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Jan 12, 2004

We are all sinners in the eyes of these popsicle sticks.

Blake- posted:

I submitted and was sent my denial about 20 hours later.

What was it? I'm curious as to what they deny.


Mar 17, 2001
Forum Veteran

Hello fine citizens of the Internet! I haven't posted on SA in years, so please bare with me if I make any gaffs in posting or etiquette. I tried to be mindful of the rules, but if I missed something let me know and I'll fix it.

I remember SA having some extremely talented members and I need matte painting help. I directed and shot a 15,000 graduate film about four years ago that I am still working on. It's a post-apocalyptic romantic comedy about nuclear winter. It's been an incredibly complicated learning process which was made harder by having to pay off the debt myself, finish school, and move to LA. It's forced me to learn Mocha, Nuke, Illustrator, After Effects, a bit of Cinema 4d and Boujou, and is threatening me with Dpit 2.

While I can make a workable composite, rotoscope well, erase a dude/building from a shot, and perform some cludgy camera projection mapping, I am hopeless with digital matte paintings. I've been trying to do all the digital work myself as I have almost no money to pay anyone, but I have to ask for help if this project is ever going to get finished. I've been trying and my Photoshop skills can't bridge the gap to make my matte painted shots believable. I have about 12 shots of people running around outside through a destroyed city. I also have two shots which need to take barren locations and make them lush and green (Denver's weather did the opposite of what was needed for 5 straight shoots). I have a lot of reference photography from the locations and I need someone to create the paintings/composites in .PSD form split by depth.

The movie was shot in Denver and an old missile bunker in Nebraska.

I am seeking a digital matte painter or a Photoshop compositor which can work using my reference photos or images that are royalty free.

// This should introduce what my work looks like. This should give you an insight into the sort of work that has gone into the film so far. There are also some before and after shots from the film.

Here is an example shot from the film of what I've been trying:

Attempt 1:

Attempt 2:

Reasonably successful matte composite:



If people would like to see more, I can post some of the other work and a few of the complicated monitor replacements I went through. If anyone has questions or is interested in getting involved, please message me.

Thanks for your time!

Jan 12, 2004

We are all sinners in the eyes of these popsicle sticks.

My project. Pretty straightforward actually.

The World That Was Project

“All will become nothing. Just like a dream, whatever things I enjoy will become a memory. Whatever is past will not be seen again.” – HH The Dalai Lama

The year 2010 marked 60 years since the invasion of Tibet by the People’s Liberation Army, and 2019 will mark 60 years since the defeat of the final uprising of the Tibetan people and the flight of the Dalai Lama into exile. Needless to say, those who remember the insular and secluded world of Tibet as it was for hundreds of years are dying off. Now is a crucial time in history when we have living witnesses to a lost world whose stories remain untold.

The World That Was Project, in conjunction with the Tibetan Oral History Project, The Tibetan Nuns Project, and the Lha Social Work Organization, is my personal effort to interview and record the stories of as many people as I can interview in Dharamsala, India.

Nov 15, 2002

This isn't my product and I'm in no way related to it... I did pledge 50 bucks... I just think that it's both a really cool procut & they are trying to do something really good for places where electricity is an issue.

Apr 7, 2007

Je suis génie.

Hello goons. I would like to spread the word about an amazing short film by Adam Petke, Sandland: Summer's Kiss, which I would like to see get funding to become a series of shorts:

"Sandland: Summer's Kiss is the first entry in the uniquely animated series, Sandland: A Story in Four Seasons. It introduces us to a family of bizarre and muddled characters that take shape through experimental puppetry, decayed and twisted environments, and a depraved sense of childhood nostalgia."

Detective Thompson
Nov 9, 2007

Sammy Davis Jr. Jr. is also in repose.

Not exactly Kickstarter, but others have posted campaigns from similar sites, so I think it's safe to post this in this thread. It's not exactly my project, as I'm only acting in it, but it's a feature film written and directed by a friend/fellow film school graduate. It has a fairly simple premise, that of a small group of friends gathering together for a party. However, these friends are getting older. Some are scared of facing what that means, some aren't even sure what that means. They're in the real world now, out of college for a while and without anything like it to put off the whole growing up thing. And so the film takes a snapshot of these people at a certain point of their lives, revealing how they've dealt with getting older (or chosen to not deal with it). It's mainly dialogue-driven, stays mostly in one location, and builds upon these characters. This idea of aging and its consequences on younger people is something Ryan likes to deal with in his films, and I think it's something most people can get stressed out about.

