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Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

What this thread is about :

We like vinyl records and would like to talk about them, as well as record stores, turntables, etc. There's not usually a whole lot of in-depth music discussion, but if you found a weird record go ahead and tell us about it, that's part of the fun!

We don't tend to talk much about turntablism, scratching etc. And I can't tell you much about it myself.

We often post our finds, recent additions, or our collections! Some of them are steals from garage sales! Some of them are high-ticket collectors items! Some are orange see-through vinyl of the latest hot band! Half of them are Flaming Lips, Smashing Pumpkins or White Stripes...

We have a lot of different reasons for liking this format and show it in a lot of different ways, some of which may seem stupid to you (they do to me!). Don't be a jerk about it, we're all friends here and nobody's mind ever gets changed.

DON'T post with download codes you get from vinyl. That's very nice of you but it clutters up the thread. You can go here for that


Are you new to collecting vinyl? Let's anticipate some of your questions

Q: OK yeah, I just got into VINYLS a---
A: NO DON'T CALL IT THAT, EVERYBODY WILL GET UPSET! You're getting into vinyl, no "s". “Vinyl” is like “people”, or you can just call them “vinyl records” if you haven't gotten the hang of it. Or to be more specific:
LPs (Long Play) – the big 12” ones that rotate at 33rpm (with some exceptions)
7”s – They are 7 inches in diameter! Typically play at 45rpm and are either an EP or a 2-sided single. In fact they are essentially the same as
45s – physically the same as 7”s, terminology usually reserved to older stuff
78s – the oldest of the bunch, they're typically 10”s diameter and play at 78rpm (if your turntable supports it)

Q: How do I unwarp a record?
A: You can't
Q: But I saw this guide online and –
A: You can't

Q: I have this Journey album, how much is it worth?
A: As a general rule, if a lot of people bought it in its day, it's not worth much now. But you can look up how much big ticket items went for on Although really, if you're selling it, be reasonable and don't go for the highest amount its sold or the “record pricing guide” book.

Q: How do I clean a record?
A: This is an age old and frequently debated question. There are record cleaning kits and brushes out there, a lot of people have trusted solutions of distilled water, soap and alcohol, and some buy tubs or motorized setup dedicated to that purpose. Listen to others and experiment!

Q:What do you guys use to store records?
A: 45s lend themselves pretty well to shoeboxes.
LPs: On a small scale, today's milkcrates no longer really fit LPs, though Target etc tend to have milk-crate like bins that hold them well. Wine boxes tend to work decently well too.
On a large scale, most people all over the internet point to the Ikea Expedit. I have it, it's better than the $20 bookshelves I got from craigslist, but don't expect anything more than your standard Ikea construction. I haven't heard many instances of them collapsing, but if you don't trust them, it might be worth building some yourself.
78s: I think the best way to deal with these brittle fuckers is to buy an album (as in one of those big book-like things) of lovely 78s you don't want and stick the ones you do want in there.

Q: Do I really need to keep these paper sleeves and poo poo?
A: Honestly, if you don't care for your records you'll probably wish you did later. You can get more inner and outer sleeves from sites like

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Farts Domino
May 8, 2004



Q: My turntable is like really really quiet when plugged into my shiny new logitech speakers/7.1 surround receiever.
A: Your turntable needs a preamp. Most older receivers with a “phono” input have these built in, but modern equipment rarely does. Most $30 preamps on amazon are fine

Q. There's this loud, low-pitched hum
A. This could be any number of things, but most turntables need a ground in addition to the RCA cables being plugged in. Small black wire coming out of the TT needs to meet the GND part of your receiver.

Q: ooh USB turntable! Does that mean I can make DIGITAL copies?
A: Yeah sure, but first of all, if you're listening to your music from a receiver with a line out, that line-out goes into your computer's line in and there ya go, you can rip vinyl in Audacity or the sound editor of your choice. USB Turntables MAY let you plug directly into your computer to use its speakers, foregoing the need for a receiver. I don't know, I don't have a USB turntable. Lastly, ripping vinyl means listening to the whole album, then editing it into individual tracks. That can get real tedious, most of us don't bother unless it was never issued on any other format.


