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Sep 11, 2003

I am good with computers.

Photoshop Phriday: Augmentation Gone Rampant!
Linguica's Spoileriffic Plot / Ending / Philosophy discussion thread
Kuvo and topiKal's The 6 Million Dollar Thread. Let's Play Deus Ex: Human Revolution!

First Post:
I - Basic Information, Release Date, What is Deus Ex
II - Changes in the Series, Features & Gameplay, Director's Cut
III - The Story & Characters, City Hubs and Missions
(Link to) Second Post:
IV - Weapons, Weapon Mods and Augmentations
V - DLC & Preorder Bonuses, Game Versions
VI - Music / Soundtrack, Music Downloads
VII - Social Content (Facebook & Unlocks, Twitter, Tumblr, Forums, IRC, Steam Group, Viral Websites), Ask JJB
(Link to) Third Post:
VIII - Articles, Updates, Interviews, News
(Link to) Fourth Post:
VIII, Part 2 - Questions & Answers, Best Of
(Link to) Fifth Post:
IX - Trailers, Gameplay Footage, Behind 2027
X - Magazine Scans, Screenshots, Concept Art
(Link to) Sixth Post:
XI - "The Icarus Effect" Novel, DC Comic Book Series
XII - Wallpapers (Official & Fanmade), Fan Stuff, Silly crap
FAQ - Questions and Answers that have popped up in the Thread


Yeah, the game has in-game ads.

unpurposed posted:

Add these to your hosts file to get rid of in-game advertisements. *
You could also use gibbed's solution:

ImpAtom posted:

Deus Ex is a fantastic game, but if you allow your nostalgia to override everything else, no, you won't be happy with the sequel. It could be a genre-defining masterpiece, but it can't live up to rose-tinted nostalgia and "my way through the game was the only right way" bullshit.

Developer(s): Eidos Montreal, Nixxes Software (PC Version Co-Production)
Publisher: Square Enix
Official Website:
Support Link:
EM Community Website:
Official Forums:
Tech Support Forums:
Engine / Technology: Modified Crystal Dynamics' Crystal engine
Genre: Cyberpunk Action RPG, Singleplayer-only
Rating: ESRB - M, PEGI - 18

Release dates:
  • North America: 23.8.2011, OS X: 26.4.2012, Wii-U: 7.5.2013
  • Australia: 25.8.2011
  • Europe: 26.8.2011, OS X: 26.4.2012
Director's cut release date:
  • North America: 22.10.2013
  • Europe: 25.10.2013

  • Windows PC (Steamworks)
  • Mac / OS X
  • Wii-U
  • Xbox 360
  • PlayStation 3
  • OnLive (link)
Minimum PC Specs:
  • OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Processor: 2 GHz dual core
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM (Windows XP) / 2 GB (Windows Vista and Windows 7)
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8000 series or ATI Radeon HD 2000 series or better
  • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
  • Required Disk Space: 8.5 GB
  • Required Disk Space - Director's Cut: 17 GB
Recommended PC Specs:
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 or Intel Core 2 Quad or better
  • Memory: 2 GB
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 5850
  • DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c / DirectX 11 (for Tesselation)
Note: Since this is a Steamworks title, you'll need to authenticate the game with Steam (and tie it to a Steam account).
Also Note: There is some region locking going on in the retail copies of the PC version. It used to be a big deal (much more harsh), but for the most part you can now activate the game purchased from anywhere without much fear (except the Russian and some Asian versions, I think).

If for some reason you actually don't know what Deus Ex is, it's a game that follows the lineage of games like Ultima Underworld, System Shock and Thief made by Warren Spector (Origin Systems, Looking Glass Studios and later Ion Storm Interactive) and is considered by many one of the, if not the best game of all times. It's also considered a member of the "Immersive Sim" genre (coined by Warren Spector in the Deus Ex post-mortem and used by ex-"PC Gamer" writer Kieron Gillen), something gaming nerds lose their poo poo over since at the time, a lot of people thought this was the future of gaming. It turned out, however, that the industry shifted to satisfy a more linear, simpler, action-packed taste (aka Gears of War or Call of Duty).

However, there have been some games that incorporated elements of Immersive Sims (games like Bioshock, S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, etc). These games owe a lot to UU/SS/Thief/DX. If you want to read more about Immersive Sims, Rock Paper Shotgun ran a series of interviews called "Dark Futures" with various developers: Randy Smith, Raphael & Harvey Arkane, Jordan Thomas, Emil Pagliarulo and Clint Hocking.

Also, let me put it in the beautiful words of Chris The Cynic:

Chris The Cynic posted:

Deus Ex is a work of fiction that employs a new interactive method of storytelling combining written word, spoken word, visual input, and an integrated system for interactivity. It employs the venerable but not outdated method of involving the user by having the protagonist portrayed as a "blank." What that means is that the main character, JC Denton, doesn't show emotion, allowing the person utilizing the fiction to project their own emotions onto him._It has a strong narrative thread in which the individual situations can be solved in many different ways, but the overall events remain the same, implying a kind of limited situational fatalism. However, at the climax the outcome is determined purely by freewill, although that freewill is limited._This is just a small shadow of the deep philosophical background of the story. The climax, in which freewill is paramount, is not just a physical clash but an intellectual one in which a mimetic war finally reaches an apex. Finally, it has a Hemmingway-like sprinkling of New Testament Christian symbolism. I guess I should also mention that it's told in a combination of third person and first person, both singular, with an objective style that features an implied deep penetration of a limited nature. Further, it's a video game.

Previous Deus Ex Games:
Deus Ex GOTY ( , the Holy Grail of Gaming, etc),
Deus Ex: Invisible War ( , the Weak One),
Project: Snowblind ( , previously known as Deus Ex: Clan Wars, very loosely considered a Deus Ex-ish game)

A Rehosting of the Deus Ex Bible, a resource any fan should read through at least once.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a prequel game to the first Deus Ex, set in the year 2027 - 25 years before DX, since the original was set in 2052. Development officially started in June 2007 and the game is being developed by Eidos Montréal, a newly-formed studio composed of people who have worked on the Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six and the Myst games. The duration of the game is roughly around 20-25 hours, more if you're into doing sidequests, exploring, sneaking up to people and listening to their conversations and reading all the PDAs, ebooks and emails. The game runs on Crystal Dynamics' recent Tomb Raider tech with some massive additions and modifications (the most talked about new features are Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion and the atmospheric Fog system, plus Tesselation on PC if your rig can handle it - it's a DX11 feature).

The devs genuinely believe that streamlining of mechanics in some parts will help gameplay, especially with things like combat, while actually making some stuff like hacking even more complex! Continuity, besides accounting for the changes in technology since 1998 (when DX was in development), is supposedly in good hands as Deus Ex 1 & 2 lead writer Sheldon Pacotti has been enlisted as story consultant and has been working with the EM writing team. The Eidos Montréal team is lead by Mary DeMarle with at least 1-2 more writers internally, plus contractors like James Swallow, who also wrote the Deus Ex: HR novel, Deus Ex - The Icarus Effect.

The setting seems to shift from amazingly believable (the Team is working with multiple specialists in the field of neural sciences, like Will Rossellini, CEO of Microtransponder, to ensure the mechanical augmentations are scientifically feasible & plausible, the weaponry seems to be based on today's in-development prototypes taken a notch further) to rather silly (a double-decker city on the island of Hengsha, the heart of the global augmentation industry and the Silicon Valley of all cybernetics, just off-coast from Shanghai; everyone thinks it's the Renaissance again - due to Humanity rediscovering itself and what it can become - and the higher society dressing accordingly goofy). At this point in human evolution, we are starting to really understand the body and improve it in terms of functionality, quality and longevity which mirrors what happened during the Renaissance when people like DaVinci started dissecting humans and learning about the inner workings of the body for the first time. There are also literally hundreds of made-up brands and companies for a lot of things in-game (not just weapons and augs), which makes the world feel that much more alive.

The game has some controversial elements like Perspective switching for some contextual elements, Regenerating Health and a lack of Melee weapons, but it's still very much an open-ended RPG-heavy Action RPG with lots of choices and consequences, not to mention designed to be multi-path and multi-solution, with lots of ways to play. You can read more about the changes a bit below.

Human Revolution will not have a multiplayer component. The dev team wants to focus 100% on delivering the best single player game possible. But that doesn't rule out some kind of online component or future expansions and content, although nothing has been confirmed.

Baroque posted:

As an actual developer for this game, and from the fact that it's already been said in various interviews, I can 100% confirm that Square-Enix have absolutely no influence whatsoever on the Development of this game. The studio (Eidos-Montreal) was already developing and self-publishing DX3 far before we were bought out by, and became a part of Square-Enix. Even though we are now a part of them, they've chosen to respect our creativity and studio-decisions, and haven't influenced or touched a single thing on the project. The only thing Square-Enix is responsible for is their studio Visual Works who produced the Trailer you just saw, but even then they were not the ones who directed it. The ones who directed it were Goldtooth in Vancouver and Eidos-Montreal themselves. Every shot, movement, cut, in that trailer was decided and approved by our studio... That and, Square-Enix is also doing the standard Publishers job (Marketing, Advertising, Funneling Cash, etc...)

PC Gamer posted:

There are third-person kills, you can shoot from cover, and there are a few mid-mission cut-scenes. But you don’t have to clone Deus Ex to stay true to it, and seeing some of the slicker changes here gets me thinking about how silly some of Deus Ex’s rough edges really were. I usually defend them, because things like the half-blind enemies and inaccurate shooting were key to making you plan your approach. But here, I can see those things replaced by better systems without reducing the thought required. It’s a sneakier, prettier, more violent Deus Ex. That doesn’t mean it’ll be better than Deus Ex, but just seeing a game that’s comparable gets me buzzing.

Okay, so there have been a lot of changes. What else did they change?
Okay, take a deep breath...
  • There is a Health Regeneration mechanic in place, and there's no locational damage for the player. Don't panic, though: the system is very unlike something you'd see in Call of Duty. The regeneration is not immediate, is much more slow (speed depends on the difficulty level) and still supports planning out attacks in gameplay. You're very vulnerable and WILL die from a couple of bullets on harder difficulties if you gently caress up. There are also recovery items as well as various consumables to buff your health above your allowed max for combat-oriented characters.
  • Bioelectric Energy is broken up into Pips (you start with 2 and can upgrade to a max of 5), and the current Pip regenerates (slowly, and there are some upgrades available to speed up the process) as long as you don't deplete it fully. Actions like Takedowns deplete a whole pip. If you deplete one, it'll go to the next one, but the previous one won't regenerate anymore until you find recovery items like candy bars and restore it back. The last one will always regenerate, so you're never completely out of power, but you're more limited in your actions with only one.
  • They've added a third-person cover system where you manually engage the cover by pressing (or holding, depends on your settings) a button. The system is also optional, since you can just hide behind cover and move between it the old-school way, but it makes certain actions harder or trickier to perform, or basically means you need to rely more on another feature. Which brings me to...
  • The Radar, which is a mandatory augmentation. Your basic radar is limited until you spend resources to improve it, and supports features like showing cones of vision and a bigger detection radius. It's not an all-powerful tool though, and it doesn't render exploration useless.
  • Melee weapons have been pretty much replaced by the Takedown system, which temporarily shifts you into third-person. You either knock your foes out non-lethally (press button), or you pretty much impale them (hold button). The system is contextual (number of enemies, approach angle), so you won't be doing the same move over and over again too much.
  • Stealth gameplay now fully relies on line-of-sight and sound propagation, eliminating lighting and shadows. On the other hand, sound is handled really well this time around (people nearby will still hear a silenced weapon, and a cloak won't help you if people can hear your footsteps), and if you move stuff around in the environment, supposedly this can also alert patrols to your presence!
  • You have multiple alert levels for enemy NPCs (four, to be exact - Normal, Cautious, Suspicious, Hostile). There are also cooldown periods between the various levels, which means you'll need to wait out the enemy patrols trying to find you. There are also augmentations which show you the timer and some actively reduce the waiting period, too!
  • There's an enemy squad-system in place, meaning that if you take out the leader you may render the entire group much weaker and disoriented. It also means that, should you choose to use non-lethal weaponry or Takedowns, their team-mates may revive the knocked out combatants and get them back into action if they find them out cold, putting the entire group into higher alert.
  • They've merged Skills and Augs into Augmentations, but with a twist: you earn Praxis Points (pieces of software) by getting enough experience points (doing objectives, exploration, killing or neutralizing people, talking, sneaking, hacking, etc), buying them off the market or finding them in a level. You can then use these to re-enable functionality of Adam's extensive mechanical Augmentations without burning out his brain. The Augs have a tree-based upgrade system - it costs 2 points to purchase a new augmentation "tree" and 1 point to upgrade a part of it. You can also customize your character even further by investing money into various Weapons upgrades. Augs aren't mutually exclusive, but the devs say that you cannot possibly gain enough Praxis to unlock everything in one playthrough or upgrade all your weapons with mods - there simply aren't enough resources in-game.
  • Hacking is essentially three systems rolled into one: lockpicking, multitools and computers. Computers still let you do pretty much what Deus Ex did (read emails, configure turrets, open doors, use and manipulate security cameras). Lockpicks and Multitools are now gone, replaced by hacking keypads. You can still hunt for corresponding codes (which need to be manually entered unlike in Invisible War, although if you've found them by playing the game you'll get a pop-up above the code-entering window in case you've forgotten them). There are different levels of hacking and you need to have good enough Augmentations to even attempt the higher-level ones. The mechanic is quite complex, it's about territory control between you and the security system, where each 'node' is a territory to control on your way to the goal. The security system starts out passive, but each node you capture has a chance to activate it, at which point it attempts to take back nodes and make its way to your entrance node, at which point the hacking fails and the alarm goes off. tl;dr - you have to reach your destination by linking nodes, and the AI does the same - if you reach it in the time limit, you win, if the AI reaches your entry point or you run out of time, you lose.
  • Certain conversations are now Social Battles. It's essentially up to you to read the NPCs personality type and determine if they react better to and comply easier by being threatened, pleaded to, bribed or any other conversation option. Some augmentations even let you detect the types (Alpha, Beta and Omega) easier, which enables you to figure out if they're lying easier, push their buttons to get a response you want or even use pheromones. You can lock yourself out of conversations, so you can't just retry them infinitely. You can succeed, fail or have a neutral response. If you restart the conversation, it will move on to a completely different one. You can't learn the path. Also, while the new convo system shows you One-word options, if you hover over them you'll see what you're about to say, so there's no guessing on what Adam will say, ala Mass Effect.
  • They've ditched Universal Ammo (thank god). They’ve instead gone for a variety of weapons, where each weapon now has its own ammo type. There are also mods which enable additional functionality beyond just extended ammo clips or faster reload times (there's stuff like Flechette homing rounds, or Explosive Rounds for the Revolver).
  • There is an "augmented reality" component (object highlighting and objective markers), but after a lot of bitching, the devs made both optional.

On the other hand...
Ten reasons why it is faithful to the original by Jerion/Mr. K
  • Ambience - In the original Deus Ex, there was an overall sense of gloom outside those few halls of prosperity. This is repeated here; "Not only is it night, it feels like it hasn't been day in years". Music that sets the mood, NPCs that fit the part and grimy corners mere steps from curvy, polished buildings home to those with wealth create a world rich in cyberpunk substance.
  • Sneaking reprises it's old role - DX offered sneaking with two goals available: Get past the enemy, Get to the enemy. Bide your time, gather information, take as many variables as possible into account, formulate a plan, execute the plan without being noticed. In first person or third this structure hasn't changed.
  • Actions and consequences - Make a choice, experience the consequence later on. Transform Adam into a Batman-esque raider, and be outclassed by opposing sheer firepower down the line. Convince a man to make good on an old debt, he loses his job later, altering related fates. Go non-lethal on a mission, get crap for it later and risk making an enemy.
  • Hidden motivations, twisting stories and personal agendas - Trust No-One. Question Everything. Self Explanatory, Yes?
  • Considered pacing - I find this one is slightly odd, but for all the smoothness and potential intensity added to the gameplay mix, the considered, take-time-to-make-your-decisions pacing is reprised. The actual execution (for lack of a better word) is what is really altered as a result of the...more controversial changes made to the formula. In Deus Ex it paid to use your brain, sometimes literally. That's still the case.
  • Non/Lethal - The old option helps to define how you take on the world, how your own character is developed and how others react to you. Are you an enforcer, a conspirator, or executioner? Are you worthy of respect or contempt?
  • Inventory - Well, yeah. 'tis back with a couple attitude adjustments.
  • It's BLACK AND GOLD! Kidding. But... - There's meaning, deeper than the surface. This is evident everywhere. The world created is deep, perhaps beyond sane reason. Ebooks, papers, pocket secretaries, discussions you might hear on a street corner. Conversations where things are said, without being said at all. The original of the species had this deeper-than-the-surface nature to a then-unprecedented extent, HR matches that and goes further.
  • Multi-path - This may be old after being hammered in by EM marketing, but...Multi-path. Multiple solutions to problems are built into the level, A.I. and social design. Dynamic blending of gameplay pillars enables multiple routes through the world, matching consequences of any scale with decision making at nearly every turn.
  • XP allocation decisions - In DX, Augmentations helped expand your abilities, while Skills helped improve your strengths. This meant that experience points were always distributed carefully, with emphasis put on those aspects of JC that you applied most often. In Human Revolution, Augmentations take on both roles, expanding your abilities by improving strengths. The decisions of applying XP are pretty much the same, though with more precision available than before for building character strengths.

  • A divided near-future: discover a time of great technological advancement, but also a time of chaos and conspiracy. Mechanical augmentations of the human body have divided society between those who can afford them, and those who can't. Opposing forces conspire from the shadow to control the destiny of mankind: a human revolution is coming.
  • A perfect mix of action and role-play: the game uniquely combines action-packed close-quarter takedowns with intense shooting, offering a vast array of character augmentations and upgrades for the many weapons at your disposal. Unlock new abilities and increase your stealth, social, combat or hacking skills: the game rewards all styles of play and approaches. Determine how you want your character to evolve, based on how you want to play the game.
  • Choices and consequences: shoot your way through your enemies, sneak up behind them without being traced, hack systems to retrieve crucial information, or use your social skills to extract information from key characters - there are always choices, multiple approaches, multiple paths and multiple tools at your disposal. Choose your playing style and face the consequences of your actions, you decide how the story unfolds.

