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May 3, 2005

Yeah, I hate me too.

RichestManInTown posted:

Deck Legend

List Price: $159.99

If you want mechanical switches and backlighting, Deck is really your only option. I've never used one or seen one in person so I can't really comment on it.

I've been beating the crap out of a Deck Legend at work (sysadmin) for 3+ years now and it's still awesome. I've got the Fire (red backlight) and it's held up very well. The only visible sign of wear on the entire board is that the right side of the space bar has been worn smooth from my right thumb. And, since you can get new keycaps, it's not really a big deal.

The mechanical key feel is great, and while everybody else comments on the noise, I don't really care. About the only other keyboard I would consider is DasKeyboard, but I am not 1337 enough for the completely blank one (Ultimate version).

Click here for the full 794x395 image.

The Deck has color choices, the DasKeyboard has USB ports and is cheaper.

Edit: although I could swear that I read it, it does not appear that the DasKeyboard Pro is backlit. My bad.

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May 3, 2005

Yeah, I hate me too.

TheQat posted:

The Black switches (termed "Linear Force" on elitekeyboards) have no click or bump in the key travel, and I suppose they're activated only when you press them all the way down. They require 80 grams of pressure to activate, so they're quite a bit stiffer than the Blue or Brown switches (for reference, I think my Unicomp Model M clone requires 75 grams of pressure).

I've never seen a review of a keyboard with the Black switches, but they're presumed to be good for gaming because it would be more difficult to make accidental keypresses. Requiring even more pressure than my Model M clone sounded to me like it would make typing a bit of a chore, though.

To answer your other question, I think the Das Keyboard uses the Cherry MX Blue switches.

Pulling a key off my Deck shows me a black switch, which is definitely linear in feel. However, the character appears about 50% of the way through the keypress as far as I can determine.

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