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bag em and tag em
Nov 4, 2008

Hey, last summer I wrote the scripts for an 11 episode webseries. It is a comedy/fantasy series based around a group of adventurers who are out on their first quest. After sinking our life savings into our budget and putting a year into development, we have all the shooting done, most of the editing done, and are getting ready to launch this puppy. We just put our indiegogo campaign up this week in order to help with promotion costs and to recoup a little of what we lost since all of our money is now gone.

You can check out our campaign here


Jul 4, 2009

[culla=big red]TufFEE did nO THINg W̡RA̸NG[/read]

Since I'm eventually going to have to try Kickstarter to help fund a feature-length animated film I'd like to make (although I'm far from that stage just yet), I wanted to ask what sort of incentives you lot thought were good. Copies of the DVD, T-shirts, and your name in the credits are good, but there ought to be some really creative ones for people who happen to pitch in a lot of money.

Like, I was thinking if someone donated several hundred dollars, they'd get to make one or all of the creators get a tattoo of their design/choice. I mean, it's probably not the most rewarding of incentives for such a large amount of money, but I for some reason like the idea of giving people the chance to literally make their mark.

Are there any other ideas you peeps have / preferred incentives you think I should offer?

Apr 16, 2008

Lipstick Apathy

Hi Goons! While I'm not going to ask for funding, I would highly appreciate a simple vote cast for a commercial I made:

It's the one entitled "Edward Zimmermann", and it's a tongue in cheek reference to the use of archetyp--oh just watch it.


Feb 20, 2002

Jade Ear Joe

Jalumibnkrayal posted:

Hi Goons! While I'm not going to ask for funding, I would highly appreciate a simple vote cast for a commercial I made:

It's the one entitled "Edward Zimmermann", and it's a tongue in cheek reference to the use of archetyp--oh just watch it.


...I didn't understand what it was a commercial for.

Apr 16, 2008

Lipstick Apathy

BonoMan posted:

...I didn't understand what it was a commercial for.

It's for a 72 hour film race. My idea was to make a few of them, each portraying a common archetypal character (Gruff Protagonist, Flighty Love Interest, Sniveling Henchman), but I got distracted by other things. Thanks for checking it out at least!

Feb 20, 2002

Jade Ear Joe

Jalumibnkrayal posted:

It's for a 72 hour film race. My idea was to make a few of them, each portraying a common archetypal character (Gruff Protagonist, Flighty Love Interest, Sniveling Henchman), but I got distracted by other things. Thanks for checking it out at least!

Which isn't a bad idea at all, but if that video wasn't on the page describing what the contest was for I would have absolutely no idea what I was looking at. There needs to be a marriage of your idea and something indicating what it was for.

Apr 16, 2008

Lipstick Apathy

BonoMan posted:

Which isn't a bad idea at all, but if that video wasn't on the page describing what the contest was for I would have absolutely no idea what I was looking at. There needs to be a marriage of your idea and something indicating what it was for.

Yeah looking back at it, I definitely think you're right. I'll have to pay closer attention to that for any future spec projects I take on.

May 29, 2009

Hey everyone, I posted my project about a week and a half ago, and so far it's been really, really dry, despite the fact that we're only looking for $500 in donations. Anyone have any suggestions for inspiring people to donate?

For reference, the link is here.

Apr 16, 2008

Lipstick Apathy

Dynastocles posted:

Anyone have any suggestions for inspiring people to donate?

I personally feel that every kickstarter project should have a video featuring the people involved so the audience can get some kind of emotional connection. How are you marketing the KS page? If it's a play, then your two audiences would be people who could possibly go to see it, or people who can't but still have a connection to the material. Are you marketing the KS page to those two audiences?

Jul 4, 2009

[culla=big red]TufFEE did nO THINg W̡RA̸NG[/read]

Jalumibnkrayal posted:

I personally feel that every kickstarter project should have a video featuring the people involved so the audience can get some kind of emotional connection. How are you marketing the KS page? If it's a play, then your two audiences would be people who could possibly go to see it, or people who can't but still have a connection to the material. Are you marketing the KS page to those two audiences?