The feature list off the game's Steam page:
  • The long-awaited return of the award winning franchise that blends the best of Action and RPG: the perfect mix of combat, stealth, hacking, and social gameplay.
  • Play as Adam Jensen, a mechanically augmented agent: customize and upgrade your character with more than 50 unique augmentations that support your style of play.
  • Deadly weapons: Over 20 available weapons, each with their own customizable elements.
  • Fight enemies including dangerous thugs, augmented special operations soldiers, advanced robots; and engage in epic boss battles.
  • Live the reactive and dangerous world: your choices will have consequences in the game’s world.
  • Play in an open-ended world: there are always multiple solutions to every challenge.
  • Engage the unique Cyber Renaissance setting: discover a unique world that blends near future and Renaissance elements.
  • Travel the world: visit multiple unique locations across the globe each with their own design, story and gameplay elements.
  • Become involved in vast global conspiracy: unravel the story — discover who you can really trust.
  • Decide humanity’s future: the decision you make and the actions you take will lead to an ultimate decision on mankind’s future.


Say hi to Inventory Tetris again.

And this should be familiar, too. x2

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director’s Cut is the enhanced return to one of the most critically-acclaimed video game franchises of all time. The game tells the story of Adam Jensen, a man cybernetically augmented against his own will, who soon finds himself in the middle of a global conspiracy to which he holds the key. By offering players the chance to advance through the game in multiple and vastly different ways, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut challenges the foundations of gaming and provides an immersive experience where every choice has a lasting consequence.

The Director's Cut will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U and Windows PC.

David Anfossi posted:

Over the last 18 months, the team has been working very hard on the development of the Director's Cut. With this edition, we gave the team the envious task of pushing the boundaries of innovation and creativity to explore something we believe will become a big part of the future of the franchise, the second screen experience. When the game launches, players will have the opportunity to experience Human Revolution in a new and unique way through SmartGlass, the PS Vita and the Wii U GamePad. I look forward to hearing your feedback on the Deus Ex forums.

The Director's Cut contains the full Human Revolution game, plus all DLC packs (the Missing Link, the Explosive Mission Pack, and the Tactical Enhancement Pack) – along with other improvements and bonuses:
  • Improved boss battles & boss battle map layouts that better support non-combatative playstyles and give players alternative potential strategies
  • The Missing Link DLC is integrated into the main game instead of a separate experience
  • A New Game+ mode, letting players carry over their augmentations and weapons from their first playthrough
  • New hacking challenges are available to players who focus on hacking, and stealth options are available to those who focus on stealth
  • Energy system is more forgiving, you can also have two energy cells recharge by default on all but the hardest difficulty
  • Players can now use Jensen’s augmentation powers more freely
  • Improved AI for enemies to include the tweaks made for The Missing Link downloadable expansion
  • Enemy cone of vision has been retrofitted into the entire game
  • Missing Link’s improved visuals have now been applied to Director’s Cut full game - includes better shaders and revamped lighting system
  • New fog system that “makes the atmosphere really stand out”
  • Around 8 hours of commentary from Eidos Montreal - Icons dotted around the world can activate this voice over, and you’re free to continue playing as you listen
  • The Wii U GamePad, Microsoft’s SmartGlass, and the PlayStation Vita provide the ultimate experience with 11 new Neural Hub features, including touchscreen hacking, interactive map editing, augmented sniping, smart vision plus, throwback explosives, inventory and augmentation management, and the possibility to play the entire game on the GamePad screen.

PC digital download prices:
  • New purchase (if you don’t already have the basic game): £12.99/€19.99/$19.99
  • Own the basic game (with no DLC): £6.99/€7.99/$9.99
  • Own the game and Missing Link DLC: £3.49/€3.99/$4.99
These upgrades apply to the Steam version only.

Console prices:
  • The Wii U version of the game will cost $49.99
  • The PS3 and 360 editions will be priced at $29.99

The game will be available to download on October 22, 2013 in North America and October 25, 2013 in PAL territories.

The Story
You play Adam Jensen, an ex-SWAT specialist who's been handpicked to oversee the defensive needs of one of America's most experimental biotechnology firms. Your job is to safeguard company secrets, but when a black ops team breaks in and kills the very scientists you were hired to protect, everything you thought you knew about your job changes. Badly wounded during the attack, you have no choice but to become mechanically augmented and you soon find yourself chasing down leads all over the world, never knowing who you can trust. At a time when scientific advancements are turning athletes, soldiers and spies into super enhanced beings, someone is working very hard to ensure mankind's evolution follows a particular path.

You need to discover where that path lies. Because when all is said and done, the decisions you take, and the choices you make, will be the only things that can change it.

Human Revolution deals with the ethics of transhumanism, and carries an overarching message of humanity's reach exceeding its grasp. "Mankind is using mechanical augmentations," director Jean-François Dugas said before the game's release, "but there is still much to be determined in terms of their effect on society and the ultimate direction it will lead us in." The pace of technological development is reflected visually by a Renaissance theme. Characters who support the advances of human augmentation dress themselves and decorate their homes in reinterpreted late-medieval Italian style, and the game as a whole has a sepia-tinted colour palette (aka "Black and Gold") reminiscent of historic manuscripts or paintings. In contrast, characters who oppose augmentation wear clothing that is more or less current-day.

Conspiracy theories and immensely powerful corporations also feature strongly, as in Deus Ex, though the devs are being (rightly) tight-lipped about them.

The Protagonist (Adam Jensen)

A 34-year-old Caucasian male from Detroit, Michigan, ADAM JENSEN is an ex-cop turned private security specialist for Sarif Industries, a moderately-sized biotechnology company based in North America. He is what you would call a 'working class hero:' dependable, resourceful, curious in a stand-offish way, with a streak of hardcore cynicism mixed in.

Having joined the Detroit police force at 21, and then volunteered for its SWAT division 4 years later, Jensen rose to team commander quickly. But his career ended suddenly two years ago when he refused to follow a questionable order. Today Jensen tends to be a loner, rather than a leader. He believes there are multiple ways to achieve a desired result, and instinctively looks for answers from himself first, consulting others only after his own ideas are exhausted.

Elias Toufexis is the voice of Adam Jensen.

Other Characters:

David Sarif is the founder and CEO of Sarif Industries, a moderately-sized biotechnology company based in North America. Looking to increase the efficiency of advanced prosthetics production, David Sarif purchased and overhauled an auto factory in Detroit. Shortly after, he created a system that automates the manufacturing of advanced prostethics, converting the newly purchased plant into the first auto-mechanical augmentation factory. He is a well-preserved male in his late 50s, of average height and build, in decent shape. His features are Mediterranean.

The son of an immigrant family from Boston, Sarif was brought up to understand the value of hard work and dedication, and from an early age his insight into machines set the tone for the man he would become. He worked his way through university and from there to a scholarship at MIT, getting a Master's and an MBA before entering the prosthetics field. Sarif believes in justice, progress, science and technology, civilization, human endeavor, and people. He is direct when dealing with others and unafraid to show emotions. Some find him blunt or pushy, others refreshing, even invigorating. His sense of honesty applies only to his behavior - he has no aversion to keeping secrets when appropriate; usually his demeanor lets him get away with it.
Voiced by: Steve Shellen

Dr. Megan Reed is a scientific genius, a leader in the field of human enhancement technologies, and the most prominent neuroscientist working for Sarif Industries. She is in her early thirties, Caucasian, and completely unaware of how good-looking she actually is. She is one of the researchers who has stumbled upon something "big" which would make mechanical augmentation available & affordable to everyone, a discovery which seems to make her very nervous about it. She was ready to fly to Washington D.C. along with other scientists and Adam to appear before a Congressional Hearing, but not before she confesses to Adam that this new discovery is controversial. During the attack on Sarif Industries' laboratories by mechanical-augmented black ops commandos she is rendered unconscious and kidnapped by Jaron Namir under the eyes of a powerless, dying Adam and is presumed and declared dead by pretty much everyone.

Reed grew up in Seattle, the only child of two doctors who both decided early on that family life would never interfere with their careers. Left on her own more often than not, the young girl compensated by developing a rich inner life; today her fertile imagination enables Reed to connect information and extrapolate it toward a theoretical endpoint in great intuitive leaps. Unfortunately, she also has a tendency to become so focused on her thoughts that everything else fades in the background. Relationships with others have suffered - she is Adam's ex, so they have history together and you can dig up a lot of it during the game.
Voiced by: Michelle Boback (who, btw, is Adam Jensen's VA's wife in real life)

Francis, or Frank, Pritchard works as the head of Security when it comes to computers and networks at Sarif Industries. He also works with Adam Jensen in the field and gives him advice through Adam's neural intercom on security conditions, and optional methods of entry (much like Alex Jacobson in the first DX). He is highly knowledgeable of security layouts, and various points of entry, tending to side on indirect, covert routes. He was the one who told David Sarif the needed to have a physical security team to protect, but wanted Dynacore, Sharp Edge or Belltower, all top private security contractors, and not Adam. While they still respect eachother on a certain level, Pritchard and Jensen share a somewhat antagonistic relationship, akin to rivalry or mistrust, and he isn't afraid of showing this. He is also a huge dick.
Voiced by: Andreas Apergis (ahahah holy poo poo)

Faridah Malik is a private pilot employed by Sarif Industries and ends up flying Adam wherever he needs to go to complete his objectives and investigations in the VTOL aircraft. She also provides intelligence and advice through Adam's infolink during missions, kind of like Pritchard does. She had some light neural augmentation work done to improve her flight skills.
Voiced by: Paula Jean Hixson

The Attackers:

Lawrence Barrett is a heavily augmented member of the Tyrants, the augmented black-ops team who attacked the Sarif Industries research labs. He has a three-barrel minigun concealed in his left arm, which on some levels makes him rather similar in design to another character named Barrett in Final Fantasy VII. He also has a whole Bull / Taurus theme going on with his nose ring and belt design, while also having a rather thick Southern accent. According to the logos on his numerous and bulky-looking augmentations, they are made by Tai Yong Medical, a direct and fierce competitor to Sarif Industries. He was also the first bad guy we saw in early articles, although he's gone through a redesign since then. They've also seemed to have toned down his hilarious voice acting and accent from the first trailer. "Heeeeieeeeaoul!"
Voiced by: Al Goulem

Yelena Fedorova (russian: Елена Фёдорова) is an antagonist in the game and a senior member of the Tyrants, an augmented black-ops team who attacked the Sarif Industries research labs, and also shows up in the novel Deus Ex: Icarus Effect. She is mechanically augmented with both invisibility augs and cybernetic leg prostheses. She is also seen in some trailers mowing down people during a riot and clearly enjoying it quite a bit, and the novel implies that she is very likely to be a mute, not saying a single word in it. Not to mention that she's the owner of "that rear end" in the CGI trailer. drat.
Voiced by: Leni Parker

Jaron Namir, dubbed "Redarms" by some of the Fanbase due to the style of his augmentations first seen in the CGI trailer, is the founding member of Belltower’s Elite Special Operations Unit aka the "Tyrants", an augmented black-ops team who attacked the Sarif Industries research labs. This black ops team is made up of multi-national members who work for a mysterious conglomerant of the world's most powerful and wealthy members. The novel gives us some of his back story, including his Israeli nationality and the story about his sister. He was the one who recruited Lawrence Barrett, Yelena Fedorova and other (novel-only?) members into the group. He is also the one who attacks and nearly kills Adam Jensen in the prologue of the game. The novel also says that despite his heavy augmentation and determination towards the completion of his objectives, he still retains a personal life.
Voiced by: Michael Rudder

Other Noteworthy People:

Eliza Cassan is the celebrity-like Picus TV Network newsreader, thus her face is pretty much known to everyone and is seen everywhere, who is apparently (at least professionally) heavily conscious about fashion trends as she's rocking a spiffy and kinda goofy neo-renaissance outfit. She is seen as the "voice of news" and Picus TV is a part of the advertising conglomerate, The Picus Group, founded by the media mogul Sir. Martin Darrow. Her critics claim she is pretty much a puppet, reading government and corporatist propaganda instead of real news. Judging from the trailers, she seems to know quite a bit and is seen warning Adam during what I presume is one of his visits of Picus in Montreal.
Voiced by: Kim Bubbs

Lazarus is an anti-establishment, "paranoid nut-job"-like pirate radio talk-show host. He can be heard on the radio (whenever you can find them) during missions, playing some of the classic Deus Ex music snippets and talking about how all the Sheeple should wake up and start thinking for themselves, pointing out what he thinks are some of the lies and misconceptions told by people in power, ranting about the specific persons & organizations involved with all the "bullshit" going on, telling his opinion on the whole augmentation debate and just generally talking about conspiracy theories. Dude rules.
Voiced by: Harry Standjofski

The charismatic founder and icon of Humanity Front, an anti-augmentation organization which lobbies for heavy augmentation regulation by the government. He is a strong advocate for people who are healthy to leave their bodies as they are instead of chopping off limbs because it's the "cool thing to do" or "needed to remain competitive on the job market". He also tries to distance himself from Purity First, which is another pro-human group, which in his official view is too radical and that the battle to keep humans as they are should be fought with words and law, not terrorism and bombs.
Voiced by: Bruce Dinsmore

Hugh Darrow is a visionary entrepreneur whose innovations and groundbreaking ideas changed not only the face of augmentation, but also the very fabric of society itself. With his family's considerable assets at his disposal, he purchased and revamped a struggling prosthetics manufacturing company in England, creating Darrow Industries. Darrow Industries is responsible for multiple innovations making augmentation even possible, among which is also the anti-rejection drug Neuropozyne. Now it's said he's hidden from the public, off "saving the world" somewhere out there, like rich philanthropists should.
Voiced by: Arthur Holden

The CEO of Tai Yong Medical, a market leader in the bio-technology field based in China and a direct competitor to Sarif Industries. Not much is known about her yet, aside from a minor appearance in one of the trailers and some appearances in the comic book series, which mentions her as "being criticized for her aggressive business practices and policies". She has apparently been trying to get David Sarif to sell off his company. She is also seen wearing a very neo-renaissance-ish outfit.
Voiced by: Jane Luk

Tong Si Hung is the owner of a popular members-only club called "The Hive" on the island of Hengsha, the eastern "Silicon Valley" of augmentation, and is also a Triads Boss, therefore a part of (and has a firm understanding of) the underground there, which would make him a very handy ally to have in Adam's investigation - if only you could find and persuade him into helping, which as seen in the E3 Demo is something you could fail at.
Voiced by: Dennis Akiyama

There are many, many other characters in the world of DX:HR, and it's up to the player to determine which ones aren't just trying to manipulate Adam into doing their bidding and uncovering their true intentions. "Everyone has their own agenda". Some of them have a history with Adam, and the game reflects that, while others aren't familiar with him at all and it's up to you to forge relationships - beneficial ones if possible. If not...

The Locations:

Detroit - This is a City Hub which shows just how far the division between the rich and the poor has come to. You have these really futuristic-looking segments and streets, full of the newest technology-producing companies and high-class well-lit streets and shops, which are actively patrolled by the police. These exists because David Sarif contributed to a new birth and a new prosperity for the city thanks to taking the broken down automobile industry and converting its abandoned or non-operational factories to start the augmentation production and research business. However, not everyone is part of this - you have the rundown-looking parts of the city, poo poo-hole apartments for your everyday person not involved with the augmentation industry, lovely looking non-renovated streets and dead ends, full of the disenfranchised, the various gang members (which in some cases control entire districts) and various arms & drug dealers, not to mention the Detroit sewers full of hobos living there. These people hold no love for Sarif and the Augmentation Industry. This makes the place very atmospheric.

Hengsha, Shanghai - This is China's & various corporate interests' response to running out of building space on the island after the initiative to turn the city into this Asian Silicon Valley or Akihabara of cybernetics. Instead of giving up and building elsewhere or artificially enlarging the island, they simply built upwards once more, which resulted in this magnificent futuristic-looking double-decker city. Having one of the City Hubs be set within China also allowed the developers to expand the scope of the game, let you roam a foreign-looking environment and at the same time re-explore the idea of the Triads and their operations, influences and conflicts from the first game, while getting to work on Asian-influenced content, whose aesthetics fit right into Cyberpunk and the fears of the East devouring the West in the genre. The island also has a socio-economic division like in Detroit, where the top-tier of the city is reserved for the wealthy and the powerful.

Montréal - Reviews are now saying that Montreal isn't a "proper" hub ( ), but you'll still be visiting the city in order to investigate something at Picus Communications, a media company based in the city. What you'll be doing there is also a mystery, since none of the previews mention much about it, aside from "Adam goes to talk to Eliza, is told he needs to leave".

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Sep 11, 2003

I am good with computers.

  • Gtech R-Series CS Gas Discharger
  • Shok-Tac Version V Concussion Grenade
  • ECDA Type 4 Frag-k
  • Pulsar Type E Electromag Grenade
Mines: You have an item called a "Mine Template", which can turn any grenade into a fully-functional mine. You also find pre-rigged templates.

DLC Weapons (more below):
  • Huntsman Silverback Double-Barrel Shotgun
  • Steiner Bisley Longsword Whisperhead Suppressed Extreme Range Sniper
  • Steiner Bisley Linebacker G-87 MSGL Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher
  • Steiner Bisley M-28 Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device (UR-DED)

  • The Fridge.

Weapon Modifications
You can find or buy various weapon mods for your arsenal in this game. Some are universal, some are weapon-specific to either a single weapon or a couple of weapon types. Some even add completely new functionality to a weapon! Here is a list, the first ones are more "generic":
  • Ammo Capacity Upgrade
  • Damage Upgrade
  • Reload Speed Upgrade
  • Rate-of-Fire Upgrade
  • Laser Targeting System
  • Silencer
  • Armor-Piercing Rounds (For: Pistol)
  • Explosive Rounds (For: Revolver)
  • Burst Round System (For: Shotgun)
  • Target Leading System (For: Crossbow, Tranquilizer Rifle)
  • Target Seeking System (For: Machine Pistol, Combat Rifle)
  • Heat Seeking System (For: Rocket Launcher)
  • Internal Cooling System (For: Heavy Rifle, Plasma Lance)

The augmentations in Human Revolution are mechanical, though many of them are also electronical in nature. There's 21 total available augmentations, but almost all of them can be upgraded further. This brings the total number of upgrades to almost 70! The augmentations are either passive or active; the latter require energy to run(or activate), the former are always in effect and require no energy. When the player gains access to the augmentations some of them will be already unlocked, for example the Infolink plus the basic versions of the Health-Regen Aug and the Radar.

