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jim has assured me he is going to post a picture of his face up against a carpenter's square today sometime in exchange for the banning of twisty and one other person of his choosing. you may post 1 time itt with your guess as to the length and height of barnacle jim's face in inches to the accuracy of 1/10th of an inch

you may guess the same thing somoene else guessed if you want. if you tie you both are winners

the contest is over when jim posts his face pic itt or some other thread

jim will also get to choose one of the losers to be banned!!!! so play to win!!!!!

but if he doesnt post the pic within 24 hours im going to be a mad baby

no non-fyads are allowed to take part in the contest. no chitchat allowed in this thread. you may only post your width + height guesses itt and that's it

thanks 4 playing

you will experience beer.
mons al-madeen

check me twits mate

12.2 inch x 6.3 inch

by mons al-madeen

Wesley Button

This thread brought to you by a tremendous dickhead!

13.25in chin to hair

by T. Finn


This thread brought to you by a tremendous dickhead!

height: 10.5in
widthe: 5 in

anime comes to life and kisses me on the lips
Autism Monday

Height : 9.8 Inches
Width : 4 Inches

Length: A modest 9 and 3/4 of an inch
Width: 5 just 5 inchs

Art Alexakis

6.9" tall x 4.20" wide

welcum 2 mah realm
Gene Rod N Berries

jay z's sedan posted:

I hope we all eat lunch
height: 9.9inches
width: 6.7inches

serious norman

凸[◣_◢]凸UNBAN CHIPE凸[◣_◢]凸 put this in your sig if you support FYAD凸[◣_◢]凸

[11:39] jim: ill take ur stupid pic tonight but u have to ban twisty and cya, dont loving jew me on this deal
[11:40] me: i wont, but it has to be a good quality pic
[11:40] me: none of that bullshit like corsair pulls where he only posts his hair or whatever
[11:40] jim: im only taking the one but with a carpenter's square so you will see height and width
[11:41] me: cool

you will experience beer.
mons al-madeen

check me twits mate

height: 9.4
width: 4.7

a Loving Dog

ARF and Catdynamite are kewl

Height: 7.4 in

Width: 4.5 in

(jim doesnt have a long face)

Obama Deceit Man

This thread brought to you by a tremendous dickhead!

10 inch by 5 inches mate

king of the gays


height: 9.5"
width: 5.75"

Stupid Post Maker
height: 9.3
width: 4.6

2 fat 4 my lambo

height: 10.5 inches
width: 4.5 inches

Admiral Parry "Terror" Sornis,
Dead Birds Society

Mambo No. 5
9.2 inches long
4 inches wide

Triticum Guzzler

I Have Sigs Off

Height: 9.8"
Width: 5.8"

No one here is alone,
satellites in every home

The Milkman
8.7 inches height
5.5 inches wide

This thread brought to you by a tremendous dickhead!

2 karl boners in height x 1 cait sith schnozz in width (thats 9.5"x4.5" imperial)

desert dweller~
the bi bandit

hello!! buy me cool caring girl av !! no text :]


8.11 inches tall
4.68 inches wide

woosh woosh

8.3 inches height
5.1 inches wide


7.2 inches tall
5.0 inches wide

Cart Mountain
10.1 inches height
5.5 inches wide

BiG TrUcKs !!!

7.76 inches long
3.89 inches wide


10.1 inches tall
6 inches wiude

The KoRn Identity

10.5 inches long

5.3 inches wide

fill the tank full of shit posts and goatse every 3000 miles
Fancy Car
7.3 long
4.4 wide

here comes cask
height: 8.75"
width: 5.6"

Casual Male XL Fan

length 8.5 width 5 and height i dunno like 5 feet off the ground????

Laser Soup
7.8 x 5.9

the holocaust literally never happened


9.9 Inches Long
5.1 in wide




length - 9 1/4"
width - 6 1/2"

damn good anus! and hot!
Holy Diverticulitis

                              clever grill...

neoaxd owns

9.75L x 6.25W

I am a shaman, magician.
8 in long
5 1/4 in wide

grumple wumpkins

Wesley Button posted:

12.2 inch x 6.3 inch

this is my guess too

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

8.2 x 4.7

by angerbot

Actually Moby

This thread brought to you by a tremendous dickhead!

13.5 inches long
5.5 inches wide

Owldolph Hootler

9.75 inches long x 5.25 inches wide

Fucktard Idiot

8.1 inches long
5.1 inches wide

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