This. Five hundred dollars isn't that much as far as Kickstarters go, but remember your pool of people who might donate is much smaller, it'll be limited to only those directly capable of attending the play if you're not careful.

May 29, 2009

I'm marketing it mainly to people who know those involved, since those are the people most likely to see it. Many of the rewards have directly to do with seeing the show (reduced-price tickets, free drinks, etc).

Also the people who know the actors and crew are most likely to want to support them and donate. But we're almost there, and I'm confident that at this point it's mostly people saying "I wanna donate, but I don't feel like it right now." When it gets down to the line, I'm sure some more people will throw in a few bucks.

But while I would like to do a video, I don't know if it would be worth it at this point. I mean, with a week left, is a video really going to make that much of a difference? I know I should have done one before, as in when it started, but at this point I don't know if there's enough time to sway people.

Mar 19, 2006
droppin Hamiltons!

Yep, I've got one too. Well, it's a group I'm involved with, not just me. Last year we self-produced 10 short webisodes. Responses have been very positive, with more than a couple requests for "more". We're trying to drum up support for a second season with a budget larger than pocket change. Better props, better locations, everything.

I'm not so much asking for you folks to dig out the wallets for this so much as post it around, get it exposed outside our usual networks. That would be the biggest help. Thanks!

Joe Der Maus
Mar 19, 2007

mouseketeerous rex

I just launched a page for a short film I wrote and will direct on

Safe Haven is a short film about a woman who comes home to find her husband frantically preparing to flee the city. The two hide out in a remote farmhouse and the woman must determine if her husband is insane, or a real danger exists.

We're going to be shooting in the last week of August and heading directly to post afterwards. Luckily, between my job and people I know, we're getting some sizable discounts on equipment rental, so we can make whatever we raise go pretty far.

At the moment, out page is pretty basic, but we're working on getting some unique rewards up there and shooting a teaser trailer over the weekend. I'll update this thread as stuff emerges.

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May 10, 2004


mofolotopo posted:

Hey y'all. Gigantic-rear end post incoming.

For the past four years, I've been working slowly but obsessively on a very odd project. Bit by bit Ive dissected Obamas self-read autobiography into thousands of very short phrases, usually one to ten words or so, and have used these snippets to tell a completely different story than the original. Ive then set the story to music. Because of the limitations of whats available in the text, Im a little limited as to what I can make him say, which is part of what makes the process interesting. Nevertheless, it tells a fairly cohesive (if bizarre) story. The story is called Son Of Strelka, Son Of God. Broadly speaking, it tells the story of an ugly dog-faced demigod who recreates the world after it is destroyed.

Im now trying to find people to animate or at least illustrate the various chapters of the story. The first two chapters are already being animated, but there are at least seven more to go! If any of you are interested, please let me know. The rough drafts of the first two chapters have been shown at the Alamo Drafthouses open screen night, and have been very popular even in their unfinished state I even won second place last time and got a free movie ticket! If the final product looks good enough and holds together well, Im actually thinking Id like to send it to some film festivals.

To be frank, though, I honestly dont expect this project to ever make a single cent. Its almost certainly fair use, but that doesnt mean that there wouldnt be legal hassles if I tried to sell it. Im open to the idea, though, and obviously there would be some process by which wed split any proceeds. Once we get people attached to chapters we can talk about that more if people are interested.

Anyway, here are the chapters and descriptions of whats happening in them:

Chapter 1: Creation

Our heros name is Stanley. Stanleys father is some sort of creator god proto-man, and fell as a fruit from the first tree. He has horns and is covered in pecan-colored hair. He found the world an empty and desolate place, so he climbed to the top of the tree and began creating animals and plants and whatnot just by speaking their names. He gets really excited about the process, and accidentally creates a monkey in thin air, which promptly plummets to his death. He realizes that he needs to be a little more thoughtful about this process, and finishes by creating many of the beautiful things in the world. Then he disappears.

Here is a moving storyboard for this chapter, which is being animated by a goon who may or may not wish to have their real name connected with their forums name.

Chapter 2: The Golden Age (with found sound by Teresa I.)

