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  • Locked thread
Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Not even Freakazoid references can stop goons from bickering about FFXII. :negative:


Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Zandar posted:

No, the Al Bhed say that calling them something different means that people think of them differently. They're fully aware that the only difference is a letter.

Sylrehy and sylreha aren't even pronounced that differently :(

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

I've stolen 58 Ethers from Deenglows in the Train Graveyard so far.

Does that count as FF7?

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Leavemywife posted:

Maybe he's going to combine a low level run with a perfect run?

Impossible. There's an item, called the Earth Mallet, available only as a random drop.

The Ethers are all for money. Gotta get my SWAG.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Leavemywife posted:

(And do a "close enough for government work" perfect run.)

That sounds marvelously uninteresting. And I've stolen 58 ethers from Deenglows.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Some Numbers posted:

Are you aiming for 99?

Probably. Might as well get a shitton of money so I will have as few problems as possible.

The only fights in FFVII that don't give EXP are Movers in the final dungeon, and later parts of the final boss. Steal and boss gil are the only EXP I get.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Twiddy posted:

I was about to say "then just master All materia" and then I was sad.

Hopefully you have interesting background noise.

I probably get just a single level for All if I'm lucky. I can't rely on leveling materia until the final dungeon.

And I have to wonder if the game tracks limit uses and kills outside of wins because CLOUD probably qualifies for Blade Beam at this point, from killing things while Taft is stealing from others, and Aerated should get Seal Evil the next time she actually wins a battle.

It'll be Heli-Gunner.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Maybe I should start progressing some time soon, huh?

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Pierzak posted:

Not until you have 99 Iron Bangles.


Too late for that one.

It'd be impossible anyway. The only time to buy them is during the first trip to Sector 7 between bombing reactors, and that's before Steal.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

When we left off, Aps slew himself for us and Taft died again. Motifs.

Ah, my muse, my friend, my lover, my savior.

Screw that, I'm going to spend 2 hours here.

Aerated still has fury, and Healing Wind still heals more than it takes for her level 1 limit to fill.

This is a Deenglow.

Say hi to the Deenglow, children.

I'm going to steal 99 Ethers from them.

While Aeris keeps the team going with an endless stream of Healing Winds.

I hope that the game tracks limit uses even on runs because I should get Seal Evil twice after this.

So a pile is starting.

A pile is growing.

The pile is complete.

And I even steal a Striking Staff for Aerated. God knows if I'll ever use it though since it'd be easier just to grenade things.

And since she leaves soon, I borrow her mythril bangle and take her materia.

fat guy gets shot and falls :smith:

So this is the point of the ether theft. Mad cash.

So I buy 99 potions, some phoenix downs, hypers, and 99 grenades.

I get in a few random encounters but they weren't tooooooo bad.

Also I ignore Biggs and Jesse entirely. God I'm a jerk.

Barrel gets a Mythril Armlet and Restore+All. Everyone is made really fuckin' pissed.

Reno has 1000 HP, so I want to get him close but not dead so I can have to solo the battle as little as possible.

Thank god for calculators.

CLOUD's Braver is dealing decent enough damage.

Grenades are even better, especially for suicide.

And CLOUD gets the EXP for this one.

It puts him up to level 8.

Thank god he didn't notice that before or it may have went off when I was fighting Reno.

I got into a random encounter with CLOUD alone and as soon as it ended this cutscene started so :psyduck:

Well anyway I have to present the corpse of Barrel to his daughter.

No you see Marlene I am courting your father and

Little late for that, dear.

Now I can avoid having to use an actual calculator sometimes! :toot:

I still love this line. :3:

I get a fourth mythril bangle for reasons I still don't understand. What's my motivation here?

N-Nooooo 300 of my 50000 gil.... :saddowns:

That is entirely not worth the effort.

I have to sneak because busting in causes forced battles/

Free Elixir at least.

There's no forced healing in between Reno and these three, so Barrel and Taft are still deceased.

CLOUD gets his limit while waiting for the first grenade, so he gets another turn in nearly instantly so as to remove the first Mighty Grunt.

Cross Slash and a Grenade takes out the second one while reducing the damage he takes... (why did I screenshot the 2nd guy not moving it doesn't show very well :()

and a quick Cure means the last grunt can't kill CLOUD before the tosses so many Grenades.

close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

If I get in a fight before getting in the elevator, everything is lost as the battles on this floor are inescapable.