DON'T: buy one of those Crosley (or Crosley-looking) setups with a turntable packed in with a CD player in a big wooden box. We're not being snobs, they're made on the cheap and break easily.

A note on modern players: vinyl might be on the rise, but turntables really aren't. Vintage turntables tend to feature a lot more features like autoplay switches, auto return, etc. That's not to say there aren't decent TTs out there, they just tend to be a little more complicated.

Sub $100:
Second hand. Turntables used to be the #1 format and reigned in a time when consumers really valued build quality. There are plenty of cheap turntables out there, but also plenty of great ones for cheap. There's no one model you should look out for (OK, maybe there is, but that comes later), but if you're new to all this either insist on seeing it in working order or have a good reason to believe the person (“yeah it worked last time I plugged it in” can mean 20 years ago). A lot of independent record stores sell turntables and will do this for you. They're usually simple machines and there are plenty of ways to fix them.

Mid $100-$300
If you can find a used and good condition Technics 1200 line, they're often considered the gold standard in quality and reliability and have been for a few decades now. This tends to be around the price range of finding a good used one, but that'll take some snoopin'.

If you can't find it, I'd suggest this wannabe Tech12: The Audiotechnica ATLP120. I haven't used the USB version but I use them every week at my radio station and find little reason to complain.

I won't really call it high-end because it's clearly going for a different thing than the aforementioned, but a lot of people love the Pro-Ject Debut III player, though most quickly replace the stock Ortofon cartridge.

Portable: Last I checked in on this debate, most people are split between the Vestax Handy-Trax and the Numark PT01, the latter of which is more frequently found in stores.


First of all, stylus = needle. Cartridge = needle + the part the stylus sits in (I'm writing this at non-science level). Headshell = the part the cartridge is screwed onto.

There are a million cartridges out there (though the guy at the garage sale might tell you you can get a new needle for cheap.... chances are it will be $20 if you can even get it separately from a new cartridge). If you'd like recommendations, there's a lot of love on this forum for

Shure M44-7
Shure M97xE
Grado Green

though by all means, branch out and figure out what you like.



Most will agree that vintage sounds better, especially for the price, lots don't bother because of the problems getting them second hand. This is more of a topic for A/V Arena.


Few other quick things:

Vinyl is not necessarily better sounding than CD/Digital formats, and even then is often not perceptibly any better. We tend to like having our music on physical media and nothing beats the art of an LP.

45s may seem stupid in today's album-oriented world, but a lot of us prefer the format because of all the great artists that never cut a full-length album, as well as the low price point that lets you discover new things with little financial risk. Again, though, everybody's got their own reasons for liking it.

There really aren't many good places for second-hand records online. Keeping a wishlist on Discogs has been recommended by some in this thread. Ebay is pretty high-ticket, I haven't found a reason to use GEMM or MusicStack for Ages.

Support indie record stores and Record Fairs in your area! They often have better deals than you can find online or in big boxes, plus they're run by REAL PEOPLE.

Thrift Stores and Garage Sales are legendary spots for great finds, but don't expect that to happen without patience and persistence. Garage sales especially can mean getting up at sunrise for the best finds.

If this all seems like a hassle, it shouldn't be. Sure, there is a slightly higher learning curve than the “press play” of CDs and MP3s, but there's also a lot more depth to it. It's just music, enjoy it the way you want to.

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Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Mister Kingdom posted:

I was always fascinated by the label art on 45s. Some of my favorites are Atlantic's black & red label, the Motown "map", Atco's yellow & white, and Jet Records' spotlight labels. I'm also a sucker for colored vinyl.
favorite 45 label, though for the rest of their releases it got much more boring:

(Fire was definitely a cool label too, and usually good enough songs to back it up)

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Tiny Faye posted:

Hey Farts Domino, I think there should be a section in the OP about where to look for new records and how to shop for older ones. Most people don't have the luxury of living near a store that actually sells new releases/reissues or even used ones.
I tossed in a quick note at the end (I tried to keep it all quick notes) as far as second hand goes. I wasn't sure whether new was necessary, since I thought google+band name could probably get the job done just as well as listing sites. But if you or anybody else wants to PM me a revision, you got it

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

CPL593H posted:

You seem like a guy who would know this. What's a good place to start with the B-52s? Is it best to just go in order?
Just stay pre-90s and you're pretty good I think. Their self titled and Wild Planet get most of the attention but Whammy, Cosmic thing and the various EPs I have are still very worthy

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Not an Anthem posted:

Whats up Chicago punk/oi collector.

