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Jul 22, 2007

Speedboat Jones posted:

I've been browsing online for how much copies of DQ5 sell for. And I keep coming across: "Warning: This game only works for the DS and DS Lite. It will not work with the DSi."

This is people trying to sell a pirated copy, right?

Yes. Pretty sure you can't run a pirate cart on it with default firmware.


Jul 22, 2007

Agnostic watermelon posted:

Wait, when does the jobs open up?

After you beat Murdaw in the real world Alltrades opens up in the dream world. You can walk there in the Dream world or teleport using the well in Alltrades ruins basement in the real world.

Jul 22, 2007

khy posted:

I have DQ3 questions. I played it eons ago on NES and had fun but now i'm playing the remake on my android phone and I'm wondering about a few things.

1) Books change personality but it's listed as a 'temporary' change. How long does the personality change last?
2) I want to get two sages in my party, but I don't want to level a Jester through the main quest until Dharma. I'm going to use the zen scroll for my Pilgrim to become a Sage. Assuming I have a Wizard in my party until Dharma, would it be better to recruit a brand new Jester and level him to 20 or would it be better to class change my Wizard to Jester, and then Jester to Sage? Would either way be faster than the other?
3) Are there any unique, interesting, or special items that only a thief can get? In what situation would I want to have a Thief instead of a soldier or Fighter?

1. Unless they changed something in the Android version, books are permanent unless you use a different book or equip an item to change personality (the item-based changes ARE temporary; only while the item is equipped).
2. Wouldn't make a difference unless you wanted to change the personality of your party member while changing the class. Like if you wanted Sexy on them instead of ___, since you're limited on items to change to that it might work best to make one from scratch. Otherwise the only difference is your Wizard>Jester>Sage would have your old Wizard spells during the Jester and early Sage levels, while your fresh Jester would not.
3. I don't think there are any Thief-only stolen items, but the spells they have are really nice throughout the game for finding medals and making sure you aren't missing chests. Any extra equipment, even if it's nothing amazing, is at least money in the bank, and you eventually start getting stat seeds from it later on.

Jul 22, 2007

Slayerjerman posted:

Priest to Sage with the Book from the tower north of Dharma is your best option, then you can rock the end game team of Hero/Warrior/Sage/Sage

I usually start my Warrior as a Thief to get their spells, just so I don't have to look up medal locations when I would otherwise miss some.

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