This chapter tells of the rise of civilization. At the start there are only uncivilized tribes in the forest, but they begin to desire something more out of life. They move indoors and become increasingly sophisticated. Eventually they build cities and roads, and they become isolated by their own success.
Here is a rough draft of chapter 2, which is also being animated by a goon who may or may not wish to have their real name connected with their forums name.

Chapter 3: Son Of Strelka

Stanley is born. He is the son of the creator from chapter 1 and a human woman, and as such looks freakish. He is covered in yellow hair and has a somewhat dog-like face. Not in some cute furry ^_^ anime way, though, he should look like a disturbing freak of nature. He does not have his fathers horns. With the exception of his mother, the people of his village despise him. They also despise his mother for giving birth to a freak, so they are both forced to leave. They go their separate ways, and Stanley is left to wander the world alone, a freakish orphaned child.

Chapter 4: The Decline

As the chapter starts, we see Stanley wandering the land. Months and years pass, and as Stanley grows up we see the world becoming increasingly violent and nasty. Finally war is declared, and we begin to see tanks and troops marching towards a city in the distance. Eventually we start to see dim gigantic shapes, such as the turtle from chapter 6. Stanley encounters an apocalyptic religious cult made up of children. They recognize him as having some sort of power, and try to get them to join their cause. Stanley demurs, and the children grow angry at him.

Chapter 5: The Fall (with scratchin and sound effects by EBA)

As Stanley stands there contemplating the childrens angry faces, the world splits open and blood pours out. A huge winged monster/demon/whatever comes out of the crack in the earth and asks Stanley who he is. Stanley answers, and the monster goes off to generally wreak havoc on the landscape with all of the other demons/monsters/whatevers. poo poo continues to get real, and we see the oceans rise up and flood the landscape. Buildings fall, fire is everywhere. As part of this we see a truly gigantic turtle stomping skyscrapers to the ground and just generally loving things up. As a result of all of this, many of the children are killed and others maimed. Dirty, injured refugees are everywhere. Stanley tries to ask the few remaining children what the hell is going on, but he realizes that they dont really know much more than he does.

Chapter 6: The Turtle

Stanley goes to space to talk to the turtle seen in chapter 5. The turtle is off-duty now, and is just kinda chilling out at home. Hes wearing a wifebeater and a hat (maybe hes taken his shell off?), smokes and drinks constantly, and just generally looks like someones cranky old grandfather. They sit down by the crocodile pond, which could either be on earth or in space. Maybe some sort of Le Petit Prince thing where he lives on an asteroid with a pond and trees on it?
Anyway, he tells Stanley that he took part in the apocalypse just out of a general love of destruction, and plus he kinda hated America for sending astronauts into his home (space), where all they can do is die and fall back to earth. Stanley realizes that the turtle isnt going to be able to help him.

Chapter 7: The Buddha <- Doesnt have music yet, Im working on it!

Stanley and the turtle (although I may edit him out of this part since he doesnt do anything) go to meet the Buddha to see if he can restore the world. Buddha is huge, fat, made of bronze, and is stuffed into a suit that is slightly too small for him. He has an office to match. He wears a cross around his neck, oddly enough. His manner is initially something like a used car salesman or overly phony politician, and he tries to make light of the situation. Stanley is not amused, and gets angry. Eventually it becomes clear that Buddha is actually incapable of restoring the world. Stanley is despondent but determined to fix the world somehow.

Chapter 8: Restoration (with found sound by Earwicker)

Stanley remembers his fathers power to create, and starts to wonder whether he has the same ability. He stands in a desolate and empty landscape. Initially he is hesitant to try creating anything for fear that he wont do it right, but eventually he musters the courage and starts to talk and move slowly. He starts by creating the home he wishes hed had as a child a pretty little village by the ocean, surrounded by giant trees, populated by friendly and gentle people. He loves this vision and begins to smile.

He then begins to recite the names of the dead in an attempt to bring them back, and is somewhat surprised to see that it works. As soon as people come back into the world, though, the simplicity of his vision gives way to all of the complexities we associate with modern life cities, cars, businesses, etc. The world becomes hectic and busy, but he is still pleased with what he has created. As the chapter closes we see that Stanley has started to develop tiny horns like his fathers.

