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goblin week
Jan 26, 2019


goblin week
Jan 26, 2019

Aug 13, 2009

Alone, she fights.
I like how from the page titles alone those could or could not be related

or maybe I, well...

Mar 31, 2019



"Hello, ima Mario. Okey dokey, letsa make a pizza pie together, you go get somea spaghetti, you go geta some sausage, I getta some sauce, you gonna put some spaghetti on the sausage and the sausage on the pizza, then I'm gonna chasea you with the pizza, then you gonna chasea me with the pizza, and gonaa makea lasagne."[51]

Feb 26, 2012

this is not from a fan wiki


Skeletor appears in the 2021 CGI He-Man reboot, voiced by Ben Diskin. Unlike his previous incarnations, he is a full-blooded human (rather than a Gar-human hybrid) and the younger brother of King Randor (as opposed to being his older half-brother). This is the first time Skeletor's familial relationship with He-Man has been portrayed in any televised media.

Ten years before the events of the series, Keldor kidnapped a young Adam while his allies Kronis and Evelyn launched a coup against the kingdom. He forcibly took his nephew to Castle Grayskull where he demanded that Eldress hand over the power of the castle to him in exchange for the young prince. Eldress then spawned two relics, the Sword of Power and the Havoc Staff, letting Keldor make his choice. Deeming the sword to be nothing but a soldier's tool, he took the Staff and plunged it into the castle's beam of light in an attempt to gain its power. Keldor's selfish act had the effect of cursing him and turning his left hand into a skeleton. Enraged, Keldor briefly attempted to attack Eldress only so that Adam interferes with the sword. Subsequently, Keldor fled to Snake Mountain, continuing to suffer from the curse he himself caused.

In "The Sword of Grayskull", when a now-adolescent Adam, living in the jungle with the Tiger Tribe and having forgotten his previous life, succeeds in transforming into He-Man, a stil-reclusive Keldor at Snake Mountain feels the power of Grayskull that he has always coveted.

In "The Power of Grayskull", Keldor travels to a royal outpost where he sucks life energy from the royal soldiers, turning them to stone. He then reunites with Kronis and Evelyn whom he had not seen since the coup and allies himself again upon learning that they know where the sword is. He later "saves" Adam and his friends from a robot attack before revealing to his nephew that he is his uncle.

In "The Heirs of Grayskull", while Teela and Duncan remain suspicious of him, Keldor slowly gains Adam's trust by revealing his royal bloodline to him. When he learns that Adam was previously transformed, Keldor takes the sword out of his hand and Kronis fires a missile at the rock, entombing Adam, Teela, and Krass. With the sword in his possession, Keldor and his two allies take the direction of the castle on an overbike. Evelyn offers Keldor to walk past but the fallen prince admits he doesn't trust them, to which Kronis replies that they don't trust him either. Once there, Keldor pushes the sword into a magical base to unlock the entrance to the castle. When Adam, too, arrives with his friends and sees the holographic projection revealing the events ten years ago, a magically empowered Keldor confronts him while Kronis and Evelyn capture the others.

In "The Champions of Grayskull", Keldor orders Adam to use Grayskull's power to heal him where his friends will suffer. He takes pleasure in taunting each of his hostages with mocking nicknames when he learns of Adam's pseudonym as He-Man. He-Man eventually relents but wins enough time for Teela and the others to free herself from the imprisonment spell. Then ensues a fight between the antagonists and the protagonists also receiving part of the power of Grayskull. Keldor and He-Man clash violently in the depths of the castle. As he gains the upper hand, Keldor calls He-Man as arrogant as his father before being knocked back by an energy-boosting punch. Refusing defeat, Keldor once again attempts to gain Grayskull's power through the light beam, only to seemingly be consumed along with his henchmen.