I savescummed.


Though it'd be nice to keep Taft and Barrel dead, I have things to steal and keeping just CLOUD alive to do it feels risky.

First, I get a set of Carbon Bangles for a smidge more defense and an extra materia slot.

haha, sucks to be you.

and I get CLOUD a fancy new sword.

Armed to the teeth. Next time, juggling people as reserve characters get EXP!

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

kalonZombie posted:

Permanently raise that attribute by 1.

I'm pretty sure the following stats raise the following:
Power: Physical attack strength
Magic: How much damage your spells do
Guard: Either defense or HP gains per level? I forget.
Speed: ATB bar fillup.
Mind: MP gains I think? That or defense against spells.
Luck: Critical hit chance rate.

Guard increases Vitality, which is base defense. Mind increases Spirit, which is base magic defense. Speed boosts Dexterity, which is part of ATB and base evasion. Luck also affects the chance to automatically hit or evade regardless of related percentages.

HP and MP growths are determined by character.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Not sure how fast I should update as I can cover content a hell of a lot faster than Elentor, but sometimes we get into poo poo like ether stealing which takes a lot of time and doesn't produce much, or the Kalm flashback which is entirely irrelevant to my challenge.

But what I can do is irrelevant and stupid stuff like naming Red XIII 'Rex Ronan'.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

The White Dragon posted:

I suppose his sidequest is that he has to go inside of Cid's lungs and save him from :420:

But Shinra has put microbots in Cid's bloodstream to prevent Rex from exposing their :420: industry as evil! :ohdear:

Elentor posted:

I've been drawing 17 sprites a day so feel free to catch up :cry:

I'll add your crazy run to the OP later today.

Well, at the speed I'm going I'm covering stuff 5 times as quickly, excluding the Wutai updates (as I cannot get Yuffie until the rear end-end of the game) it'll only take me about 8 or 9 to catch up. Total.

I'd like to say once I get out of Midgar I'll slow down but quite a few parts without boss fights, like the Mythril Mines and Mt. Corel, will be different ways to say "nothing interesting happens also courting barrel".

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Stabbey_the_Clown posted:

Go as fast as you want to, but as someone who's never seen this game, please don't go past the point where Elentor has left off.

I wouldn't dream of it. What I'm doing wouldn't be as much fun without the context of what a normal game does.

That and there are spoilers that affect what I do.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Last time, I got rich off of theft and bought grenades which I used to blow up government employees. I am the protagonist.

Free stuff, you know?

An extra All can't hurt, and the Star Pendant is important for the next boss.

the Four Slots just ensures Taft has low defense with plenty of materia slots.

This puzzle makes no loving sense.

The battles aren't issues as long as no pincer attacks happen.

Yeah! Except they happen other places as well!

Today I hurt Shinra's bottom line by flushing the toilet several dozen times, making their water bill skyrocket.

Reeve, by being the only Shinra exec who seems even slightly troubled by murdering thousands of innocent civilians and taxing who's left, must be the only one who isn't obstinantely evil.

Yes, the story is just a distraction for me. :(

Elemental+poison would be a waste. The only poison-elemental attack the boss has is just his status move. The twerps cast Ice and Fire sometimes and goddammit I am going to grenade this boss before he can even see.

God knows how much EXP he'd give! :ohdear:

People are all 'sedn tifa n use barret his logn range attak can hit the boss !!' but gently caress that I've got grenades and Taft is staying as low level as possible.

You'll regret this.

So this guy is a joke as he has next to no offense and dies to grenades really fast. The poison didn't even do much to Rex Ronan.

You know, it's probably going to be a while before I have to try.

Grenades make early-game bosses die really easily.

Cloud gets the EXP today.

Aerated gets better armor, befitting the EXP sponge she'll become.

Why do they even let you select your party here when in 2 minutes you're getting captured.


Well whooooooooops looks like we got captureeeeeeeeeeed!

Rex is a man dog of science.

Let's say disappointing things to the ladies!

And prioritize hanging out with Barrel!

Keep this line in mind. Something else doesn't make sense because of it.

So new stuff is here and I don't want Cloud hit so he gets a fast turn against Rufus.