A note about this campaign is that, unlike Kickstarter, IndieGoGo has the option to let you keep anything you raise, so it's not all or nothing. If you do choose to contribute, you will be charged (and I'm not sure, but I think you get charged right away rather than at the end of the funding period, though I don't know that for certain). The money is mainly to supplement what the filmmakers have already put in out of their own pockets, in order to pay for transportation costs, food, lodging if extra housing is necessary, and post-production stuff. Thanks!

Oct 19, 2011

Hi All,

I'm working on a project called "The Good, The Bad & The Undead"

We're currently around 52% raised of our goal (we have $1000 in a private donation) but we only have 5 days left on IndieGoGo.

Our goal is to make a webseries with a classic western feel for YouTube & as close to a cinematic as we can.

We've tried our best to come up with some cool perks for it and a real range of stuff as well.

If anyone has any questions let me know.

Jan 12, 2004

We are all sinners in the eyes of these popsicle sticks.

Hey guys! My project got funded. Still collecting money past the goal; could certainly use it as I lowballed it to get in the "$1000 and under" category. Got some great advice on this thread, so thanks a lot. And if you want to follow the project, follow the blog links on the page or donate a dollar to have Kickstarter update you. Open for the next 5 days.

Now I need to find a nice webcam for filming interviews. Where do you think I should post about that? Dorkroom? I hate wandering into subcategories at SA and doing something stupid because I haven't been there before and it wasn't in the FAQ.

Aug 18, 2005


Hey folks,

Not asking for money, just a little bit of your time.

My short film "Ronan and Alyssa are about to break up." has a chance to screen on PBS this Saturday night, if we get the requisite votes. You know how these things go!

All three finalists are there for you to view. If you think "Ronan and Alyssa" deserves to be on TV, I'd be honored if you'd throw it a vote!


Dec 18, 2011

Hopefully I'm not breaking any rules with this. If I am, let me know.

Here's the fundraiser:

Here's what it's funding:

We just met our goal but similar to a previous poster we have been continuously low-balling to make it seem more realistic. Send us money if you think we're funny. Our goal is to provide an alternative to formulaic mainstream crap.

Thank ye and God Bless

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Jul 28, 2008

A little EQ, a touch of reverb, slap on some compression and there. That'll get your dickbutt jiggling.


Hey Guys,
I have been helping a friend (Lazy Brain Games) who has been developing small games for a couple year now. He's built up a nice catalog of short little arcade games but he wants to make something more ambitious, and he is hoping to get some funding to do so for compensating talent.

You can find the kick starter here:

Boxart for Infernal Edge 1

It is a sequel of sorts to one of his best games "Infernal Edge." Aptly named "Infernal Edge 2" he plans to expand upon the game play of the original. Making a game about the length of an NES Megaman title, and (despite my business protestations) to be released totally FOR FREE. It has a very NES style for its graphics and sound. The game play has some retro feel to it but heavily involves the mouse for aiming your gun and grappling hook. It is just enough of a challenge that although it is short it feels quite solid. I'd highly recommend giving the original a go.

Screencaps of Infernal Edge 1

Lazy Brain Games is a very talented game maker and has been trying to find ways to turn it into more than just a hobby (who isn't? But I think he can make it personally.) You can find more of his games on his main site, and here's a few I recommend.

Mecha Spider Island: A cute platformer.
Omnicron: Space shooter, not quite a bullet hell, but the end boss is worth it.
Infernal Edge: Not quite a platformer or a traditional shooter, there's a lot of great concepts and more than any game he's made I feel you are left wishing more was done with it.

I'd love to see this game get made and if you love bead sprites well by donating enough you'll get some depicting enemies of Infernal Edge! Who doesn't love bead sprite things?!

Mar 24, 2011

Yep, I'm here to solicit myself. I have a comic series and right now I'm on Volume 2. I just recently released Volume 1 for free. Now I'm looking for funding help for the second volume so I can continue the story.