Unbeknownst to the heroes, the evil trio survived and returned to Snake Mountain, although Keldor was further disfigured by his curse. Evelyn offers to help him reverse the curse, but he refuses, not seeing what just happened to him as a curse but as the realization that he had long been wrong, that the power of a now amplified Havoc Staff was the real power he sought and that his true destiny is to bring fear and devastation to Eternia. He finally declares that the era of Grayskull is over and that now comes the era of Skeletor.

In "We Have the Power", soon after his transformation, Skeletor spent time soaking in a pit of molten Havoc, learning from his mistakes. Evelyn suggests that he share his power like He-Man did with his friends to prevail over them last time. Although tempted, Skeletor claims that sharing magic is only possible with the same metal that the Sword of Power is forged, Kurbinite, like the Havoc Staff which is made of more ordinary materials. Kronis reveals that he knows where Randor is storing Kurbinite but that its access is not within their reach since security has been tightened and Teela has changed sides. Skeletor then thinks of finding a new thief close to the king before reviving ancient creatures for his plan. Following the monsters attacking a royal convoy, one of the undead creatures returns General Dolos to Skeletor, allowing Kronis to holographically reproduce Dolos' physical appearance on himself, allowing them to take the Kurbinite with ease.

In "The Calm Before the Storm", Skeletor recruits the hunter capable of controlling the animals R'Qazz, quickly acquiring a liking to the feline man whom he finds more beast-like than a man as well as his third person. He then explains to his three minions his plan to take control of Eternos before taking R'Qazz's whip, Evelyn's specter and Kronis' jawbone prosthesis and using his dark magic combined with Kurbinite to magically modify them, while babbling an evil monologue intended for his brother. During his experiment, he launches a magical storm against Eternos. Later as he continues to hammer at objects, Skeletor then switches to using the Havoc Staff to complete his work. With the trio now equipped with more powerful weapons, Evelyn remarks that the gang spotted their position, exactly as Skeletor had planned.

In "Cry Havoc Part 1", Adam, Duncan, Cringer and Teela arrive at the entrance to Snake Mountain where Skeletor enjoys taunting them from a distance with a loudspeaker. Once the group arrives at the center of the fortress, Skeletor faces them for the first time since his attack on Grayskull, revealing his new appearance as well as his new name. He-Man doesn't understand the meaning of his new name, forcing an unbelievable Skeletor to make it clear that this is due to his skull shape, prompting Battle Cat to suggest choosing "Skull-etor" instead. When the comedic moment passed, Kronis, Evelyn, and R'Qazz showed up on their own, not impressing the quartet until Skeletor activated their overpowered transformations, transforming them into Trap Jaw, Evil-Lyn and Beast Man respectively.

With each taking on their rival in a Pocket Dimension, Skeletor and He-Man engage in a fierce fight in which He-Man admits to his uncle that he felt sorry for thinking he was dead. Unresponsive, Skeletor wonders if Randor will feel the same weakness when He-Man is be dead. At the end of this epic clash, Skeletor reveals that he believed for a long time that Grayskull's power was his only way to obtain the throne of Eternos but that he ended up turning to darkness when he realized that Grayskull's power was nothing but a lie. Successfully chaining the sword with chains made to its full power without He-Man being able to get rid of it, Skeletor breaks it with all his might in two, causing the Masters of the Universe to regress to their base form. His defeated enemies, Skeletor and his Dark Masters launch their army consisting of the reprogrammed robot, the mind-controlled Royal Guard, and the ever-controlled Dolos against Eternos, leaving Adam and his friends to be engulfed in the pit to either be corrupted to evil or drown, both cases befitting the dastardly Skeletor.

In "Cry Havoc Part 2", Skeletor brags about his success, only to be suddenly betrayed by his three minions who had been plotting to overthrow him for a while. Unfortunately for them, Skeletor is able to overpower them and strip them of their power, having intuitively anticipate their rebellion against him. He reveals to them that he did not need Kurbinite to share his powers with them but to control them and that he is the only one who can share or take back his power. Reducing his three minions to his will, Skeletor transforms them back into Dark Masters and launches the attack on the kingdom.