Game's over everyone! Shinra's been toppled!

It's like a gun that vincent uses but a really long sword and uh

I won't, you're worth 1800 EXP.

drat Taft can yell. :stare:

I see no other way of conveying this scene so adequately.

This is one of the few battles where Taft is not allowed. Sadly, she'll gain levels.

The shooting is kind of annoying as Healing Wind will get Barrel and Rex Ronan but Hundred Gunner falls fast enough due to his lightning weakness.

This sounds worrysome so I just blow it up.

Like so.

Heligunner is polite enough to murder Rex Ronan for me.

So Barrel blows himself up and Aerated blows it up.

God I love grenades.

Aerated gets a level.

So does Taft offscreen. :negative:


Bio-All doesn't poison Rufus the first time but it gets his dog's HP low enough that Braver kills it even through Barrier.

And the lime-green paralyzed Rufus gets grenaded.

God I love grenades.

CLOUD gets a level.

And so does Taft offscreen. :negative:

Shut the gently caress up Mr. Barrel sounds great.

Here's CLOUD riding a motorcycle down a staircase. How do people take FF7 seriously?

Elemental with Fire will help Aerated survive Motorball's meaner attacks.

which is good because I suck at the motorcycle game.

Thankfully Healing Wind solves my problems.

He hits hard but that's exactly what I want since it murders Taft. Again.

And Cloud murders himself and Aerated blows it up.

A large part of this is waiting until the boss attacks, having one dude murder him/herself then having Aerated blow up the boss, yes.

Yeah sure. I wanna spend time with my Barrel-chan.

Man I forgot how long ago I saved over one of these files.

Okay so I have Matra Magic in the menu. Right now.


But after running it isn't kept.

Which means the first enemy skill I can keep is Trine from the Materia Keeper. Welp.

Oh and here's a place that probably won't influence my challenge much.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Captain Bravo posted:

He might be able to get it if he used Remove, but since it's the tier II on Exit materia, he probably won't get anywhere near the AP necessary to get it. Remove is actually really nice for a low-level run, since it ends battles without any xp. Just difficult to get.

I probably won't until Movers. And if I can fight Movers to get silly things I can get more KoTR materia from Mover AP.

I'm not sure what my silliness threshold is as I spent 2 hours stealing 99 ethers but that sounds just to silly to do.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

straight 8 posted:

I've done numerous runs of this game thinking I knew it all and I never knew this screen existed.

It's the only way I can show that Elemental is paired with Fire and giving a fire resistance without doing something dumb.

When I pair Elemental with Cure then I'll have to get creative.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Something tells me I shouldn't be stealing so much again.

That something being my still-full wallet.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Last time Shinra's HQ was ravaged by suicidal ecoterrorists with a very large supply of grenades. An experimental surgeon joined the team.

Thank you, Barrel.

Golem would've been so helpful. :smith:

Anyway I'm fairly certain I won't be getting Vincent since Lost Number gives 2000 EXP so I have no need for his guns.

What I do need is two more Steal materia. Now I have a legion of pickpockets!

Also I choose the cheeriest and least fitting background for the flashback possible.

don't click this

"It's like he had gained levels or something!"

"If I had one more, an overflow glitch would leave me with -127 students!"

Alphonso will probably have you arrested.

Well poo poo, this will ruin things if CLOUD dies. By which I mean it'll waste my time.

Luckily exactly one fight happens and Sephy ends it with an Ice3 before CLOUD can get murdered by enemies that he'll only be properly leveled for come disc 3.

But seriously this has no impact on the LLG so I am only cracking jokes about numbers and how I named a character Taft.

I was hoping I could bug Vincent now for whatever reason.

Well Taft you're level 4. What did you expect to happen?

Thank god.

Anyway this team will be kickin' it for a while. Taft needs to be dead in every forced battle, Aerated is the EXP sponge, and CLOUD is mandatory.

Kalm Fangs are level 10 and have Ethers to steal. If I ever need money I'll probably be running back here to steal from 'em, until I find something more lucrative.

Wind elemental and stun! It's pretty useful to have paralysis outside of Cross Slash and Seal Evil.

Speaking of which, Aerated didn't get Seal Evil after Heligunner. :smith:

I'm pretty sure I'll regret not buying this.