Here's the link to my Kickstarter:

Apr 16, 2008

Lipstick Apathy

SydneyRoad posted:

Yep, I'm here to solicit myself. I have a comic series and right now I'm on Volume 2. I just recently released Volume 1 for free. Now I'm looking for funding help for the second volume so I can continue the story.

Here's the link to my Kickstarter:

That is an abhorrent voice over. Had to take my hand off the mouse to not mute it. I would really just rather hear a pitch from a normal person.

Jul 28, 2008

A little EQ, a touch of reverb, slap on some compression and there. That'll get your dickbutt jiggling.


Jalumibnkrayal posted:

That is an abhorrent voice over. Had to take my hand off the mouse to not mute it. I would really just rather hear a pitch from a normal person.

Woah, yeah. That voice is really really not working. It does a huge disservice to comic, as hearing that turns me off reading even the free volume and I've already read it!

I'd replace that video, if you want I can take a crack at recording new lines but they could also use a rewrite, it might not be what you want but anything is better than the current video in all honesty.

Aug 3, 2004

I am greatful for my loop pedal

Hey guys,

A fellow student at my school, School of Visual Arts in NYC has a kickstarter going to help with the post-production of his thesis film, Ashes of America

This guy shot some amazingly beautiful stuff for a documentary about the current state of America.

I implore you to watch the trailer on the page, if it doesnt convince you than I dont know what will.

Goon in the Mist
Jan 6, 2006

Project Link:

We’re making a guide to SF. It’s different than other guides because:

-It all fits on a single piece of A3 tear-resistant waterproof Tyvek, and folds in a magical way to the size of a credit card.

-Many guides have a subtext or a demographic in mind. Wallpaper are guides for designers, Michelin is a guide for people who only eat at restaurants that have cloth napkins. Some guides even charge places a fee to be listed! Everything in the TOC guide is there simply because we love it. Different things will appeal to different people, but there is something for everyone.

-We are being utterly ruthless about what to include. The restaurants we’ve picked are places that visibly care about doing everything perfectly. For example, the first restaurant to be included is a Sichuan place that goes through 30 pounds of imported peppers every day, and has a chef who used to cook for the Chinese premier. When we forgot our credit card there once, the owner called us and offered to hand-deliver it that night.

-We don’t care at all about : trendiness, coverage of specific categories (ex: SF doesn’t have any truly great sushi, so there are no sushi places in our guide)

-The map comes with access to our Twitter concierge, who can help people choose where to go, make reservations, and deal with any unexpected problems in their trip.

Here's the project link, again:

Kemper Boyd
Aug 6, 2007

no kings, no gods, no masters but a comfy chair and no socks

Here's my project:

Lions of the North is a tabletop rpg, so it means you have a book and some dice on the living room table while you drink beer and have a fun evening with your friends.

In short, I started thinking around last december about how bad most TTRPG's are. If you look a bit on the net at what people are designing and publishing, it's mostly just fantasy games, which could all be described as "exactly like Dungeons & Dragons". I don't like derivative stuff in my nerdgames.

So I wanted to break a bit of new ground in the setting design. I decided to set the game in a post-post-apocalyptic 24th century. Initially I called it just post-apocalyptic but a friend of mine insisted I call it post-post. The basic gist is that a comet hit Earth sometime in the early 21st century, then we finished off our civilization with a nuclear exchange. Civilization collapsed and no current states survived for long. Maybe just long enough to bury the dead.

So we got bandits and warlords for a while, until organized society started re-emerging in the Baltic region, which is kind of the center of the game setting. You got a few kingdoms, some republics, a bunch of city-states, merchant republics and so on. And in the 24th century, poo poo starts getting serious, with the emerging states starting to compete for economic power and control of the Baltic.

The setting is inspired to a significant degree by the medieval Baltic region, which was an interesting time. Lots of small nations, pirate brotherhoods, the Hanseatic League and so on. Technology in the game is roughly equivalent to the 18th century, so there's muskets, swords and sailing ships. I was also inspired by folklore, so there's a running theme of weird stuff happening on the fringes of civilization. Magic and unnatural creatures and such.

Another thing was that almost to a fault, the RPG industry is really bad at addressing gender issues. I like to call the game feminist, even. There's a theme of abandoning the past civilization in favor of a new one with new values, so future society is totally gender-integrated. And I've promised to not put any cheesecake art in the book once it's finished. I've also consulted someone who does gender studies research occasionally.

