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Busy Bee
Jul 12, 2004

Thirst Mutilator posted:

I bought a different Huano dual monitor arm (this one) for my similar setup of dual 1440p 27" and it works great - once I dialed the gas piston to the right tension my monitors move super freely.

One caveat though, coming from a monitor arm like your pictured one but for a single 27", is I did need to move my desk back from the wall more than I wanted in order to make space for the lower parts of the arms to be bent back towards the wall, allowing the top parts of the arm to come be close together on a vertical plane, but still my preferred distance away from the edge of the desk I sit on. I also has to offset the mount point to the left of my desk so that I could have one monitor front and center and the second one at more of an angle. (I can try to draft up a terrible image for more clarity)

My desk is comparatively tiny to the total width of the monitors though - only 48" wide by 24" deep - so depending on your own dimensions and preferred monitor set up, this might not be an issue, but just a heads up for something I didn't consider fully before buying a stand.

EDIT: terrible mspaint images, proportions are way off but idea is there I think

That's a good point! I ended up just getting two of these stands right here, same brand -


Thirst Mutilator
Dec 13, 2008

Busy Bee posted:

That's a good point! I ended up just getting two of these stands right here, same brand -

This is exactly what I wish I had done, though I'm hoping to get a bigger, deeper desk at some point and make this a moot point

Dracula Factory
Sep 7, 2007

I also just got my Omen 27i monitor early from BB. This thing is a ridiculous upgrade over my old HDTV/monitor hybrid! Thanks everyone in the thread for keeping track of deals like this.

Feb 26, 2004

Her Majesty's 56th Regiment of Foot

Glass of Milk posted:

I picked up the Asus PB278QV from Amazon to replace my old 32" HDTV that had gone from a temporary monitor replacement to one that lasted for an embarrassing amount of time, so anything would be an improvement at this point. I haven't seen any reviews since it's pretty new?

It's a 27" 1440p IPS, 75Mhz screen, which at $270 is perfect for the light gaming that I do. Colors are awesome, no lag for things like Rocket League. Even more intense stuff like RDR2 or Bannerlord do well with a bit of stutter, but I suspect that's as much of a function of my ancient CPU (i5-4570) as anything else. I have a decent video card- 1660 ti.

The two weird things are the speakers, which like most/all monitor speakers are garbage, and the swivel is in the bottom of the big square stand, which makes the whole thing rotate.

Anyways, for non-hardcore folks like me, I'm pretty impressed with the thing.

Honestly this is a pretty terrible deal IMO and if you can swing the <$100 more for a real gaming monitor you should return it. 75hz isn't giving you significant advantages since the VRR isn't real and the overdrive tuning is probably trash if it exists at all. Even if you don't want to spend the money, you could save a bunch with something like this.

Korean Boomhauer
Sep 3, 2008

Lipstick Apathy

what are some good monitor arms that i could put on my desk? I got all kinds of wacky sizes but right now with my wfh stuff i got 2 27'' and one 32. Also thanks for the reccomendation on the LG 27'' 144hz IPS. its been really cool so far.

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