Once inside the palace, Skeletor confronts his brother after ten years, showing himself at first annoyed that Randor is not shocked by his morbid appearance and even daring to make a joke as he remembers. When the entire Masters of the Universe and having had the sword repaired join the fight, a Skeletor annoyed by their survival is happy that Randor can attend the next fight. The Villains gain the upper hand at first, only to be repelled by the very first combined attack of the five Heroes. Not admitting defeat, Skeletor surrounds the group with the entire army of Randor who fell under his control during the fight. He-Man swears they'll keep fighting until they've freed them all, which Skeletor knows full well and which is the same reason he besieged Grayskull Castle to destroy the source of their powers. Although the Masters of the Universe manage to escape and move Grayskull to another dimension, Skeletor ultimately earns what he has always coveted and sits on the throne of Eternos.

In "The World Above", Keldor is first seen in flashback, explaining to a young Adam that the other kingdoms are on bad terms with Eternos because they coveted the Sigil of King Hiss for the sole purpose of bringing back their deceased. In the present, Skeletor, remembering that time, regrets not having used this knowledge earlier to become a god, pushing him to now covet the Sigil.

He later parades around the city demanding that the townspeople show their joy, which Evil-Lyn remarks is not won but Skeletor intends to change that once he has the Sigil. When Trap-Jaw is about to eat, Skeletor magically paralyzes him to order him to go work on the new weapons of war he had asked for. Spy Drones records his exchange with Evil-Lyn's plan to seek the Sigil through, but Skeletor notices them and orders Beast Man to hunt them down.

As the Masters of the Universe transform in Avion, Skeletor is able to sense it, but Evil-Lyn instead believes it could be the accidental activation of artifacts from Castle Grayskull in the Savage Lands. Beast Man then contacts his master to tell him that he has found Teela and Randor.

In "The World Below", Skeletor discovers a secret clue on the King Grayskull's board revealing the Sigil to be at Snake Mountain. On his way there, he sees his enemies' vehicle, causing him to realize that they are alive and that Grayskull Castle was not destroyed, leaving him to suspect that Evil-Lyn may have lied to him though she says she's just as surprised. The Masters of the Universe's new ally, Stratos, rushes straight at them just for Skeletor to expose him with a single shot, worrying an Evil-Lyn fearing retaliation from Avion that Skeletor has nothing to do with. A surprise attack by Krass and He-Man ensues which leaves Skeletor alone to face them while Evil-Lyn infiltrates the old lair.

Fighting against Krass, Skeletor notices her looking to break his scepter before easily foiling her charging attack. He then notices the jewels on the girl's helmet which he seems intrigued for a while. He-Man throws his sword at Krass who clings to it and launches another attack, distracting Skeletor long enough for He-Man to hit him so hard he waltzes through the air. He recovers quickly and takes Stratos hostage then demands the piece of the Sigil they have just found in exchange for his life. He-Man refuses to bargain so Skeletor decides to finish them all off on his own but Evil-Lyn begs him not to bring Avion into their dispute, just for Skeletor to order her to stop contradicting him. Evil-Lyn has no choice but to teleport them both off the mountain.

Returning to Eternos, Skeletor unleashes his wrath on Evil-Lyn and destroys her scepter, transforming her back into Evelyn. Finally tired of her insubordination, the evil lord furiously dismisses Evelyn. Beast Man then returns to inform Skeletor that Randor to find allies in the sewers passes and knowing that his brother has already broken camp, Skeletor decides to send the Tri-Klops.

In "Eternia 2000", Skeletor brings Trap-Jaw and Beast Man to the castle vault where the second piece of the Sigil is supposed to be but angrily discovers that the entire vault has been stolen. quickly to confront his nephew on the high-speed craft. The two end up inside, confronted by robots self-destructing at the sight of the violence, forcing them to go on a temporary truce so they can find a piece of the Sigil without blowing it all up. The object sealed in a room filled with dancing kamikaze robots, the uncle and nephew start dancing comically just to get closer to the piece. Skeletor about to grab the piece, Stratos makes a crashing entrance which causes the robots to clash as well as the destruction of the train. Escaping by way of his vehicle, Skeletor yells at He-Man that there is only one piece left to find to complete the Sigil.