And finally one technical thing why we're asking for so much money. Pretty much every single small-time RPG is badly edited, in need of proofreading and indexing and has utterly crap art. We're trying to do better than that, and that unfortunately costs money.

Be sure to check out the game development blog at .

tl;dr version: man makes roleplaying game. Man tries to make it a good game, needs money to do so. Game is about post-post-apocalyptic northern Europe. It's got swords in it.

Thank you for reading this!

Nov 19, 2002

I'm posting this for a local artist I've run into. He uses a range of CNC tools, laser engravers, 3D printers, etc to product artwork and signage for other local businesses. His Kickstarter project is pretty straight-forward - he mills Corian surfaces with a halftone pattern to create pretty interesting pieces of 3D artwork. He did the Kickstarter video himself, and I came in to photograph some of the pieces, so don't laugh at our production values

His dream is to be able to purchase his first bulk order of materials and his own ShopBot (probably a used one) to be able to be truly self-sufficient (he currently rents time on equipment from other companies) and be able to experiment with different things for potential customers (like full-color halftone machining). I know a lot of jaded people might turn their nose up at an artist using CNC machining, or think the project is simple, but he does a lot of pretty neat stuff on his own time that he would be able to produce for others, if this project took off.

So take a look at his Kickstarter page here. His homepage, Jeffrey Sgroi Designs, is here, which shows a handful of things he has done recently. I need to get out there with proper lighting and shoot some of his own projects sometime. I've put up an album of some of the halftone works here.

Even if you pledge a dollar and in the end, the project doesn't get funded, I think the morale boost for him will be awesome! Thanks Goons!

Sep 9, 2007

Really it's not because
I don't like you...

Somewhat of a cross post, I am leading a small development team working on an action space game. Here is the thread I made in games about it, to generate awareness.

Brief Overview: (more in the games thread)
3D Spaceship combat
Physics Based gameplay
Custom Ship design and building
4x Game Systems - Explore Expand Exploit Exterminate
Faction System
Light RPG elements

We are in desperate need of a 3D artist, someone that is creative and driven enough to work with our ideas and produce assets. low poly modeling (500 - 2000 tris) and texturing, needs to have an eye for spaceships, general Sci-fi and understands modular design concepts.

For the duration of development this is ~unpaid~ however after release we intend to use the funds generated to pay ourselves to continue development and start our indie studio. If you have any questions or interest please email me!

Feb 19, 2010


My project:

My goal is to fund promotion of my ebook, Tall Tales of Felony and Failure. This novella was recently released by an independent publisher with limited resources available to promote individual works. I've basically already invested what I can afford into limited web advertising (mostly banner ads and sticky posts on the SA forums), and would like to increase the scope of these promotions to get the word out (a very hard nut to crack).

Cranston Staigne is a normal, young American male with a beautiful new family, until he runs away from it all after a horrible tragedy. After discovering his ability to control time, Cranston embarks with his cohort Tom on a drunken escapade across three continents. During their travels, the pair commit numerous crimes, evade authorities, and cheat death. It’s magnificent decadence and dereliction as they explore unlimited power and unrepentant failure.

Thanks for checking it out!

Mar 7, 2005

Mom! Dad! It's evil! Don't touch it!

I'm working on Doodle Defense, a tower defense game that uses a whiteboard as the input.

Kickstarter link:

It started as a project for one of my MFA courses, but I want to see it grow into a full fledged game, and I think I have a good shot at Indiecade with it. Besides that, I think it's rad, andI want people to be able to play it. Players draw mazes and towers on a whiteboard with regular dry erase markers to stop projected foes.

I don't need much money to round this thing out, but to bring it to a professional level, it really needs assets not made by me.

Thanks for checking it out.

Jul 1, 2011

Here is an excellent project if you want to support the Occupy movement. I met Larry Tunner and Andrew Tomlinson and they are passionate and have an excellent vision for a film. They have already raised half the funds for the film and are using KickStarter to raise the rest. Check out the project and toss them a couple bucks to help it happen:


I like turtles
Aug 6, 2009

"Wouldn't want to see an angry turtle with a gun, would ya? "


Goons like booze, right?
I found this guy recently, and am funding what I can. Mostly because I have had dreams about doing pretty much exactly this, and also because there aren't many good oldschool American applejacks out there. I am not involved with the project beyond being a backer.

