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Sep 17, 2007

After reading the counter thread about terrible things happening to decent people and subsequently ruining their day, a "pick me up" is in order.

So, why was your day awesome today? What realization, news, or experience made today stand out above the average.

Today I learned I shattered the curve on my midterm and got a free lunch, and my Wednesday class was canceled so I can drive home for thanksgiving tonight and avoid the traffic tomorrow.


Aug 26, 2000
Long time lurker, first time poster.

Slippery Tilde

Today I got to decide between two pretty stellar offers from companies I interviewed with over the past few weeks; soon I'll have a much better job!

Dec 1, 2008

I'm a teacher, and today was a snow day. It doesn't get much better than that.

Nov 4, 2006

Did I... did I miss anything important?

Malaleb posted:

I'm a teacher, and today was a snow day. It doesn't get much better than that.
I was a student, and it was a snow day. That's equally good.

Feb 27, 2007

I took the day off work (I'm a teacher) to hang with my kids.

bam thwok
Sep 20, 2005
I sure hope I don't get banned

Today my doctor prescribed me vicodin.

Fake James
Aug 18, 2005

Y'all got any more of that plastic?


Today 2 vinyls arrived - Minus The Bear's Planet of Ice and Dear And The Headlights' Small Steps, Heavy Hooves.

Also had no work to do, so I chatted with my boss about strippers for an hour.

Tommy Callahan
Sep 17, 2008


Dr. Lenin posted:

Today 2 vinyls arrived - Minus The Bear's Planet of Ice and Dear And The Headlights' Small Steps, Heavy Hooves.

Also had no work to do, so I chatted with my boss about strippers for an hour.

I love Planet of Ice. Knights is one of my favorite songs of all time.

Today was awesome because my dad surprised me with tickets to the basketball game tomorrow for my birthday

Duckforce Alpha
May 23, 2006


Got a PS3 and lots of booze.

Sadly, it's to help me finish a 10 page essay due tomorrow. Yippy.

The Stupid Hat
May 6, 2007
Just here to lurk

Work got cancelled due to bad driving conditions. I got to chill out at home all day.

May 8, 2007

Oh man, grownups and their sleazy conversations!

my dad drove 3 hours to my house at school to bring me my studded tires so that I could come home for Thanksgiving. my dad rules.

value-brand cereal
May 2, 2008

Does it feel like your love life has gotten a bit stale? Do you suspect that your partner is no longer attracted to you? Why not do what the ancient assyrians did and smear crushed Lobsta Fahts on their cock before applying a thin layer of Iron Dust on your Junk. They won’t be able to resist you.

My Chemical Romance's album dropped yesterday and I picked it up today and I can't wait to listen to it!!

Aug 24, 2010

I was forced to move offices at work. I thought it was a bad thing until I was lead to a bigger office with Oak furniture instead of Ikea wood. It also has a whole wall of windows not just one window!

Admiral BJ
May 28, 2005
Kicking ass and taking names

I made awesome spicy chili and watched dexter and it's always sunny.

May 6, 2007

Got my car back from the shop, and my bike back from the police station.

Having no transportation was no good, and now everything's all better.

Feb 18, 2009

I didn't die.

Knifey McSpoon
Mar 3, 2009

I just finished my fifth and final grueling end of semester exam. It's summer here and I am planning on spending the next 3 months lifting, tanning at the beach, getting laid and generally rejoicing in thine youth.

Feb 26, 2009

Mine is pretty mundane, but it's the last day of work and classes before my SO and I head to my parent's for Thanksgiving. I'm so excited for food and family.

Mar 5, 2010

by Lowtax

No work tonight, it's payday, and I spent all afternoon in the shed with my doggies, fixing bikes and generally being a big manly man.

May 10, 2007

This girl who compulsively lies told me a string of the funniest lies yet today. I had a whole lot of laughs at her expense.

Sep 26, 2007

Simon says...

I got invited to do a few minutes at my first real comedy show. People will be paying for tickets but I don't think anyone but the host gets paid because it's a little shoestring theater but this is a big step up for me after doing a few months of open mics. Preparing and looking forward to it!

Emu on Acid
Oct 27, 2005

Let's build a snowman!

I found out that someone is getting me an iPad for Christmas this year. It's the last thing I would ever buy for myself, but I guiltily really want one.

Aug 30, 2006


Over the last 3 weeks I've been working with our network guys to implement a new firewall system, and each time it's caused issues that they hadn't been able to fix (nor find the cause of).