Chapter 9: Son Of God

Stanley stands and watches the world he has created, waiting for his father. His father appears, and is much older and more frail than when we first saw him in chapter 1. His father is proud of him, and they have a short conversation about where Stanley found his faith. Stanley recalls the monkey from chapter 1, and jokingly says that he couldnt possibly have screwed it up as badly as his father did. His father laughs and agrees. They talk more about who Stanley is and his role in the world, and spend the day together talking and joking. As this happens, Stanleys horns become more and more pronounced. At the same time, his father begins to age rapidly. Essentially the idea here is to convey that Stanley is taking over his fathers godlike role in the world, and as that happens his father begins to age and fade as his power disappears. He carries his father to bed, and at this point his father is very decrepit. As his final act, his father brings Stanleys mother back. As Stanley and his mother laugh and embrace, the father crumbles into dust.

Stanley and his mother discuss his role in the world. Mom thinks that hes still basically living out the story that his father laid out for him, while Stanley thinks that he now has the ability to determine his own destiny. Finally, Stanley lays his head on his mothers lap and falls asleep. When he wakes up the next morning, the sun is shining and everything is beautiful.

If anyone gets interested in this, I put up a GBS thread about it with new links. It's starting to get a lot of attention both on and off the forums, so I think there's a good chance that the animations will be seen by a goodly number of people.

Vaya con Dios!!!
Aug 14, 2006

Hey Goons

I'm trying an experiment called "Do Something Other Than Be A Dish Bitch." I started a Kickstarter for painting commissions and other neato things like t-shirts and I'd love your support.

Paintings For Your Eyes to Look At & Your Brain to Feel With

Supporters get the proceeds! This isn't a "give me money so I can travel with my band" project. Everything I make goes back to my supporters. I'll also be applying to grad school this winter so your support is a double whammy of awesome help - I'll be expanding my portfolio based off this work.

So please, take a second to check out the project. If you like what you see but don't have any cash, do me a huge favor and help spread the word!

Thanks so much!

edit: noticed some of the images weren't showing up in the Kickstarter proper. Just fixed!

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Marxist Glue
Jan 12, 2007


Hey everyone. I used to be John Adams but I changed my name. I helped a lot of people get invites when Kickstarter was still in beta!

Anyway, I finally have my first project up. A short film that I'm going to do.

If you guys could give anything that you're able to, that would be awesome. The best way to say thanks for the invite back in the day is to give me !

Mar 24, 2011

Hi, I have a Kickstarter campaign up for my comic series, ReShoot here:

I'm needing a bit of a push right now. Any support you give is appreciated! My twitter is if you want to send me a mention of your Kickstarter project so I can RT it to followers.

Oct 31, 2010
We don't really care if your pirate software, but could you at least do it without screwing it up and asking why you're too dumb to use it?

Hey goons,

I'm a artist who is currently looking to gather so exposure. I've started a facebook fan page for my studio and could use a hand gathering up fans from more than just the local areas in which I've lived.

Here's the link:

Also if anyone has a kickstarter invite as well that'd be greatly appreciated.

Thanks crew.

Joe Der Maus
Mar 19, 2007

mouseketeerous rex

We put together a teaser trailer for the short that we're working on raising funds for. You can watch it on our page at

Vimeo option:

Chill Penguin
Jan 10, 2004

you know korky buchek?

Hello Goons,

Here in Seattle, there's a building called the 619. It's 100 years old, and for the past 30 years has been home to over 100 artists, making it the oldest, largest living arts building on the West coast. Now, due to construction of a ridiculously inefficient 4.2 billion dollar tunnel project, the building has been declared unsafe and everyone is being force to move out.

I believe that the existence of this building represents something that is rare and uniquely valuable in our financially-driven society - pure artistic expression. The residents of this building live in near-squalor, but have been opening their doors to the public to experience art in its rawest form for 30 years. The 619 Western building was at the forefront of the First Thursday Art Walk, which began in Seattle and is now a common event all over the country. This building is a piece of Seattle's history, and an important piece of art history as well.