Augmentations are divided into different categories:

Cranium Augmentations
  • Social Enhancer (C.A.S.I.E.) (1)
    - Emotional Intelligence Enhancer
  • Wayfinder Radar System (2)
    - Radar 1 (default) - Range of 25m
    - Radar 2 - Range of 50m
  • Infolink Telecommunications Package (2)
    - Cochlear Implant (default)
    - Subvocal Communication Implant (default)
  • Stealth Enhancer (6)
    - Noise Feedback - Displays the range at which the noise you produce travels
    - Cones of Vision - Displays the enemy's cones of vision
    - Last Known Location Marker - Displays an icon at the location the enemy last saw you
    - Mark & Track 1.0 - Up to 3 Targets
    - Mark & Track 2.0 - Up to 5 Targets
    - Mark & Track 3.0 - Up to 7 Targets
  • Hacking: Capture - MHD-995 Hacking Device (8)
    - Capture Level 1 (default) - Hack level 1 terminals
    - Capture Level 2 - Hack level 2 terminals
    - Capture Level 3 - Hack level 3 terminals
    - Capture Level 4 - Hack level 4 terminals
    - Capture Level 5 - Hack level 5 terminals
    - Camera Domination
    - Turret Domination
    - Robot Domination
  • Hacking Analyze Add-on (2)
    - Detection Feedback - See the chances of detection
    - Analyze All Datastores - View the contents of a Datastore
  • Hacking: Fortify - Document - (3)
    - Fortify 1 - Adds 1 point to a node's rating
    - Fortify 2 - Adds 2 points to a node's rating
    - Fortify 3 - Adds 3 points to a node's rating
  • Hacking Stealth Add-on (3)
    - Stealth 1 - Decreases chances of detection by 15%
    - Stealth 2 - Decreases chances of detection by 30%
    - Stealth 3 - Decreases chances of detection by 45%
Torso Augmentations
  • Sentinel RX Health System (2)
    - Cardiovertor Defibrillator (default)
    - Angiogenesis Protein Therapy (default)
  • Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter - Document - (7)
    - Base Energy Level (default) - 2 Energy Cells total
    - Energy Level Upgrade 1 - 3 Energy Cells total
    - Energy Level Upgrade 2 - 4 Energy Cells total
    - Energy Level Upgrade 3 - 5 Energy Cells total
    - Base Recharge Rate (default) - 30 seconds, 10 second delay
    - Recharge Rate Upgrade 1 - 25 seconds, 5 second delay
    - Recharge Rate Upgrade 2 - 20 seconds, no delay
  • Implanted Rebreather (3)
    - Chemical Resistance
    - Hyper-Oxygenation 1 - 5 second Sprint
    - Hyper-Oxygenation 2 - 7.5 second Sprint
  • Typhoon Explosive System (2)
    - Light Damage Variant
    - Heavy Damage Variant
Arm Augmentations
  • Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis (8)
    - Instant Take-Down (default) - A single individual
    - Move/Throw Heavy Objects
    - Punch Through Wall
    - Recoil Compensation 1 - Reduces recoil by 1/2
    - Recoil Compensation 2 - Eliminates all recoil
    - Carrying Capacity +1 - Increase inventory size by 2 columns
    - Carrying Capacity +2 - Increase inventory size by another 2 columns
    - Carrying Capacity +3 - Unlocks the inventory's full size
  • Aim Stabilizer (2)
    - Aiming Motion Control 1 - Reduces reticule growth due to movement by 50%
    - Aiming Motion Control 2 - Negates all movement-induced reticule growth
Eye Augmentations
  • Smart Vision (1)
    - Wall-Penetrating Imager - Track threats through walls
  • Eye-Know Retinal Prosthesis - Document - (3)
    - Retinal HUD (default) - Displays the HUD and augmented reality
    - Cooldown Timer - Know exactly when enemy combatants will drop out of their alarmed state and return to a relaxed standing
    - Flash Suppressant - Protects against the effects of concussion grenades
Back Augmentations
  • Quicksilver Reflex Booster (1)
    - Multiple Take-Down - Take-down two opponents at once
  • Icarus Landing System - Document - (1)
    - Descent Velocity Modulator - Fall from any height without fear of injury
Skin Augmentations
  • Rhino Dermal Armour (4)
    - Damage Reduction 1 - Reduces damage by 15%
    - Damage Reduction 2 - Reduces damage by 30%
    - Damage Reduction 3 - Reduces damage by 45%
    - EMP Shielding
  • Glass-Shield Cloaking System - Document - (3)
    - Base Longevity
    - Longevity Upgrade 1 - Reduces energy consumption by 40%
    - Longevity Upgrade 2 - Reduces energy consumption by 60%
Leg Augmentations
  • Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis - Document - (5)
    - Sprint Enhancement - Maximum sprinting speed of 7.5 meters (24 feet) per second
    - Jump Enhancement - Up to 3 meters (9 feet)
    - Run Silently
    - Sprint Silently
    - Jump/Land Silently

Most augmentations are passive! The only ones you can "actively" use are: Cloaking (and its upgrades), See-Through-Walls, Silent Walking and the Typhoon. There's also the Mark & Track aug. The other "active" ones are context-sensitive: the Social Enhancer in conversations, the Icarus Landing System whenever you start to fall a bit, the Strength/Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis when you throw things (this drains power!), etc...

To unlock new augmentations, the player will need Praxis points. Praxis points can be very rarely found in the game world in the form of Praxis Kits; they can be bought from LIMB clinics, though the supply is limited; and finally, after amassing certain amount of experience points you will be rewarded with a Praxis point. Unlike the previous games, the augmentations are never mutually exclusive.

The Missing Link: Official Page - Steam Store - Trailer - "Final Reveal" Trailer - Reviews: PC Gamer, GameBanshee, Eurogamer
Length: Can take anywhere between 3 and 8 hours, depending on your playstyle, but 5-6 hours is the most common I've heard.
Price: 1200 MSP / $14.99 in the US, €11.25 (PS3) / €10.99 (PC) in Europe and £8.99 in the UK.

The DLC is standalone and doesn't "run" during the main story, you have to launch it separately in the menu. Oh, if you're gonna be playing on PC, it's also a completely separate entry in your Steam library. If you want to know when to start playing it, it takes place right after you board the container in the Hengsha harbor.

The Deus Ex: Human Revolution conspiracy grows deeper in The Missing Link. During Adam's quest for the truth in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, he mysteriously vanishes for three days. Where was he? What did he find out? The Missing Link reveals it all.

After being tortured by Belltower agents and having his augmentations disabled, Adam Jensen must rely solely on his basic capabilities to escape from a freighter, destined for an unknown location. While fighting for his survival on the ship, he uncovers another layer to the conspiracy that he never would have suspected. As Adam, befriend new, mysterious allies and fight ruthless enemies to discover what was happening in the shadows during the events of Deus Ex: Human Revolution!

-New layers of conspiracy unveiled
-Sprawling new environments
-Brand-new characters to interact with
-Rebuild Adam's augmentation set from scratch. Build up a brand new Adam!

PS: There's a character from the original game in it.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Explosive Mission Pack (click for Video)
Steam: $2.99 / 2.29€ / £1.99 -- Xbox 360: 160 Microsoft Points -- PlayStation Network: $1.99 / £1.19 / €1.49
  • Bonus Mission "Rescuing Tong" – An entirely new mission with a special cameo appearance of an original Deus Ex character!
  • Linebacker G-87 Multiple Shot Grenade Launcher - The G-87 is a multi-shot shoulder-arm low velocity grenade launcher with a gravity-fed magazine containing six 40x46mm high explosive grenade cartridges. The weapon delivers impact-detonation rounds over a ballistic arc to the objective point. Designed for military use against enemy personnel or armored targets, the Linebacker operates as a powerful force multiplier for any small offensive troop unit. This weapon is not upgradeable.
  • M-28 Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device (UR-DED) - A next-generation iteration of the venerable ‘satchel charge’ demolition/anti-armor device, the M-28 Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device is a user-deployed explosive twinned to a handheld short-range wireless radio detonator. The M-28 is versatile, capable of working alone against a single target, or being slaved to other M-28 devices to create simultaneous explosions over a large area. Detonation is equally versatile, using either direct-fire targeting, or a remote trigger.
  • Automatic Unlocking Device - A consumable item which allows you to bypass an electronic lock.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Tactical Enhancement Pack (click for Video)
Steam: $1.99 / 1.49€ / £1.19 -- Xbox 360: 240 Microsoft Points -- PlayStation Network: $3.49 / £1.99 / €2.49
  • Longsword Whisperhead Suppressed Extreme Range Sniper Rifle - The Longsword Whisperhead Suppressed Extreme Range Sniper Rifle is a military Spec-Ops variant of the standard Longsword 202 ‘ERaSeR’ sniper rifle, this highly accurate long-range, bolt-action weapon features a built-in sound suppression system that renders it virtually silent, making the shooter in cover almost undetectable at long range. In addition, the rifle’s extreme accuracy against distant targets allows it to send large caliber rounds exactly where needed; it is the ultimate ‘one-shot, one-kill’ weapon. This weapon is not upgradeable.
  • Huntsman Silverback Double-barrel Shotgun - A smoothbore dual-barrel shotgun with break-action loading, the Huntsman Silverback is a classic weapon design, used primarily for hunting small game or birds. It can also be used for sport shooting such as clay pigeon shooting, trap shooting or skeet shooting.Reloading is slow compared to its more modern counterparts, but a single trigger pull will discharge both barrels at once. This weapon is not upgradeable.
  • Extra Credits (10000) - Some starting money for purchasing Augmentations, Weapons and Weapons Upgrades

Tactical Enhancement + Explosive Mission Bundle:
Steam: $3.99 / 2.99€ / £2.49 -- Xbox 360: 320 Microsoft Points -- PlayStation Network: $3.99 / £2.39 / €2.99

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Augmented Edition - Will cost you $10 more than the standard:

Here is a nice and simple way to see what you'll get with the Augmented Edition in some major countries:

Basic goodies with the Augmented Edition include the following:

Exclusive Bonus DVD which contains:
- Making of video - 44 minutes
- Game Soundtrack
- Motion Comic (adapted from the official series by DC Comics)
- Trailer from E3 with its animation storyboard.

Artbook - 40 pages, Premium Packaging

NOTE: The American and Canadian versions seem to depend on where you pre-order this deal to get either the Explosive Mission pack or the Tactical Enhancement pack bonuses. The European version of this deal, however, will ship with both bonus packs already included!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Collector's Edition (Click for Video) - Available exclusively to select European countries, Australia and New Zealand:

It contains everything from the Augmented Edition, plus:

- A specially designed Collector’s Box.
- Every copy is numbered.
- Collectible Adam Jensen action figurine designed by Play Arts Kai.

OnLive Version:

More info here:

Team Fortress 2 Items - The Manno-Technology Bundle -

Younger TF2 fans might not understand the significance of the upcoming game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. For those of you who weren't around during gaming's golden age, it's the long-awaited sequel to the cult classic dystopian shooter Revolution X, starring and programmed by Aerosmith. You'll once again play as Brad "The Deuce" Whitford. Part human Aerosmith bass player. Part robot. ALL trouble.

"Wow! Can you let me play it now?" you ask. Dream On, Aerosmith fan. The game's not due for a week. (Joe Perry's still coding some shaders.)

"Well, is there anything I can get now?" Yes. As of right now, you can Walk This Way if you Don't Wanna Miss a Thing, because Janie (i.e. you) Has Got (i.e. can obtain) a Gun (i.e. eight new Deus Ex-themed TF2 items, FREE, by pre-ordering the Aerosmith game). The items are also available separately in the Mann Co. Store and through items drops and crafting.

Head to Deus Ex: Human Revolution's Steam page and pre-order now. Then, as long as you’re Living on the Edge, flash your parents the Devil sign and rock over to Aerosmith's official Facebook page. Don't let the cops catch you! It's dangerous!

Award-winning composer and sound designer Michael McCann aka Behavior is creating the original musical score for the game. To immerse players in the dark and beautifully visualized world of the game, the score fuses elements of cybernoir, futuristic renaissance and electrosymphonic ambience. When speaking about the music I quickly went from "What do you mean Alex Brandon isn't involved " to "Wait, the guy who did the ReGenesis music is doing it?! gently caress YES!" This guys seriously knows what he is doing, even if it's a bit too atmospheric for some.

For people asking about the soundtrack, you can get it from here:

And here's the tracklist:
  1. Icarus - Main Theme
  2. Opening Credits
  3. Main Menu
  4. First and Last
  5. Detroit City Ambient (Part 1)
  6. Detroit Marketplace
  7. The Mole
  8. Barrett Boss Fight
  9. Home
  10. Jewel Of The Orient
  11. Lower Hengsha Ambient (Part 1)
  12. Singapore Ambient (Part 2)
  13. After the Crash
  14. The Hive
  15. Harvesters
  16. Hung Hua Brothel (Extended)
  17. Everybody Lies
  18. LIMB Clinic
  19. Penthouse
  20. Hengsha Daylight (Part 1)
  21. Entering TYM
  22. Return To Hengsha
  23. And Away We Go
  24. Namir (Trailer Edit)
  25. Endings

His website:

Michael McCann's work:
Watchtower (I've had this lil' baby on repeat practically forever now)
The Long Goodbye

His work from Splinter Cell: Double Agent (which you can download for free off his Website, btw):
Splinter Cell: Double Agent - Main Menu
Splinter Cell: Double Agent - New York Infiltration
Splinter Cell: Double Agent - Iceland Infiltration
Splinter Cell: Double Agent - Shanghai Infiltration

His Deus Ex: Human Revolution stuff:
The music from the first CGI trailer
The Music from the Sarif Industries Website
The Music from Facebook's Unlocks - Detroit City Ambient - Part 2

And these... Well... Not exactly DX:HR related, but they deserve a spot here.
The Wonderful Voice Acting From The Original Deus Ex
Ah, Mister Denton, I Shoot You In The Anus!

Official Deus Ex: Human Revolution FB Page - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Fan Group

Coyotegrey posted:

The gist: Work together to increase Like numbers to the Facebook pages and unlock assets.
My personal take: I've spent a lot of time spearheading this project. I've procured an immense number of new assets (over 90 exclusive updates -- including new wallpapers, new videos, screenshots, artwork, behind-the-scenes footage, details on in-game Augmentations, weapons and the story), thanks to the help of many people, and I can't WAIT for them to all be unlocked.

There used to be a list of all the unlocks here, but I've distributed the content all over the OP now - makes more sense as all the assets have been unlocked. However, these didn't fit anywhere else:

Behind the Scenes Videos:

As much as Twitter seems like a dumb thing that people use only to let others know they're pooping ATM, it can also be useful for getting info and some comedy, like Jonathan's "DXHR Game Director's metal shirt of the day" updates or see interesting links being passed around, and sometimes some really insightful quotes get posted alongside of some silly stuff. Some of the devs also answer questions via Twitter. - A repository for all things Eidos Montreal, emphasizing on Q&A-styled communication between the devs and the fans. You've got various developers answering all kinds of questions, even some really silly ones. Sometimes the answers come in audio form as well! You also have Twitter-styled random stuff update content, like pictures from various events and interesting little stories during development. Come and ask questions, there's a good chance they'll get answered! They even posted my stupid birds!

I mean, seriously, here are some Questions and Answers by Francois "Big Rizzle Frank" Lapikas:

Q - Why does Adam Jensen pelvic thrust whenever he switches weapons while crouched and in cover? Did I just uncover a future side plot about treating Jensen's weapon fetish? Will this type of activity escalate and is it upgradable in any augmentation forms?
A - Two words: Groin-gun. So now you know how the game ends. Sorry for the spoilers.

Q - How come the augmented people in 2027 don't put some type of silicon like skin covering over their prosthesis so none knows? That way they won't get hassled by everyone. Is it a form of passive protest?
A - Well actually, there’s a lot of people with skin coverings. You just didn’t notice… that’s kind of the point isn’t?

Q - Should I sell my liver for the money to buy the game?
A - Liver is yucky and you need it to live. Sell your Soul instead.

Q - If there was one thing you believe french developers could do better or improve on in this industry for the worldwide market, what would it be?
A - I wouldn’t know, I’m not French (I’m French-Canadian, big diff. but I still like you).

Or here are two by Dugas that still makes me go :

Q - How long will the game take to complete if one explores quite thoroughly? So many recent games have been depressingly short.
A - This one is rejuvenatingly long enough for you to go Brad Pitt style like in” the something case of Benjamin something”.
(Community manager’s note: I have no idea what this means, but it’s JF. I know I’ll decode the mystery someday.)

Q - will there be a Zoo you know the place with monkeys,Elephants,bears,Tangerines or what ever that monkey is caled, & other cool looking animals? or what about Zombie Ninjas? ZOMBIE NINJAS WOULD BE AWSOM!!! :o
A - gently caress…! Why do I get the urge (again) to answer something really, really, really stupid here?

And here are some Q/A sound clips:

The Eidos Subforum for Deus Ex: Human Revolution is probably the busiest place with people chatting about the game. A word of caution though; if you thought the SA threads on the game have been horrible and filled with nothing but poo poo posts, wait until you see those boards. Some posters think insanely old 4chan jokes are still the pinnacle of humor. Still, it's one of the best resources on finding information about the game and its media updates, and generally the posts aren't retarded. And one of the mods there is a goon. And Ashpolt almost always writes huge posts.

Some of the Threads there:
PICUS NEWSDESK: News Alerts & Tweets
DX:HR OFFICIAL Images/Wallpaper Gallery & Fan Art Thread
DX:HR - Transhumanism (H+) -Politics/Philosophy/Religion/Prejudice/"Sentient"? Rights
PC version of DX:HR also being developed by 'partner studio' - NIXXES
RELEASE DATE (23-26 Aug) PRE-ORDER EXCLUSIVES & Q&As/Different Editions & Steel Book
DX:HR MERCHANDISE Thread -Strategy Book/Novel/Comic/Figures/USB/Clothes/Augmented Arm

There is an "official" IRC Channel. It's a great way to chat with other members of the DX:HR community, that is if you can supress the desire to troll them endlessly. It's been pretty quiet so far, with the most common "joke" being people who drop in, say hello, then sperg out when there's no reply. Or wonder if that is REALLY Warren Spector in the channel. However, it pays off to idle there since sometimes devs actually drop in from time to time, although it's easier to reach them via Twitter or Tumblr these days.

