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mind is moving
Nov 7, 2009

If you have access to AKO or some sort of military email, you might get an ATRRS notification when you're enrolled into a class at DLI (I got one a couple weeks into basic)

Also, take a careful look at the copy of the orders you receive when you're leaving basic, myself and every 35P coming out of Ft. Jackson when I graduated had a two letter language code at the bottom of our orders. The last line looked like this

"Solider will train in class

KP being Korean, RU for Russian, CM for Chinese-Mandarin, etc.


mind is moving
Nov 7, 2009

popejackson posted:

Figured I should ask the Army folks in here: Anyone have information on submitting an airborne school packet as 35p? Like how long it takes to process and what the requirements are?

I graduate in July, pretty much I want to know is there any point in me trying to do this?

The longest part of the process is getting your airborne physical done -- it's two parts and the appointments for the second part are usually booked a month and a half out. Other than that just make sure you have a recent APFT and talk to your platoon sgt about putting in a 4187. Orders usually come down quickly, especially if you're close to graduating.

It wouldn't hurt to give branch a call and see what assignments are open first. You have a pretty good chance of going to 3rd or 5th group as a SOT-A if you volunteer for airborne, but there's still a possibility you could end up at the 82nd or any other airborne BCT.

tbqh this is a pretty lovely time to try and start a career in tactical sigint, if you want to get anything out of the two years of training you put in as a 35P stay on the strategic side. Being airborne qualified isn't that cool.

mind is moving
Nov 7, 2009

Friar Zucchini posted:

Tell that from the guy from my class whose 3/3 sent him to a special forces unit.

Unless something has changed radically over the past couple years, Human Resources Command doesn't talent-manage initial entry training linguists in any fashion whatsoever. The naturally gifted 3/3 honor grad and the idiot who miraculously got a 2/2 are both subject to the needs of the Army when it comes to assignments. Your classmate either got the luck of the draw or volunteered for airborne training (which typically results in orders to one of the SF groups)

With the Army starting to tighten up regulations for sub-proficient linguists, it's equally funny/depressing to see people come fresh out of DLI to a tactical unit, never get any language training, fail their first DLPT and be forced to reclass or get out in less than 2 years.

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