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Dr. Kayak Paddle
May 10, 2006

Day one down. Smoked 4 Sunday before noon. Cold turkey

8 years of pack~pack and a half a day.

Irritable...but no cheating.


Nov 8, 2010


I'm at 5 weeks. First 2 were bad, either I was really irritable because of withdrawal or sad at saying goodbye forever to my friend nicotine. Or, maybe quitting smoking is just an excuse to be an rear end in a top hat.

Replacement habits like fruits, soda, junk food, and weed. Quit lit (I liked Tell everyone you know you're quitting. That way, you know you can't start smoking again because people will think you're a chump. Exercise again. Exercise again.

May 14, 2009

Well, here I go again. Was doing good for awhile, I really need to quit succumbing to smoking, especially when at my fiancee's parent's house.

Nov 2, 2001

Time might lead me to nowhere; Fate might break me apart; I'll always be thankful that once, along life's journey I found the unchanging Imperishable in you.

After I'm finished with my carton, I'm done. Goons, show me mercy while I quit this nasty poo poo, I'll probably pop in to bitch. I'll be posting for support.

Jul 23, 2004

I'm coming up on one year without cigarettes. It can be done! I still miss it, but the smell of cigarette smoke seems gross now.

Aug 16, 2007

Just passed to two month mark, from a little over a pack a day. My last cigarette was at 10:00am on October 8th. Never felt better, either. I went on the patch, and only have about 3 left of the last step to go. I took up exercising and changed my diet when I quit, too, so I actually lost five pounds or so.

Now, I work out 6 days a week, and my biggest vice is that I drink alcohol once a month or so. Saw a doctor for the first time in 10 years and got a complete physical, blood test, chest x-ray, heart exams, etc. No problems found, so I really just have to stick with it.

The smell of cigarette smoke is very distinct and pungent to me at this point.

Jul 23, 2003

I don't know if this will help others firm their resolve but:
I quit cold turkey on August 1, 1990 and haven't had any form of nicotine since. 22 20 years! Stay strong!

edit: d'oh! thinking of sobriety date and cigarette quit date and CONFUSED. lol can't do simple arithmetic.

xcheopis fucked around with this message at Dec 13, 2010 around 03:16

Jul 23, 2003

Shizmo posted:

I do not ever exceed three cigarettes a day and swim and exercise daily; been smoking Luckys for about two-three months. I ask, am I addicted?

That was a serious question...
I was a competition swimmer and a long-distance runner but those activities eventually became more difficult with the diminished lung capacity and it was obvious they were interfering with my smoking so I stopped doing them. That how you wanna live your life?

Toucan Sam
Sep 2, 2000

Dopo posted:

I'm coming up on one year without cigarettes. It can be done! I still miss it, but the smell of cigarette smoke seems gross now.

I made it over a year but i still extra inhale when i smell a cigarette. Like i said before i enjoyed smoking and only quit because of the heart attack. I smoke a good cigar regularly to keep me from buying cigarettes.

Jun 8, 2009

Stiffly penetrating a new era of "bizarro" porn genre

After spending a night in jail a few nights ago I bummed a few cigarettes off of a guy and we talked. Everybody talked about how much they were going to smoke after they posted bail and it was too much for me. I relapsed after a year of no cigarettes. In my defense, I was very stressed and wasn't sure if I had a job, girlfriend, or family's respect anymore. Somebody gave the rest of their pack to me and I smoked about 7 or 8 until I gave it back to them.

Then later I came to my senses and quit again and experienced minor withdrawal symptoms once again. God drat it, gently caress cigarettes and the minor sense of satisfaction they give my impulsive little brain.

Happy Dalek
Oct 31, 2010

I quit smoking nearly a year ago, it can be done with sheer 100% determination. I personally found it difficult and have tried many times but I finally got there. I found Champix really helpful.

It bugs me that sometimes I still get cravings but at least it is not all the time. It's nice to not to have to be constantly hanging out for another smoke. I can rationalise it when I am not in the middle of a craving but when it hits I feel like I will never be free of it.

I heavily socially isolated myself due to this and work/study commitments. Now I want to go and have some big nights out and I am a little afraid.

Toucan Sam
Sep 2, 2000

Happy Dalek posted:

I heavily socially isolated myself due to this and work/study commitments. Now I want to go and have some big nights out and I am a little afraid.

