

by Fistgrrl

never been able to figure this one out. her name is loaf, but what on earth is she?

Jul 19, 2009


There is a pedigree dog in this picture but the little terrier in front was a scruffy little mutt called Bramble .

I think my Granny got her from a shelter, or possibly a pet shop. I've always wondered if she was part papillon, since she had huge butterfly ears and tiny little feet. Anyway, she was an awesome little dog who bossed everyone around (especially the beagles). She used to head over to our cousins farm, pick up the farm collie, and they would go off around the countryside on adventures together. She died a few years ago, aged about 16. She was a good dog

Sep 28, 2004

FuriousJodo posted:

Pretty sure she is a Shepherd/Lab mix, not sure what else she may be but she is awesome.

Your dog and my dog should hang out He's also named Loki.

Definitely see shepherd/lab, but he has a curly tail, earbeards, and spotty tongue which make me think either chow or husky. Weighs about 85lbs and is 2 years old. He's absolutely wild and the greatest, sweetest dog ever. Plus my cat worships him

Apr 8, 2008


Hot drat that's a lotta good-looking dogs!
We get a lot of "what kind of dog is that?" for ours, too...

When we got Bailey, he was only barely bigger than Lucy, my sister's Jack Russell:

He's since gotten a good deal bigger.

He's super-relaxed pretty much all the time, putting up with my stupid crap:

People are always saying "oh he MUST be part chow because of the tongue!" Further research has shown that this is probably untrue, but...whatever.

He's even good about my brushing his teeth!

He seems to have a Lab body with a German Shepherd paintjob, but lighter - most of the dark around his neck has faded to lighter now that he's about 2.

I saw some kind of service where you can get them tested to find out what their ancestry is,, who cares, he's fun and doesn't have neuroses or stupidity like a lot of purebreds seem to. Has anyone tried this out?

Aug 22, 2000
Where is he? Where's who? Your leader! He' the east. Thanks for the infor...MATION!

Dinosaur Gum

I just got my mutt tonight. His name is Ollie and according to the rescue, he is a lab/Australian Shepherd mix. He is eight weeks old and likes chewing toys, whimpering when I am out of sight for three seconds, and peeing on the floor. He is the best.

GI_Clutch fucked around with this message at 23:52 on Jan 21, 2010

Oct 16, 2005

And then it falls
And then I fall
And then I know

GI_Clutch posted:

I just got my mutt tonight. His name is Ollie and according to the rescue, he is a lab/Australian Shepherd mix. He is eight weeks old and likes chewing toys, whimpering when I am out of sight for three seconds, and peeing on the floor. He is the best.

Whoa, the marking on top of your dog's head is awesome. It's like he's wearing a little space hat or something. Or a pretty headdress.

atomic bassoon.
Apr 3, 2009

This is the only remaining picture I have left of Elvis, my alleged Beagle/German Shepherd mix. He was a pretty medium sized dog with a huge tail and a dopey grin. However, for some reason, the guy was extremely shy of the camera and ducked away whenever one attempted to take a picture of him. This is one of the better pictures, despite it being taken off a cell phone (hence the crappy quality). But you can really tell he's aged with the white around his face, though it matched as all four of his paws were dipped in white.

He was a shelter dog, maybe one and a half years old when we got him. You could tell right from the start that he'd been seriously abused by someone. Ran away if you moved too quickly, deathly scared of brooms, loud noises, and for a long time after we got him, any place that wasn't in the space directly behind the toilet in our downstairs bathroom. Eventually when Elvis got older, he became more settled, but appeared to trust me more than anyone else.

We had to put him down a couple months ago because my family was moving into an apartment, and his arthritis had started to take a turn for the worst. He was almost twelve years old, so he lived a happy life and clearly wasn't the same when Sugar, our Shar-Pei, passed away due to liver failure. One day, I hope to get another mutt who's half the dog he was.

Also, you guys have some amazing pets. I want to squeeze all their faces.

Damn Bananas
Jun 30, 2007

You humans bore me

dimwitf posted:

He's since gotten a good deal bigger.

Wow, I'm strongly reminded of my mutt, sorta. Obviously very different, but the ears, tail, and coat are ringing some strong bells. Does he shed in tufts when blowing coat?

Here's Cocoa, the corgi/GSD/??? mix

I've been meaning to get a better picture of her body, she looks so fat there. She's really only a bit chubby on top of the stocky build. Poor girl's getting gray fur, I didn't know animals did that too.

5ing this thread, mutts are the best. Waiting for pictures of Tugboat my favorite PI silly looking mix.

Chef Bromden
Jun 4, 2009

dimwitf posted:

He's super-relaxed pretty much all the time, putting up with my stupid crap:

Bailey looks about as excited as Keaton did when my mom tried to get him some christmas spirit

Jun 8, 2005

Plato posted:

This is awesome, If i had the time (and permission) (running late for work) I'd make it my avatar.

Heheh thanks If you want to use it, go for it. That dog is a source of endless avatar worthy photos, like my first SA one...

drat Bananas posted:

Poor girl's getting gray fur, I didn't know animals did that too.

Yeah they definitely do, I think some only cop it on the face while some get it all over. Caesar's getting a grey chin now which is really quite cute But since he's fawn I don't know if it'll ever show up if the rest of him goes grey too.

My border collie is only 4 or 5 and already had a grey flecked face as well as a lot of white hair mixed in with the black on her body. Makes her look a lot older than she really is.

Jul 13, 2003

WWJD - What Would Jack Do?

Here is mine, Bassett Hound mix.

At 3 months old

Why so serious?

Big smile for the camera

And a few months later.

Woke him up

Bonus picture of his new lady, yes she is super skinny, took her in as a previously abused stray I am rehabilitating.
Edit: On second thought she doesn't really belong here as she looks like pure rottweiler but I'll leave them up cause she needs all the love she can get.

Traxxus fucked around with this message at 13:22 on Jul 23, 2009

Mar 2, 2007

The only hope you have is to accept the fact that you're already dead.

Spermy Smurf posted:

Sleeping on a cat

Click here for the full 1280x960 image.

Sleeping on another cat

Click here for the full 1280x960 image.

Those cats look freaking humongous.

Jun 3, 2006

Welcome to Trophy Island
Rub my tummy

I don't have a dog, but my brother has the best dog ever.

Halla is the one in the back and she's part byb husky and half something else, some kind of hound because she's so thin and she also "points" and trees things like opossums. Some idiots in SW Missouri had a husky female (she looked like a husky, but who knows) they were "breeding" and she got out, while in heat, and had a bunch of puppies. The owner's brother-in-law took them to Wal-Mart and told people they were going to be drowned if no one took them. Whether or not that's true, my 16 year old brother brought one home. She's seven years old now and is an awesome dog. When she was a puppy she was really round and much fluffier, she looked a lot more like a husky.

The dog in the front is their roommate's dog, Harper. She's about 4 months old in that picture. Here's another one of the two of them...

The humane society said Harper is a beagle mix. She's gotten bigger, though, so I think there's some larger dog in her.

Edit - was having trouble with waffleimages

Nione fucked around with this message at 14:07 on Jul 23, 2009


Dec 11, 2004
Of course... If the Jell-O gets moldy, the whole thing should be set aflame.

dimwitf posted:

He's since gotten a good deal bigger.

He looks a lot like a lab/beagle to me. Especially the face.

It seems like the DNA testing kits are pretty hit or miss. I've heard of the results coming up with all kinds of weird things when the test is done on purebred dogs (even common ones like labs that the test should not have an issue with).

Which is a shame because I would love to try it on Rusty especially.

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