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El Spamo
Aug 21, 2003

SirPhoebos posted:

My idea is Rogue Trader meets Maid. An accident/assassination has resulted in a shy, inconspicuous teenage noble being thrust into the political spotlight as head of a powerful Rogue Trader Dynasty. His family's many enemies aren't going to make things easy for the young Lord-Captain, and his presumed allies are probably worse. Only the Dynasty's personal staff - who may or may not be embroiled in heresy and xenos-collusion - can guard the neophyte Rogue Trader long enough to achieve the greatness his ancestry demands. "In the Grim Darkness of the far future, there is only fan-service".

Consider a group that by choice or roll decides not to include a Rogue Trader as one of the characters. The concept behind Rogue Trader is that there is that specific character archetype as part of the group who holds the charter and owns the ship. Some of the suggestions put forward in the book is that perhaps the Rogue Trader is very wealthy and the players are a group of agents who are assigned a ship to operate under the Rogue Trader's flag. Or that the Rogue Trader is old and infirm, or mechanically integrated into the ship and can't physically participate in things but still gives out orders. Your scenario here, where the Rogue Trader is a kid in way over his head fits in incredibly well in a game whose background is based on inheritance, politicking, and backstabbing. Consider the many child-kings and power hungry regents that have existed in our own history and place that power dynamic in the setting of a vastly wealthy family empire that suddenly finds its fortunes in the hands of an unready child and a gang of hyper-violent retainers.

Of course, it sounds like you're more angling to be less Rogue Trader and more an anime panty-grab so have fun with that I guess


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