In "Meanwhile...", it's Skeletor's birthday but none of the hundreds of gifts he receives makes him happy because he desperately wants Battle Cat. Trap-Jaw does, however, give him something he really enjoys, a super-powered panther-patterned jet-bike named Painthor. Beast Man in turn offers a stone from Evelyn's supposedly granted treasure collection a wish. A convinced Skeletor doesn't know what to wish for when he suddenly disappears in front of his two minions.

Skeletor finds himself in Grayskull, face to face with Duncan. The two come to blows and Skeletor easily overpowers the young man transformed into Man-At-Arms then defeats him with a kick, sending him crashing into the statue of Eldress. Crossing the magic veil to see where his enemies have been hiding all this time, Skeletor discovers that it's impossible to get out of the castle, so he forces Duncan to unlock this apparent magic lock.

While walking underground, Skeletor sees and tries to grab the piece of the Sigil despite Duncan's attempts to stop him but is electrocuted when he touches it, all due to Duncan's failed attempts to bring Eldress back who has also stuck in cosmic limbo. Duncan also accidentally reveals that Grayskull is in Avion. The two then search for answers on the wishing stone in the library and only learn that there is only one wish per person and only from the heart, prompting Skeletor to throw the stone out of the castle so as not to Duncan use it against him before ordering him back to work.

Later, Skeletor nearly unmasks Duncan using a robot to retrieve the stone, but the kid falsely claims it's just his assistant. Skeletor doesn't understand at the moment why Duncan doesn't just use his power, only to retort that he doesn't need to always use his power before asking Skeletor why he never becomes Keldor again. Skeletor replies that Keldor is ancient history, while saying it was his birthday today, something Duncan doesn't know the meaning of since he grew up in an orphanage. Skeletor then gets angry when Duncan implies that today might also be his birthday, wanting to keep the day for himself.

After going to the bathroom, Skeletor notices the painting depicting the clash between the Masters of the Universe and the Dark Masters and criticizes the depiction of his head before finding it strange that Krass is not his own nemesis. Duncan suddenly surprises him with a birthday present, just for Skeletor to blow up the pastry while being disappointed by the turn his party has taken. Duncan then decides to give the Bag of Bones an unforgettable birthday, at first a dud that only makes Skeletor happy when he puts his personal, crude and selfish grain of salt into it.

Duncan briefly retrieves the Wishing Stone, only for Skeletor to find out and take it back by force, leading to some sort of unlikely chase through the castle that only ends with Skeletor about to blast the stone. Duncan however manages to convince him that he actually wants to use it to bring them back to their reality instead of using it for his personal desire, although Skeletor only gives it back to him because he'd rather risk disappearing than to be stuck here with a kid with values and morals.

With the wish granted, Skeletor appears on the throne of Eternos as Randor had nearly turned the mind-controlled guards against Trap-Jaw and Beast Man who were vying for Eternos' rule. Taken to imprisonment, Randor tells his brother that he will never complete the Sigil but Skeletor disagrees, telling Trap-Jaw to prepare the Painthor for Airplane and that the piece of the Sigil will be easy to steal. now that Eldress is no longer in Grayskull. He then wishes himself a happy birthday.

In "Divided We Stand", Skeletor and his army arrive in Avion, ready to begin battle.

In "The Battle of Avion", Skeletor and He-Man begins to fight fiercely on the Painthor, with He-Man warning his uncle about whether he had hurt his father, which the dastardly Skeletor sadistically replies that he did well to hurt Randor. Skeletor kicks He-Man out with an energy blast but He-Man is caught by Gringer. Teela then intervenes, accidentally dragging the four individuals back onto the Grayskull. With the Red Legion temporarily incapacitated, Skeletor continues his attempt to obtain the pieces of Sigil regardless, only for He-Man to cause them to touch each other, throwing the jet-bike off and slightly injuring his uncle. The Masters of the Universe receive the support of King Stratos and his allies, but the situation is quickly desperate when the Red Legion attacks the flying city on Skeletor's orders while the latter continues to fight against his enemies.

