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Oct 23, 2004

**This thread is for discussion of the default version of Minecraft. For discussion about mods, go to (there might be a newer thread).**

There is also a thread for the XBox 360 version of Minecraft:

What is Minecraft?
Minecraft is a sandbox game that takes place in a sprawling 3d block world. The player must explore the world to collect materials that can be used to craft tools and to create buildings and structures. The object of the game is to survive and to express your creativity!

Minecraft is an independent game primarily made by Markus "Notch" Persson. It has sold over 4 million copies and has received many awards and accolades such as PC Gamer UK "Game of the Year" and the 2010 Indie of the Year Award.

Fan vid:


When you first start the game in single player, a random and infinitely large earth-like world is created and you are spawned in the middle of it. You start with no belongings and must acquire materials in order to craft tools and to build a shelter to protect yourself from monsters. Players must cut down trees and mine stone to craft tools such as shovels, picks and axes. You can dig deep into the ground and explore mines to find rare materials such as iron, gold, and diamonds to build stronger and more durable tools, weapons, and armor.

Once you've built a shelter, it's up to you to decide what your goals are and what you want to do in your world. This can range from building complex machines out of redstone to building huge themed worlds, but usually involves building a cobblestone castle or lewd pixel art.

Getting started
Here is a short and simple video that describes how to survive the first night:

Once you watch that, almost all beginner questions can be answered on the minecraft wiki:

For example, here are all the tools that can be crafted:

Other items that can be crafted can be found linked on this page, including food, armor, vehicles & decorations:

Perhaps the best way to play Minecraft is in multiplayer mode where you can join a server to play with other people on the same world. This makes it easier to show off your work and allows you to collaborate with other people and to see what other people can create up close. There are several goon Minecraft servers. You can find them in the Private Game Servers subforum:

History of the game
Minecraft is an independent game created in 2009 by a Swedish game developer named Markus "Notch" Persson. It began as a cult game but has grown to sell over 3 million copies. After it became successful Notch formed a company, Mojang, and hired several people to help work on the game. Minecraft was in "alpha" and "beta" stages for 2 years at a reduced price until the "release" was finally released on 11/18/11.

How do I get the game?
You can play an old version of the game with limited features in your browser for free on the Minecraft website:

To get the full game with all the latest features (which is highly recommended) you have to buy it.
The only way to buy the game currently is via the Minecraft website:

Price: 19.95 | $26.95 | 16.95

You can also buy a limited version of Minecraft called Minecraft Pocket Edition here:



price: $6.99 | 4.??

There is also a free demo version:

Expert Minecraftin'
Texture packs and mods
There are many user-made texture packs and mods that you can use to change the look and play of the game. Read the separate Minecraft Mod thread in this forum for more info on those! (use the link at the top of this thread)

Special notice of the awesome Painterly texture pack which is made and maintained by goon kas:

Custom Skins
You can change your player skin via the "Profile" link on the Minecraft website:

If that's broken, follow the advice in this post: click

Here are some sites to find skins:

Redstone Circuitry
How to make double doors:

FAQ/Frequently Posted Posts
My game runs like crap. What do I do???
-If you have a 64 bit OS, make sure you have the 64 bit version of Java. This is a very common solution to problems with the game.
-Lower the view distance in the video settings.
-Make sure "Advanced OpenGL" is ON (It's OFF by default). This culls hidden blocks and can increase frame rate dramatically.
-Close any programs you are running, including your browser (this can help a lot).
-Also try...

How to get Minecraft to run with more memory for possibly better performance
Make a shortcut, target "C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\javaw.exe" -Xmx4096M -Xms4096M -jar "C:\{path to minecraft.exe}\Minecraft.exe"

Make sure you actually have significantly more than 4 gigs of RAM or it won't work. If you don't you can lower the 4096 number to something smaller.