Also I get Chekov's Greens.

If nothing else the +1 luck gives Tifa 16 luck, giving her another percent of lucky dodges.

You know the Zolom can attack when the screen is darkening for the menu? True story.

Anyway with a quick save and reload...

And we're here, no Chocobo needed.

These are the only things of note in the mines.

I try to get a fight with Yuffie to show that I can't get her yet due to her giving EXP and joining at level 17, but I couldn't get the fight to trigger.

So yeah, I can't get Yuffie. She gives EXP and joins at level 17.

I can get more grenades though.

A nonsequitur!

You know he has a wind weakness?

CLOUD has elemental with Choco/Mog. It's allowing him to outdamage grenades.

The waterpolos are the only threat, as if they get Aerated when she's alone I'm finished.

but I queue a turn when he uses big wave to end CLOUD...


Still not hard, though a bit long due to his 2500 HP.

And Aerated hits level 10.


don't click this one either

Anyway Mr. Dolphin gets us up here so next time: shopping! God I suck at ceremonial marches!

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Schwartzcough posted:

I chuckled heartily at this. I'm such a nerd.

I glanced at a lowest-level game walkthrough when trying to figure out if there was a way to get Chocobuckle, and they were saying getting Yuffie costs you some experience, but actually allows you to get less experience in the long run. For reasons that would currently be a spoiler.

Actually, fighting a level 17 Mysterious Ninja and doing all of Wutai's stuff gets 4860 EXP minimum, while the stuff it allows skipping gets exactly 4500. Not to mention Yuffie is a level 17 character who is already bumping up the average, and her joining means a third person is getting inactive EXP, making my average level that much higher when Cait Sith and Cid join.

morsanlgeos posted:

OFS, sorry if I missed the explanation, but how are you surviving boss battles at all? Do levels just not matter as much as armor and materia setups? Or is the combination of Grenades and Healing Wind just that good?

They aren't that damaging yet, really. Bottomswell's Big Wave was dealing 50, except the final one which did 80. I suppose Jenova-LIFE might change that.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Dear FF7:

Stop having so many things that are so worth stealing.

Best regards,
Orange Fluffy Sheep

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

kalonZombie posted:

Even then in FF9 bosses don't carry much better equipment than what you'll be getting in the next few areas. I don't even think they have anything unique. Yeah it's another set of Genji Armor, but if you're using both heavy armor wearers in your party, you're playing FF9 wrong (only party is zidane freya dagger and eiko).

My level 1 game in THAT has trained me to use Zidane, Freya, Eiko, and Quina.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Phelddagrif posted:

From that Ultimania guide:

What version of FF7 is that from? The PSP one? That font is awfully tiny.

I think it's putting in translated text in small screenshots.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

SnakesRevenge posted:

I couldn't breed chocobos that were just born or had recently mated

Fight 10 battles.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Last time I skimmed over the most important part of the story and blew something up.

Jack White chose the colors red, white, and black for the White Stripes as he said it is the most powerful combination of colors. Coca-Cola and Nazi Germany were his examples. I find myself agreeing.

I loving suck at joining the march. :saddowns:

I kinda like how this game gives so many choices that don't really matter.

I buy a Revive materia just in case. Also that -5% HP might make Taft easier to kill.

I also get some tranquilizers in case I need the damage reduction for a gambit.

I need all of these man, all of these. Enemy Skills are some of the greatest things.

I also get this then not use it for the part I should've.

poo poo I failed.

The Force Stealer being the top reward makes no sense logistically.

This is available later and costs more. 5800 more.

Yeah I don't either man.

On the boat I tell the girls their ideas suck.

Anyway I take the only crew I really can and give Aerated the HP Plus materia, showing how the thing is so loving valuable that I had to reset and game the system to get it.

I should've used the headband for this, but I still get a set of Shinra Betas.

Oh boy, by the time I get Yuffie I can get her her ultimate weapon, so this is free money!


JENOVA-Birth has a shitton of HP compared to previous bosses and her attacks are starting to sting. Stop would probably have been devistating if Aerated didn't dodge both of them.

God bless you Aerated.

I bust out the summons and limits at the start in an attempt to beat her down quick.

It didn't go so well.