Detective Thompson
Nov 9, 2007

Sammy Davis Jr. Jr. is also in repose.

Just one last push for the project I posted above. We're down to the last 9 hours, and we've passed the halfway point. It's not an all or nothing fundraiser, so we'll get the money we've already raised. So we're not freaking out because we need to meet the $5000 goal to get the money, however, any little extra bits will only help out the film that much more. So, check it out, and if it appeals to you, throw a few bucks the project's way! We appreciate every donation we get, no matter the amount.

Also, here's a link to the blog if you'd like to read a little more about the film.

Feb. 14 and 17 have two shorts from the test weekend we had the second weekend of February. They're rough, since they were meant to test lighting in different situations and camera setups more than anything else. The content also isn't really related to the subject matter of the film, so I wouldn't form any impressions of the movie's content from them, but I think they ended up being pretty funny. As I stated in my last post, I am one of the actors, and I participated in the test weekend (I am in the dude in the Feb. 14 video). I am definitely very excited to film this, especially after the test weekend and this past weekend, when we had a read-through with most of the cast (one actress wasn't available), and I'm not the only one looking forward to getting this filmed. Anyway, thanks to anyone that takes a look and considers donating. And even if you don't, but the film seems interesting to you, keep checking in on the blog to track our progress. We begin shooting the third weekend of March, continuing through to the first or second weekend of April, depending if we need the extra weekend.

Mar 19, 2006
droppin Hamiltons!

CaptainCrunch posted:

Yep, I've got one too. Well, it's a group I'm involved with, not just me. Last year we self-produced 10 short webisodes. Responses have been very positive, with more than a couple requests for "more". We're trying to drum up support for a second season with a budget larger than pocket change. Better props, better locations, everything.

A long overdue follow up. I don't know how much posting here helped, but we made it. In fact we were $3k over our target! So thank you to any anonymous benefactors from this thread!

Meanwhile, we're two episodes complete and posted. We were even able to talk Grant Imahara into being a guest star! if you would like to see it.

Thank you again.

Death By The Blues
Oct 30, 2011

I will throw my hat into the ring and submit my own indie gogo plea. A Friend and I are recent graduates of a film program at Sheridan in Canada, and we hope to make our name in the competitive industry.

So with that said I present our short film "WORK OUT!"; its a combination of p90x, Goosebumps and Kids in the hall.

We aren't seeking much, 1500 will cost production and post production costs and submission costs for festivals! If your curious about our style there are two shorts linked in the indie gogo profile. So please take a look and any feedback and help is welcomed.

Good luck to everyone else and if I had money (hopefully in the future), I will definitely help fund some productions. Thanks for reading!

tl;dr need money for a short film about a demonic workout tape that haunts a hapless protagonist and the absurd odyssey that it leads too.

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Jan 14, 2008

If you want someone to love you, open your heart.
If you want someone to be obsessed with you, close it.

A friend of mine is trying to get his one man show "White Trash Debutante Ball" made into a feature length indie film. He's an actor who decided to write this when he was becoming sober, kinda like his anti-drug project. It means a great deal to him and he hopes to help others with it.

He describes it simply as:
"The story of the struggle and journey of life; the beauty from pain. It's a film about acceptance, moving on and making a difference."

I didn't think I would be a good friend if I didn't try to get the word out there and help him. In the video he talks about it a bit and there is a rehearsal excerpt from the play. Please take a look if you have the time.

Johnny Law
Feb 9, 2008

- harmless -

Clever Betty

The Auditorium 2 Kickstarter could use a little oomph, if you've been on the fence about that.

More info about the original Auditorium at

That original game came out quite a while ago, so the buzz around it has died down. It was an enjoyable and unique game though, a really pleasant music/visualizer/puzzle thing. These days you can get it on Steam; or, you can go to that website above to try or demo or buy a DRM-free version.

Auditorium 2 looks promising and also would support co-op puzzling, which is a fine thing. But their kickstarter is kind of in the doldrums with 2 weeks to go.