Server: -- Channel Name: #DXHR
Direct link to the channel: irc://
Web browser client set up for the channel:

Once the game is released, we could also have an IRC channel on SynIRC to talk about the game while playing it or some poo poo, if you guys want to.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Official Group

Here you can "show your support by joining the group", blah blah, yadda yadda. I mean, really, it's an offical game's group, don't expect too much aside from maybe having it show up on your Steam profile. You can also click on pre-made avatars for Steam if you want to use those, and sometimes they even post new content there (for a while they had some exclusive screenshots). Maybe later on they'll use Events / Announcements.

The bigger thing about this is the Group Chat. Usually the Steam chatroom in the Official Group is more busy than the IRC channel, and even though there are less regulars (although not by that much), there are more random people dropping in to talk about the game/leak/book/comics/whatever - if they don't gently caress off if you don't reply within a nanosecond of them saying "hello". We do have the Community Manager dropping in from time to time, though! He even says hi! It just has the usual problem of Bots dropping in and trying to scam you / get you to click on something / advertise some crap / beg for free games.

Sarif Industries - Envisioning a New Future through Augmentation - Evolve Yourself Today! ( )
Sarif Industries Video Commercial (, Youtube) - Extended "Testimonial" version (Youtube)


Attention, gullible self-involved web-surfing fucknobs.

Lazarus has something to say to you. It's time for you to meet (or at least, hear) probably the best character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution (for me, him and Pritchard are tied for the "most glorious and funny assholes" award).

Here's the list of the Lazarus clips, they will be released weekly they've all been released:
LAZ_001: Augmentations / Vision Aug - Online
LAZ_002: Augmentations / Speed Aug - Online
LAZ_003: Sarif Industries / About Sarif Industries - Online
LAZ_004: Augmentations / Durability Aug - Online
LAZ_005: Augmentations / Insight Aug - Online

Here are some profile pics thanks to the hack (you can get them yourself by playing the minigame), some of them are a bit broken towards the end, sorry about that: Megan Reed, Francis Wendell Pritchard, Faridah Malik, Athene Margoulis

The map of Sarif - Dugan & Sons - Main Sprinkler System also has a link to a secret video:

It gets even better, in case people didn't notice the "Mosaic" link in your URL:

(Keep clicking on it until you're zoomed in sufficiently to view individual pictures - some are screenshots, but some are actual photos and they're hilarious)

Unused URLs:

A goon visits Eidos Montreal
Jerion aka Mr.K, a moderator on the Eidos boards who also has an account here, posted about his visit ( ).

Mr. K aka Jerion posted:

Come one, Come all. Gather ‘round!

I recently spent three days at Eidos Montreal playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I can give no details on it thanks to the all-powerful Non-Disclosure Agreement, but I can provide some personal reactions. So that is exactly what I'm going to do. These are my opinions, they do not reflect Eidos Montréal or Square Enix.

Ok, about Human’s slick. It’s violent, it’s dark, it’s deep, it’s marvelous. Think DX 1, with a richer world, smoother gameplay flow and slightly faster pacing. It's so close to the original that I slipped into old habits without a second thought.

Hacking is brilliant, providing a unique challenge while not becoming a forced, dull routine. Simple enough to learn quickly, Complex enough to master slowly, Fluent enough to complete smoothly. As for stealth, If you became adept at sneaking around as JC, it's going to be an easy if initially jarring transition to Adam. The biggest and smallest change here is the cover system, which I found to support stealth rather than define it. Fighting in this game is brutal, drenching each firefight in suspense and resulting in some harsh violence. You want to make drat sure you don’t get hit as the health system is largely responsible for this.

Within Human Revolution, combat, stealth, hacking and persuasion flow together with no forced order. Any method of gameplay, any combination of play styles blends seamlessly, yet each pillar remains distinct. The music is excellent; the color palette comes alive in realtime; the music, smoke and level design mesh to provide just incredible atmosphere. A controversial subject among the hardcore fans, I feel I should report on the Dreaded Third Person. Succinctly: I found the use of TPP to be somewhat gratuitous though not generally unwelcome. As for the interface, I thought it felt slightly too complex for a console controller.

I'm impressed by Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Impressed for the better. It brings Deus Ex's magic into the current era, infusing it with a handful of cinematic elements and smoothening out the kinks. In some cases it's evident to me that complexity has been reduced in this process, while in other cases it is equally evident that it has been enhanced. Minus a couple marginal grievances, I'm completely happy with the result.

As far as I’m concerned, Deus Ex is back.

Full array of pictures. Some are deliberately out of focus, a couple wound up that way by accident.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Art Event
Some pictures from the Wooster Street Social Club DX:HR Art event:

Even more pictures can be found here. A video posted on Kotaku can be found here.

Video Podcast Series: Ask JJB (Jonathan Jacques-Belletete, the Art Director for DX:HR):

1. Will there be driving sequences in Deus Ex: Human Revolution?
2. Do all augs require equal Praxis Points?
3. Is being an art director a difficult job?
4. How are the loading screens placed in the level?
5. What are your three favorite qualities of DX:HR?
6. Are there lean keys on the PC version?
7. Are the geometrical patterns linked to the story in any way?
8. What's your personal stance on transhumanism? Blessing or curse?
9. How did you make things look less advanced than the original?
10. How has your gaming background influenced the art direction?
11. How many buildings will the player be able to enter?
12. What were you hoping to accomplish with a Deus Ex title, both artistically and in terms of game experience?
13. What was your favorite level in the original Deus Ex?
14. What's the mission structure like? Are you able to revisit areas previously visited?
15. Will you ever make a game rated AO?
16. How exactly does health regen work?
17. Does Adam Jensen ever make jokes or smile?
18. Why do the characters have small heads in the game?
19. Can players kill all NPCs and still progress?
20. Are there connections between DX:HR and the first Deus Ex?
21. Where does the name Adam Jensen come from?
22. How many weapons are in the game? Upgrades?
23. Will augmenting Adam impact the storyline?
24. Why can't players choose the main character's gender?
25. What themes are in the game besides transhumanism?
26. How are questions of personal ethics tackled in DX:HR?
27. Will Adam's glasses always be activated?

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Sep 11, 2003

I am good with computers.

Eidos Montreal Blog ( ) - It's all in French, use a Machine Translator:
>> Take-off & Inflight briefing - À travers les titres de mes articles, découvrez en exclusivité les noms de quelques-uns des chapitres de Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
>> Stimuler la créativité
>> Vous pensiez que c’était des lunettes de soleil !? (débat sur la réalité augmentée)
>> New Orders - Première partie
>> New Orders - Deuxième partie
>> La philosophie de l'infiltration dans Deus Ex: Human Revolution
>> Welcome to Montreal

>> Gamespot Interview: Jonathan Jacques-Belletete
>> GDC 10: New Deus Ex: Human Revolution Details

>> Deus Ex: HR And The Soul Of Deus Ex 1
>> Will We See Familiar Characters In Deus Ex: HR?
>> Deus Ex: HR Gets A Coat Of Black And Gold
>> Deus Ex: HR, Final Fantasy Hair, And Stylized Characters
>> One Of The Many Messages In Deus Ex: HR

>> Deus Ex 3 Q&A: Jean-Francois Dugas
>> Trailer Interview - Eurogamer
>> Trailer Interview - CAVG
>> Eurogamer - Deus Ex: HR Preview
>> Eurogamer - Deus Ex: Fan Service
>> Eurogamer - Eidos Montreal's Jean-François Dugas Interview
>> IGN E3 2010: Deus Ex: HR Preview
>> IGN Video: Deus Ex Trailer Analysis

PC Gamer's Deus Ex Week:
>> Day 1, the Deus Ex 3 demonstration, blow-by-blow
>> Day 2, an Interview - Designing Deus Ex: HR
>> Day 3, Taking Liberties: a Deus Ex story
>> Day 4, Deus Ex 3 screenshots and art explained (Video 1, Video 2)
>> Day 5, Interview, the art of Deus Ex: HR
>> Day 6, The Deus Ex decision: which ending did you pick? (Spoilers!)
>> Day 7, Interview, Writing Deus Ex: HR

>> Joystiq Video Interview
>> Gametrailers Video Interview
>> IGN Video Interview
>> A little video review of the E3 demo from Gamespot. (Skip to 1:50)
>> Inciting A (Human) Revolution: The Deus Ex Interview
>> Eurogamer - Do the Revolution (Interview with Dugas)
>> 1UP: Deux Ex HR Wows us With Incredible Gameplay Options
>> VG247 Interview – Eidos Montreal’s David Anfossi
>> IGN Gamescom 2010: Deus Ex: HR – Triple Threat
>> Eurogamer Gamescom 2010: Who died and made non-linearity king? (READ THIS ONE!)

>> IGN Australia Interview: Jean-Francois Dugas (thanks, oddspelling!)
>> GamesCom 2010: Video Interview with Jean-Francois Dugas
>> New interview with Jean-François Dugas by (Russian Source)
>> Gamasutra - Deus Ex: The Human Question (Stéphane D'Astous)
>> Gamescom 2010: Deus Ex: HR Preview - Let Choice Be Your Weapon
>> Rock Paper Shotgun: Jean-François Dugas Interview
>> TGS 2010 - Deus Ex: HR Interview with Dugas (YouTube)
>> Interview (OXM, Inside Xbox) with Jonathan Jacques Bellette, Art Director.
>> Deus Ex (HR) Dev explains why it's Black & Gold
>> Eurogamer Expo Sessions: Eidos Montreal presents Deus Ex
>> IGN - Interview with Art Director Belletête
>> Joystiq - Deus Ex: HR preview: talking up the possibilities
>> Spong - Interviews (Jonathan Jacques-Belletête)
>> CVAG: Deus Ex: 'We must respect the original'
>> Atomic PC - Deus Ex: HR looks better & better
>> Blogcritics - Square Enix Shows us the new Deus Ex, Mindjack, Dungeon Siege III, and Gun Loco
>> Famitsu -『Deus Ex』ついにわかった! 最新デモプレイで多彩な攻略法が判明
>> Gamespot - Video Interview with Jonathan Jacques-Belletete and James Swallow

>> Atomic Gamer: Interview with Jean-Francois Dugas
>> Deus Ex: "Based on real projects that are going to be built"
>> GamingExcellence - Deus Ex: HR Preview (Source)
>> Destructoid Preview: Deus Ex: HR played three ways
>> GamingExcellence - Deus Ex: HR Developer Interview with David Anfossi
>> NeoSeeker - Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC sporting DX 11 features, Eyefinity support
>> NeoSeeker - Deus Ex: HR has improved AI on PC
>> Audio Interview with Jean-François Dugas, Lead Game Designer
>> Audio Interview with Steve Szczepkowski, Lead Audio Designer
>> Siliconera: Tell Us About Deus Ex: HR’s Conspiracies and Adam Jensen’s Past
>> Toronto Video Game Examiner: Preview: Deus Ex: HR
>> Toronto Video Game Examiner: Interview with Deus Ex: HR Producer David Anfossi
>> GamingTarget: Deus Ex HR Story Interview (YouTube)
>> GameRevolution - Deus Ex HR Behind the Scenes Interview Part 1
>> Electronic Theatre - Deus EX: HR Q&A Revealed
>> GamersMint - Trailer analysis: Guns can fire through walls and more
>> Eurogamer: Deus Ex gameplay detailed
>> Destructoid: Deus Ex: HR gameplay trailer analysis
>> MSNBC In-Game: 'Deus Ex' a human revolution begins (Video, JJB)
>> Edge Magazine - Deus Ex: HR Interview (DA, JJB, JFD)
>> PC Gamer - Deus Ex: HR’s 21 augs analysed (+ Speculation)
>> JJB Talks about Jim Murray, Concept Artist
>> Deus Ex: Human Revolution winning Inside Gaming Awards' 2010 Best Trailer
>> USA Today: Five things you didn't know about 'Deus Ex: Human Revolution'
>> Deus Ex: HR’s Level Design is Multi-Path, Multi-Solution (Steven Ciciola, Level Designer, EM)
>> PC Gamer - Deus Ex: HR Preview (Jan 2011)
>> PCGamer - Deus Ex: HR won’t have dynamic difficulty of any kind
>> Interview with ELIAS TOUFEXIS (Voice of Adam Jensen)
>> Destructoid - Deus Ex: HR dev geeks out over 0451, Proof
>> Eurogamer - Will Deus Ex: HR make you cry? - Mary De Marle Interview
>> Rock Paper Shotgun - “We Didn’t Want To Go Black & White”

The following are Hands On Previews of the game's Tutorial level.
>> Rock Paper Shotgun - Deus Ex: HR Impressions - Spoilers!
>> Rock Paper Shotgun - Deus Ex 3′s First Level, Blow-By-Blow - Links to the Eurogamer one
>> PC Gamer - Deus Ex HR preview: first hands on - Spoilers! - (Here is a spoiler-tagged version)
>> Eurogamer - Deus Ex: HR Hands On - Spoilers!
>> Gamespot - Extended Hands-On, Part One & Video Interview - Spoilers!
>> CVG - DXHR Standing on the shoulders of giants - Spoilers!
>> Kotaku - First Hands-on With Deus Ex: HR Teaches Us To Walk, Then Fly - Spoilers!
>> Destructoid - You begin Deus Ex: Human Revolution as ... - Spoilers!
>> 1UP - DX:HR's Opening Is Both Weaker And Better Than The Original Deus Ex's Intro - Spoilers! - (Here is a spoiler-tagged version)
>> GameStar: DEUS EX: HR IN THE PREVIEW - Mass Effect 2 meets Half-Life (Spoiler-tagged, original in German)

>> SiliconEra - Dx:HR’s Plot Constantly Evolved During Development
>> CVG - Deus Ex multiplayer can work - Online mode "possible" but "difficult", says writer
>> SiliconEra - DX:HR Director On Boss Deaths And The Butterfly Effect
>> CD-Action Preview, translated and posted by Kodaemon on the Eidos forums
>> Dutch preview from Power Unlimited, summary posted by Zakka on the Eidos forums
>> VG247 - Vive la Revolution – JF Dugas on rebooting Deus Ex
>> GameFront - Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The First 10 Minutes
>> Suvudu: Deus Ex Writer James Swallow on Writing Video Games vs. Writing Novels

The following are Hands On Previews of the game's first actual Mission.
>> Kotaku - Hands-on And The Next Stage In Human Revolution
>> G4 - Hands-on Preview
>> Game Reactor - Preview
>> Atomic Gamer - Hands On First Look
>> - Hands-on Preview
>> Destructoid - Hands-on: The first mission
>> Eurogamer - Hands On
>> Gamespot - Extended Hands-On Preview, Part Two
>> Hot Games Buzz - Hands on: the first three hours
>> - Hands-On Preview - Part 2
>> Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Impressions Pt. 2
>> PC Gamer - Hands on: the first three hours
>> Shacknews - Hands-On Part 1, Part 2

>> - Vorschau-Video vom Anspiel-Event (Mirror)
>> Game reactor - GRTV talks to the game director (Jean-Francois Dugas)
>> Gametrailers - Human Renaissance Interview HD (Jacques-Belletete)
>> - Video-Interview mit Francois Lapikas
>> First Hands-On Media Event in Irvine, CA
>> GameSpot - Interview: The Value of Choice (PC)
>> Eidos' Deus Ex Created with Autodesk tools
>> Deus Ex: Human Revolution in Autodesk's GDC 2011 Presentation, Day 1 - (Pictures)

>> Daeda's Impressions on the game on the Eidos forums, Q/A Session
>> Rock Paper Shotgun - Humans Chat About Deus Ex 3
>> IGN - A Newcomer's Perspective
>> GamePro: Deus Ex: Human Evolution Preview (Video) / (Article)
>> GameBanshee - Preview (spoiler-tagged version) - READ THIS ONE
>> GameBanshee - Interview with Mary DeMarle (spoiler-tagged version)
>> IGN - Consequences - For every action (or lack thereof) there is a reaction (spoiler-tagged version)
>> CGSociety Feature Article: Mixing Cyberpunk with the Renaissance
>> Facial animation in Deus Ex HR - Interview with Dugas
>> Part 1 - Approaching a new Deus Ex; building a "preboot", connecting the DX storyline
>> Part 2 - Balancing and meshing the action, stealth and role-playing; linearity & non-linearity
>> Part 3 - Artificial Intelligence, action-scenes and action in general
>> Part 4 - The game's script and its influences, how the story was written
>> Part 5 - PC version & console versions, the inventory system, the soundtrack

>> Gametactics - PAX East 2011 – Q&A Session Video
>> 1UP: Active Time Babble XXXIII: Deus Ex Dev Interview, Final Verdict on Dragon Age 2 and a Fond Farewell (starts at 01:00:45) (rough transcript)
>> Dualshockers: PAX East 11: Interview (pretty bad)
>> GameSpot - Interview: Pax East 2011 (PC)
>> RPS - Uplinked: The Hacking System
>> GayGamer - PAX East 11: Gameplay Demo Impressions
>> VGRevolution - PAX East: Gameplay Demo Impressions
>> PAX2011 Impressions by Shralla on the Eidos Forums
>> Gamerant - PAX East: Demo Preview
>> PAX2011: Q&A Part 1
>> PAX2011: Q&A Part 2
>> PAX East 2011 – Q&A Session Video

>> Next-Gen - Writing Deus Ex: HR (spoilers)
>> Shacknews - Interview: Mary DeMarle, Lead Writer
>> Warpzoned Interview: Augmenting Deus Ex: HR (Dugas)
>> Gamingbits: Interview with Jacques-Belletête
>> Suck at stealth games? Deus Ex: HR can help
>> Visible War: Hands-on with Deus Ex: HR’s first two hours
>> RPGamer Feature - Deus Ex: HR - Interview
>> Shacknews - Interview: game director Jean-François Dugas
>> Rock Paper Shotgun - Deus Ex 3 PC Being Co-Developed By Nixxes
>> PC Gamer - Eidos Montreal outsources Deus Ex – should PC gamers panic?
>> PlayStation.Blog - When Worlds Collide
>> Monstervine - Interview With Jean-Francois Dugas
>> GameRant - Interview With Jacques-Belletête
>> TotalPlayStation - A Casual Chat With Jacques-Belletête
>> Xbox360Achievements - Inspirations, Invisible War & Release Dates (Dugas)
>> Xbox360Achievements - Choices, Accessibility & Replayability (Dugas)
>> Clash Music - Mech, Tech and Montreal: Talking Deus Ex
>> Gamespot - Art Direction Preview - Video, Jane Douglas from Gamespot UK
>> Composing DX:HR – Conspiracy, Transhumanism and Synthesizers
>> Gamekult - DX:HR en représentation à Paris
>> Gamekult - Interview du directeur artistique (video)

>> JVN - Preview et interview en exclu
>> 4Players Interview: Deus Ex 3 - Der Regisseur der Zukunft. (Google Translate)
>> GT - Infiltration Interview with Antoine Thisdale, Game Designer
>> OXM - Why Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a Metal Gear Solid killer
>> XBox36Achievements Preview – More Mystery, Less History (Spoiler Tagged)
>> Eurogamer - Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Preview (Spoiler Tagged)
>> IGN - Curving Bullets in Deus Ex - Be a better killer in Eidos Montreal's sequel.
>> Gamespot - Updated Impressions - Weapon Upgrades, Augmentations, and Hacking
>> Videogamer - Deus Ex 3 Preview
A Spoiler Tagged version of the above two articles: here.