Anyway, the trailer says it all- it would be amazing to generate some support for this project. It would be a shame to let a story like this fade into memory.

Aug 30, 2011

by angerbot

Hey everyone. I just wanted to mention a great article on crowd funding info here:

Also a cool website for filmmakers.

I plan to launch a campaign very soon also. My plan of attack first though is to make as many people aware of my project as possible. Hopefully people who like what I am doing and want to contribute.

My movie is an all female super hero action film with a stylized feel similar to movies like Sin City and 300. It will have a comic book aesthetic and appeal to fans of girls in skin tight spandex.

Check it out here:

If you like what you see, feel free to join the Facebook, Youtube and Twitter pages. The idea is to get the word out so when a campaign is launched it will have the best chance of success.

I feel this is what most people who have a campaign in mind should do. It shows potential backers you are serious and they are getting in on something big.


Hooper Struv
Dec 15, 2004

I have had people walk out on me before, but not when I was being so charming.

Hi guys,

My group, "The Planetary Defense Force!" has launched a campaign to raise money for our first full season:

We basically do live-action video games, where everyone in the audience is a player and the story of the show changes based on how well they complete various games and challenges.

We've done two shows so far this year, and both were very successful but VERY expensive, since we build everything ourselves. We rack up a pretty big materials bill building robots and stuff.

We've gotten a really cool opportunity, because our venue liked the show so much that they're giving us a year of free rent to help us develop it. So the campaign is to raise money for materials so that we can do six shows next year and build an audience.

Running a show like this has been a longtime dream of mine, so I'm trying as hard as I can to get the word out! If you guys know of any place that might help us get more exposure, please let me know. We're all live performers but none of us really has an internet presence, so I don't know where to post details about the campaign online. Any advice is appreciated.

Thank you!

ALSO: If you go to our page, I've been writing a story about all of our donors in the "Updates" section, so be sure to check that out. It is a SECRET DONOR BONUS

Jan 3, 2011

(crossposted from "Gimme Blood: Upcoming Horror Megathread!" in CD)

A friend of mine (the dude in the video that isn't awkward and dumb-looking) talked me into helping him with his pet project, a zombie movie named Terror of the Bloodstained Dead. If you could send some money our way, that'd be nice.

I'm aware that our video's poo poo, but that's because it was filmed without a tripod on short notice by someone who has held a video camera exactly once in his life. I (the awkward and goony dude in the video) am most likely gonna be the one behind the camera for the actual movie, and I've used a camera before and I have a tripod, so the movie itself is almost definitely going to look better.

The thing that sets us apart from the riff-raff of zombie movies is, a pretty large chunk of the film will have nary a zombie in sight. The focus is much more on the human element of a zombie apocalypse and how stressful situations can cause a group to deteriorate and turn against each other, which is hardly an uncommon theme in zombie movies but has only rarely (to my knowledge) been made the focus in one.

In addition, we're teens working on an incredibly small budget in movie terms. That alone makes us noteworthy if the film turns out to be anything other than complete poo poo.

Oct 11, 2002

Creating disasters and running away from them since 1981.

College Slice

Heya - we just started a kickstarter campaign to get our indie game Bird Assassin moved over from the Xbox Indies to iOS systems. (iPhone, iPad, that sort of thing)

However, we only really have a bunch of PCs to work on and my wife is the only one with an iPhone. So we need a bit of funding to buy some equipment for development and testing. After all that, we can finally get this fully moved over from the Xbox and into the real world.

So what makes our game so cool and worthy of support? We have a simple 3 part checklist to show some of what makes Bird Assassin so sweet:

We also offer some neat rewards for your support, plus our never-ending gratitude for any assistance. We also have a pretty drat funny video on our page to get people interested. So poke your head over yonder to our kickstarter page! We think you'll like it!

And if you're curious, you can visit our website and see all the other cool things we have in the works. Thanks everyone!

Gaspy Conana
Aug 1, 2004

this clown loves you

Finally making a Dropsy the Clown game:

The Scarlet Hot Dog
Jan 18, 2005

Trust me, everything will be fine.