If the kickstarter happens to succeed, all donators of at least $1 will also get a copy of the game Fractal along with the other various rewards of the usual sort (copy of Auditorium 2, soundtrack, art print, stuff like that). The basic "just gimme a copy of the game" tier is at $15.

I've got no relationship with this other than as a donator, and an owner of the original game.

Mar 24, 2011

Hi everyone, I'm starting a writing website to track goals, gain experience, and upgrade avatars. It'd be greatly appreciated if you could help me out.

whiter than a Wilco show
Mar 30, 2011



Some of you might have seen some musical adventures I had in This amazing thread.
I've set up an indiegogo account to help fund the release of the debut album of my band, The Bemsha Swing.
Any and all contributions gratefully accepted, and I think I've got some decent perks.


Nov 25, 2004

Hey guys,
myself and a couple of friends just started a new forum for students to share their creative work and try to gain wider exposure. The main page, is open to all.

As well as that, we also have a quarterly magazine, called Overcoat, which I design and is invitation-based, inviting people from all different industries to respond to the theme (which changes per issue). Issue one is online here:

Obviously if you or anyone you know would like to be involved, please pay it forward…

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Dec 1, 2005


I'm here to promote my wife's kickstarter project: East of the Sun, West of the Moon. She greets all goons and passes along the message below!

Hello there! My name is Ashley, and I am an illustrator. I make things worth looking at. Without us illustrators, no one would ever learn to read because books would be so goddamned boring to look at for kids that they'd all have gone outside to watch grass grow instead.

Sadly, being a children's book illustrator just doesn't have the glamor, riches, and intrigue that it used to. So, I'm here to appeal to your better natures - perhaps even your goonier natures - and ask for help getting my children's book project off the ground! (It's okay; it's not heavy or anything! If you can lift a checkbook, you can help! )

Two years in the making, I've finally finished the illustrations for an adaptation of a Norwegian folk tale called 'East of the Sun, West of the Moon'. Now I need help funding the production and mailing of high quality, full-color book dummies. The books will be sent along with query letters and other art samples to art editors, publishers and artist representatives in the hopes that they take me on for their future projects and make my dream of becoming a published illustrator come true.

The story follows the journey of Freya, who goes on an exhaustive search for her polar bear-captor-turned-prince, after breaking a promise to him. On the way she accepts the help of three kindly witches and the larger-than-life four winds. She ultimately faces the greed of a troll princess, who is ugly to the point of being comical.

There are 15 days left to fund the project, and I'm still (as of writing) about $400 short. I've got a whole bunch of goodies for people willing to help fund the project. Thanks for reading, and remember: every time you donate, God will send you a basket of winged puppies.**

**Subject to conditions. Puppies not available in some states. Offer void in Wisconsin. Sorry, we're all out of puppies.

Here's the link to my Kickstarter Project:

Click the thumbnail below for artsy stuff!

May 10, 2004


I have some frequent collaborators who have started a Kickstarter project to produce a book on the wall lizards of Pityusic Archipelago. These guys are world-class nature photographers and videographers as well as excellent young scientists, and there's no question the book will be beautiful.

Feb 20, 2002

Jade Ear Joe

Not my project at all, but this is my favorite Kickstarter video ever:

Apr 6, 2012

Hey all,

I have a Kickstarter campaign running that, so far, has received more "funniest KS video ever!" responses than actual pledges.

The project we're raising funds for is a web series called BLAMBLAMBLAM, ClickClickClick: The Series, and is based on a festival fave short I wrote and directed last year, also called, confusingly, BLAMBLAMBLAM, ClickClickClick.

The series follows a pair of amoral hostage negotiators as they try to find some enjoyment in their job, while dealing with the annoyance of an old guy taking over a restaurant for his birthday. The tone and theme of the show could be compared to FX's Archer (except it's live action) and Arrested Development (except with guns and badges).

Please check the project out and donate!

Fair warning - we're down to one last mug at the $100 level ... get 'em while they're lukewarm!

If you don't feel like donating or just can't, I totally understand, but if you could pass the word along to your friends, colleagues and even that enemy you've been meaning to get back in touch with, that'd be great!

Thanks so much for getting to this point, I even stopped paying attention to what I've been writing.