Just took a trip to new orleans and tried to stay away from record stores but while biking past russell's rare records on magazine street I had to pop in, pretty big store with a few rooms of jazz, blues, rock, western, etc.

Iron City Houserockers - Get Out Alive
Continentals - Fizzy Pop
Waylon Jennings - Just To Satisfy You
Waylon Jennings - Love of the Common People
Slaughter - Bite Back
PJ and the Terrorists - first ep
Buddy Holly - The great Buddy Holly
Bill Haley and the Comets - Rockin
Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders - Game of Love
Carl Perkins - Sun Story vol 3
Procol Harum - Whiter Shade of Pale
Herman's Hermits - Blaze
Cream - Goodbye
Cream - Live Cream
Supertramp - Indelibly Stamped
Johnny Cash - Everybody Loves a Nut
Alexis Korner - Bootleg Him!

Cream records were those lovely taiwanese bootlegs, just wanted em for kicks
Did she give you a good price on that stuff? I didn't recommend it to you because Denise who runs it tends to overprice on pretty mainstream stuff but maybe she's finally figured it out. I still find really nice stuff if I keep digging, but I really do have to keep digging. They've got mountains of backstock, though a lot of people that volunteered there have cherrypicked for themselves

Jim Russel's is pretty legendary though. According to Denise they were the largest record distributor in the southeast, and Jim Russel himself was a pioneer in rock & roll radio. I sat in on a lecture with him at the Ponderosa Stomp and it was one of the most wonderfully insane things I'd ever heard.

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Not an Anthem posted:

Haha, well, I don't know who ran it. Confusing. When I went in some hipster sorta guy was trying to talk to me about old punk and some 70s RNR, then he left, and a woman was left running it who I assume is denise but she was absolutely hilarious. Tried to talk to me about xbox live the whole time and video games which I knew little to nothing about, but played nice to try to garnish any sympathy discount when it came time to check out (I hate places that don't price stuff).

Time comes and she INSTANTLY knows every single record I had plus about 15 others I had in the stack and told me fair prices. It was amazingly inconsistent though. 3$ for some, 10$ for a few that didn't make sense, then I haggled? I wouldn't recommend going back.
Hahahahaha YES I know who the hipster guy is and the lady is DEFINITELY Denise. I love her dearly and every part of that story is completely on target. She's totally wild on her pricing, full of drama, and has an unexpectedly deep knowledge of her merchandise.

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Garage sale day! Woke up early and was rewarded. Although the one I woke up early for just had a really nice jacket that fit my small body.

I got there a half-hour early but immediately saw a guy walking away with a box of records. I don't know what the hell he took because for $1 each

Ernie K-Doe - self-titled
Howlin Wolf - Red Rooster (sealed 80s compilation, but sounds good)
The Ventures - The Ventures
Clarence Frogman Henry - is alive and well and still doin' his thing in New Orleans (signed!)
Bobby Bland - Two Steps from the Blues
James Brown - Showtime live at the Apollo (slightly better condition than the one I had)
two copies of Clint West & the Boogie Kings - s/t (great rare Louisiana swamp pop)
Bo Diddley & Chuck Berry - Two Great Guitars
Cannibal and the Headhunters - Land of 1,000 Dances

and a few great local 45s, two of which went for ~$30 on Popsike, not that I'm reselling them

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

cosmicjim posted:

And hold on to your gatefold sleeves and jackets, folks, you'll be needing those for your new discs.
Thank god they're not reshipping the packaging, otherwise you'd have a second-hand buyers' nightmare

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Not my record but I was filing another one on this label (Ponderosa Twins Plus One) and thought I'd show off another cool 45 label. Unforunately it doesn't list the other signs on the flipside

