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Jun 18, 2005

one of the more intellectual satire communities on the web
Welcome to Ask/Tell! Your moderator is Grand Fromage.(not moana any more! please stop PMing me!) Have a question? We have the answers!

In order to keep this forum running smoothly, please read and abide by the following rules before posting:

1) When making a thread, ask yourself if it can be answered succinctly through a simple trip to Google or the SAclopedia. Do not post threads that can be answered in one simple answer simply because you're too lazy to look it up yourself.
Concerning low content threads: As a rule of thumb, ask yourself if your thread offers anything in the way of interesting discussion when you post it. I'm tired of people posting dumb threads like "what presents should I get my GIRLFRIEND" or "hey guys I want to live in either Pensacola or Bumblefuck help me decide!". These threads offer VERY LITTLE to anyone else but the OP. If the only person benefiting from your posted thread is yourself, please don't bother posting it, or post it in the small questions thread.

2) Look before you post! There may already be a thread on the subject. Example: If you want to post a thread asking how to clean an animal skull, quickly search through and see if someone has already posted a thread about cleaning animal skulls before posting your own inquiry. Duplicate threads will be gassed and the poster will have their skull cleaned. SEE THE LIST OF THREADS BELOW.
Sometimes people post threads in A/T that should rightly go in other forums. Do you have a question about

If you post in the wrong forum, your thread will be either gassed or moved, and you may or may not be told. Good luck finding it.

3) TAG YOUR THREADS. "Ask" if you know stuff and "Tell" if you don't. Don't forget the general tag for your topic either or you'll get "poo poo Post."

4) "Gimmick" threads, unless extremely hilarious, will be gassed. Goddamn. Gimmick posters are banned all over this site for a reason. 99% of them are unfunny and annoying.

5) DO NOT POST ANYTHING INVOLVING ILLEGAL ACTIVITY without express permission from the mods. Do not post a thread about how to steal, cheat, rip people off, or how to get drugs or pick locks. You will be banned without hesitation. This rule also applies to anyone who "helpfully" wanders into a thread to offer advice on how to break the law. Nothing illegal or fraudulent, folks. Sorry. Ozmanote: THAT INCLUDES FAKE IDs, YOU IDIOTS, SO QUIT THINKING THAT YOU'RE BEING SLY BY ASKING FOR HINTS ABOUT A "NOVELTY ID."
Also, on the subject of illegal content and this forum. Do NOT think you can be sneaky and save yourself from banning by saying "Hay, I'd like to learn how to break into a car/learn pickpocketing/murder my neighbors... for uh... entertainment purposes". How would I hypothetically go about doing this"? You aren't fooling anyone, fellas.

6) Do not post "Ask me" threads about working in the food industry or basic retail (Best Buy, Costco, Gamestop, etc.). They are inevitably lovely, bring out lovely posters, and we hate them.

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Jun 18, 2005

one of the more intellectual satire communities on the web
If you notice anything in here that needs to be added, fixed, or removed (like a megathread you think ought to be listed, a broken link, or an archived thread), please let us know by PM or by posting in the Ask me about the Forums thread stickied at the top of the forum, but don't PM me anymore because I am not a mod! Thanks, everyone!

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Jun 18, 2005

one of the more intellectual satire communities on the web
You can post new "Ask me about being a [X]" threads in A/T, but once they get very long or start cluttering up the main page again, they'll likely be moved to BFC.

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Grand Fromage
Jan 30, 2006

L-l-look at you bar-bartender, a-a pa-pathetic creature of meat and bone, un-underestimating my l-l-liver's ability to metab-meTABolize t-toxins. How can you p-poison a perfect, immortal alcohOLIC?

I have some RL stuff and may not be super active for a while beyond my usual shitposting. A/T isn't busy enough to justify two full time mods and I'm not planning to disappear entirely, so Cyrano4747 has been given my permission to do mod stuff if I'm not around to get to it. Just a FYI if you see him post a shut the gently caress up in a thread or other mod action, he's doing as asked.

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