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Jan 15, 2008


LifeSizePotato posted:

Has there ever been a movie where a silencer doesn't sound like a baby bird chirping? Serious question, I don't think I've ever seen one portrayed realistically.

I'm pretty sure the silenced shotgun in No Country for Old Men was pretty accurate, but I can't say that I've ever heard what one should actually sound like.

The Bad
- This has been touched on before, but I can't stand the really loud 'ka-PINNNGGG' in pretty much every 70s and 80s movie featuring gunplay. Old westerns, featuring soft dusty ground and wooden buildings, where apparently everything ricochets really loudly.

- Firing a full-length shotgun one-handed. I've seen this a lot, and the most notable example I can name is Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Unless you're a robotic assassin sent back from the future, this is a really good way to dislocate your shoulder.

- The John Woo Crossover. A good way to make your sights useless and amplify the already terrible aim you'd have by dual-wielding pistols. Also gives you the added bonus of sending hot brass right at your face.

The Good
- Seven, where Brad Pitt mistakenly shoots another officer in the leg. As a result, the cop dies en route to the hospital. Too often in movies, people shrug off extremity wounds (especially leg shots), and are able to tie a bit of cloth over it and carry on using the limb as normal.

- US Marshals (I think). Tommy Lee Jones' character gets shot in the vest, and it lands him a trip to the hospital.

The Interesting
- I don't remember how good or bad the gun handling was in this movie, but one of my professors in Police Foundations was also the firearms instructor for The Sentinel. The best excuse for absence I've ever heard is: "Sorry I can't administer your exam myself, guys, I've got to go shoot automatic weapons with Eva Longoria."


Jan 15, 2008


The Automator posted:

I've shot buckshot out my 870 one handed and my shoulder was fine.

I have a friend who did the same thing and tore his rotator cuff. Maybe he just had lovely form.

Dr. Gojo Shioji posted:

When did this happen in the movie? I recall him talking about a previous assignment where he went in on a raid behind the SWAT team and saw a SWAT guy get "spun like a top" from a shotgun blast, but I don't remember him actually shooting a cop.

I might be confusing this with another movie; it's been a while. The main character comes outside after searching a warehouse for the killer, and the cop is masked and gagged with his gun in his hands, and gets shot in the leg as a result. Crap, this is gonna bug me now.

Jan 15, 2008


walrusman posted:

I can't think of a show that's not depicted its main characters always doing the room-clearing, actually, so I don't have a positive counterpoint on that one.

Castle. When they're doing the exciting stuff, they make him wait in the car... though, I wouldn't cite that show for realism.

If you're a compulsive bullet counter like me, then see Black Dynamite.

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