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Just when I was about done with garage sales today I finally found some stuff. None of the covers are in great shape, but for most the vinyl was fine

Velvet Underground - White Light / White Heat (had a big line through side 2 but sounds fine)
Kronos Quartet - Kronos Quartet (sealed)
Eubie Blake - Blues & Rags
Lightnin' Hopkins - the best of
Mike Batt - Six Days in Berlin
Mike Heron - Smiling Me with bad Reputations
Mothers of Invention - Ruben & the Jets
Taj Mahal - Giant Step/Olde Folks at Home
The Rolling Stones - Aftermath
"" - Between the Buttons
"" - Beggars Banquet
Country Joe and the Fish - I Feel Like I'm Fixin' To Die

....for 50 cents apiece

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

kingcobweb posted:

Not that I wasn't excited, but it's far from nice shape

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Even though my portable is always in my car, I'm always too hesitant to bring it out, especially at thrift stores and garage sales. I kind of understand stores not keeping demo turntables. In this day and age where a lot of people didn't grow up with vinyl, you're putting a lot of trust in the customer to not scratch it back and forth saying "hur hur I'm a deejay!"

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

I see my Quintron shows at Quintron's house

but yeah, I think radio shows are often a good recipe for having records left out of their sleeves and piled on top of each other until the end of the show, not to mention people that don't know how to cue a record and pinch the tone arm and practically push the needle onto the wax.

That said in the studio I don't see many cases where there's a big X scratched into the record like I do in thrift stores. I swear some people really wanted to murder their music

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Ron Burgundy posted:

It's funny you should mention this, because many of the ex radio records I bought had big yellow china-graph x's over the tracks the producers didn't want the DJ to play. They came off easy enough, but I kept a couple for radio nostalgia. On singles, they went as far as to actually rip the label off the B side.
oh yeah, THAT I see all the time, but at least it's on the label. I've also seen a lot of radio 45s where one side has like 5 check marks sharpied on, makes me feel pretty excited about listening to it

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Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Ron Burgundy posted:

No, not the label, the playing surface! I received a crate of records that looked like this.

They were free, but still, radio is a hard life for records.
dear lord, I wouldn't play it at all out of spite

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

milk teeth posted:

flippin thru lps at value village this morning & up comes:

Fela Ransome Kuti w/Ginger Baker & Africa '70 - Live!

English press w/insert ~undamaged~ $2

howly mowly, stuck amongst the Laurence Welks or was it amidst some other goodies?

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Wilbur Swain posted:

Herb Alpert is still releasing albums. His 60's output is all of a similar quality, with possible standouts being The Lonely Bull and the Christmas album. This track from 1979 might sound familiar:
My favorite Herb Alpert fact is that he founded A&M records

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

wait I can't tell if we're joking anymore, Whipped Cream is insanely easy to find. In fact, it would be fun to have a Whipped Cream race to see who can accumulate the most copies of that album in one day.

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

I Might Be Adam posted:

I'm in New Orleans until tomorrow. Any must visit record shops? Someone was talking about Russell's but from what I read, it wasn't recommended. I'm not into punk so much. Would be great to find a nice haul on some old jazz and rock records or maybe some local outfits. Any suggestions?
Yesss! I'd go with Euclid, Louisiana Music Factory, Domino Sound, and Skullyz in that order. I made a big huge list once but those would probably make you happy given those guidelines

it's a shame you came this week because I'm organizing this

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Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

yes it rules! I'm surprised it hasn't lead to more records being soaked in root beer spills

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

JehovahsWetness posted:

Found a couple of upgrades not pictured plus some new releases (Stone Coal White, Father's Children). A couple of those are local finds, but I haven't had the chance to dig in the last couple of weeks. Bruce Haack and Joe McPhee turned up at an antique store in a tiny mountain town nearby (pop 2,300) that I was driving through after going to a friend's cabin. Definite weird find, hopefully something as good turns up next week.
The one Bruce Haack I've seen (Ebenezer Electric) was from a Goodwill out in Missouri from a Library. Love it but would prefer yours any day

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

fozzie dunlop posted:

I went ahead and made a thread for download codes in Coupons.
Thanks, updating the OP