>> G4TV Video Preview/Interview with Antoine Thisdale Spoiler Alert!
>> PCGamer - Deus Ex: Human Revolution preview (Spoiler Tagged)
>> Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Choose Your Own Gameplay

Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC Week

>> Deus Ex: Human Revolution system specs detailed
>> Video: Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Nixxes connection explained
>> Eidos talk Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC exclusive features
>> Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Exploring the PC Hud
>> Deus Ex: Human Revolution will support DirectX11, 3D and AMD Eyefinity
>> How Deus Ex: Human Revolution feels on PC
>> Deus Ex: Human Revolution to Be Available on Steam and Support Steamworks Features
>> Gametrailers - Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Anatomy of a Hack HD

>> Gamersyde Preview ( VIDEO 1 (STEALTH), VIDEO 2 (ACTION) )
>> PC Gamer - hands on – the first ten hours
>> PC Gamer Podcast 54 – DX:HR impressions special
>> Eurogamer - Preview
>> Xbox360Achievements - The First 10 Hours - Spoiler Infested
>> Gamespot - Extended Hands-On Preview - First Five Hours
>> Gamespot - Video Preview
>> IGN - Questing in Deus Ex: Human Revolution

PC Gamer Diaries SPOILERS
>> Day 1 – The Psychopath
>> Day 2 – The Hacker
>> Day 3 – The Thinker

>> GamePro: Is Deus Ex Human Revolution an RPG?
>> Rock Paper Shotgun: Ten Things You’ll Think Playing Deus Ex 3
>> Gamersyde - Preview: Deus Ex: Human Revolution ( Also, VIDEO 1 (STEALTH), VIDEO 2 (ACTION) )
>> PC Gamer - Deus Ex: Human Revolution hands on – the first ten hours
>> Eurogamer - Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Preview
>> Xbox360Achievements - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Hands-On Preview – The First 10 Hours
>> Gamespot - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Extended Hands-On Preview - First Five Hours - (Also, Video Preview)
>> TVG - Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Hands On Preview
>> Games On Net: Hands-On - Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PC Version)
>> Das Reviews - Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC Performance Analysis Part 1
>> Plughead: Hands-On Preview - Deus Ex Human Revolution Pt 1
>> Plughead: Hands-On Preview - Deus Ex Human Revolution Pt 2
>> Plughead: Hands-On Preview - Deus Ex Human Revolution Pt 3
>> PC Gamer UK - Podcast 54 – Deus Ex: Human Revolution Impressions
>> PC Gamer UK - Podcast 55 – Deus Ex: Human Revolution Interview
>> BitMob - 8 hours into Deus Ex: Human Revolution

E3 2011 Articles:
>> Gamespot - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview - How to Play Like a Lunatic
>> PC World - Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution Game Shows Polish, Potential
>> Diehard GameFAN - 10 Thoughts on… Deus Ex: Human Revolution
>> Escapist Magazine - Deus Ex: HR may not have the depth of the original, but drat if it doesn't look good
>> Neoseeker - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview
>> Digital Trends - Hands-on: Deus Ex Human Revolution
>> New Game Network - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview
>> IncGamers - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Preview
>> Famitsu - 『Deus Ex(デウスエクス)』最新デモリポート&インタビュー【E3 2011】
>> Gamesradar - Hands-on preview – there's more than one way to skin a robot

E3 2011 Videos / Interviews:
>> Wired - Deus Ex: A Reimagined Revolution (JJB) (Watch this one, the intro owns!)
>> JJB's interview with Sara Underwood for G4TV at E3
>> Angry Joe Show - talking DXHR with Jeffachoo, Mary DeMarle, & JJB
>> JJB Interview given to some Brazilian TV
>> GamerLiveTV - E3 2011 Deus Ex Exclusive Interview with JJB
>> Deus Ex Human Revolutions Interview with Lead Writer Mary DeMarle
>> Square Enix E3 2011 - Deus Ex Interview with David Anfossi and Jean-François Dugas
>> AMD @ E3 - Uncover Deus Ex: Human Revolution (JF Dugas, JJB)
>> Machinima - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Live Interview w/ Square Enix JF Dugas
>> GamingBolt - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Interview (the "drunken interview")
>> IGN - E3 2011 Live Commentary
>> GameTrailers TV - E3 2011 Mechanics Walkthrough
>> Gamespot - LiveCam Tour 2, Day 1 Highlights (includes talking with Mary DeMarle)

>> CVG - Deus Ex: Human Revolution - How it was made
>> Destructoid - Deus Ex: Human Revolution gets a NYC art exhibit
>> Kold - Legendary and Emerging Contemporary Artists Bring to Life the World of Deus Ex: Human Revolution
>> CVG - Deus Ex: Human Revolution details spill in ESRB listing - Mature rating is full of spoilers
>> Gamespot - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Interview With Sebastien Bich (PC)
>> Plughead - Deus Ex Human Revolution: The Great First-Person Experiment
>> Deus Ex Hackers Hit With Lawsuit (and Here’s how They Got the Game)
>> Square Enix Files Suit Over Deus Ex: HR Leak, Valve Caught In Middle
>> DX Central: Eidos Montreal talks about Augmentation and Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Comic Con 2011
>> DX Central: First details from Deus Ex: Human Revolution Official Strategy Guides revealed
>> Deus Ex: Human Revolution Interview with Jean-François Dugas (PC)
>> Interview with Mary DeMarle, narrative director for Deus Ex: Human Revolution

>> Games On Net - Video Interview - Deus Ex: Human Revolution
>> GameTrailers - Video Preview
>> San Diego Comic Con 2011 - The World of 2027 in Deus Ex: Human Revolution: The Line Between Science and Fiction
>> Mega64 at San Diego Comic Con 2011: DEUS EX TRIBUTE (Video, loving WATCH THIS)
>> San Diego Comic Con 2011 - At the crossroads of steroids, baseball, and Deus Ex
>> San Diego Comic Con 2011 - VIDEO - Deus Ex: Human Revolution Panel
>> Video - Sound Byte: Meet the Audio Director of Deus Ex
>> Deus Ex: Human Revolution Has Gone Gold
>> Deus Ex: Human Revolution With AMD at SDCC 2011 (Interview with Kyle Stallock, Community Manager)
>> Jim Offerman, PC Lead Programmer: "We've recently added an in-game FOV setting to the DXHR PC!"
>> World's first Deus Ex: Human Revolution review is here "A game that puts almost everything else in the genre to shame," says PC Gamer (94%)
>> Now Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3 review score arrives - OPM's verdict is 8/10
>> Deus Ex: Human Revolution Needed Cuts - How long in development and they still couldn't fit it all in?
>> Deus Ex Human Revolution XBOX 360 Review (in German)
>> Kotaku: My Tour of Deus Ex Art Ended in the Bathroom, Wooster Street Social Club Event
>> (Estimated Value: $15,000.00): A Full Size Replica of a Cybernetic Arm Prosthesis

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Sep 11, 2003

I am good with computers.


How did your team get started with Deus Ex: Human Revolution?
Jonathan Jacques-Belletête: It was late spring 2007, so you know; a bunch of guys from Ubisoft Montreal created a new studio in Montreal for Eidos. We were approached by the powers to be about this project and it was really, really hard to refuse. The challenge was huge; putting together a new studio and bring back Deus Ex. It didn’t really scare us as much and we understood that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. We all kind of jumped in during a stressful summer. We played the first two games along with buying books on trans-humanism, conspiracies and watching all the movies out there to gauge where to go. That is really how it started. Understanding what made the first game successful was the number one goal.

We knew that we wanted to bring our own flavor to it. Before bringing in our own flavor to the game, we needed to know what made the first one so great and that we could reproduce it. I think the first main homework that we gave ourselves was to nail why people fell so passionately in love with the first game. Once we thought we had it then we started making our game.


How much of a modern day shooter is this? What's the action RPG blend?
Jean-François Dugas: It's the same blend of first-person shooter slash RPG that the first game was. Honestly, I know when we said it's going to have auto-regen and a cover system and shooting is not going to be stat-based anymore, a lot of people went, "oh my God! Now they're doing just an action game and it's all about running around and shooting."

It's a fair concern when you just hear that this way. I totally understand it. But it has never been our goal to transform Deus Ex into a shooter game. We wanted to make sure that the components like stealth and combat, and all the possibilities of being able to upgrade yourself to be better in those areas, the RPG aspect of that, it stays all in place. Yes we did do some things differently from the first game, or even the second game. But in the end it's still the same experience.

You have a challenge that's not necessarily easy. It's not the case that because the shooting is more straightforward and you have regen that you're going to be invincible. You'll have to think. You'll have to look around you and maybe find other ways than just shoot and see what happens. We're balancing the game right now, and I can tell you when there are a few characters on screen that are after you, if you don't take care, a few bullets and you're dead.

Where Deus Ex stands out from other shooter games, that's when Deus Ex is encouraging you to do other things than shooting. It's where it gets its angle and where it gets exciting and rewarding. This is what we're working at: to make sure that if you want to be a combatant you can be one, but you still have to think and plan and see how you want to upgrade your character and play your fantasy. The RPG element of that is, you need to build a character for how you want to play. You have to interact with a lot of people. And you have to make decisions that will have some effect on some aspects of the story.

It's not going to be more of an action game than the other ones. It's just when you're in an action segment it's going to be more straightforward.


...cyberpunk as a genre has kind of fallen out of fashion, with the Internet becoming a mundane, everyday thing—
Jonathan Jacques-Belletête: My feeling is that cyberpunk is what we live today.

How do you try to make it feel relevant today?
Jonathan Jacques-Belletête: The way that we thought about it starting mostly, for me—we asked ourselves the question as artists: can we reproduce the visuals of Blade Runner on today’s consoles? The answer would probably be yes. But then, what would it say about the studio’s capacity for creativity? So, we wanted to bring something new. As you say, it’s not that fashionable; it’s kind of dormant, so that’s when this whole idea of the cyber-renaissance thing, which is not something that you saw much of in today’s demo, but it’s such a big game with so many areas that sometimes you feel it, sometimes you don’t, sometimes it’s omnipresent. That’s part of the idea to bring back cyberpunk, but with a twist to it.

The other thing is, when we started the first focus group for the game, kind of early on, maybe within the first year, testing out the early ideas and everything, we realized that here in the States, and in Europe, because we tested in both continents: kids nowadays? They don’t even know what cyberpunk is. Really, we could not believe it. You never would have thought, if you take a random chunk of 20 kids who all play games—even the hardcore ones—they’re like “Cyber what?” We thought, we cannot use that word! Nobody knows what it is. And, you know, we’re using it, but it really was a huge eye-opener for us.


Something that comes up when we talk about Deus Ex is that if Invisible War hadn’t had the Deus Ex name attached, it might not have been judged so harshly. But it was also the point at which that kind of game was being attempted for consoles, which makes it interesting, and possibly relevant to you?
Jean-François Dugas: Before we really started designed Deus Ex: Human Revolution we went back to the first two games and played them again. Even though the second one hadn’t been so well received, it was important to go back and see what they had done. We also had to go back to the original game, because you might not have played a game like that for years and you end up with souvenir memories of everything. Playing it again now enables you to step back and look at what is strong and what is not as strong. For me it was essential to go back to those games and try to understand what were the pillars of the franchise, what were the core values. We had to make sure that we designed within the confine of those values. It doesn’t mean that it’s the same as DX1 or DX2, but the same ideals and values are portrayed in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. That said, our game is based more on Deus Ex 1 because the more RPG aspect is stronger. The way things are used, the feature list, that is stronger. But overall it was about understanding the values across both games. We wanted to revive it for a third game, understanding the franchise through both earlier games was the best way to do that.


If there’s a lot of purple in Deus Ex 2: Invisible War, there’s a lot of gold in Deus Ex 3. Is there symbolism to that?
Jonathan Jacques-Belletête: Absolutely. The palette of the game is black and gold. That’s really what we’re using. The way that it started is that I really wanted to have a color scheme that people could identify with and recognize and say this is Deus Ex, Deus Ex 3: Human Revolution or whatever. It’s like when you think about Assassins’ Creed, the first one, everything was white and blue. All of the marketing stuff was like that and the in-game was a lot like that too. It’s a bit of what I wanted to do. A lot of my good friends in Montreal’s industry worked on Assassins’ Creed and they did a really great job with the color palette. I wanted to do the same thing. One day I saw the black and gold thing, I think it was an image, maybe and ad or something. Then I said let’s do this.

The gold represents, you know, the Golden Era, the Renaissance, the cybernetics, the human side. Gold is an earthy tone, like gold is from the earth, right. The black is the dystopic side. Also, put together it’s a really rich palette that games haven’t really used yet. In-game, there are some games that have a bit of those colors in certain environments, when it’s a little brownish or whatever it kind of gets close to it. In terms of marketing and presentation it hasn’t been used.

I really want people that every time they see black with like gold or oak in front of it they’ll think oh man, that’s the palette of Deus Ex. And yes, in terms of symbolism the gold is the Renaissance and the black is the cyberpunk, dystopic stuff.


The costumes in the game seem inspired by the Renaissance. They’re very stylish, out there, and someone who may not have realized you’ve been working on Deus Ex 3 for awhile may even think they are Final Fantasy-like. Were you at all looking, being part of the Square Enix Group, other Square Enix titles?
Jonathan Jacques-Belletête: It has nothing to do with that at all. You have to understand, we started working on this three years ago. Into my first month I had my concept of the cyber-Renaissance already. It wasn’t as figured out at that point as it was today, but that was way before the acquisition of Square Enix.

The entire aesthetics of the game, I want to make this really clear, and I’ll get back to the teaser afterwards because I have to give major props to Square Enix and Goldtooth. All of the ideas, the aesthetics of the game, the light and stylization, the cyber-Renaissance is entirely us. It was way before Square Enix arrived.

What happens is that a lot of at Eidos, me included, I’m a huge fan of the Asian aesthetics in games and everything. Not everything, but there is some stuff they do very, very well. In my own vision of what great video game art is, there are some variables of what the Japanese do. From the get go that is already how I work, some of the stuff I design. Maybe it had that feel already even though Square Enix was not even in the picture. In terms of the costumes, I think that the Japanese tend to blend a lot of eras in their characters and everything. Maybe that’s where the relation and resemblance is from, but there was no connection between me and them.


This being an all encompassing, worldly story, how do you make it succinct through all the different environments?
Jonathan Jacques-Belletête: The game is very stylistic; it is not fully photo realistic. It has a language that is mostly built through how the textures were created. No photos were used to create the textures, everything is hand created through very advanced shaders. Everything is procedurally made and that gives the game a theme that runs through its entire creation. Again, if you are in Shanghai, the Asian themes are very present, but also, it was important for us not to fall into clichés. The music and dress is not stereotypical. If you were to go there now, people dress like us. It was just weird; we have those reflexes to do that. The first concept art showed the pedestrians dressed in ancient clothes. People just don’t look like that, let alone in thirty years when the game takes place. They wear jeans and t-shirts, just like us. This being said, the themes are heavily transformed and adapted to the locations, but the art direction stays very, very constant. In terms of the world, textures, and models. We used very few ninety degree edges, beveling is constant as well. It gives the environments a slick, gummy berry feel [laughs]. Everything looks rounded and looks almost like a graphic novel. You can see that we weren’t striving for photo realism.


Why did you step back and go for more of stylized look instead of photorealistic characters?
Jonathan Jacques-Belletête: It’s a subject that’s a bit cliché nowadays. Like, it’s been spoken about a lot, like in the past years there was that whole uncanny valley thing and everything. But, it is still something I strongly believe in. I gave a talk two years ago at the MIGS, the Montreal International Game Summit, just about that. I’m a strong believe that you need to reduce the information in your artificial character’s faces to be able to concentrate on the message. If the message are the emotions, that’s what you want to see.

If you have too much information that are all into trying to do that photorealism stuff, and don’t get me wrong some of what those guys do, the work, the artistic and technical work, behind Heavy Rain is insane. Some of this stuff I have no idea how they did it. I’m in total awe. But, at the end of the day, to me, that’s noise in front of trying to read the character’s facial expressions and who they are because it gets very, kind of, uncomfortable of how they act. Sometimes it works really, really well. If you look at Uncharted 2 where they have really good facial expressions and everything, even it has a bit of stylization in their character. It’s not that uber, uber photorealism stuff and I find it works a little better.

In that theory, by reducing the information you boost the message, we decided to try to make our characters a little more stylized and a little more simplified, in terms of anatomy. And very credible, the way the game works, without getting into details, sometimes you really have to try read character’s emotions and stuff like that to base their choices on that. I think it works rather well. Like everything, it’s not perfect. Some characters look better than others. I’m going to be honest, it’s like any game. Also, I think it makes the world more complete because everything is based on those parameters and that’s something I’m driving for.


Something else we complained about in Invisible War was that the levels were a little too small. I know the levels we saw today had open areas where you can go wherever you like, but do you have anything on the same scale of Liberty Island from Deus Ex 1?
Jean-François Dugas: Actually we have… it’s a mix of both. We have maps that are more compounds, that feel more like Area 51, it’s slightly open outside but you go inside in the facility and there are secret areas. There’s multi-path but you’re in corridors and rooms and things like that. But also we have big cities, like Detroit and Shanghai. What you’ve seen today was just two corners of a street. The city of that map is really bigger than what you’ve seen today. Today was just a small part for the purpose of the demo. And yes, you’re going to be able to explore every corner of those cities.