When the combined assaults of Cringer, Teela, and Duncan finally land a heavy blow, Skeletor unleashes a final attack that knocks He-Man into the void while Trap Jaw and Beast-Man defeat the three remaining Masters. On the verge of being able to seize the pieces, Skeletor has the unpleasant surprise to see He-Man return to the Wind Raider with Krass and to suffer the laser fire from the ship which separates Skeletor from his Havoc Staff. Trap Jaw and Beast Man break free from his magical control and once again turn on a weakened Skeletor, feigning help to better restrain him. As He-Man charges the Sword of Power with his friends' power, Skeletor breaks free and nearly retrieves his staff but Krass slams into him before he can grab it. Once the top of the staff is split open by a He-Man, a siphon of Havoc magic occurs and as Skeletor is restrained from being absorbed by Kronis and R'Qazz depowered, his two former minions end up deliberately drop him in. More and more aspired to his loss, Skeletor creates a magical chain to cling to Krass's helmet who also tries to escape the siphon but his powers eventually wear off, dooming Skeletor to be absorbed by the scepter and seemingly wiped out when the Havoc Staff regresses to its original appearance, leaving only the still smoking and cracked skull of the tyrant that Krass kicks out of Avion.

Later, it turns out that Skeletor managed to place his spirit in the stone embedded in Krass's helmet then reveals himself to her by revealing that the jewel is called a Ram Stone and he can't wait to tell her more.

In "The Fifth Nemesis", as Krass is the only one who can see and hear Skeletor, the young girl attempts to dismiss him as her imagination until Skeletor confirms that he can see into Krass' blind spot. As the Ram Stone is actually a proto-Havoc, Skeletor tries to convince her of her true nature, while telling her that she could bring her parents back with the Sigil. As the day passes and Krass feels more and more pushed aside by her friends who fully appreciate life in Eternos unlike her while Adam seems to put aside his life in the Tiger Tribe, Skeletor takes the opportunity to try more and more to convince Krass to side with him. Krass then threatens to get rid of her helmet, so he won't harass her again, just to have Skeletor remind her that this is all she has left of her biological family, so Krass openly states that the Masters of the Universe are her family now. Sarcastically, Skeletor then encourages Krass to reveal to Adam that he's into her mind and that she's had evil Havoc inside her heart all along.

Skeletor once again shows up when Krass secretly overhears Adam say to Randor she would be a terrible representative of the Tiger Tribe, discussing how Randor turning on him isn't all that different from her brotherly figure seeming to betray her in every way while asking him which of Skeletor and Adam is really hurting her right now. A heartbroken Krass ends up stealing the peace of Sigil from the palace and goes to Grayskull to activate the three relics as Skeletor had hoped. He-Man attempts to reason with his childhood friend but Krass ends up rejecting him then summons the Havoc Staff and transforms into Rampage by combining the power of Grayskull with the Havoc within her. A fight ensues between the two former best friends, during which He-Man tries to warn Krass that she can't trust Skeletor, only to have her bring him down after insinuating that Skeletor is the only one to really help her. By fusing the three pieces of the Sigil, Krass unleashes the magic of the late King Hiss, awakening the Serpents Undead everywhere while Skeletor looks forward to this new friendship with the now Rampage the Dark Master of Destruction.