A little afraid? Be very afraid, if you enjoyed a smoke you will want a smoke. You just need to be strong.

Nov 16, 2005

Hmm, what have we here?

There was a thread just like this awhile back and I quit for 6 months cold turkey after posting.

I've smoked a pack a day for 4-5 years and it has definitely changed my mood and just the way I looked (no exercise or normal apatite, dry eyes, yellow teeth, etc.) I remember a noticeable change to all these things when I managed to "quit" last time.

So I'm going to give it a shot starting now. My pack is in the trash can after a healthy bath in the sink, I think it helps to throw away what you've got instead of waiting for the pack to run out. I hope this thread stays alive because some of these posts are very motivational!

I'm at the seven minute mark going on 8, here we go!

Ernest Hemingway
Dec 4, 2009

Smoked for about a year and a half ~1/3 - 1/2 pack a day.

Going cold turkey after a failed attempt with the gum in the summer.

Second night now.... should really be the fourth, but I had a couple with my friend on Saturday night. Didn't crack and buy a pack, but I still think it warrants a reset.

Bought some candy canes today. On my fourth one right now. Had that craving feeling not too long ago, told myself I was craving a smoothie. It's -12 and windy as gently caress in Toronto but I told myself I was craving a god drat smoothie and nothing else. Walked to Booster Juice. Got a big, cold rear end smoothie. Urge to kill fading.

Oct 21, 2000

Michael J Beverage, I've got a bone to pick with you.

I missed it by a few days, but I am proud to say that I haven't touched a cigarette in 1 year and 3 days now. I hope that you all can find the resolve to stay quit

Jul 23, 2010

by T. Finn

It has been upwards of six months since my last smoke. Finals are making me want one bad though.

Nov 2, 2001

Time might lead me to nowhere; Fate might break me apart; I'll always be thankful that once, along life's journey I found the unchanging Imperishable in you.

Tomorrow I'm quitting for good. I'm going to get retarded and poetic here, I need to kill off all the false idols in my soul and the crutches I've used. I've been plotting great things for the last 4 years, and kicking this poo poo will be the final adjustment to my character development.

No cigarettes will make me angry, but I can harness that anger as a productive energy.

Nov 16, 2005

Hmm, what have we here?

spirited posted:

No cigarettes will make me angry, but I can harness that anger as a productive energy.

I'm pretty much doing this. I bought one of those doorway chin-up bars yesterday and I've done at least 100 chin ups (skinny goon here.) I'm frantically cleaning, cooking and exercising to deal with the stress and energy, I feel like it helps.

Haven't smoked since my post Monday, I'm starting to hit that "this really sucks" stage.

Spermanent Record
Mar 28, 2007
I interviewed a NK escapee who came to my school and made a thread. Then life got in the way and the translation had to be postponed. I did finish it in the end, but nobody is going to pay 10 bux to update my.avatar

5 months off smoking now and I couldn't even make myself smoke now if I wanted to.

I have had one or two in that time but the taste has gotten gradually worse and worse, to the point that I can't even finish 2 puffs now. I can't believe I used to chain two or three of these things between classes. I must have STUNK of cigs to my students.

I'm still using the e-cig, but I've cut my nicotine level down from 24mg to 12 now and I'll be going down to 8 then 4 in the next couple of months.

I do like the e-cig though, 10-20bux a month to (quite) safely maintain the habit isn't really something that worries me.

Spermanent Record fucked around with this message at Dec 16, 2010 around 02:14

Anais Nun
Apr 21, 2010

I've been lurking this thread until I felt like I could really call myself a quitter, but I'm over two weeks now - cold turkey too, after eighteen years as a smoker.

This psych blog really really helped. I realised that my brain was basically behaving like a toddler in the sweetie aisle at the supermarket. I won't stand from such fuckery from a child and I certainly wasn't going to take it from my own brain any longer.

First three days were hellish and I got through them by sucking on ice-chips, chewing gum and occasionally (and I know this sounds really weird) standing outside on the deck where I'd usually stand while having a cigarette. Obviously it helped that it's absolutely loving FREEZING outside and I'd spend a minute or so standing in the snow like a total dingus before realising I no longer HAD to be out there freezing my tits off.

Good luck and stay strong. You can do it!