Also, we try to when it makes sense to broaden the flexibility of the objectives. For instance in Detroit, without revealing too much of the missions, you have Objective A, when it’s done you do Objective B, when it’s done you do Objective C. But when you start with Objective A, if you decide, “Okay, I could go and do it, but I want to explore in that direction.” You can go explore that direction. And at some point you see a terminal or something and you can hack it, you can shut it down. And one of your guys says,

“Hey Jensen, what did you just do?”
“I don’t know, there was this switch and it just… what did I do?”
“I’ll come back to you later.”

Your character, and you yourself as a player, don’t know what you just did, but the game acknowledges it, and as you complete the objectives what you discover is that was [Objective C]. And basically, since you already did it, then your mission is done. You can go to extraction point and just leave, or go wherever you want to go.

So we’re trying to keep the game as flexible as possible when it makes sense for those things. If you explore and you discover some items, “I don’t know what I’m going to do with it”, but then at some point you meet characters that, for them, it’s important. And if you already have it, your character will be allowed to choose, “I think I already have what you needed.” So even though the story is linear, as you play, what you do is going to be flexible enough to accommodate other play styles.


Deus Ex 2 seemed to have more of an artistic direction than Deus Ex 1. It’s a very clear vision of the future, but people seemed to react really badly to it. How do you feel about that?
Jonathan Jacques-Belletête: Yeah, this has definitely worried me more than “how much are we following the first one?”, because yeah, we are taking some liberties and some aesthetic choices. [long pause] I mean, there’s no purple! You know, with technology, we read so many books – all the Ray Kurzweil books, and all the technological curve books – about where things are going. You just look at display technology. Today is already where way more advanced than most of the things we see in Deus Ex 1. There’s that, the technology is more advanced, but it already is more advanced in a lot of parts than in Deus Ex 1. You just look at web 2.0 and that kind of stuff and it’s way beyond what you say in Deus Ex 1. The game came out in 2000 so they were probably designing it in 1998, 99, so there’s that.

That doesn’t worry me all that much, I mean hey, what the hell? Obviously we’re doing everything to please the fans, but we need to get a lot of people other than the fans, it’s just the nature of the games industry. This game needs to make money, right? I’m not going to make screens that are 4:3 ratio just because that’s what they had in the first one. It makes no sense, we’re already way beyond that today, so I need to follow suit.

Now, as far as the Cyber Renaissance, well, it’s somewhat of a reboot of the franchise. Notice that the number 3 is not in the title. A lot of people have no idea what Deus Ex is. The fans think that the whole universe knows what that game is, but it’s just not true. And trust me, I was one of those people. The first focus test was a big eye opener, so hopefully the aesthetic choices that we made is also to try to have a very tangible flavour that’ll attract a lot of people also.


What’s been the relationship with Sheldon Pacotti and the other Deus Ex 1 guys?
Mary DeMarle: Well, with Sheldon, it was pretty interesting, because – I have to admit, this is my little fan thing. I remember when Deus Ex first came out, I was working in San Diego at Presto Studios, the game company. And at the time that it came out, no one had really read too much about it, and then all of a sudden everybody fell in love with it.

So I remember everyone in the office playing it, talking about it. And then that year, I think, I went to GDC, and Sheldon gave a talk, and I went to hear his talk, and he just was amazing as a speaker. I was like, “Wow, this guy is so smart and so good at story and everything.” And I remember meeting him and introducing myself briefly at one point. But that was it. And then we started working on this project, and when I started working on it, and I knew that we needed to get some more writers on, I thought, “I wonder if we could contact Sheldon.” But I’d heard through the grapevine that he was still involved and working for someone else. I didn’t think he would. And then all of a sudden we got an email from Sheldon, and he actually sent it – believe it or not – he sent it to our Human Resources people, in which he basically introduced himself and said, “I heard you guys were doing Deus Ex, and it’s obviously something very dear to my heart.” And he’s like, “I’m not asking for a job, because I actually have a job, and I can’t, but I’d be very curious.” And the day we got that email, we were like, “Oh my God, let’s call him,” you know? So we called him and we brought him in. At the time that we got the email, we kind of had the story figured out, but we still had a bunch of approval to go through on it and stuff. So we said, “Let’s see if we can get Sheldon here, and we’ll tell him our story, and see what he thinks.”

So we flew him in. It was really, really great. And from that point we communicated with him. We took him to dinner and we were telling him stories about how we started on this project, and how our big concern was that this is Deus Ex – “Don’t gently caress it up,” you know? And we tell him this, and he laughs along with us. And then when we’re saying goodnight to him, after this night of talking and stuff, he’s like, “Okay. Well, guys, it was really, really nice meeting you. I just wanna say one thing: Don’t gently caress it up!” And we were like “Oh God, now we really can’t. You know, we were planning to, totally, until you said that, and now we’re screwed.” But no, it was pretty fun.

Not only have we heard about the Deus Ex bible -- it was also required reading before we began work on the story concept for Human Revolution. After reading it, we spent several months filling in some of the blanks in its timeline and history in order to create the characters, companies, cities, and world events that exist in 2027. Whenever we had questions about specific details, we conferred with Sheldon Pacotti to make sure that our new concepts could be as accurate as possible.


If you talk to different people at different studios about formatting the seating arrangements, the production pods, cabals, whatever you want to call them... If you look at every studio in the world, every studio has a different way of doing things, right? How did you arrive at yours?
Stéphane D'Astous: Well, first of all, when I recruited the team, most of them had worked together. We did start from scratch, but we had experienced people that had managed to deliver several triple A games in the past, so it wasn't their first run at this. It was certainly a challenge because the whole studio started from scratch, and it's quite an important IP.

I think how we function, it's very collaborative. I think the producer, the game director, and the art director is certainly a triangle that takes a lot of decisions. There is not one prima donna. At our studio, you could be the most talented, respected, but if you have a large ego, unfortunately you won't fit in our culture. We have refused some candidates because we think that the culture that we're trying to put in our studio is really important, and people with big egos won't function as well in our studio than other team members. Everybody has to put the shoulder to the wheel, pretty much.

My art director once said, "Stéphane, I hope that you realize Deus Ex has a soul." He says, "I hope that consumers will see that it's a labor of love of a whole team, and it's not necessarily a vision that I had two years ago with the art direction", let's say for example. He really hit an interesting point because it's true that I hope people will sense that it's a labor of love of the whole team, and it's not a one-man show. Somebody can have great ideas, great direction, and a great vision, but to make this reality, it's a team push, a team effort, and that makes the difference between an excellent game and an average game. To what extent are you able to push the idea? It has to go on the screen. You need to have your consumers be able to play with it. So, the ideas are very often good at the start. It's how it ends.


The series has always been played through a first person perspective. Human Revolution is going to have instances where you see Jensen from a third person perspective. Warren Spector and Harvey Smith have said in the past that the first person view was to make the game more immersive. Does adding a third-person element destroy that element of immersion somewhat?
Jonathan Jacques-Belletête: No, I don't think it does. I've been immersed in all sorts of games, be it first-person or not, and sometimes I've not been immersed at all in games that exclusively play in a first-person perspective. So it's not a given to assume that, I don't think. Immersion is the output of so many variables, that amount to much more than just being in first-person.

What was important to us was... Eidos is a company with strong main characters. You have Lara Croft, Kane and Lynch and Hitman, and we wanted to have the same thing with Human Revolution. We wanted to put the augmentations at the forefront of the game, but we also wanted to do the same for the character. If the game is always in first-person, you never get to see the main character unless it's in a cutscene. We wanted to have the player look at him for a second or two every now and then.

Does that break the immersion? I don't know, I can't really be the judge of that. People will tell us, but it's never really been brought up during playtests. Because of the world we created, the music and all those cool places we explore and how we present them, I think there's so much that can immerse you in this game regardless.

And it's still a first-person game at the end of the day. It's not that you can choose whether to go into third-person. You'd never say that Rainbow Six is a third-person game, even though you see your character when you're taking cover. It's the same thing, what we're doing here. In Human Revolution, you only go into third-person when you take cover and when you perform takedowns (and, from the vids, when you climb ladders -Tec).


Speaking of the fans, what was your reaction to the community backlash? There was some uproar to the news that you'd have regenerating health in the game.
Jonathan Jacques-Belletête: (Laughs) … The same reaction I had just now (Laughs)! No, but I can totally understand when there's something you hold so dearly and it gets updated or handled by others.

It's like Blade Runner, right? I hope that nobody ever remakes that film, or makes a sequel. I think it should stay as it is, because I would be afraid that whoever's doing it would mess up this masterpiece. And there are books that act as a sequel to Blade Runner, and they're great books, but I don't think they should make them into movies.

So I understand the fans' concerns. But I don't think people really understand how complex it is to make a game. The video game industry and video game culture is broad in that a lot of people have ideas and want to put that to gameplay, but actually making a game is more than just “I think it should be this,” or “I think it should be that.”

It doesn't work like that when you work in a team of more than 160 people. There are compromises and ways of getting your ideas heard and put to the team for a start, and then it's about those ideas getting coded and drawn up by programmers and artists. It takes a lot of time.

My point is, that it's so much more than just adding a feature, or making a mechanic an on/off thing. Even so, the idea of whether you should pick up health packs or not isn't really the core of Deus Ex, it can be argued.

There's things the fans say that are important, which we listen to, and there are others that we have to just kind of say “that's the decision we took.”


Presumably there’ll be sequels to this prequel. Does that mean that at some point you’re going to end up remaking the first game?
Jean-François Dugas: It’s natural to come to the idea of a remake, but our game takes place in 2027 – that’s like 25 years before the first game. So it leaves us enough room to build a new series.

Jonathan Jacques-Belletête: If you look at the history depicted in the franchise, you realise there are many great moments that have yet to be exploited. Reading Deus Ex’s in-game writing, you find a huge amount of background. When you get into the 2030s, you could make many games exploiting all the events happening in that period. You have the secession of states, a huge earthquake, a massive financial crash, Mexico regaining control over the southern states of the US. There’s so much material to exploit. This doesn’t mean we are going to use these elements, but I just want to point out that there’s no problem building a new series inside the franchise without touching those two existing games.


This is hard for me formulate into a question but it's a thought I had. This is a prequel, which takes place 25 years before the first Deus Ex. There's this idea that, if you watch the first three Star Wars films from the 70s-80s and then you watch the new trilogy… it seems that the past is more futuristic than the future.
Jean-François Dugas: (laughs) Right, right.

It's a technology thing, right? Computers make the process much cleaner nowadays. I know that a big part of it in Human Revolution is that the augmentations are in their infancy and are very mechanical, but is that something you considered when designing this game. Was there a feeling of, "This is as far as this world can go because we can't surpass the other titles in the series"?
Jean-François Dugas: When you look at the first Deus Ex, obviously they had technological limitations that made the world very basic. And things that they did were with the knowledge of the time. In ten years, in terms of technology, things move so fast that some things in our real life are almost more advanced than the hypothetical future of Deus Ex in the year 2052. We didn't want to force or constrain ourselves with the idea that, "They didn't do something or go this far in Deus Ex, therefore we cannot do that type of thing."

We wanted to reinvent the world--to base it on what we know today and try to anticipate twenty years from now. By doing that, the chances that it's going to speak to people more easily today are better than thinking, "Well, they didn't have this or didn't do that in the first games." At some point, because we were thinking about those things in the beginning, we decided that we had to re-imagine and reinvent the world because there's no point in trying to stay "one-for-one" with the original.

Would following that original path automatically add limitations to the design of Human Revolution?
Jean-François Dugas: The augmentations for instance--when you look at the mechanical augmented characters like Gunther in the original--it was designed ten or eleven years ago. Today, we design it with an idea of what is happening with technology. Everything is more slick--like when you look at the iPod, it looks really well designed. We approached the augmentations in the same spirit, as opposed to going with the Terminator style type of influence. You know? Like a piece of metal here and there and you're done. We wanted something more, if I can say, sexy and slicker. Something that is more in line with the trends that we know today in terms of technology and how we try to make things blend together nicely.


What inspired you in coming up with Deus Ex's story?
Mary DeMarle: I came onto the game about four months into it. There were few things that were determined. They determined already they would do a prequel to the first game, they would set it in 2027, and it would deal with mechanical augmentations rather than nano ones. And a couple of other things that gave me the initial direction for my research to take.

I started then researching into everything from where is biotechnology today and where will it be in 18 years to possible conspiracy groups. So a lot of my inspiration, believe it or not, came from non-fiction and writings about transhumanism, the singularity and where will we go, and is technology going to lead us to heaven or hell? Even reading about Howard Hughes and Bill Gates to see what kind of people they are.

A lot of that fed the initial idea. I'm a drama junkie, as I like to say. I can never get enough of story because I'm very curious about characters and interpersonal things. So everything I've ever read both in science-fiction and fiction and every TV show I've ever seen feeds into it. It's difficult to pinpoint anything in particular. This project, the focus was on the non-fiction at first.


Player choice is important in Deus Ex, but from your point of view it must be difficult to accommodate that. How do you achieve it with writing?
Mary DeMarle:
From a broad picture of just story, and all the different branchings on that, overall our story from a very high level is linear. You go from A to B to C. But we identify early on moments of choice and consequence where you can make a decision that will change and affect the lives of the people around you and the world around you.

Before we started writing the story we knew what the story, basically, was, but then we worked to say, 'How do we manifest that story in the game through the level design, and where are those key moments where their lives would be changed? And then, if so, how can they be changed, and where do we see the repercussions of those changes?'

So from that standpoint, it wasn't just me alone. It was working with a bunch of people to spur those ideas and to get it all down on paper before so we had something we could always refer to that we wouldn't forget three years later.


What other characters (not necessarily cyberpunk) influenced the creation of Adam?
Mary DeMarle: This question is not an easy one to answer because when creating characters, I don't look to ANY existing models and try to shape new ones after them. (At least, not consciously.) My process is to start at the ground up and choose three or four traits that I think really define this new person. I try to pick traits that both complement AND oppose each other because, let's face it, people are complex beings. Having character traits that pose contradictions within ourselves makes for far more realistic and interesting characters.

Once I have the defining traits, I try to find examples of how each one manifests itself. For instance, if a character is CURIOUS, he or she might be very extroverted -- satisfying that curiosity by constantly talking to people and finding out more about them. Or, he or she could be more introverted, and satisfy curiosity by sitting at the back of the bus and just watching people. I try to pick very concrete examples, because the more concrete I get, the more the image of that character starts to form in my head. I soon find myself imagining the 'defining moments' in this person's life in which these traits came out. From there, it's pretty easy to fill in all the back-story details in the character's life -- from childhood on up!

So, I can't say what characters influenced Adam's creation. In a way, every person and every character I've ever met has had some influence on him!


Deus Ex, the original game, had conspiracies connected to the real world with the Illuminati, Trilateral Commission, and so forth. Can you tell us about Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s conspiracy elements and what events they’re inspired from?
Mary DeMarle: Well, I don’t want to give away too much… but, yes, the foundation of the whole license is the whole conspiracy theory element. When you play Deus Ex 1 it seems like every conspiracy theory in the world was somehow thrown into there. So, we do have a few. We do hint at a few conspiracy theories people might recognize if they’re really into it. But, I don’t want to go into details about what they are.

In terms of researching, when we starting on this project it was kind of fun because we had a narrative team that consists of myself, one of the level designers, and J.F. (Jean-François Dugas, Lead Game Designer). The level designer involved is one of the biggest conspiracy buffs I ever met. He’s into the Masons, the Illuminati, he’s into everything from who shot JFK on down. It was really funny to sit in the meetings and these theories and say "well, that’s interesting."

Even now, my family looks at me differently because they’re always talking things out like "unless its one big massive conspiracy, like Wikileaks could just be a conspiracy."


I’ve heard a lot of talk about Human Revolution having themes of humanity, asking what makes us human and so forth, which I imagine would require a cast that seems quite human in the first place. What steps have you taken to make the cast believable?
Mary DeMarle:
Well, we didn’t want to go black and white with anything, we wanted to have shades of grey in everybody and everything in the story. So when I approach character development I usually do it by starting with deciding what each character’s core personality traits are. I usually come up with 3 or 4, and try to pick traits which compliment each other, but also contradict each other, which I think makes for a more realistic character. Because we all have those inner conflicts, and sometimes certain traits take over.

So I start with that, and then I think about how those traits might manifest in real actions. So if you have a curious character, you might have a curious character who’s also quiet, so he sits in the background or the back seat of the bus and watches everybody. I think this way you create a character with a more realistic bent to them.

It’s also realising that even “evil” characters aren’t evil because of their intentions, but only their actions. You have to think about that person is motivated to do what he’s doing and build a backstory around that.


I noticed that reading through some of the e-books even grants you experience, though not all of them do.
Mary DeMarle: Yes. Okay, that's what we call – behind the scenes – the "e-books" and the "XP books." XP books are also e-books, but the difference is that there are certain books in the world that give you experience points, that can be applied to your augmentations. Those are called the "XP books." Eventually, if you start collecting them and reading them, there are the ones that tell you all about augmentation, and they tell you about how the augmentations came to be – the theory behind the development of them, et cetera. So they're more scientific than the rest of them. All the other e-books in the game are just fun to read, but these particular ones are there to give you experience points.


The overall tone of the game appears very serious. Is humor used at all to defuse this tension?
Jonathan Jacques-Belletête: I had this question at a Q&A recently and was asked if Adam ever cracks jokes. He doesn’t really. It’s cyberpunk. It’s very film noir. It’s very Deckard – Blade Runner and what not. Like I said he’s a bit of a tortured soul, but he’s very cynical, which is in a way a form of humor some times. I think an actual real joke – he cracks one joke at one point in the end of the entire game to one of the main characters. He has a relationship with the main techie-IT guy [Pritchard] of the corporation Adam works for as a security specialist. They don’t like each other. At all. But he is the main guy you are in contact with all the time during your missions – look for this, look for that. They have this banter. Through that, there are definitely some funny things, but they’re not jokes per se.

Are there humorous situations?
Jonathan Jacques-Belletête: Yeah. Adam may ask a question and [Pritchard] may reply in a manner like “duh, are you serious? You’re really asking me this?” And Adam may reply with a kind of ironic, kind of like “shut the gently caress up…” You understand what I mean? They have this relationship that in itself is the humor that we have in the game. (laughter) It probably ends there. You know, it’s Deus Ex. It takes itself rather seriously.

Sure. The reason I ask is because, even in serious action or film noir films, humorous moments are often inserted to lighten the mood.
Jonathan Jacques-Belletête: True. Maybe through the visuals, you may have some composition in the scenery, a little object or something that, I wouldn’t say lightens up the atmosphere, but maybe the artists were funnier than the scriptwriters. (laughter). Not taken anything away from the scriptwriters. All my friends are actually quite funny. Maybe we are trying to lighten up the mood sometimes more on the art side than on the story side (laughter).

