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Teriyaki Koinku
Nov 25, 2008

Okay, so I'm reading through AoT for real this time, but I have to pause and say something because I'm feeling upset about a theme the story is trying to convey and want to make sure I'm not misinterpreting:

When Eren finally sacks up and goes Titan-form to fight the Female Titan, he makes this big to-do about how his choice to trust in his comrades get them all killed and it's all his fault for not acting sooner (apart from the Female Titan herself, of course).

Why is Eren agonizing over this? He made what seemed to be the right choice in the heat of the moment, especially after being browbeat and guilt-tripped by his squadmates to not do anything. If anything, Eren should be pissed at them for valuing emotion/trust over minimizing casualties by not utilizing their full potential with Eren's Titan-form earlier. It was the Survey Corps holding Eren back, not the other way around.

Am I getting this right? I'm really enjoying the manga so far, but forcing this sort of idiotic moral dilemma on the reader rings really hollow to me from a story-telling perspective. Given the whole bent of "SACRIFICING YOUR LIVES FOR THE GREATER GOOD OF HUMANITY!" militarism, you'd think there'd be cooler heads besides Rivaille (?) in the cream-of-the-crop survivor elite group thinking the overall situation through more rationally.

Or maybe that's the point? Even among the best-of-the-best there's still human frailty or failings? From what I can tell, they are still basically kids and probably aren't infallible. Thoughts?

e: Well, poo poo, Eren didn't do much either. Guess it's all hosed regardless, then! vv

e2: Holy poo poo, that scene of Eren/Mikasa seeing those kids be inspired like they were by the Survey Corps.

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Teriyaki Koinku
Nov 25, 2008

Schwarzwald posted:

Eren's comrades are dead and he is partly responsible. In addition, Eren is the kind of person who values the lives of his friends and tends to approach situations emotionally rather than rationally.

Partly responsible by not ignoring them and Titan-shifting immediately? Sure, I'll take it.

It is admittedly easier to be detached from the situation if you're just the observer, after all.

Oh, and I'm sure not to read the rest of the thread obviously, it's not my first rodeo. I saw a few spoilers for late-story stuff though which is what's compelling me to read through the whole thing legitimately just to find out what the gently caress is going on with everything.

I think it's equal parts mystery, body horror, and psychological/moral/human drama that's keeping me riveted.

e: Oh yeah, and the panel depictions are absolutely stunning. Getting some serious Berserk/Miura/Junji Ito vibes, which I love.

e2: Yeah, more and more I think my issue above is with Eren more than the storytelling itself. He's just an emotionally impulsive person and that impulse is a double-edged sword cutting both ways (ie fighting on despite hopelessness vs fighting for people you care about in spite of all reason telling you they are horrible people).

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Teriyaki Koinku
Nov 25, 2008

I know this is more for the anime thread, but I have to reiterate how completely and metal the first anime OP is:

It's seriously an adrenaline-pumper. I wanna crush them Titans, to the last!

e: Does anyone else have issues with keeping some of the minor characters straight in their head? AoT is a very character-based drama and some of the male characters blur together in my mind. They keep referring to lesser role characters I can't remember, it doesn't help that they keep dying off so quickly (some I remember though, like Ness).

I'm already terrible with remembering names in real life (hence the Noriaki Kakyoin/JoJo thread reference with my username), so...

e2: Actually, now that I think about it, one subtle thing about AoT I really, really like is that it scratches the same itch that the Zero Escape series does as well.

In other words, it's super intriguing to get glimpses into intimate moments with isolated characters before they die separate from the "main story" (eg Ilse's notebook, sniffing-guy with the Ape Titan, etc). It's an interesting use of dramatic irony, almost like the characters impart more with their death to the audience than the other characters do in the story. It's a hard niche to fill, but I enjoy it!

e3: Connie...

e4: God drat, this manga is so freakin' cool sometimes!

e5: Okay, so rule of thumb in AoT: if they're a mysterious stand-offish loner who doesn't say or emote much, they are probably secretly really powerful.

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Teriyaki Koinku
Nov 25, 2008

"Everyone here.. a witness."

Oh shiiiiiiit!

I don't know how this manga keeps making fresh tension and jaw-droppping poo poo all the time! Also, loving Armin holy poo poo dude!

e: Also lmao the entire flashback explaining the military coup happened in the middle of mysterious troops coming to a torture site. That's a lot to take in.

e2: This manga really, really, really likes to focus on split-second choices and their lasting consequences as a theme, huh? I think I get it already, sheesh.

e3: Wow, that torture scene of the head Royalist guy was pretty hosed up!

*reads into Attack on Titan's publication history*


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Teriyaki Koinku
Nov 25, 2008

Sorry for the double-post, but just wanted to say I blitzed through Attack on Titan in three days and I'm now current. Wow, what a ride!

Also at Hange/Levi:


Huh? What are you talking about? What "phase"?

I never went through "that phrase" where I'd just scowl at nothing and mutter to myself all alone.


A lot of teens are like that, y'know...

Teriyaki Koinku
Nov 25, 2008

I haven't checked in for several months now since Zeke was trying to reach/make physical contact with Eren, is the Rumbling finally happening? The last time I checked in before that, Eren was slaughtering people in Marley as a Titan so I'm feeling lost in the current narrative. How close is the manga to the end now?

Teriyaki Koinku fucked around with this message at 07:09 on Nov 11, 2019

Teriyaki Koinku
Nov 25, 2008

Conspiratiorist posted:

The manga is on its last stretch, maybe 3 ~ 11 chapters left.

Eren has unlocked the full power of the Founding Titan.

Yowza! I was planning on marathoning this manga once it got close to the end or finished as opposed to waiting month-to-month, just checking in occasionally for interesting tidbits like the Beast Titan speaking, the basement reveal, the Marley/Paradise injection pits (which was really hosed up imo), etc

I guess now's the time, huh?

Teriyaki Koinku fucked around with this message at 08:30 on Nov 11, 2019

Teriyaki Koinku
Nov 25, 2008

Kyte posted:

Such an ending wouldn't fit with that last panel Isayama teased tho. Then again, that panel was lacking context. It would definitely be a hell of a twist if he were saying it to a baby he found surviving in the middle of a blasted hellscape or sth.

Which one? The last panel of this chapter? I'm not sure what you're talking about.

Either way, imagine how much it'd suck to be sleeping in stasis in assumed absolute safety indefinitely, only to be rudely awoken during the Apocalypse.

Teriyaki Koinku
Nov 25, 2008

I'm not exactly a regular reader, but that chapter was really disturbing.

E: I wonder why Ymir is keeping tabs on the situation? Either that, or the kid had a vision right before he got squished.

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Teriyaki Koinku
Nov 25, 2008

I was wanting to wait for the series to end before doing a proper read-through through all of it since I didn't want to wait month-to-month for new releases, but uh... Should I even bother at this point?

e: To be clear, I'm still really fascinated by the horror and spectacle of the Titans, but it sounds like the endgame of the series is really controversial for the wrong reasons.

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Teriyaki Koinku
Nov 25, 2008

KazigluBey posted:

If this is an intentional way to sneak a bleak as gently caress ending under editorial notice (which still feels a little like copium to me, but hey stranger things have happened) then you know what, it's still dumb but I can at least appreciate the attempt to salvage a different vision.

Release the Isayama Cut.

I want to know what would have happened in the original Mist ending planned for AoT.

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