Where is my Minecraft folder???
Windows XP= C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Application Data\.minecraft\
Windows Vista/ Windows 7= C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\
Mac= [username]/Library/Application Support/minecraft

My nether portals never come out where I want them!
Use this post as a guide to determine where to place your portals:

Is down?
Use these links to see if any site is down or if it's just you: or

How do I retrieve my current skin so I can edit it?[User Name].png

Useful Links

Official Websites
The Official Minecraft Site
The Dev Blog - Notch's blog
Notch's Twitter
Notch's Google+
Jeb's Twitter (Minecraft coder)

Community Websites
The Official Minecraft Forums - If you visit these, stick to the Mapping and Modding forum. It's the only one worth visiting, everything else is just garbage.
World of Minecraft - Large community, made the creative client.
Minecraft Wiki - The official wiki for the game. Run by sperglords, currently has the most info though.
The Skin Index - A great site where users submit skins.

Goon Community
SA Private Game Servers Subforum has threads for many goon Minecraft server.
PYF Worldgen Seeds - The thread to share cool seeds you've found. for historical reference only. none of these will work with the current release
Official Minecraft Goons Steam Group
Goonskins - Goon character skin site.
SeedMiner - Repository for world seeds.
Official Minecraft Goons IRC - #sa-minecraft on

Programs & Utilities
MCedit - versatile map editor, designed for moving blocks from one level to another.
Seed Extraction - Use this to get the seed from an already generated level.
Circle chart - A handy guide for plotting out circles and spheres.
Plotz - Online voxel sphere generator. Has models for wizard towers and observatories.
Minecraft Structure Planner - quickly and easily create a variety of structures for building in the game. Also helps with creating pixel art.
Cartograph G - Isometric map renderer. Supports rendering individual layers and filtering by block type.
Miners Need Cool Shoes Online skin editor.
Skin Edit - A tool you can use to edit your player skin.
Minutor - Interactive map renderer that allows you to view individual layers in real-time.
Minecraft Save Manager - Client for backing up saves, largely windows exclusive.
NBTEdit - You can use this to change almost anything about your save. Spawn point, health, etc.
INVEdit - You can use this to edit your inventory, subset of NBTEdit.
MCMapper - A dungeon generator!
Minetographer - Map renderer that supports output to HTML, allowing you to upload to a webpage and view online, last updated for 1.5.
ImageToMap - Lets you create custom images for maps. Great for creating in-game notes for adventure maps.
Maximum Minecraft - For OS X. Mod manager + has options to speed up the game, improve UI & create automatic backups.
These 2 utilities only work with Creative/Classic mode:
Isocraft - A great isometric map renderer.
OMEN - A map editor.

De-Adfly - Lets you download from ad-fly links without seeing ads.

Renting a Server = goon hosts - Run by SMP! Offers servers from $10/month up. Vanilla and Bukkit.
Minecraft Forums Server Hosting - Good place to shop around for hosts.

Other Server Resources and Multiplayer Mods
Servers can run on "Vanilla" Minecraft or on Bukkit, a 3rd party server mod with incredibly good support for plugins. Get Bukkit here to install on your home PC or server, or download the vanilla server from the official homepage. Alternatively, check out the hosts linked below.

Minecart Mania (Bukkit plugin) - You can make your carts do different poo poo by putting the tracks over certain blocks.
Essentials (Bukkit Plugin) - Adds a bunch of commands for various functions, from teleporting to spawning mobs.
WorldGuard (Bukkit Plugin) - Pretty much mandatory for large servers to control griefing.

old Minecraft thread:
older Minecraft thread:
olderer Minecraft thread:
even older:

Schweinhund fucked around with this message at Sep 13, 2013 around 04:06


Oct 23, 2004

Adventure Maps
Adventure maps are worlds created by users that have a story and some kind of challenge to them. You can download these maps and unpack them into your Minecraft directory, then load them from the single player menu to play them. Many adventure maps will have custom texture packs that you should (or must) enable as well.

Here are several goon made adventure maps. Be sure to read the documentation included and the op for any specific instructions. For example a lot of adventure maps disallow building and/or breaking blocks:

[GOURD AVENGER!] by Akito12345 op
Gourd Avenger 2 - The Gourdening by Akito12345 op
Millenium by RhysD op
Professor Grizwald and the Curse of the Pyramid by Chronobasher op
Professor Grizwald and the Redstone Keys by Chronobasher op
Splintered Coast, Sampler: Isle of Lume by Vib Rib op
The Dare by R.L. Stine op
The Eye by RhysD op
The hunt for Prick Friggen by Howmuch op
The Journey by Macaluso op
The Return by toggle op
The Shining Arches by Shuffle op
The Tree of Life by toggle op
-The Tower of Xotl by Akito12345 op
The Water Temple by Erek:
-Part 1: Finding a way in op
-Part 2, The Eastern Mines op
-Part 3, Noema op
-Part 4, The Western Gardens op
The Wizard Burgmund by toggle op
Valley De La Seda by Cybermg op

If you enjoy any of these feel free to post in the thread to let the author know!