Jonathan Jacques-Belletête, art director posted:

Hi guys!

I find this super sweet that I actually get to respond like this! I think we should do this more often. I read the forum quite often, so I'm fairly aware of what goes on up in here.

Ok, here's what I'd like to clarify today: There is absolutely zero officially released screenshots that are in fact concept art. They are all 100% genuine real time in-game screen captures. You can trust me 100%. The amount of work it would take for a concept artist to make up an entire image looking convincingly like it is from the "running" game is staggering and definitely counter-productive. Consequently, it would serve no practical purpose (especially if the games doesn't in fact share the same visual attributes. And if it did share those same attributes, then why create a faux-screen when you just could've snapped it in-game?).

This being said though, I think it'd be simply awesome that a concept artist or illustrator would have as a personal style (or as an imposed aesthetic exercise) an utterly convincing "in-game" style to the art he creates, and this to the point where it would confuse the viewer's eye (be the piece rendered digitally or traditionally (the latter being much tougher of course for the achieved goal I am talking about here)). But this would only serve the intentions of the plastic arts. For a commercial game production (which is what we are talking about here), to make a concept art with all the trappings of in-game graphics makes no sense. This would be equivalent to making pixel art style concepts for the visual research of an 8bit or 16bit game (which was not the case obviously. Concept art in the 80's and 90's were still real drawings or paintings even though they were created for a very pixelated and lo-fi final output).

If you look at our in-game screenshot you can see that all the contemporary real time in-game visual quirks are present: The dithering on Adam's hair strands due to alpha test blending, the way Adam's wrist bends which is due to the skinning and weighting of the character and its rig, as well as the animation applied to it (and believe me when I say that none of the concept artists I know would dare draw a wrist like that . Continuing with the observations, the contact shadows between all the objects is clearly "shining" with the limitations of SSAO (screen space ambient occlusion). As happy as I am with the style and look our SSAO gives to the game, here again, a concept artist or illustrator would not render his contact shadows with such a lack of precision (and by lack of precision I mean it not in a pejorative way, but merely because that's just what it is with the limitations we were working for: compared to real-life ambient occlusion, I'd be foolish to say it does not lack precision!).

When we started developing the visual direction for DX:HR 3 1/2 years ago, we knew that we wanted a certain level of stylization to the global feeling of the visuals. We were not aiming for photorealism, but instead, for a strong credibility and homogeneity within the game's pseudoreality. I think that we truly have achieved this goal, to the point where some places in the game look almost exactly like the concept art. We wanted a graphic novel visual approach to the game and that's what we worked very hard at creating. True story: sometimes people would pass by some artist's computer here at work and say: "Hey! That's a sweet concept art you got there for your wallpaper." And then this "concept art" would start moving FPS style and the person would go "Woah! It's the actual game hahahLOLbrbBbq!!". My point here is the following: Even artists on DX:HR's production floor were sometimes fooled. And this is due to the stylized nature of the visuals, and the often extreme faithfulness between the concept art piece and it's in-game materialization.

Jonathan Jacques-Belletête, art director posted:

Props to my good friend Jim Murray, for his great work on #DXHR, including this famous image!

It’s been about a month now that a good friend of mine, and one of the best artists I have ever known and had the chance to work with, left Montréal and the Eidos studio to go pursue his prolific career at Valve Sofwares.

Jim Murray got on board to design Deus Ex: Human Revolution with me straight from the beginning during the summer of 2007. We’ve been through a lot together on this project. The design vision we set out to create was not an easy one and we had to go through a lot of trials and errors to finally get what we both wanted. But eventually it all started to make sense, and the creative flow truly sparked up!

Believe me when I say that DX:HR would not be what it is today if Jim had not been part of the design team. The least I can say is that the game owes him a lot. Amongst all the creations and influence Jim brought to the aesthetics of DX:HR, I believe the most important are Adam Jensen’s design and most of the weapons.

Jim is a genius at creating marvelously credible mechanical designs as well as generating an unbelievable amount of details; two skills that are necessary in creating very high quality weapons (be it for a videogame or any other form of entertainment media). He continuously wowed the team with each new weapon he would create. I can personally say that I am very enthusiastic and pleased with our in-game offensive arsenal.

As for Adam Jensen, it obviously was a huge team effort. More than one concept artist from the art design team participated. It took us over two years to finally get him right. We had a fairly clear vision of the character we wanted to create, and this, even from the very beginning. However, to have this lucid, high-level vision did not make it easier to eventually achieve the final design that we all love and appreciate today. The idea of mixing cyberpunk with the Renaissance aesthetic while keeping a contemporary feel to Adam was not a simple task. To make this even harder, our Game Director was adamant about having Adam’s cybernetic arms shown at all time. And this, while sporting the look of an agent that could both be dropped behind enemy lines to kick butt and walk into an upper class establishment to interrogate someone. All these variables made designing Adam a real artistic headache. We had our work cut out for ourselves!

We went through countless iterations, and each time Adam would get a little better. But something always felt awkward. The ingredients were all there, but somehow the mix never worked quite right. This all changed the day that Jim approached me with a plan that seemed so obvious I couldn’t believe we hadn’t thought about it before. “What if Adam had two outfits?” he said. One would be for his “behind enemy lines” situations, in which we would fully see his cyber arms; and another outfit for his “urban/social activities”. We quickly set-up to discuss this idea with the Game Director and the Narrative Director, since such a decision has much bigger implications than just modeling two different versions of Adam. Eventually, we all agreed to go ahead with it.

At this point, Jim took full control of Adam’s visual design and went ahead with a ton of ideas. And this is when the magic finally started to happen. We could now all breathe a bit better. What we knew was to ultimately be the real final Adam Jensen design was finally being born.

So anyway, all this to say that having Jim on the Deus Ex: Human Revolution team was a great privilege and pleasure. It’s been one of the best collaborations of my career.

I wish him all the best in his new endeavor at Valve studio. Keep your eyes opened folks, the games made at Valve are about to get even more kick rear end! ;D

Thanks for everything Jim.


Go visit his website:

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Sep 11, 2003

I am good with computers.

Behind 2027 Series:

Sarif Industries VS Purity First:

PC Gamer July 2010:

Games™ #99:

Playstation Official Magazine & Official Playstation Magazine UK #48:

PC Gamer December 2010 & January 2011:

EGM January 2011

PC Gamer UK February 2011

PC Powerplay #188

Xbox World 360 (props to Muta Ro)

Xbox World 360 April 2011 (thanks again to Muta Ro)

Playstation Official Magazine UK (June 2011?)

PC Gamer September 2011 (94%)

Official XBox360 Magazine September 2011 (10/10)



Early art:



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Sep 11, 2003

I am good with computers.

The official novel

Deus Ex - Icarus Effect, written by James Swallow.

Warning - this book gives very strong hints or outright spoils at least a part of the conspiracy
It also features some Deus Ex 1 characters. posted:

In the near future, with physical augmentation gaining ground and nano-cybernetics only years away, the dawn of limitless human evolution is just beyond the horizon, and a secret corporate cabal of ruthless men intends to make sure that humankind stays under its control. But two people on opposite sides of the world are starting to ask questions that could get them killed.

Secret Service agent Anna Kelso has been suspended for investigating the shooting that claimed her partner’s life. Anna suspects that the head of a bio-augmentation firm was the real target, and against orders she’s turned up a few leads concerning a covert paramilitary force and a cadre of underground hackers. But the cover-up runs deep, and now there’s a target on her back. Meanwhile, Ben Saxon, former SAS officer turned mercenary, joins a shadowy special ops outfit. They say they’re a force for good, but Saxon quickly learns that the truth is not so clear-cut. So begins a dangerous quest to uncover a deadly secret that will take him from Moscow to London, D.C. to Geneva, and to the dark truth—if he lives that long.

The year is 2027; in a world consumed by chaos and conspiracy, two people are set on a collision course with the most powerful and dangerous organization in history—and the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.

Excerpts from the novel (.pdf), thanks to the Facebook Unlocks:

Eponymous posted:

Just finished the novel, pretty decent stuff. Made me even more excited to play the game and see some of those characters again.

Iacen posted:

I'm halfway through the novel, The Icarus Effect, and while it's certainly not anything that will ever win awards, it does the job of getting me pretty drat psyched for the game. The sheer amount of name dropping in it is crazy, plus, you sorta gets an inkling of who and why things might change and develop up till Deus Ex. Then again, I think I would read anything with protagonists with mechanical augmentations...

The Comic Book Series

DC Comics are planning to release a six issue mini-series that also ties into the storyline for the upcoming cyberpunk-themed first person action-RPG. The first issue of the series has been released so far. The comic book is simply titled Deus Ex and features the lead character of the Human Revolution game, Adam Jensen. The series is being written and drawn by a couple of Brits; Judge Dredd veteran writer Robbie Morrison and Trevor Hairsine, who has credits including Captain America, X-Men Deadly Genesis and Ultimate Six.

Excerpts from Issue #1 of the Comic: Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5

Issue #1 of 6, On Sale February 09, 2011 posted:

Adam Jensen is a cybernetically enhanced security operative for the powerful Sarif Industries in a future where biological enhancements have become commonplace, yet fanatically opposed by many. While recovering the kidnapped niece of the founder of Sarif Industries, Jensen unstitches a mystery that goes all the way back to his fully human SWAT origins in Detroit – and an adventure of violence and betrayal that will span the globe!

Buy Online here, Tecman's Rating:

Issue #2 of 6, On Sale March 16, 2011 posted:

The legendary franchise comes to comics in advance of the highly-anticipated new game! Haunted by the ghosts of his past, Adam Jensen purses an augmented terrorist group and learns that, even in a world of superhuman enhancements, the female is still the deadliest of the species…

Buy Online here, Tecman's Rating:

Issue #3 of 6, On Sale April 20, 2011 posted:

A ghost from Adam Jensen's past rears his ugly, augmented head and it's open warfare! Even with a new ally, Adam has his hands full... but what's the connection between Adam's past and his current assignment?

Buy Online here, Tecman's Rating:

Issue #4 of 6, On Sale May 18, 2011 posted:

The danger rises to explosive levels as the psychotic cyborg Durant continues his war against Sarif Industries. With the future of human evolution hanging in the balance, Adam Jensen engages in a relentless hunt for his former friend and current nemesis.

Buy Online here, Tecman's Rating:

Issue #5 of 6, On Sale June 15, 2011 posted:

Adam Jensen closes in on his former ally Durant...but who's pulling the psycho cyborg's strings? Is this all a feint to undermine Sarif Industries? If so, who's behind it?

Buy Online here, Tecman's Rating:

Issue #6 of 6, On Sale July 20, 2011 posted:

In the shattering conclusion to this epic story, Adam Jensen faces off against his super-augmented former boss, Durant, in a war for the ages...but as with any conflict, casualties will be high and blood will be shed. Will Adam walk out of this alive?

Buy Online here, Tecman's Rating:


Adam #1

1280x768 - 1280x960 - 1600x1200 - 1680x1050 - 1920x1200 - iPhone

Adam #2

1280x768 - 1280x960 - 1600x1200 - 1680x1050 - 1920x1200 - iPhone

The Comic

1200x800 - 1280x960 - 1600x1200 - 1680x1050 - 1920x1200 - iPhone

Ready for Action

1200x800 - 1280x960 - 1600x1200 - 1680x1050 - 1920x1200 - iPhone


1200x800 - 1280x960 - 1600x1200 - 1680x1050 - 1920x1200 - iPhone


1024x768 - 1200x800 - 1280x960 - 1600x1200 - 1680x1050 - 1920x1200


1024x768 - 1200x800 - 1280x960 - 1600x1200 - 1680x1050 - 1920x1200


1024x768 - 1200x800 - 1280x960 - 1600x1200 - 1680x1050 - 1920x1200


1024x768 - 1200x800 - 1280x960 - 1600x1200 - 1680x1050 - 1920x1200

Struzan Style

1024x768 - 1200x800 - 1280x960 - 1600x1200 - 1680x1050 - 1920x1200 - 1920x1200 (Red)

WALLPAPERS (made by yours truly~)

DX3 Logo Clean Version: 1680x1050, 1920x1200, 2560x1440 DX3 Logo+Brands Version: 1680x1050, 1920x1200, 2560x1440

DX3 - Adam Smokes Way Too Much: 1680x1050, 1920x1200 (Repostin') Adam Chillin': 1680x1050, 1920x1200, 2560x1440

In 1680 x 1050 only, unfortunately:

Augmented: 1280x960, 1440x900, 1600x1200, 1680x1050, 1920x1080, 1920x1200, 2560x1600, iPhone

"Sarif Industries": iPhone - 1280x720 - 1280x768 - 1280x800 - 1280x960 - 1280x1024 - 1440x900 - 1440x1050
1600x900 - 1600x1200 - 1680x1050 - 1920x1080 - 1920x1200 - 2560x1440 - 2560x1600

Supernorn posted:

Cross-posting from the DX:HR photoshop thread, figured some people here might get a kick out of some wallpapers. Supposed to be an updated version of the Deus Ex cover art, inspired by that awesome PC Gamer cover they had a while back.

1920x1080 (Green)

1920x1080 (Black)

This is "key art" from, I have no idea if it's official or not, or why it would be used. It was posted on Eidos by Nexus.

Here's some Fanart:

Stuff from the Previous Thread (Link):

Tecman posted:

Speaking of amusing bugs from the leak, found these on Facepunch:

Everdraed posted:

Great work, that looks awesome, and has sated my desire to make one myself. However, I do have a humble offering:

If you don't notice a difference, try putting it in winamp.

Tecman posted:

Here is a little present for you guys: A bomb?!

Noirex posted:

Location and boss spoilers ahoy - this is the most glorious thing I've seen all day.

Adam Jensen Does A Safety Dance!

Tecman posted:

Yes, it's another "Jensen performs a bunch of takedowns" video, but personally I think it's the best one so far because it's not just that:

Adam Jensen Walks Into a Bar... | A Deus Ex: Human Revolution Montage

Tecman posted:

Top 5 ways to tell you've been playing too much Deus Ex

We've all been there. That elusive game that you start playing at 7pm, and then, before you realise it, sun is streaming through the windows and you realise, in crusty, tired horror, that it's 4am.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is one of those games, but, more than that, we found it changing the way that we dealt with the world around us.

Tecman posted:

The Punch Punch Revolution guy just posted Episode 5 (I can't believe I didn't post any of the episodes before). The jokes are hit/miss, and some gags are painfully Internetz, however some of the stuff is genuinely hilarious.

Deus Ex HR: Punch Punch Revolution 1
Deus Ex HR: Punch Punch Revolution 2 feat. RoboJensen
Deus Ex HR: Punch Punch Revolution 3
Deus Ex HR: Punch Punch Revolution 4
Deus Ex HR: Punch Punch Revolution 5 feat. NyanCat

Wikipedia Brown posted:

I made kind of a hip hop remix of the Detroit ambiance that I thought people in here might enjoy.

Tecman posted:

From the mind that brought you "David Gaider Responds to Fans":

Deus Ex Unreal Revolution - Tong's Rescue ported to Unreal Engine 1. I'll take the wristblades. I like to make a cinematic takedown.
...and if you love the video, try the mod!

ceski posted:

Deus Ex Unreal Revolution is a mod for the original Deus Ex that acts as a parody of Deus Ex: Human Revolution while providing commentary on the video game industry and modern gameplay mechanics. Assume the role of a wrist blade equipped JC Denton and perform cinematic takedowns on your mission to rescue Tracer Tong.

The augmented reality goggles can be toggled on/off by selecting them and pressing "Fire"
You can perform a lethal takedown on unalerted enemies by pressing "Use" when close to them
Iron sights on the assault rifle can be activated by pressing the "Toggle Scope" key
Health will automatically regenerate after a brief delay

Deus Ex patched to v1112fm or the Steam version
A custom renderer: Kentie's Direct3D 10 renderer OR Chris Dohnal's OpenGL renderer
For Kentie's Direct3D 10 renderer, make sure to set ClassicLighting=True under [D3D10Drv.D3D10RenderDevice] in your DeusEx.ini to avoid lighting issues.

This mod is not compatible with other mods such as Shifter or BioMod. If you have those installed, you may want to temporarily disable them while playing this (thanks for the heads up Tecman).

Extract the Zip file to your Deus Ex directory. For example: "C:\DeusEx" or "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\deus ex" for the Steam version.
Start the game and press T. Use backspace to clear the "Say" text.
Type "open RescueTong" without quotes and press enter.

Note: Saving has been disabled for now, but the level is fairly short and not overly challenging.

Bremen posted:

So, here's a question for everyone. DX and Invisible War both had philosophical quotations for every ending, and I really felt the absence in HR. Are there any quotes you would have assigned to each ending?

My thoughts:

Darrows Ending/The Truth: Science has made us gods even before we are worthy of being men. ~Jean Rostand

Sarif Ending/The Singularity: Will robots inherit the earth? Yes, but they will be our children. ~Marvin Minsky

Taggert Ending/The Illuminati: The only way to predict the future is to have power to shape the future. ~Eric Hoffer

Eliza Ending/Choice: Freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err. ~Mohandas Gandhi

gibbed is loving amazing

gibbed posted:

Don't pick any of the zoo entries, they'll just crash the game.

Joining the awesome map select, the burger menu (debug menu): UPDATED

Access the menu from the pause menu while in-game.

You can add weapons, items, etc from the Shop menu.

Edit: yeah this has everything, no more trainer needed.
The mod should work on 1.3.643.1 - if there's a newer version, you'll need a newer version of the mod.

You can also download the "mod tools" ( ) but you have to compile them yourself and it's VERY much a work in progress.

Once again, Gibbed is a loving wizard


TheBlueRaja on Eidos Forums posted:

I know this is something I wanted personally and know others have, too. And since current Energy Regen mods floating around seem to have broke after the last patch I decided to create my own (with a huge amount of help from Cheat Engine). This mod is written specifically for version 1.3.643.1 of the Steam version of the game. It may work with other, retail versions of the game but I make no guarantees.

