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Aug 18, 2005


Squidster posted:

If that sounds like your jam, consider checking out the Wayward Kindred campaign.

In for a paperback!


Oct 7, 2008

Life's just better with Ominous Gloves.

Icon-Cat posted:

In for a paperback!
Fantastic! I actually just uploaded a preview comic from the book to Imgur:

The God Of Roadside Memorials, from Tate Brombal and V. Gagnon

Death Ray
Jan 20, 2010
Can't post for 3679 days!

Hello folks! My Kickstarter is named DEATH RAY 2020

Less a Kickstarter for a single project than a Kickstarter for a year's worth of projects! I have produced a number of comic books in the past year that are only the first stages of ongoing enterprises. I would like to introduce these comics to a wider audience while putting gas in my tank to get these projects over the finish line in 2020. An abundance of printed and digital comics (as well as new rewards created just for this campaign) await the happy pledger!

This Kickstarer is running now and ends on New Yearís Eve!

Highlights include:

Aftershock, a digital graphic novel and epilogue to my popular Weapon Brown graphic novel.

The first issues of Deep Fried: The Heroís Journey, a hilarious and unsettling story of sex, drugs and rock and roll.

The first issue of Kobayashi Maru (already complete), a demi-parody of Star Trek, which launches as a full-blown series in 2021.

Thanks for reading!

Apr 2, 2018

Gonna make any more like this?

Though I guess you won't be responding for a while...

lofi fucked around with this message at 21:07 on Dec 9, 2019

Mister Beeg
Sep 7, 2012

Got another Kickstarter going for my webcomic. A 2nd book collection of The Fuzzy Princess!

The comic is about a cat princess from another world who gets lost in the human world and has to embrace humanity. Last year I was able to get the first book printed through generous donations on Kickstarter, so I'm asking you to help me make the new book, which collects the 2nd year of the webcomic.

I feel this is when the comic hit its stride. Continuing off from where the first book left off, join Princess Kat on a voyage of self-discovery in this sec, as she explores her new talents such as:

Urban exploration!
Attempting to make Christmas dinner!
Surviving a surprise visit!
And enduring Kumaís slam poetry!

Itís all here, and so much more.

Bonus features includes a guest art and introduction by Dana Simpson (Phoebe and Her Unicorn), as well as new title page for each chapter! This will be a full color, 192 page book.

So yeah, let's get this book made! Any support is much appreciated

empty whippet box
Jun 9, 2004

buy some buttons, support a goon

Hello thread, is this the right thread to post looking for someone to make drawings for me for money, like small ones that would go on 2.25 inch buttons? If not, what is? Thanks!

Apr 2, 2018

There's a Work for Hire thread! What sort of thing are you after?

lofi fucked around with this message at 00:01 on Feb 29, 2020

Mar 25, 2013

I made another desktop calendar this year!

All 13 illustrations as well as the calendar layout were made specifically for this. This time the theme was mountain areas, so there's plenty of wide cliffs and chilly heights!

Just like last year's it's a little A6 printed calendar on nicely thick 300g matte paper. Spiral bound at the top, with a convenient desktop stand.

You can pre-order it here:

Typically even with shipping delays it should make its way to you before the new year!

Jun 26, 2013
I have a high school diploma AND a hobby coin project

Now that you're sufficiently in awe, you motherfuckers shut up and let me tell you how human safety in your self driving car works in the REAL WORLD

My friend is building Audbile/Netflix for interactive theater. Like, each month you get a new play in the mail and the content is an audio recording and in a box there are letters in the styles of the characters, some are hand written school notes, some are aged typewriter style letters. Each are in an envelope and theres a commemorative pin or charm for each play. I bought one since she's my friend and the first play was really good.

Is this something other people do? Does this already exist?

I figured this thread might know since crowd funding tends to be on the cutting edge.

DC to Daylight
Feb 13, 2012

Hi goons,

I decided to start off 2021 with a Make100 Kickstarter.

I've got this heater controller for my aquarium that I started as a hobby project, that kind of evolved...

It measures and graphs temperature and flow and it controls two heaters. It measures heater current to make sure your heaters are working properly. There's also support for DIY chillers and a bunch of other cool things.

And, it's open source and can be programmed with the Arduino IDE.

Here's the Kickstarter:

Thanks for your time.


Jul 15, 2005
Not just for breakfast anymore

Is it ok to invoke Roko's Basilisk when trying to collect funding for an autonomous tree planting drone?

edit: The reasoning goes like this. CO2 levels are increasing. This is bad. Trees eat CO2. This is good. If we plant lots of trees they can eat CO2 and things will be less bad. But we're not planting lots of trees for some reason so maybe we should build robots to plant trees for us. Or we could do nothing and doom our grandchildren to COPD. It's a passive Roko's Basilisk. Your only hope to avoid it is to die before things get lovely, and even then your kids are going to suffer. It's not like I'm building a robot that will choke you for not helping to build it.

DreadLlama fucked around with this message at 09:23 on Mar 22, 2021

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