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Mar 24, 2004

SmugDogMillionaire posted:

Pretty much not true.

There's services for a variety of religions. There might be minor poo poo to do if you don't go anywhere, but I would usually use the time to write letters or read the newspaper.

See, my experience in AF basic more than 4 years ago was that this is true... you aren't really "punished" for not going to church with poo poo details (at least not TOO poo poo, other than 'make sure your stuff is squared away so tight that it shows you were doing something for 2-3 hours) but at the same time the instructor specifically encouraged the rumor that you'd be screwed doing bullcrap if you didn't go. Like I remember him outright threatening it once... and then once I had decided not to go anywhere (and I was the only one), he didn't really do or say anything about it and I did have the time to myself.

But maybe that was influenced by the fact that I decided to quit going after more than halfway through basic and had earned some modicum of respect and leeway by that point, but who can tell?

I actually think it may be drill/training instructor specific, like most things in basic. If they want to be a dick for a dick reason, they can... or not, it's all up to the NCO. Which isn't really a good thing.

EDIT: Man, this is kind of becoming a derail. I'm going to dig through my local paper's website to find some OP conducive editorials.


Mar 24, 2004


Re: Letter to the Editor - Code names dumb, but offense unnecessary (May 19)

I read with some confusion this letter about our airborne troops yelling "Geronimo" as they jumped into battle and how this would possibly offend someone. I personally would consider it a great honor if they yelled "Jim Taylor" as they leap into battle.

The other one - "Eagle has landed" - offending the naturalists, does the writer not know that the eagle is the national symbol of our nation. Political correctness has run amok in our Great Republic and is the cause of many of our woes.

I wonder what has happened to the self reliance that built this great nation when I see that more than 25 percent of our taxes go to giveaway programs and even our own community donating land and giving away tents to people who prey on the compassionate by finding any excuse necessary to avoid finding a job and making their own way in life. Repugnant as it might seem to some they might take a lesson from the Native Americans, who were a very nomadic people, that being when you could no longer pull your weight in the tribe and they moved on, you didn't

I have no clue what story/letter he's referring to originally, but I want to find it.

But anyway, after a lukewarm "waah political correctness" pouting, the true moral of the story is revealed: out of work people should gently caress off and die.

These are from Lubbock, TX: the heart of what may well be one of the top 3 most conservative areas in the entire US... but I was honestly kind of heartened at how many liberal and (especially encouraging) dissenting conservative opinions, with comments like "the current wave of Republicans are being too draconian and extreme for our tastes", are represented in the Letters to the Editor section...

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Mar 24, 2004

I thought the point of opposition to fracking wasn't that they're pumping harmful materials into the ground, but that by pumping water they loosen up petroleum, heavy metals, etc. that are ALREADY in the ground which then flows into the water supply.

if that's the case, then isn't "Don't worry they mostly just use water " an astonishingly ignorant response to controversy? wait, don't answer that...

Mar 24, 2004

fishmech posted:

I like the fact that they ALWAYS say that they're color TVs. As if having black and white TVs is perfectly ok with them, or possible to do in 2011.

It's kind of a re-assuring affirmation of the target demographic of these emails... Also sad that indicates how long the EXACT same thing has been circulated...

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