Basically, this mod allows you to regen more than a single energy cell naturally. Just run the trainer (you need to leave it running while the game client is up since this is a memory hack) and adjust the regen level as you see fit and you are golden


Here's the alternative. The latest patch broke the trainer, right now all we have is a Cheat Engine script:

local addr = "[[[[[dxhr.exe+015DE1A8]+14]+270]+6C]+A0]+274";
local f = createForm( true );
local t = createTimer( f, true );
timer_setInterval( t, 1000 );

timer_onTimer( t, function( )
local energy = readFloat(addr);
if math.abs(energy % 30.0) < 0.005 then
writeFloat(addr, energy + 0.01);
end );
Source: this Eidos Forums thread

Game Tips: (thanks, Hieronymous Alloy)
"Generally speaking, you lose the Ghost bonus if an NPC sees you. This usually means they've gone past Alarmed into Hostile" (though there are a few weird cases like Gas Grenades sending people into Hostile when they can't see you that I'm not sure how to fully explain).

"You lose the "Smooth Operator" bonus for an area if an alarm is triggered. This can be because an NPC hits an alarm panel, as the result of a failed hack, or if you're spotted by a camera or turret."

"You can disarm mines by moving towards them while (c)rouching with Caps Lock engaged, for ultra slow movement. Be careful of up or downward movement because quick motion in any direction will trigger the mine."

"You can sometimes hack the opposing red tower node. If you can do so, it's the best option, because it counts as taking every node on the diagram."

Do I need to know the story of Deus Ex 1 in order to enjoy this game?
Nope! It's kind of a reboot, at least in terms of realizing that lots of people playing games today haven't played the original. Yeah, shocking, I know. Having said that, though, the enjoyment level will be seriously augmented by knowing the first one in-and-out, since you find emails & references that are really loving awesome to a Deus Ex (1) fan. How does finding hints about Manderley, Lebedev, the NSF, Versalife, Mead, Hermann, Everett, DeBeers and both DuClares sound to you, not to mention Bob Page? There are also some creepy realizations being discussed in the spoiler thread, so go read those once you're done with the game.

My hot bar/quick bar/whatever you want to call it disappears after you make a selection. I want it to stay, dammit.
Hit the tilde key.

Oh god, I got the hostages killed before the first mission even starts? What did I do? Was kinda busy snooping around Sarif Industries...
You didn't get to the VTOL with Sarif on it soon enough. There's a timer for this (~7 minutes for a warning, ~15 minutes for the fuckup), and the longer you postpone it, the more serious the Infolink calls will sound like, and if you wait too long... Those warnings are NOT a joke.

Does this game remember where you leave stuff? Can I drop some items off in my apartment and if I come back sometime later they will still be there?
Yup, items remain, even when you travel from hub to hub, so you can use your apartment as a OCD item stash.

Where the gently caress do I find candy bars?!
They're around, but they're relatively scarse. You need to keep an eye out for them. Keep in mind that LIMB Clinics sell them for a reasonable price too, but their stock is limited as well. Seriously though, it's not that bad at all.

Grenades: I can't select them from the toolbar, I can't equip or use them in the inventory screen, wtf is up. Do I need an aug to use them or some poo poo?
Press 'G' to throw grenades. You need to equip them in the Inventory screen by clicking on them and choosing "Equip" first. When you equip them, they should be below your weapon on the lower right.

How the gently caress do you disable mines? I am crouching while going up to them and it's not helping...
You need to crouch and hold CTRL on PC while moving to slow yourself down even more, on consoles you just use the analogue stick to walk as slow as you want, there's no "walk" button(s) (thanks, Mug!). There's also a Caps lock toggle for walking speed on PC.

Where does this game store save files? I have almost 40 right now, and there's no way to delete them in-game.
X:\Path\To\Steam\userdata\[local user id]\28050\remote
Caveat: There is an index file that stores a reference to other files ('saveindex'), deleting individual saves will probably not help or cause problems.

Does killing people in the intro / tutorial section count towards disabling the Pacifist achievement?
Yes. You need to sneak past them.

Does hacking turrets and having them kill people count against a pacifist run?
Yes, it does. You still "pulled the trigger" on them.

Does juggling three fridges in the basketball field count against a pacifist run?
Umm... Look, the pacifist thing is pretty tricky to pull off, since it was broken for some people due to wacky hijinks. Just make sure to check the bodies to see if they have the ZZZ icon, not the skullhead icon, before you progress.

How do you get the DLC weapons in-game?
After you complete the tutorial section (aka the pre-augmentation section and leave Sarif HQ for the first time to begin the first real mission, you'll get one or two pop-ups (depending on which DLC packs you have), which should give you the DLC weapons.

Weapons you start off with:
Huntsman Silverback Double-Barrel Shotgun
Steiner Bisley Longsword Whisperhead Suppressed Extreme Range Sniper
Steiner Bisley M-28 Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device (UR-DED)

Weapons you can also find later during the game:
Steiner Bisley Longsword Whisperhead Suppressed Extreme Range Sniper
Steiner Bisley M-28 Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device (UR-DED) (vendors also sell more of these)

Weapon you get as the DLC mission reward:
Steiner Bisley Linebacker G-87 MSGL Multi-Shot Grenade Launcher

If you're playing on PC, you can use Gibbed's mod to spawn yourself the DLC weapons with no problems!

I just got back to Shanghai for the second time and I need to know if it's possible to save Malik after they shoot down the VTOL?
Yes. Just keep trying and don't take too long. Or alternatively, here's a "tutorial" video:

Jesus gently caress, this Boss-fight is giving me such a headache! Who thought this was a good idea?!
As with the rest of the game, look for alternative solutions in the environment and think for yourself. Try out various combinations of using equipment, augmentations and tactics. Also, don't forget that there IS equipment to be found in each "boss area" if you're underprepared.
1st: Barrett can be done very easily by just chucking barrels at him - the green gas ones to stun him and the red explosive ones to deal damage. You could, if you have the gear, also throw an EMP or Gas grenade in his face and then finish off the job with some explosives. You can also gently caress with his head and just keep sneaking around while taking potshots, although that can be seriously hazardous to your health once he starts flipping out and making GBS threads out grenades.
2nd: Fedorova is a cloaky, agile little Typhoon-deploying murdermachine. Note that the fluids on the floor allow you to see where she is once she cloaks, in case you don't have the vision aug. You can use a combination of the fluids and destroying the four large power generators on the walls to hurt her, and yourself if you're not careful, altho the electricity immunity one helps out a ton. The lockers also contain some EMP Mines, so use those. The Stun gun or the PEPS can be used to stun her for a bit, buying you precious time. If you have enough Stun ammo, you can cheese her by unloading all of it into her until she dies, standing still and doing a shakey-dance. Seriously.
3rd: Namir can be a bastard, but at least you can outrun him and resort to hit-and-run tactics - the run part is especially important once he starts throwing the grenades after you do some damage against him. Don't face him directly, or you'll eat Plasma. See-through-walls helps out a TON with detecting where he is and planning your attacks better. Look under the statues for drawers with stuff in them. There is also a Laser Rifle hidden in the drawer left of the entrance door, and since this can shoot through walls... Personally, he ate a bunch of Explosive Rounds Revolver shots.
4th: This fight really isn't hard, but hey. If you have the Laser Rifle you can cheese the fight by simply ignoring everything and just shooting Zhao until she dies. If you don't, or don't want to cheese it, you need to take out the Hyron Drones so the shield becomes vulnerable. You can either press the buttons near the pods or use/hack the computers on the outer ring to bring out the pods so you can shoot the Drones. You could also find the LV5 Security Pad to shut down their life support altogether, and if you did well in Darrow's social bossfight, you should have the code to this. Keep in mind that you'll face crazies as you start to take out the Drones, and Bots once you deal with all three Drones.
Oh, and Bosses 1-3 can be made your bitch by using level 2 Typhoon blasts. Other than that, good luck!

Or, for the first bossfight:

Boogle posted:

Alternatively you can use the "don't taze me bro" school of bossfighting.

How do I get my "digital" Augmented Edition content, like the soundtrack, if I bought this on Steam or another Digital Distribution site?
Go to your Library tab and then select Tools. You can download the content from there. The soundtrack will be zipped, you need to unzip it first.

Everyone has sparkly staticy crap all over them, small but noticeable when closer than a few feet.
Try turning off Tessellation in your video settings. That's what fixed it for some folks.

My mouse is being floaty (smoothing/acceleration) and/or my game runs kind of badly
There are two things that you can try: one, turn off vsync, which helped a lot of people. Two, turn of SSAO and try out the various AA options, see which settings combination helps you out best. Also, for some people, setting it to your monitor's native resolution helps a lot as well.

The loading times are taking forever!
It varies a lot depending on your configuration it seems. Some folks get okay times, some get atrocious ones. On PC, try turning off vsync ingame and in the Catalyst Control Center (set to always off) or the NVidia equivalent and it cut down tjume's load times considerably, from 1-2 minutes to around 20 seconds. It's worth a try if you suffer from the long loading times.
edit: This is no longer an issue, really, since the patch cut down the loading times drastically!

On consoles, make sure you install the game onto your hard-drive, if you have one. Other than that, there's not much you can do, I'm afraid.

Also, for people who are about to beat the game: MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THE ENTIRE CREDITS FOR A POST-CREDITS SCENE!

Warren Spector gave this to Jonathan, the art director. "Keeper of the DX Flame."

Tecman fucked around with this message at Nov 25, 2013 around 07:13

The Supreme Court
Feb 25, 2010

Pirate World: Nearly done!

Jesus Christ, Tecman! That OP is just incredible. Are you Eidos' entire publicity department rolled into one man?

(your last ridiculous OP seriously made me pre-order the game)

Control Volume
Dec 31, 2008

Jensen doesn't have glowing red eyes this isn't a good prequel at all!!

Jul 23, 2003

Cheap Mexican Labor since the late 80's

Ridiculous OP. Wow.

I'm just getting around to finally playing the first game (Never had the money when I was younger, couldn't find a copy when I was interested, and picked it up in the recent Steam summer sale when I saw it and realized that I'd never played the drat game), and I must admit, I can see where the nostalgia and love for this game comes from. It's a drat shame more games don't take themselves after Deus Ex nowadays... but I'm sure a lot of people share that same sentiment.

I'm excited to play Human Revolution, I just need to beat the first one. Keep getting stuck on little things, though... like the apparent lack of auto-save. I'm so absurdly not used to this.

Sep 11, 2003

I am good with computers.

I really need to fix my insomnia. Anyways:

Games On Net - Video Interview - Deus Ex: Human Revolution
( )

It's a good thing the protagonist in Deus Ex Human Revolution is equipped with cybernetic implants, otherwise he'd be crushed to a pulp under the weighty expectations of nostalgic PC gamers. With the game undergoing its last few surgical alterations before release, it was time to chat with Jonathon Jacques-Belletete, Art Director on the game, about its unique approach to stealth, turning off the annoying yellow waypoint markers, and more.

Crappy Jack
Nov 21, 2005

We got some serious shit to discuss.

That is one hell of an OP, and I know, because I'm in it. ;p

Incidentally, this is also looking to be one hell of a game. Still can't believe that it's only a month or so away, feels like I've been waiting forever.

Mar 19, 2009

Si vis pacem, para bellum

I think Tecman should make every OP in Games from now on out. Seriously, that's astounding!

I don't think I have a computer, so I haven't been anywhere near the leak, but seeing as I've already played it once, I think I can manage.

But why does it have to take so long until August?

Oct 7, 2008

Check out this low energy post! Sad!

That's a....that's an OP.

I don't think i've ever seen an OP so full of information.

Anyway, oh god 5 weeks to go I can't wait that long! D:

Professor Latency
Mar 30, 2011

Yeah, I can not wait for this game to come out. Played the leak for about 30 minutes and realized even then that this is going to be something I'm going to love the poo poo out of.

I'm glad they didn't bone up the Deus Ex franchise.

Doom Goon
Sep 18, 2008

I'll say it again: the best OP.

Funking Giblet
Jun 28, 2004


Do we even need a thread after that? Great OP!

Jun 23, 2003

This is the best OP I've ever seen.

Bought this already on the strength of the beta, which I quickly uninstalled as I didn't want to spoil myself. Couldn't be bothered worrying about all the DLC crap.

Game will own.

Jul 12, 2009

Stop for me, it's the claw!

Came looking for the new DXHR thread, found Deus Ex Human Revolution: The Online Encyclopedia.

All that awesome concept art is going straight to my hard drive.

TheMostFrench fucked around with this message at Jul 19, 2011 around 10:48

Bloody Hedgehog
Dec 12, 2003

Gotta' nuke something.

Tecman posted:


This thing sure looks a lot like one of Aquapac's older products. I had one for my Kindle way back and it looked exactly like this.

Nelson Mandingo
Mar 27, 2005

That's one hell of an OP. Good job!

We've only got a few more days until Deus Ex releases!

Feb 26, 2009

A moment of laxity
A lifetime of regret

Lipstick Apathy

Hell of an OP Tecman .

Jun 2, 2003

Avatar brought to you by the
TG Sanity fund

Jesus, that is an OP. Bravo.

Jumped in on the Green Man Gaming deal, can't wait to play this, because it was probably my favorite showing at E3 this year.

Jul 13, 2004

Holy poo poo at the OP.

For those who just missed the GMG deal - there's a new coupon that expires on July 24th.


Green Man Gaming has a pre-purchase (meaning they charge you after checkout) deal for both editions of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Standard Edition: $28.80 after 20% off code
Augmented Edition: $40 after 20% off code

This is a Steamworks title so when the game comes out next month you get a Steam redeemable key. There's no need to download anything from GMG.

Use this code FACEB-JULY2-20PEC FACEB-JULY3-20PEC FACEB-JULY4-20PEC (this is the final one) at checkout for the 20% off. Code expires on August 1st. If you already used the first or second code, you can use this the new one again on another title.

If you want, here's my referral link. Newly registered accounts get $5 store credit after buying anything >= $5 (as do I).

edit: updated the code
edit2: it's dead - the dream is dead

Gyoru fucked around with this message at Aug 2, 2011 around 22:21

Space Cadet Glow
Jun 10, 2011

I never even played the original Deus Ex past Liberty Island, but I'll be getting HR based on this OP alone.

I also really dig all that concept art, the futuristic Elizabethan era fashion is just an incredible design choice.

Mar 30, 2010


Holy poo poo OP you just made me preorder.

e:By the way, that 20% off code seems to work on everything in your cart, not just deus ex.

Blackmjolnir fucked around with this message at Jul 19, 2011 around 14:31

Jul 23, 2003

Cheap Mexican Labor since the late 80's

Malrauxs Place posted:

I never even played the original Deus Ex past Liberty Island...

It's totally worth getting past Liberty Island, for what it's worth. The first mission kind of sucks because there's not much you can do to deal with the guards and a new player isn't quite used to the mechanics yet. The game really ramps up after that mission, and really picks up steam about two hours into it. I just got to Hong Kong, and the game is turning out to be pretty drat awesome.

Edit: Also, it appears as if the only way for US Customers to get that extra mission is to pre-order through Gamestop. What a crock of bullshit.

OniKun fucked around with this message at Jul 19, 2011 around 12:41

Jul 12, 2006

It's cold in here...
Just kidding! It's to
fool enemies..

Gyoru posted:

Holy poo poo at the OP.

For those who just missed the GMG deal - there's a new coupon that expires on July 24th.

Awesome! I preorded with last weeks code but some friends of mine missed out. I've got to say I'm really excited about this game. It's nice to play something that isn't just move forward and shoot everything for once.

Dec 17, 2007


That OP is good enough to make up for the loss of all my great posts from the other thread.

Jul 13, 2004

Sorry to add to an already image-heavy first page, but

Also Gametrailers has a new preview up:

Aug 8, 2002

OniKun posted:

Edit: Also, it appears as if the only way for US Customers to get that extra mission is to pre-order through Gamestop. What a crock of bullshit.
If it's any consolation, one of the devs said that it was originally on the cutting room floor and if the publisher hadn't asked for preorder bonuses no one would have ever seen it. So you're probably not missing out on something super amazing if you buy elsewhere.

They also said they know people want the extra stuff, so they're "looking into" ways to give it out, meaning it might be available as DLC at some point.

Apr 29, 2005

Now who looks even dumber?

Beef Witch

Gyoru posted:

Holy poo poo at the OP.

For those who just missed the GMG deal - there's a new coupon that expires on July 24th.

Thanks for this. Two of us just took advantage of this deal.

Jul 14, 2004

My God, it's full of awesome.

Aug 23, 2007

by zen death robot

Nice OP, thanks for emphasizing spoiler tags, I had been avoiding the last thread for months.

Did this ever come out as a shirt we could buy? I recall it was given away at some nerd show.

Mar 23, 2004

Item Get

I'm sure Tecman has already pre-ordered but gently caress we should find some way to get him something for the awesome work he's been doing with this thread.

Thanks for the GMG link, preordering now.

I can't wait, i finally finished playing the original deus ex in anticipation for the game (for some reason i never made it past the point where you get captured). for me it really looks like they captured the multiple path feeling.

Apr 11, 2003

I'm going to kill myself tomorrow.

Gyoru is going to have like $150 in referrals haha

Apr 18, 2008
HAMDOGS: Like staring into the Flame of God

I'm going to a Deus Ex media event early next month. Are there any questions anyone wants me to ask the developers?

Apr 15, 2008

Morpheus posted:

I'm going to a Deus Ex media event early next month. Are there any questions anyone wants me to ask the developers?

Ask them who came up with the idea for "Final Fantasy XXIII".

Jul 3, 2007


Morpheus posted:

I'm going to a Deus Ex media event early next month. Are there any questions anyone wants me to ask the developers?

Tell them that the way they've animated the 1st person head bobbing effect when Adam runs is horrible and makes people sick. Then ask them if they're going to include an option to turn it off.

Space Cadet Glow
Jun 10, 2011

GreatGreen posted:

Tell them that the way they've animated the 1st person head bobbing effect when Adam runs is horrible and makes people sick. Then ask them if they're going to include an option to turn it off.

I've yet to see head bobbing in games that isn't completely terrible. Even the kind that doesn't give people motion sickness is usually nothing like what happens with your field of vision when you move in the real world.

So essentially, the best way to generate a natural sense of motion would be to not use head bobbing at all? Makes sense to me.

Space Cadet Glow fucked around with this message at Jul 19, 2011 around 17:51


Jan 8, 2011

Malrauxs Place posted:

I've yet to see head bobbing in games that isn't completely terrible. Even the kind that doesn't give people motion sickness is usually nothing like what happens with your field of vision when you move in the real world.

Yet another case of simulating a camera rather than simulating a set of eyes. Human brains filter out all the bobbing your head does when you walk so you don't even notice it.

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