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Jun 5, 2005
shoe me in the nuts and call me sally!

hey folks, just wrapping up day 2 of no smokes!

i'm doing the snus method, i stocked up a few weeks back and it's working awesome.
the toughest thing has been the idle time at home, as a lot of you have mentioned, and knowing that it's not any need for nicotine but just the muscle memory of wanting to inhale that makes me want a smoke is proving to be a powerful deterrent.

my observations thus far:
frame of mind - nothing makes quitting more difficult than sitting there dreading that you're doing it, "oh god this is gonna suck, this is gonna be so loving hard, etc..." wrong!

this is probably one of the best choices you've made for your life, think about how awesome it is that you're free, that you don't need to nip out into the rain/cold and get all stinky and smell like poo poo. if you focus on all of the reasons this is good, you'll just be looking forward

think about how it comes across to the opposite sex, you're feeling good about what you're doing (confidence booster) and you smell great and have more energy (for giving them an epic rogering!). my girlfriend's been really thrilled at not having to kiss smoky mouth, and i don't have to rush off and brush my teeth or chew a mint or whatever because i'm self-conscious.

that's really it; smoking is a big fat high-maintenance ball and chain that you have to deal with several times a day, is slowly killing you, and you're paying out the rear end for it. gently caress that, brothers! pick out something nice you're gonna spend your cigarette money on!

i personally will be looking for a used one of these:

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Jun 5, 2005
shoe me in the nuts and call me sally!

thylacine posted:

Be careful, I tried using snus once instead of smoking and just got more addicted to the snus. Some of it seems to have a lot more nicotine in it.

I did some reading up on that, and it appears that it's hard to get a really straight answer.
There's a misconception concerning the amount of nicotine in cigarettes, and there seems to be similar discrepancy with snus; the amount of nicotine contained in the product, and the actual amount absorbed.
This article states that cigs contain around 10mg of nicotine, whereas you only absorb between 1mg & 2mg
this article, from 2006 states that between 1998 to 2004 the average amount of nicotine in smokes by brand rose, some up to 30%.
Newports are up to 3.2 mg
Here's a conversation from a snus board, and it sounds like there's a similar account between nicotine present vs. nicotine absorbed.

Besides, my fave at the moment is the Thunder Frosted Mini which is supposed to have 8mg, and i like to think that I'd be going loving bananas off of just one of those if I was actually getting all that nicotine.

Anyways, this is all really moot when it comes down to it: Snus > Smoking by a huge margin, be it health, hygiene, money, whatever. One of those cans costs me around $3.50 and lasts me 3 days.

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