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May 5, 2008

Where do fists come from?

The Nomi Song

A very decent documentary about Klaus Nomi. He was probably the most bizarre musician of the 80s, mixing pop music with opera and donning and alien persona. His live acts were an interesting bit of avant garde theater. He's probably best known for appearing live with David Bowie on Saturday Night Live in 1979. But his fame continues long into his death as a villain on the Venture Brothers!


May 5, 2008

Where do fists come from?

^^ I think it's enough to be able to say I WOULD NEVER DO THIS, and just be more aware of the consumer products you're purchasing. I watched a "friend" kill a mouse right in front of me when I was a kid by stomping on it, and I was absolutely loving horrified. We were not friends for much longer.

Herbicidal Maniac posted:

I'll definitely have a lot to watch in the coming weeks, this is awesome.

A good documentary if you want to look at how animals are treated in society, but want to leave out the crazy PETA poo poo, look at the documentary Earthlings. It's very powerful and doesn't sugar coat anything. Be careful though, We saw this with an entire class, and there wasn't a person who wasn't crying. You might even become a vegitarian for a while, I did.

possibly if you have a heart.

Why the gently caress would somebody pull the skin off an animal while it was still alive!?! Who the gently caress would do that!? I don't understand!

I don't think I can watch that movie. That trailer alone makes me want to blow my own brains out with a shotgun, and if I somehow managed to sit through more than an hour and a half of hosed up humanity like that, I think I would.

Just to clarify, if I saw people doing the same thing to humans for an entire documentary, I would feel the same. Living creatures just shouldn't be treated that way.

gently caress, and I thought GBS had totally desensitized me by now. I'm in a big pile of blubbery tears.

Just finished Food Inc. It was pretty good actually. VV

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May 5, 2008

Where do fists come from?

amusinginquiry posted:

Haack: The King of Techno
A film about the (amazingly original) electronic musician Bruce Haack. I had never heard of Haack until I watched this documentary. He's definitely one of the most interesting and unique musicians I know of.
an interview with director Phillip Anagnos about the doc
clip of Bruce on Mr. Rogers' Neigborhood

I was really hoping for a better documentary about Bruce Haack. Unfortunately, this one was pretty low budget and they hosed up the most important part of making a good documentary, which was the sound levels. I take it the people who made this film were musicians, and they were celebrating a musician, so loving up the most essential thing, the SOUND, was really unforgivable.

Half the time, the music was drowning out the interviews, or the interviews were drowning out the music. Also, half the people were completely unintelligible because of poorly done mic work or bad reverb (or being stoned out of their gourds). They were interviewing half these people in sound studios! What the gently caress!?

I was also disappointed that they didn't give us a good look at all the custom built sound equipment he made. Was making a trip to his old studios just not in the budget? Surely some of it must still be kicking around somewhere.

While I picked Haak up at the alternative video store down the street (they have a whole wall devoted to documentaries. It's awesome. I loving love living downtown), I also picked up Moog. This documentary only suffered from being too short, but they had enough time to demonstrate some of the great things musicians have done with the instrument over the years. It also happened to get pretty technical at times. Here was Bob Moog himself soldering up some synthesizers and talking about his circuit boards. It was absolutely wonderful.

I would also like to suggest Theremin

I watched this documentary years ago, and it was absolutely fantastic. Did you know Bob Moog started out building these bad boys? Well, if you watched the previous documentary you do. There were even some pretty awesome Theremin solos in Moog. I say watch them both. Actually, watch them all, even the not so well done Bruce Haack documentary. They all give really excellent insight into the raw beginnings of electronic music.


If you want to build a kind of chronological timeline and are up for a triple header, watch Theremin, Haack, and Moog in that order. Now if only I could find a documentary about Brain Eno to finish it off with. Oh poo poo! There is one! Imaginary Landscapes gently caress it, I'm never going to get to bed tonight.

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May 5, 2008

Where do fists come from?

Fatkraken posted:

OP updated with page 3 links

and so I'm not just spamming, have a bit of this

The alchemists of Sound
The history of the BBC Radiophonics workshop. Ever wondered how they made the weird ambient music and strange sounds in old BBC TV and radio programmes? here's how. Awesome analogue sound design and trickery, unique sounds. link is for part 1, rest is linked in the related vids

Thank you for posting this! It was most excellent.

As I was showing my boyfriend all the documentaries on Moog and such, he asked if there was one about the BBC Radiophonic workshop. I'm going to show him this as soon as he gets home.

While searching for more documentaries about early electronic music, I found out about another one called OHM: The Early Gurus of Electronic Music. Amazon Link I can't find an online copy of this anywhere though. I may have to try my local alternative video store again.

Stuporstar fucked around with this message at 00:33 on Feb 23, 2010

May 5, 2008

Where do fists come from?

I just heard about this documentary on Jodorowsky's Dune that's apparently playing across the US this week, and dammit right now I hate living in the Canadian prairies because we almost never get to see this stuff in the theatres and I want to see this documentary so loving bad.

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