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Jan 8, 2006

Finally a prog thread!

I've been listening to stuff by Neal Morse and Kevin Moore lately and I'd like to highlight some of their best work.

Neal Morse

This dude can write music. I mean really write music. He does some of the best melodies and transitions from one part of a song to an another. He can also sing very well, plays the piano and guitar pretty nicely. He does tend to write a bit commercially, but its still progressive rock. Here is some of the things I think people should listen from him:

1. Sola Scriptura

Four songs, total length 76 minutes. That kinda tells it all. Tells the story of Martin Luther and the reformation. This album has it all, heavy stuff, light stuff, solos, long instrumental sections, second song even has a transition to some flamenco style music. Brilliant album, easily the best that Neal has ever done.

2. Transatlantic

A modern progressive rock supergroup formed by Neal Morse and Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater. All of their music is excellent, two of the first albums are pretty similar in style and the latest album is a little bit different. Extremely long songs that just flow from one style to the next, from one feel to an another. Highly recommended! I'm even going to see them in London this May.

3. Spock's Beard (Neal Morse era)

The beginnings of Neal's career. Some of it is way more progressive than his later music. A mixture of pop rock and progressive rock for the most part. I would start with the album V and move on to The Kindness of Strangers. Long songs, alot of different styles within songs, smooth transitions, nice melodies, all the good stuff. Recommended!

Kevin Moore

Moving from Neal to a completely different planet. Kevin has a very unique style of writing music. He uses alot of ambient soundscapes and spoken-word lyrics on top of complex rythmic patterns and melodies. He also sings with a strangely likable monotone voice. If you are more into electronic music then you will probably like his stuff. It still progressive music with rock elements in it though. He is also the former keyboardist for Dream Theater.

1. O.S.I (Office Of Strategic Influence)

Weird at first, then interesting and finally extremely good music. Really hard to describe what this stuff is like, you have to figure it out yourself. Some metal influences, with alot of ambience in the background and a sprinkling of electronic instruments on top.

2. Chroma Key

More electronic and ambient and less rock. Still progressive as gently caress. Really mellow melodies. Interesting rythmics and themes. I wouldnt recommend jumping straight into this stuff at first as it is kinda crazy. Still very good music.


Jan 8, 2006

My only nag about Neal (besides the fact that it annoys the hell out of me that he turned to christianity) is that he tends to repeat alot of his earlier musical ideas. Some things are more subtle and some things are more noticable. For example the flamenco passage in The Conflict from Sola Scriptura is almost identical to the one in The Light from Spock's Beard. His music has always sounded pretty similar throughout his different projects, but sometimes it gets kinda old. Not to say that its a bad thing, but its noticable.

Jan 8, 2006

Fungah posted:

I'm so ridiculously psyched about seeing TransAtlantic live in London in May which will also be recorded for the live CD/DVD. I haven't fully gotten into Whirlwind yet as its quite hard to penetrate a 77 minute long song but reading reports about the US leg of the tour just mean that May 21st can't come soon enough.

Aww yeah I'm going there too. Gonna be an awesome show! Whirlwind is a great album and its going to be a blast getting to hear it all live. The CD/DVD thing is good because that means they are going to give the show all that they have got.

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