In "The Haunting of Castle Grayskull", now connected to the castle, Skeletor is able to access past holograms showing him King Grayskull using a Krass-like stone to create dark magic of Havoc which is itself the source of Skeletor's power in the goal to defeat King Hiss and his army of snake men. Rampage quickly backtracks on his promise to use the Sigil to bring her parents back but Skeletor clarifies that he promised to help the girl bring her parents back but not with the help of the Sigil as the item doesn't have that. power, the resurrection of the Snake-Men also being only a means of keeping the Masters Of Universe at bay while having henchmen for the accomplishment of the final project. He-Man then arises and unsuccessfully attempts to attack the incorporeal ghost who then uses his control of Castle Grayskull to shoot from the beam of light at his nephew and throw him out of the castle. Considering the rules of the game have changed and He-Man has already lost this game, Skeletor uses the Sigil to send Snake-Men to attack.

Two weeks later, Skeletor oversees the Snake-Men's search of the hidden tomb of one of the most powerful beings in all of Eternia, King Grayskull. Krass doesn't understand the point until his new master explains that the castle's true power comes from whoever created it and that once he takes possession of his body shell, he will come alive again, will bring Krass' parents back to life and put an end to all strife. Fearing Skeletor's future power and not fully trusting him, Rampage wants him to promise that he will keep his word where she will destroy his helmet stone to end the ghost's existence. Undaunted, Skeletor laughs and claims he much prefers Rampage to the broken-armed, good-for-nothings who were once his minions.

In "Frozen Solid", as Krass begins to question herself, Skeletor appears behind her announcing that there is a problem, infuriating the girl. Skeletor pretends at the moment that they are not so different from each other since they were despised and rejected by their families, even that they are the same but that only irritates d advantage Krass until Skeletor advises him not to choose the wrong enemy. Getting back to the problem, the Snake-Men don't have the goal of the hit yet Skeletor thinks Rampage might be the answer.

Later, Rampage confronts He-Man, Cringer and Randor confronting the Snake-Men and Skeletor forbids him to waste any more time digging or else they will make Randor pay, causing Rampage to overstep Skeletor's authority, judging that is going too far. He-Man warns the Skeletor that he can't see not to drag his father into their conflict. Skeletor mocks Adam's love for his father and asks Krass what her father would have thought of her if he saw him hesitate like that. Rampage then proceeds to tell his former allies about the plan against Skeletor's advice in an effort to gain beneficial collaboration. Not wanting his son to suffer by losing someone else he loves as he did with Keldor, Randor reveals that Grayskull's burial is in the only place where there are no serpents, the sea realm of Leviathae and guarded by Monstroids. Having got what she wanted, Rampage knocks He-Man down and then leaves, taking out the army of snakes on the spot.

In "Wrath of the Mer-Man", Rampage travels to Leviathe on the Painthor but Skeletor grows impatient to arrive despite knowing the way. The ghost then proceeds to stalk the young girl to pass the time, even striking silly poses to fly through the air, so Krass suggests that she instead disappear until they arrive. The Dark Masters, having regained their power, suddenly attack Rampage from their magic bat ship, knocking her into the void and leading Skeletor to comment that if he never has a new ship it's because they are still destroyed then suggests Rampage get into an energy ball to survive the fall though not sure if it will work but He-Man ends up saving his former best friend and the two soon make a truce against the Monstroid and the Dark Masters, much to Skeletor's amusement.

Once the scrap piles are destroyed, Mer-Man rises from the depths and subjugates the warriors with his telepathic powers, wanting to know who came with the intention of bringing King Grayskull back to life. Mer-Man being able to see Skeletor, the ghost introduces himself to the Abyssal King and warns him that he'll let him pass if he doesn't want to get in more trouble. Seeing the Sigil, a cheerful Mer-Man claims to have waited too long and peacefully opens the door to his underwater kingdom for Skeletor and Rampage.

In "The Tomb of Grayskull", thanks to the castle-like magical property of the tomb, Skeletor physically manifests in front of a He-Man having found Grayskull's body. He then provokes his nephew to try to stop him definitively before he seizes the bones of the deceased king and comes back to life by confronting to death the one who was like a sister for him. Adam states that Krass is not his enemy, just a puppet of Skeletor who is his real enemy. Skeletor claims she trusts him but He-Man doesn't believe it so his uncle says he might not know her as well as he thought before a pissed off Rampage at being called a puppet furiously attacks her former brother while Skeletor tries to find a way to live again.