Jul 29, 2003

Always see everything.

DAY 100!

I rarely think about cigarettes anymore (after 20 years of a pack per day), only the occasional cup of coffee makes me miss them somewhat.

Dec 11, 2010

I need to quit smoking because I can't exercise. I need to exercise because it makes me a happier person. Smoking only makes me dwell on the past and I would not be surprised if the chemical urges brought up by smoking trigger the thoughts I'm trying to forget.

I feel guilty and poo poo most of the time when I smoke.

I've quit in the past for about 2 years and figured it was easy for me to do. Now I'm finding it incredibly difficult after smoking a pack a day for a few months.

Goddamn I cannot imagine what stronger drug withdrawals would be like.

Please help me make this my last cigarette for ever!

Aug 25, 2002
damn Belgian

Day two here on 4mg gums. I've been chewing like crazy, my jawmuscles are sore and it hurts when I rest my head on my pillow at night.

Wish me luck.

Pig Head
Mar 9, 2006

He'll bite your face

hooliganesh posted:

How about a status update? A thread such as this one needs to keep going, especially if I'm going to go through with my threat of quitting (for good) after smoking for ~24 years.
Sorry it's been well over a month but I forgot about this thread and really hope you see this post, hooliganesh! I think I've hit the 10 week mark now. I've been trying to not dwell on not smoking so I try not to think or talk about it often. The stress of the holidays is getting me down a bit and makes me want to buy a pack but I know I won't. gently caress that.

Of course, I've gained 12 lbs since quitting. That's the only somewhat negative thing to come of quitting. After the new year I'll go back to a healthy diet but for now, I'm still cheating and eating bad here and there as a replacement for cigarettes. The weight will come off. It's more important to be a cool-rear end nonsmoker.

If you haven't quit already, I have to recommend the course I took with my PCP - picking a quit day 7 days out and taking Welbutrin for those 7 days prior to quitting and then start the patch on your quit day. I'm not saying that just because it worked for me, everyone should do it but I do feel when you've smoked for 20+ years, going cold turkey is very bad. I had lovely side effects from the Welbutrin but plowed through and am still on it now. To be honest, I'm not exactly sure HOW it works and I really don't care.

Also some other tips I used:

- tell friends, family, pets, etc. that you're quitting and ask for their support - you'll get it;

- the day before you quit, get rid of all ashtrays, get your car detailed (if you smoke in your car) and rearrange as much of your furniture in your house as possible;

- if you take smoke breaks at work at specific times, replace it with something else. Anything. I replace my breaks with sitting at my desk and taking deep breaths while thinking about my lungs healing. Sounds queer but it works for me;

- reward yourself every day for not smoking.

All of these things have probably been discussed in this thread but I don't think they can be discussed enough. I hope people who are thinking about quitting can use them.

Last thought on the matter - smoking loving STINKS. I can't believe I was a gross, stinky person for the majority of my life. I can smell what clothes smell like now after being in a smokey bar and, drat, now I understand what my nonsmoking friends always complained about!!

Edit: And good luck too all of you who are quitting/have quit recently. It gets easier with every passing hour.

Rudy Law
Apr 13, 2007

I quit about 3 and a half months ago, and I now have a sense of smell. I didn't even realise I'd lost it as a smoker.

Also, I have replaced my smoking habit with a tea habit. I highly recommend it.

Mar 30, 2007

I ♣ baby seals

15 cigarettes a day for 6 years
I'm on day 5 now, cold turkey.

Doodlebug posted:

The biggest challenge so far has been an overwhelming sense of tragedy. Grief for my lost friend the cigarette. Grief for how he's allowed me to go outside for a mental break whenever I need it, especially during social situations.
I'll be damned if this isn't the truest thing I've read about quitting.

edited for surgical removal of the e/n

Zosologist fucked around with this message at Dec 19, 2010 around 14:27

Dec 30, 2008

It's either ether or the other.

I had been using an electronic cigarette for awhile, then I started taking generic wellbutrin a month and a half ago. It's pretty amazing - the nicotine cravings just aren't there.

Nov 2, 2001

Time might lead me to nowhere; Fate might break me apart; I'll always be thankful that once, along life's journey I found the unchanging Imperishable in you.

I caved in. After this pack of Newports, I swear I'll quit.