Hey guys, we've got a project currently under way, with about ten days to go. Our new Kickstarter incentive to create a pilot about the odd adventures of two Muffin friends in the sweet land of Buttermilk City. Think Aqua Teen Hunger Force style humor with delicious baked goods, and you get the idea. The project comes mainly from the minds of my friends of Eric Aldama and Rachel Yonda, two really charming and humble artists with a simple quest: To raise $5,000 in order to make our dream a reality. We have experience working at studios like Adult Swim, Sony and other gaming/animation studios and a few other companies..So we plan to make a kickass pilot!

We've currently funded about $3,000 out of the $5,000 bucks required, and even have a really cool video (Starring everyone but myself ) and website up to explain the premise on the Kickstarter page. We don't expect much, but a little goon love goes a long way! We've laid out a ton of incentives for anyone who donates.
Thanks guys.

May 31, 2000

Rolled a 1 on the random encounter table, didn't you?

Sugartime Jones

Overview: Role playing games are usually games of cooperation and collaborative storytelling. This game isnt one of them. Killspolosion is a competitive player versus player RPG where there is only one rule: fight to live. It is a rules light game that supports a variety of genres and rule sets.

I want to create this game using the ransom model - basically if I get the amount of money I ask for then I'll release it for free. That way the artists and I are compensated for our effort and I don't have to worry about marketing and selling a commercial game. If I don't raise the money then the game won't be released at all.

Design principles

1. Light rules: All of the important rules will be written on the character sheet. The GM will have additional rules but players will only need their character sheet.

2. Fast action: Each player will be allowed only one roll of the dice per turn or one minute to describe their action and ask the GM questions. This will keep the pace fast and exciting.

3. Support more than 6 players: Because of the fast pace and light rules, games can support up to 12 players or even more, depending on the ability of the GM.

4. Reward creativity, fast thinking and risk management. Players have to weigh getting small but immediate benefits versus saving up their resources for risky but potentially devastating ambushes or traps.

5. Multiple settings and rule sets can be added in the game. Each setting comes with several rule sets to vary the gameplay.

About me

I run 2 tabletop RPG podcasts, Role Playing Public Radio and RPPR Actual Play. and

I've previously released 4 ransom PDFs so I have a track record doing this. You can see the PDFs here

However, this is the first time I'm designing a standalone game. I'm excited about it and I want to make it as fun as possible. The rewards are geared towards RPPR listeners (preview episodes months ahead of time, play in a Skype game run by me etc) but I think any RPG fan will enjoy this game and will want to contribute to it.

Apr 18, 2007
The other mother

Hey everybody! Do you like beer? Do you like cute dogs? My brother in law, Brian, is trying to raise the funds to start a brewery in Milwaukie, OR (just outside Portland proper). He's been homebrewing for more than ten years now, and his beer is damned delicious. He also has two adorable mascots: his pugs, Buster and Bella.

Check out his Kickstarter here:

He's had a good bit of buzz--

He even got an article in the actual newspaper!

He's had a decent amount of attention,and gotten LOTS of pledges, but he's still less than halfway there with three weeks to go!

What's in it for me? Well, my husband (who is the brother of Brian's wife) is the official label artist. He has been working as a bouncer in a strip club for about two years now just so we can pay the rent, and as newlyweds, I would be thrilled to have him be paid for something involving fewer naked ladies;) Please help Brian realize his dream of opening his own brewery, and help my husband along the path of realizing his dream of being paid to create art:) Note that many of the Kickstarter incentives include original artwork by my husband, and he loves creating it. Thanks for looking!

Nov 5, 2011

Hey guys, I have a Kickstarter project for my graphic novel here.

I'm a debut author and my first novel, The Chimera Vector, is being published globally in April 2012 by Pan Macmillan's new digital imprint, Momentum. The thing is, I really, really want to make a graphic novel adaptation to go with it. Because graphic novels are sexy.

A $5 pledge pre-orders the graphic novel. Pre-order away and I might just succeed -- and it would be thanks to you! The funds are all going to hiring illustrators for this graphic novel (Vol 1). I plan to fund later volumes myself.