He brings the bones back to the castle through the connection between the two locations but wants Rampage to kill He-Man before they leave. Again Krass challenges his orders, causing Skeletor to summon hundreds of Snake-Men with the Sigil and then orders the girl to initiate Plan B while using his desire to see his parents again to force her to obey. She throws the Sigil to the ground then the snakes merge into a giant cobra while Krass and Skeletor return to the castle.

In "A Leap of Faith", Skeletor is eager to finally return among the living despite Krass pointing out to him that he is still a ghost and then she is impatient with the time that the fusion between the ghost and the bones will take. Skeletor chafes at childish impatience, to which an angry Krass claims she is not a child but Skeletor implies otherwise with the girl's desire to see her parents again at all costs. He also reveals to her that He-Man has been corrupted by the power of the Sigil and that he is now one of them. The dastardly spirit then begins the fusion ritual.

In "In-Can't-Ation", the fusion ending, the castle's Havoc is unleashed through Eternia and a resurrected Skeletor in a new form far more powerful than ever declares the show has only just begun.

In "The Beginning of the End Part 1", Skeletor astrally projects his head all over Eternia, claiming that Grayskull's true power is Havoc and that having been hidden from all peoples for a thousand years, then himself as new god intends to share this power even though many people will be too weak to survive it and the others will become his servants either Dark Masters or skeletal-looking minions under the name of Skele-Drones while he transforms the planet into a cradle difficulty. Beast-Man crawls back to his former master but Skeletor still has a grudge against him for his earlier betrayal and doesn't see how he would be useful to him now though he decides to give him one last chance by turning him into his first Skele-Drone, also forcing Krass to watch the horrific transformation.

Later, Skeletor senses that Duncan, aided by his enemies, created a device that could prevent Eternia from terraforming. Krass begins to contradict the idea of seeing her parents come back to life in such a horrible world and decides to leave her mentor. Skeletor isn't at all surprised that she ended up turning against him and also admits that he only intended to bring Krass' parents back as Skele-Drones, enraging the young girl who sacrificed everything because of the evil lord's promise to her, but Skeletor counters that her everything wasn't worth much.

More than enraged, Rampage furiously attacks Skeletor but even putting all her strength and Havoc power into it, she is no match for him and he brutally beats her. While Skeletor admits to having slightly enjoyed the brief collaboration, He-Man joins the confrontation and the two sworn enemies seem at first on an equal footing but Skeletor quickly regains the upper hand. He takes the opportunity to taunt He-Man for not having the guts to stop him for good, unlike Eldress to kill King Grayskull before he got too far, calling Adam's weakness a strength for him. Rampage comes to He-Man's aid, allowing them to briefly put Skeletor's back against the wall and push him back with a combo attack into the castle's energy well.

He quickly comes back to the charge, grabbing Krass mid-air and begins killing her by pressing her against the castle's Havoc ray, sadistically adding that at least he will keep his promise to reunite her with her parents. Helpless, He-Man offers the Power Sword in exchange for Krass's life as with the power of the sword his uncle would be able to reshape the entire universe. At first suspicious until Adam claims he doesn't want the power but just his friend, Skeletor lets go of Krass and takes the sword which he combines with his Havoc Staff. After He-Man's power passes through him, Skeletor transforms into a dragon version of himself, destroying Castle Grayskull simultaneously.

In "The Beginning of the End Part 2", the beast drains Cringer's power and attacks Teela, Duncan, Evil-Lyn and Trap-Jaw while announcing that there will soon be only beings like him and after that they failed to stop him, Skeletor opens a rift to the heart of the universe. His enemies try again to stop him, only for him to in turn drain Teela and Duncan's powers and absorb Trap Jaw until he turns back into Kronis while Evil-Lyn is forcibly taken away by her spiritual bat. Skeletor then enters inside the heart.