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Well, usually I make out a little better, but the hard truth is that if you run a record fair, you won't get to look through the stuff until others have picked through the best stuff. Still went really well though, huge turnout

My haul:

Ike & Tina - Live at Carnegie Hall (if this is full of Tina doing "Now listen ladies, how many y'all have a man that says blah blah blah" then goddamn)
The Boogie Kings - The Boogie Kings
Dr John the Nighttripper - The Sun, Moon and Herbs
Earl Palmer - Drumsville
Barefoot Jerry - Barefoot Jerry

these all 50cents to a dollar:
Mitch Ryder + Detroit Wheels - One Grain of Salt / Too Many Fish in the Sea
Mitch Ryder + Detroit Wheels - A Face in the Crowd / Come See About Me
Mitch Ryder + Detroit Wheels - Takin' All I can Get / You Get Your Kicks
Shadows of Knight - Bad Little Woman / Gospel Zone
Shadows of Knight - Light Bulb Blues / Oh Yeah
The Rivieras - Lakeview Lane / Let's Go To Hawaii
The Rivieras - Let's Have a Party / Little Donna
Bill Collins - Border Beat / Upturn
General Crook - Gimme Some Part 1 / Gimme Some Part 2
The Spacemen - The Clouds / The Lonely Jet Pilot
Whatnauts - I can't Stand to See You Cry / Instigating (Trouble Making Fool)
Floyd Brown - Hurt You, haunt You, Heal You / (same) (local)
Baby Cortez - I turned to you / I Know Who You Been Socking It To (curious about his later stuff)

These 45s totalling to about $35
Mody-Vation - Ghetto Kung Fu parts 1 & 2
The Chiefs - Dee's Dream / Apache!
The Pop-ups - Candy Rock / Lurking
Egyptian Combo - Gale Winds / Rockin' Little Egypt
The Cheerleaders - True Love

most excitingly, I'm usually happy if I break even with selling. Even with giving my brother a $50 cut for helping sell, I made $150 and probably only spent about 75ish. Shouldn't have sold Nighthawks in the Diner for $8 though, I don't know why I intentionally leave steals amidst my stuff

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Wow that's actually kind of competitive pricing vs. Ikea expedits and looks like decent build quality (anything beats Ikea for that). Trying to find if they have them in 4x4

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Mescal posted:

Where are my 45s for tennessee ernie ford's Sixteen Tons
Those are at my thrift stores, I love regional differences.

I went to a flea market yesterday in McComb, Mississippi (they took Bo Diddley's blues trail marker down for repairs!) and found what I thought were some really crazy country 45s. Looked 'em up... nope, they appear to be pretty run-of-the-mill despite the fact that I've never seen them

Here's one of their labels, it's pretty

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Stuntman posted:


I'm fine with buying used.
The AT LP120 is recommended because it's a good player for the price. Obviously there are better ones if you go used, but there's over 50 years worth of different models to choose from then, plus extra variables such as availability and your own taste

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Dmitri-9 posted:

A record store in CT called Redscroll Records. I don't know if they have another copy of Cross but you can probably get it on ebay or discogs for the same price. It's probably gonna run you $25-30 no matter where you go.
Ha! Redscroll is co-owned by one of the guys that works at my old college station. I was there opening day and have a sweet shirt to show for it. Good store

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Ron Burgundy posted:

The bins are cool and all, but the constant shuffling really stuffs up the bottoms of the covers, and the angle they sit on is just asking for warps. But they do look really cool. Maybe just keep your James Last up the top.
I disagree with the warping and cite every record store

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

I think usually the back ones are pretty straight, mostly because when they're all pulled forward people usually jam the last one into the corner. But I'm not in a record store right now and can't really vouch for either of us. It would seem to me that most stores wouldn't go for that method of shelving if it posed much of a risk of damaging their merch

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Ron Burgundy posted:

They are much better than milk crates though. Seriously, gently caress milk crates. Thanks for scraping the spine off this album you plastic piece of poo poo.
that's true, and I have the same problem with the metal bins I use for lugging them to and from the radio station. I recently got some storage boxes from Office Depot that came out to like $5 for 4 that were nearly perfect sized, so much nicer, and even stackable unlike milk crates.