Oh, and the graphic novel is actually part of a larger project for an app that includes the ebook, audiobook, graphic novel and narrated, scored graphic novel. The concept video is here: [Youtube]


Feb 27, 2008

Another kickstarter-centered project---right now, I'm part of a team (associate producer and sound engineer; I hold boom mics, check recordings and yell at people) working in independent film. The project is quite probably the first feature-length film trilogy yet done in the realm of fan-film, based on the Masters of the Universe franchise.

The first film in the series, "The Wizard of Stone Mountain," is in the can already and debuted in three full screenings at fan conventions in Germany and Los Angeles and theatrically in Austin, Texas (at the legendary Alamo Drafthouse), and is available to feed your hungry eyeballs with on the interbutts.

We're gearing up for production on the second and third films, "The Fountain of Life" and the third one, whose title is TBA. Filming will start at the turn of the year, with the premieres of both films to happen in August, 2012 and `13.

Naturally, since we're working in fan-film, we're wholly non-profit, all of the actors and actresses, crew and personnel are eating operating costs out of our own pockets, hence our appeal to the internet at large, to bring the best sword and sandal and Skeletor film we can to the masses.

Our kickstarter page, with further production details, is here

and our team's home on the internet is here

Even if you can't help, feel free to follow along as we post video updates from behind the scenes and, eventually, the whole of the trilogy, free for all.

Nov 5, 2011

Hey Allen, sounds epic!


Have you considered a smaller $5 or $10 pledge where backers are given a digital download of the film? I know you're offering it for free, but it's a great way to encourage small pledges and they get the added convenience of being given a download link to download the video for offline viewing. You can add rewards mid-project.

Good luck!

Pre-order The Chimera Vector graphic novel for $5 on Kickstarter

Feb 27, 2008

zippy83 posted:

Hey Allen, sounds epic!


Have you considered a smaller $5 or $10 pledge where backers are given a digital download of the film? I know you're offering it for free, but it's a great way to encourage small pledges and they get the added convenience of being given a download link to download the video for offline viewing. You can add rewards mid-project.

Good luck!

I had not, but now that you've said that, I'll definitely bring it up at the next production meeting. Great idea, and thanks for helping out!

May 15, 2009

Here's a How-To guide for raiding
I thought I would drop it off here, that seemed appropriate. My eldest sister did the artwork, it sounds cool and they're more than halfway to their goal so go give 'em a looksee and maybe a dollar or two if you're feeling generous.

Nov 5, 2011

Just a heads up: I've cancelled the graphic novel project. I don't want to spread myself too thin and also, and perhaps more importantly, I don't yet have an audience to crowdfund with. While I do plan on revisiting the graphic novel next year, I'll be focusing on developing the app for now. You can read the low down here:

Jan 17, 2006

Hey guys!

A while ago I made a youtube page for old dinosaur documentaries, and featured the ones starring Gary Owens and Eric Boardman especially. After a while the producer contacted me, and I convinced him to re-release the shows on DVD, as they still seemed to have a fairly large fanbase and would be 'lost to time' otherwise.

In any case, the first DVD was made with half the shows, and now he's looking for funding to make a second DVD with the rest. There's also a grand tour option if 4 people opt in. We'll tour the museums and various sites shot in the film with Eric as guide, filming along the way and put on the DVD as a special feature. We're still looking for two more people if anyone's interested!

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Sep 5, 2011


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Nov 15, 2002

I wish there was a way to see all projects... it's very difficult to make sure I'm not missing anything.

I'm going to fund bread now!!

Oct 24, 2003

Hey goons, I wanted to cross-post this from Games:
Games Thread Here

I am developing a 4x Action Strategy game called StarDrive. It's for the PC, and I hope you'll take a look at the above thread.

Kickstarter Here

Jan 12, 2004

We are all sinners in the eyes of these popsicle sticks.

I submitted a project today. Does anyone know how long it takes to get approved?

I really hope I don't have to make a video. I am not the most dynamic speaker, and it's not a video or photo project, so it doesn't lend itself well to video.


Nov 15, 2002

I submitted and was sent my denial about 20 hours later.

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