By the way, I was walking around for my smoke breaks, and I realized how much alienation (the Marxist type) there is when you don't smoke. Essentially people won't talk to each other unless they want something or you're at a planned gathering, and this is happening more and more in American society.

Major Tom
Dec 14, 2008

I'm going to get my dad (lifetime Camels smoker) started with e-cigarettes for a Christmas present. Do y'all have any brand or flavor recommendations? Is it enough to buy one of the pre-packaged starter kits?

I've tried researching this online but all I can find in search results is SEO diarrhea.

e: Also, if you know of any national chains (or places around Rome or Atlanta, GA) to buy them, all the better.

Major Tom fucked around with this message at Dec 22, 2010 around 22:17

Kibbles n Shits
Apr 8, 2006


Fun Shoe

Buy a Joye 510 no-box with PCC kit from Cignot and be done. As far as liquid, I am partial to EcoPure Rich for it's natural tobacco taste or you can go with something fruity and gay from totally wicked e-liquid, they are good too. Pretty sure there is an e-cig thread that is still live.

Nov 2, 2001

Time might lead me to nowhere; Fate might break me apart; I'll always be thankful that once, along life's journey I found the unchanging Imperishable in you.

I'm done smoking for good. I quit for a decent while when I was a meditator, but I've realized the only way I can accomplish my original objectives in life is to become an angry psychopath and leave a metaphorical blood strewn path where I walk as I develop my career. Losing the cigarettes will just give me the angry edge I need. It was hard to commit to this decision, but New Years is coming up, and my resolution is indiscriminate slaughter in the most unholy insane sense that's still within legal limits.

Many of the things I am about to dig my hands grubby hands in to I know little about, but it's necessary I become the biggest jackass I can think of becoming because of all the talentless hacks making a mockery of me.

This post is without context or background, and I like it that way.

spirited fucked around with this message at Dec 28, 2010 around 01:18

Box Hill Strangler
Jun 27, 2007

Frozen peas are on special at Woolies! Bargain!

Just passed 4 months, and for some reason this has been THE hardest week. Ive had mad cravings multiple times EVERY day, and Ive found myself thinking things like 'At this rate youre going to crack, put yourself out of your misery and just go buy a pack and get it over with'.

Somehow Ive lasted through the week, but gently caress me... Im confused why this is happening. Its not like I associate Christmas with cigarettes or anything.

Being that its now 3:48PM on New Years Eve, Im concerned Im in my last smoke free hours

Apr 7, 2006
Mmm... pipes.

I quit nicotine (a few cigarettes a day and a snus in almost constantly) cold turkey because I had to. I was spending some time with family who didn't know I was an addict. The first few days were really, really bad - intense, constant cravings, body pain, almost a feeling of being high, in a bad way. Now it's just a sort of low-key general longing. I feel like a dry drunk, and I'm worried that, as soon as I go back home I'll be back on the death-tit, even though I've pretty much quit at this point. How can I make sure I stay off?

Oct 28, 2006
Title Text?

Randomly qui... cut back recently. I guess since its new years everyone's doing it.

Was smoking a pack a day easy, dropped down to 10 monday, 7 tuesday, 5 yesterday, and back to about 9 today.

Just cutting back made me feel 5 years younger. Coffee actually has an affect on me, and my appetite is somewhat normal, instead of my body giving me stomach cramps but not letting me swallow food easily.

I'm very excited about being a non-smoker, but i'm at a semi-boring semi-stressful point in life, where there's way too much time to think about smoking. However cutting back to less than half not only didnt kill me or send me into a chair throwing rage every time something bad happened, but im much more happy all around. When i do smoke now, i realize how little they satisfy and how easy it is simply not to do.

Also my jobless roommate bums cigarettes, so i gave him the good news that we are no longer smoking very much anymore a few days ago. In November i spent somewhere around 220 dollars on cigarettes, the cheapest i could find. Thats almost as much as i spend on food, gas, and my cellphone combined. I work part-time, and us no longer smoking is nearly the equivalent of a week off work every month.

I'm getting my diet min-maxxed and i'll be searching for a gym next week, hopefully to take advantage of some new year's shenanigans.

Oh, and the first night i came home from work and didnt smoke for three hours, instead of chaining 3 then smoking 1 every 30 minutes or so, i kinda felt like i was tripping acid without the visuals. A different person was taking over, i guess. Meh, saying it makes it sound way too dramatic, but yeah, intense.