Deep within the universe, Skeletor uses his seemingly limitless powers of Havoc to transform all planets and everything on them into his image. Suddenly, the Masters of the Universe having awakened their former true power confront their sworn enemy once again. Surprisingly surprised, Skeletor continues to taunt Adam because he knows he will never kill and nothing can stop him anymore but Krass declares nothing can stop them either and the fight begins. Despite their relentlessness, their more powerful attacks than ever and He-Man managing to retrieve the Power Sword and disconnecting some of the evil dragon's power, the five friends are defeated by Skeletor. The self-proclaimed god nearly grabs his nephew but Krass pushes He-Man waits and it is she who ends up in his former master's hand. As he grinds it in his enormous palm, Skeletor declares to Krass that this is what happens when you bite the hand that feeds it. Before it's too late for her, Krass harnesses her full power to break free and then the Masters of the Universe charges the Power Sword as much as they can. Skeletor tries one last time to kill his nephew's four friends with his left hand alone, but a He-Man with a Power Sword so charged with energy that it has become gigantic, sever his forearm, separating him from the Havoc Staff. Deprived of his catalysts, Skeletor is no longer able to contain all of his immeasurable power which disintegrates, returning him to his usual form but with his skeletal arm severed.

Weakened and crashing into an asteroid in front of his enemies while Eternia is purified of Havoc, Skeletor gets overpowered by the lightning of the Power Sword. Back in Eternos, He-Man brings his uncle back to Keldor once again with his restored left arm in front of Randor. The once Skeletor is unable to understand why with the true power of the universe in their possession, he chose instead to fully return him to his former human form. Adam replies that it was the right thing to do, but he doesn't expect his uncle to understand. Taken to the dungeon where Randor says he will spend the rest of his life, Keldor warns his brother and nephew that they have no idea what awaits them from the visions he saw while he was transforming the universe, advocating a new threat.

Outside of Eternos, Beast-Man retrieves the Havoc Staff from Skeletor's gigantic severed skeletal arm.

Aug 23, 2007

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Nov 6, 2012

ƨtupid cat
Another infamous episode, Big Brother Caillou, features Caillou being very jealous that his baby sister Rosie is getting all the attention of their parents, so he pinches Rosie, which most considered to be a minor improvement over the original book the episode was based on, where Caillou bit Rosie.

Jun 28, 2005

a medium-format picture of beeftweeter staring silently at the camera, a quizzical expression on his face

matti posted:

"Hello, ima Mario. Okey dokey, letsa make a pizza pie together, you go get somea spaghetti, you go geta some sausage, I getta some sauce, you gonna put some spaghetti on the sausage and the sausage on the pizza, then I'm gonna chasea you with the pizza, then you gonna chasea me with the pizza, and gonaa makea lasagne."[51]

mamma mia

Nov 29, 2014

matti posted:

"Hello, ima Mario. Okey dokey, letsa make a pizza pie together, you go get somea spaghetti, you go geta some sausage, I getta some sauce, you gonna put some spaghetti on the sausage and the sausage on the pizza, then I'm gonna chasea you with the pizza, then you gonna chasea me with the pizza, and gonaa makea lasagne."[51]

Mario's character was very problematic from the start

Nov 29, 2014

In February 2007 it was confirmed that author J. K. Rowling finished the Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at this hotel. Rowling left a signed statement written on a marble bust of Hermes in her room saying; "JK Rowling finished writing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in this room (552) on 11th Jan 2007".[9] The room has since been renamed the "J.K. Rowling Suite," and the marble bust has been placed in a glass display case to protect it. The suite, priced at nearly 1,000 per night, is a pilgrimage site for Harry Potter fans.[10]


Nov 8, 2007

i sometimes throw cables away

i mean straight into the bin without spending 10+ years in the box of might-come-in-handy-someday first

im a fucking monster

adult harry potter fans are more annoying and pathetic than bronies

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