Finally, after weeks of troubleshooting, and speaking with the vendor, they got a fix...and surprisingly, it WORKED! So officially, my last late night at work helping them get things implemented and tested was last night, and so far both buildings on our campus are working great.

On top of that I got my new machine upgraded with Windows 7 Enterprise (been using 7 Pro at home and LOVE it) and so far it's been working fantastic. Everything is so much smoother than it was on XP so now I can actually get poo poo done without the lag my old PC had.

Aug 1, 2010

Tell me, Aldo, if I were sitting where you're sitting, would you show me mercy?

1.) I woke up and got a BJ.

2.) It's a 4 day weekend.

3.) I get to leave work at 3PM today.

4.) Ordered MGS4 a few days ago and should be delivered this afternoon, its out for delivery!

The Stupid Hat
May 6, 2007
Just here to lurk

Work got cancelled again today, but I still get paid. I get to set on my rear end and drink hot chocolate and play Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood aaaaaallll day.

May 31, 2007

I won a watch in a drawing at work. Also, my boss let me leave an hour early. Looks like my Thanksgiving starts early!

Death by Cranes
May 3, 2006

These Blockbuster bombs don't go off unless you hit them ju-u-u-u-st right.

The Stupid Hat posted:

Work got cancelled again today, but I still get paid. I get to set on my rear end and drink hot chocolate and play Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood aaaaaallll day.

Day off from school, got some work for a client done, drank coffee and played League of Legends. And I won

Eat At Blimpees!
Aug 7, 2006
It's green, it flies, it's the Goblin Zeplin!

Got surgery less then 2 weeks ago and feeling better then I ever have in the past few years. Aaaand I'm home for the next month and a half, recovering (gaming). Taking my wife out for dinner tonight, so yea it's an awesome day.

Sultry Fungus
Oct 29, 2006

Phallic Fungus make me happy.

Work with a lot of americans who are winding down for the long weekend, easy rest of the week for me!

Cup of Hemlock
Jan 31, 2010

Oski Wow-Wow!
Whiskey Wee-Wee!
Olee! Muckie-eye!
Olee! Berkeley-eye!
California! Wow!

Alone in my office at work (usually have a partner who is quite distracting but she is on vacation). Taking on her share of work also means there is plenty to keep me occupied, so the day is going by pretty quickly.

Aug 4, 2006

Takin' a dirt nap with baby Jesus

My day has been awesome and ruined at the same time. It is ruined because I have been sick all week and I went in to work but was too sick to stay and taking the bus home in the middle of the day takes forever.
It is awesome because now I am at home cozy and warm in my pajamas eating chicken noodle soup while it is cold and snowing outside.

Sep 25, 2010

He is real Super Sand

Word spread around work today that after the first of the year our schedules should be changing from 4 days of 10 hour shifts to 6 days of 10 hour shifts. Most people I work with are not excited about this, but I'm stoked about it. And as a bonus I found out that the 6th day will be double time.

salt the fries!
Dec 24, 2005
Hey have I mentioned yet that my license plate is "TOA5TER"? See, it's kyoot because it's a boxy car! ^_^

not awesome: I'm sitting in my apartment all alone and it's 82

awesome: it's snowing at my house and I'm leaving for the airport in 20 minutes.

Oct 8, 2007

OrangeSoda digivolved into Monzaemon!

OrangeSoda has unlocked BEAR POWERS!

Well my horrible sore throat is beginning to clear up. It's given me a nasty cough but regardless I feel better!

Oct 21, 2005
rabble babble

Got time and a half pay today and yesterday just for driving in the snow and showing up to work on my regular schedule. (Washington State)

Aug 15, 2006

Still clownin'

Mostly because I was not ingested into a jet engine today.

Sep 13, 2007

when they're yours you'll love them

Started soaking dried fruits in cinnamon-infused brandy a few days ago with only a vague goal of "vegetarian mincemeat thing that gets you drunk and takes care of your monthly fiber needs." Today I figured out what I'm doing with it: Upside-down mincemeat spice cake!

Thanksgiving Friday is gonna be awesome.

Oct 21, 2009

Nobody I know got killed in south central LA

Apr 19, 2008

No barking from the dog, no smog


Apr 9, 2009

It's SQUARE, motherfuck!

I hung out a work aquaintance's place for the first time. He lives with his father, who was there with some friends who are all life-long musicians and play in a popular house band here in Tampa.
I jammed with them for a few hours and they were genuinely impressed, which felt awesome, and now they want me to join their group, which kicks even more rear end. I've been looking to play some music down here, and now I've stumbled upon a solid group with a steady gig schedule.
gently caressyeah

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