Oct 20, 2008

Submitted for your approval, The Memory Eater, an anthology project currently seeking the funds for its initial print run on Kickstarter. This science fiction-inspired anthology consists of 27 uniquely written and illustrated stories based on a futuristic device with the ability to locate and destroy any memory in the human mind.

I come to you not as the editor of the anthology, but as one of the contributors. We are seeking just $4250 to cover the initial print run of the anthology, and to cover the expenses of the Kickstarter campaign itself. We are approaching this as an opportunity to pre-order the anthology, so our two key contribution levels are $8, which will get you the ebook, and $15 for the printed anthology.

Each story is accompanied by a full page illustration, four of which are available as premium rewards within the Kickstarter campaign. With the permission of the editor, below is the illustration for my story Home Again, which has never before appeared online.

If you'd like to see a little more of the anthology before contributing, there is a sampler online featuring portions of four stories, including Home Again, available on the anthology's website.

This is a young project, and we're already nearly a quarter of the way to funded, but we're hoping to make this as big as possible. If the campaign is as successful as we hope, it will go towards not just the publication of this edition of The Memory Eater, but hopefully future editions of the anthology.

So please, check out the sampler, check out the project, and consider preordering the anthology or even supporting us through one of the premium rewards. Thanks.

Update: THANK YOU to those who have supported this project. We've hit 50% funding just under two weeks into the 40 day drive.

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Aug 18, 2005


Not asking for money, just a few moments of your time.

I posted about this upthread in January — my film did not win at that time, but we've been given a second chance.

My short film "Ronan and Alyssa are about to break up." has a chance to screen on PBS this Saturday night, if we get more votes than the projects we're competing against. You know how these things go!

(EDIT: We won! Thanks for your support, goons!)

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Apr 19, 2006


Fallen Rib

I didn't even realize there was a thread for this, I'm liking all these goon projects going on, so I'll throw one up that I'm helping out with.

Safety Matches

It's a student film headed by a couple friends of mine, about a woman who starts using safety matches to deal with emotional pain. Here is the website for it if that helps, too, but the promotional video is there on Kickstarter. I'm the gaffer for it, and I put in as much money as I could, but we definitely need help so I thought I might see if anyone here was interested!

Loud Megasquid
Jul 22, 2006

In 200 million years, squids will rule the earth.

According to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index of 2011, West Virginia, my homestate, is the fattest in the nation with a 35.3% obesity rate. We also have the highest rates of diabetes and high blood pressure. Not pleasant statistics, which is why my childhood friend Jennifer Miller has launched a Kickstarter project called Organic To-Go: A Vegan Pop-Up in Appalachia. She needs $7,000 in the remaining 20 days to purchase a trailer so that she can drive to state events and offer healthy, affordable options other than the traditional "deep fried Oreos." I also encourage you to visit her website where she sells environmentally friendly clothing and accessories. She is an amazing person who donates a percentage of her profits to animal welfare and conservation groups. I believe she can truly make a difference, which is why I gave my support. You should too.


Feb 27, 2008

Allen Wren posted:

Another kickstarter-centered project---right now, I'm part of a team (associate producer and sound engineer; I hold boom mics, check recordings and yell at people) working in independent film. The project is quite probably the first feature-length film trilogy yet done in the realm of fan-film, based on the Masters of the Universe franchise.

We're gearing up for production on the second and third films, "The Fountain of Life" and the third one, whose title is TBA. Filming will start at the turn of the year, with the premieres of both films to happen in August, 2012 and `13.

Naturally, since we're working in fan-film, we're wholly non-profit, all of the actors and actresses, crew and personnel are eating operating costs out of our own pockets, hence our appeal to the internet at large, to bring the best sword and sandal and Skeletor film we can to the masses.

So a couple of pages back, I was posting about the kickstarter the indie film team I'm working with was pushing for---we failed to meet our goal. So this time we're trying Indiegogo...and we hit our mark thanks to a really generous rich guy. However, since we've still got some time on the campaign, we're trying to see if we can upgrade our current arsenal (an arsenal of one) of cameras, so we can shoot takes from multiple angles and, with the more powerful camera, do some effects work that our current rig simply can't handle. We're only a few hundo short of our extended camera goal, so any kind of spare change that can be thrown our way will be a large step forward.

EDIT: Go me, helps if I include the linkage -

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