However, at times her powerful attacks ended up aiding me. Mostly by killing Taft and CLOUD and indicating she's not casting Stop on Aerated this turn. Not like she had the MP for a third cast anyway.

ATB management, knowing the boss, shittons of grenades.

Aerated finally picks up Seal Evil and hits level 11.

Costa Del Sol only has a few things of interest.

400 ethers? No way.

But the ring's free. This will be incredibly handy in the future, I can just feel it.

I buy a few of these in case I need more damage than a grenade can provide in a pinch. I should've known they'd be instantly outdated.

I keep 4 of each status healing item on hand, don'tcha know?

For Mt. Corel I go with earth tones and beige! Browns and beige! Light browns and dark browns and browns and beige!

Mt. Corel is so earth-toned the lens flare is green.

Bombs, a FF classic.

I steal their arms.

I steal so many I bring along Rex Ronan, as he has 4 levels over Taft so he can steal slightly better.

I uh... I don't know why I get so much of the treasure.

This bridge is an important screen.

It's mostly Bombs for arm theft.

Except for the pincher attacks. Getting out of this one is annoying.

I just have no idea why this is the top reward.



gently caress this backstory poo poo I'm gonna go play games.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Man with Hat posted:

Also, are you following a low level guide or do you just look stuff up and figure out yourself how to be low level?

A guide, if only because it has the math done for me so I know who to render comatose in boss battles.

Since the solution for most of these bosses is dead Taft with Aerated alive I don't use it that much.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Glazius posted:

Is that item actually supposed to be a Bomb's right arm or is it a mistranslation?

Apparently it is actually a bomb's arm. :psyduck:

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Xander77 posted:

I'm not entirely clear on the point of a "low level" run if that level still ends up in the 20's/30's. Finishing a game at level one, or even level five is impressive. Level 25? Just a bit of unnecessary hassle.

Hence why I'm keeping Taft at level 7. I might have to make her do exciting things.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Man with Hat posted:

That's impossible in FFVII since tyou get EXP from bosses and the only way to prevent that is to have characters in your party dead since the characters not in your party also get EXP.

And he did a level one run of FFIX in White Dragons FFIX thread, so if you need single numbers to be im,pressed you could always look at that.

I did that on the actual PS2 so I posted about it rather than giving actual updates.

If you want an image of a level 1 run in FFIX, imagine Stop missing a Type A - forever.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

I think his complaint is that I'm still getting enough levels that things won't be super-crazy and my characters will have real HP scores.

That's half the reason why I'm doing this, because I spent four hours on the first Type A fight just hoping the Needle Fork would finally loving petrify. And about 5 more on the escape from Alexandria in disc 2 due to the numerous battles between save points. I'd like a challenge to not be ramming my head against the RNG for hours at points, you know?

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

If it makes you feel any better, Xander, it won't be until the final dungeon I can get any real AP. What little I'm getting I'm putting towards my HP Pluses.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Vil posted:

Mid to high 40's, maybe low 50's, if you don't skip anything. Since the endgame is a bunch of technically optional (but definitely helpful) sidequests, it'll vary depending on how many of those you do. Enemies in the Black Omen have levels ranging in the 40's.

You can run in CT and most encounters are avoidable if you know how to avoid them.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Last time I was okay at ceremonies, got on a boat, killed Sephy's mom's arm, crossed a mountain, then went to a theme park. FF7 makes no loving sense.

I could buy the lifetime ticket now but I need my money for Cosmo Canyon.


I wanted to pick a different person than Elentor. Turns out he picked Yuffie who I don't have.

So I take the experimental surgeon for variety's sake.

I like being able to say I know what plot relevant things are the first time they're brought up and be honest.

Anyway Ice-T joins us.

"My adrenaline's pumpin', I got my stereo bumpin'!"

I already took Ice-T's Silver Bangle and materia. Literally the first thing I did.

Except the Masamune is internally a gun and

I like this guy. He's to the point.

"Pigs deserve what's comin' for them!"

Barrel is good at dancing around bullets. Either that or Shinra troops are horrible shots. He can dance for hours.

Anyway I take Taft with me because I want to try and get her to avoid Dyne's EXP.

She's dead, and in the party. But she's level 6 and the minimum level for Taft is 7. I know it's futile.

Extreme Nihilism is a common occurance in FF games.