As an afterthought, i havent really demonized the thought of 1-3 cigarettes a day in my head yet. Should i do this? I'm hoping to cut back more and more while my desire to smoke dwindles away. I live with/work with/have friends who are heavy drinkers many of which to the point of alcoholism. It trips them out when i excuse how much of a light-weight i am by telling them i sometimes will go a month without drinking and not notice. I wouldnt mind smoking being something like that.

Wackle fucked around with this message at Dec 31, 2010 around 09:51

Nov 2, 2001

Time might lead me to nowhere; Fate might break me apart; I'll always be thankful that once, along life's journey I found the unchanging Imperishable in you.

I'm done smoking, it's New Years Eve, and the wine is gone.

gently caress Myrtle Beach in her pink rear end in a top hat, I should not have grew up around there, because it makes me hate New York so much. The cold weather is horrible, I would much rather hide from a hurricane with a box of pop tarts than get my dick frost bit here.


Jan 14, 2006

tiny dinosaurs

Fun Shoe

Half a pack ~ Pack a day for six years. Because of how young I started, I haven't had an adult day in my life without a cigarette. It is part of who I am, and what people imagine me as.

I have completed day 1. Extremely irritable.

Jul 9, 2001

Star Citizen is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it's fidelity when you look out your window or when you watch youtube

Wackle posted:

As an afterthought, i havent really demonized the thought of 1-3 cigarettes a day in my head yet. Should i do this?

The most effective way to quit smoking involves convincing yourself how bad cigarettes are. If they're still ok enough to smoke sometimes, then you obviously don't think they are very bad.

I take way less cyanide than I used to. I'm really glad I cut down. I'm doing so well at cutting back that I reward myself with 2 or 3 little doses per day. Should I maybe stop taking those as well?

Spermanent Record
Mar 28, 2007
I interviewed a NK escapee who came to my school and made a thread. Then life got in the way and the translation had to be postponed. I did finish it in the end, but nobody is going to pay 10 bux to update my.avatar

Nearly 6 months of not smoking now. I'm still using e-cigs and have gone down from 24mil nicotine to 12mil in that time. I'm enjoying the e-cig rather too much, but I'll keep pushing the nicotine levels down every time I order a new batch and hopefully once I reach 0 mil it'll be time to stop.

Looking at about a year of e-cigging overall but the advantage of that is once you get into vaping you will NEVER want to smoke regular cigs again. I just introduced my gf's brother to it and he's already quitting the same way.

If you're going cold turkey and feeling like you want cigs then I don't think that's very effective - you have to find a way to actually make yourself NOT WANT them, rather than just deprive yourself of them.

First Time Caller
Nov 1, 2004

I quit December 1st. Half pack a day ages 17 to 22. 5 years so they hadn't taken quite so evil a grip on me yet. Despite a short relapse at a bar one week in, I haven't had a single smoke. In the last week or so I've been out, been around people smoking constantly and haven't really felt the need to smoke, even.

The hardest part for me is the boredom. I smoked because I would get bored. Every 2 hours or so you get up from whatever you're doing and walk outside instinctively to smoke a cigarrette. At first I started doing pushups on the floor whenever I got ancy/bored for a cig, but now - a month in - it's started to go away. The last two weeks or so have been pretty easy and I don't have cravings very often. I've noticed that reading in the evening has a really pronounced effect on getting rid of the boredom smoke urges and during the day at the office a good walk around the office with a stretch cures me as well.

Good luck to the new years resolutioners! Cold turkey worked great for me, if it doesn't for you don't despair and don't give up - try something else!


u fink u hard Percy
Sep 14, 2007

I posted earlier in the thread with good intentions of quitting, probably 12 months ago. Clearly it didn't work but I'm trying again! Two weeks cold turkey so far, should easily do another but the hard part will be when everybody comes back to halls and pisses me off. I came up with a little motto whilst mincing into town today: Quit smoking not Uni.

I confess I'm doing it as much for somebody else as myself, probably not a great reason but whatever works eh? I don't really care about the smell or health risks so much as the money - I'd rather be able to do nice things.

As a reward for stopping I have developed a lovely chesty cough

Coughing up black poo poo is fun though

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