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

I keep an eye out for the Hannah Barberra records. They've got a few 60s releases that are actually pretty sick surf records

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Red posted:

Which ones? The guy had some Huckleberry Hound, but I figured, you know, it's loving Huckleberry Hound.
Here's a good link that I've never read before

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Ron Burgundy posted:

You are a serial threadshitter so I reply half-aasedly by saying that there have already been situations where we have had to build machines to play back material from the same century that no longer had original machines.
I don't know, I think he's got some fair points and yours only seems to support it. I think the real advantage of digital is the immutability of the archival copy. While you can corrupt it, sure, you can make multiple perfect backups and read those backups perfectly even on low-end equipment.

The main advantage to analog archiving (aside from obvious digital vs. analog quality arguments) is that it will continue to exist after people cease to care. Which sounds like an "eh" statement but there's a lot of stuff to archive and not all of it will find somebody to maintain digital backups

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Jerry Cotton posted:

Also, belt-drive has no advantages over direct drive per se. There were some lovely DD players made at some point but the SL-1200 was not one of them.
A lot of audiophiles will say that belts are quieter. It kind of makes sense but I've never heard much of a difference

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Jerry Cotton posted:

A lot of audiophiles will say a lot of stuff. I'd post a couple of links to the good stuff but I think there's already been at least one good thread about that stuff on SA.

EDIT: I said stuff thrice.
oh yeah totally, I'm just saying that SOME people say there is an advantage to belt, not that I take stock in it

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Owsla posted:

Buying: Search for common misspellings - plenty of sites do it for you
whoa this changes things

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

I've always tried it the hard way, guessing misspellings and such

Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

Skipped work to go to the Ponderosa Stomp record fair on Friday, stood up for about 4 hours straight and spent about $200 on 45s but ohhhh my god left with wonderful stuff. There was a wall of three guys selling rare-as-poo poo cajun-land 45s, one of them selling all of it for $5 apiece. A good day of record hunting leaves me with primarily rock&roll instrumentals for my radio show. A CRAZY one leaves me with a chunk of Louisiana rock & roll instrumentals. I mean one of them is practically the holy grail I never knew existed: for $5 I got a 45 from Lafayette with two sides of crazy greasy instrumentals with cats meowing all over it called "Pussy Cat" by the Continentals. A bunch of really great funk 45s too. Some Barabara Lynn, Eddie Bo, Lightnin' Slim, a later Ernie Vincent (not one of those super-rare ones), Eskew Reeder, Alvin Cash (I think I'm approaching his full discography), and Harvey Scales.

Unlike the one I do, it's vinyl only and as it's for a show/conference full of obscure record collector artists, the dealers, many of them the same from my shows, were leaving the Led Zepellins at home and pulling out the big guns. I accused some of holding out on me. I think the only reason I got some of the stuff I did for a decent price was because we were swimming in it.

And something I got a kick out of: let a guy borrow my portable turntable to demo some of his 45s. He was wearing an Untamed Youth shirt, but even as a surf nut I figured that's not that crazy for an event like that so while we chatted a little I didn't mention it. Turns out, a friend was friends with Deke Dickerson (from Untamed Youth) and it was revealed that my record fair friend was drummer for both Phantom Surfers and the Mummies.


Farts Domino
May 8, 2004

So I have a pretty good amount of people listening to my radio show and and a lot of them are urging me to DJ out a little bit, spin some 45s at local clubs. I've got some money saved up (thinking about a grand or so) and some songs I want to play, so why not?

Unfortunately, my thrift-store style of learning equipment doesn't really help me here, so I was wondering if anybody had some equipment recommendations. I'll probably get two AT-PL120s, they're probably good enough for the task and I'm used to them, but I could use some cart, coffin, and possibly even mixer recommendations (I've got one that might work fine but who knows).

I'm not about to get started with turntablism, I'm just going to be spinning some surf/garage/mod/funk whatevers, but I want to be able to lug poo poo around easily and for it to be well-suited to whatever might come up. Anybody have any experience?

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