And that's why I stole so many Right Arms. They are powerful. Anyway Barrel gets full EXP and everyone else, Taft included, gets half.

I've never seen you before now :confused:

Even if I never use it I'm still getting the Ranch materia.

I have raced so many chocobos you lunatic you have no loving clue

Still badass at it after all these years.

"Okay Aerated I heard those finger quotes from here. What can we actually go over?"

Behold, Taft as she will be for the rest of time. I'll make sure she never faces the scourge of bathtubs experience again.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

FinalSin posted:

If the character is unconscious and not in the party do they still gain XP?

They gain half-exp, hence why I have to juggle characters sometimes.

It'll get hilarious once bosses start giving several thousand EXP each.

Also Elentor update faster I'll be only a smidge behind you in two more of my updates :(

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

As a person who got Valkyrie Profile for about $130 a very short time before they announced VP: Lenneth, old releases of PSX games that are available for much less elsewhere drive me to despair.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Hunter Noventa posted:

I haven't tried anything that required dual analog, but yeah it's kinda weird having to use the analog nub for transformations in Symphony of the Night.

Which is strange as SoTN as part of Dracula X just makes you hit both shoulder buttons.

Orange Fluffy Sheep
Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Last time Taft got her 7th and last level. Also backstory and gently caress theme parks I guess.

Entering Gongaga starts a fight with the Turks. This fight gives EXP, so sadly no Fairy Tale, Titan, Mystify, or explanation as to why Rude won't punch Taft to death. Instead I'll have to have her kill herself next time they actually fight.

It's like Romeo and Juliet, except with grenades and theft.

It's scripted. I have to fight things here.

Yeah, it's the place where the Study of Planet Life beg-

I've played this game a half-dozen times jackass! :argh:

Rex's backstory is alarmingly similar to Aerated's. Parents died protecting him, so he's the last of his kind.

I buy CLOUD and Aerated new weapons, for the extra link and magic.

And this is why I got so much Ether money. HP Plus is a very important Materia.

It's a substantial boost to survivability.

Taft that's not how space works you idiot you've not been able to even see the sky for the past five years what the hell

That's two words, what is this the idiocy chamer?

Ice T executed his first pig here.

Anyway since I'm keeping Taft at level 7 forever and I only have one free slot, Aerated gets a break for once.

The holes that aren't the switch have no-run encounters.

The hole with the switch was the last one I checked. :shepicide:

These spikes are actually helpful.

They put Rex Ronan and Taft on death's door for me.

Except Taft was already dead so the spikes jolted her to life.



No seriously I love Added Effect. When I get swank-rear end lategame materia like Contain it'll be superfun.

So. These spiders. I have to fight two of them.

Their only really dangerous attack is their percentile damage one, and that fills CLOUD's limit break for a Cross Slash. They're open to Stop and Paralyze so this guy doesn't move that much.

I think Elentor was still in the Shinra building when he hit this level.

The second one gets shrunk by Mini. Transform works wonders sometimes.

Then it gets really goofy when frog kicks in.

The Gi Nattak's flames cast Fire2 sometimes. I don't want a random one to be the end of CLOUD.

Shinra has great othrodontists you know.

And that was a boss!

CLOUD hits level 12, hopefully his last for a while.

Hell yeah it was. Taft and Rex Ronan have been dead for like 20 minutes.

"In his day he was also an Experimental Surgeon. He used a radical science called 'anesthesia'."

And so Rex Ronan gets a silly weapon that actually makes his attack the highest in the party but who cares, really? It won't help him fight Blackburn's microbots. :smith:

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Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

a medical mystery posted:

I think Elentor went into how Rude's AI doesn't target Tifa/Taft unless she's the last living party member.

That, and the scene in Gongaga is the only time Rude talks about his crush.

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Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

Vil posted:

I want to say it's Aerated's yellow glowy invincibility, but don't hold me to that.

That's it exactly. It's only granted by two of Aeris's limit breaks. Sephiroth has auto-peerless in the flashback.


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Jul 26, 2008

Bad EXP received

zenintrude posted:

Couldn't you just have turned the system off and reloaded your last save?

Or were you playing it sans memory card like some kind of masochist?

Sometimes people only play on one save file because those 15-block bastards are restrictive as hell.

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