More non-goon maps can be found in the Minecraft forums "Maps" subforum:

-How to build a fireplace
-Find a cave! There are caves everywhere in minecraft, usually a not-too-distant walk from wherever you spawn. It's easier to find coal and iron in caves since there is a lot of exposed stone.
-Can't find coal? Make charcoal! You can make charcoal by burning a wood log in a furnace, which can be used just like regular coal to make torches. You can use another piece of wood to burn the log.
-To see your coordinates, hit f3. The Y coordinate is your height. y:128 = highest point. y:0 = bedrock. If you're lost, head towards x:0 z:0 which is usually near your spawn.
-Diamonds only appear deep underground below where y=20. So if you're going to be mining, it's best to do it around y=15 closer to bedrock where you might find diamonds. But watch out for lava!
-You can make smooth stone by burning cobble in a furnace.
-You can change your spawn point by crafting a bed and sleeping in it at night. Make sure you are in a closed room or monsters will get you!
-If you want to craft a lot of items at once, click both mouse buttons together. Also hold Shift while left clicking to move items quickly in and out of chests.

courtesy of goon Above Our Own:
-Never take anything into an unsecured mine that you would hate losing. Stash your diamonds and precious ores in chests, at the very least.
-Never ever mine the square directly above or beneath you. You might unleash a suffocating column sand or a torrent of lava, or you may plummet into a cave full of monstery death.
-You must use a pick to mine. If you don't, you'll just destroy blocks without getting any stone/ore.
-You must use the appropriate pick to mine certain ores. You need at least a stone pick to mine iron, and at least an iron pick to mine almost everything else.
-Obsidian can only be mined with a diamond pick.
-Lava is extremely dangerous, a single contact with a lava square will usually burn you to death. Carry a bucket of water on you at all times, and quickly douse yourself if you catch fire.
-You neutralize lava by pouring water onto it. This will turn lava springs into obsidian and lava flows into cobblestone.
-Lava will destroy any items that touch it. You can throw unwanted inventory items into lava for this purpose, and be wary of mining blocks directly above lava flows.
-It's very easy to get lost in deep cave complexes. Find a method of marking your trail.
-Bring an excess of wood with you for deep mining excursions, as it's the only material you'll never find naturally in mines. [edit: you can now find some wood in abandoned mine shafts]
-Buckets of lava can be dumped into rooms to destroy monsters very effectively, but the lava will also burn away the loot they drop.

courtesy of goon palamedes:
-If you find mossy cobblestone, a little cage with a little monster inside, or a chest you didn't build, you've found a treasure room. The cage is a breakable monster spawner and the chests contain random loot.
-Lava doesn't destroy chests, so you can safely use it to clear out an infested treasure room.

Graphical Dye guide diagram courtesy of Stabby McDamage:

Block distribution chart courtesy of Stabby and Scinon:

Rules for posting in this thread courtesy of Zorak

Please remember the following:
  • Always follow the Something Awful forum and Games subforum rules and regulations! Posts should be thoughtful, contribute something of worth to the topic or be interesting in some manner! If it's not a particularly worthwhile post, you probably shouldn't be making it!
  • Chances are if a video or picture isn't fresh off the presses, it has been linked here before. Don't link it!
  • Yes, Notch appreciates the Something Awful forums for our support of the game. Do not point out that we're mentioned sometimes in the opening message of the game! WE KNOW!!!
  • Please do not whine constantly about Notch/Mojang. It's annoying. Instead, consider directing your complaints directly to the man himself. This does not mean it is against the rules to criticize the game, just don't be obnoxious about it.
  • Keep Goon server discussion in Private Games Servers.
  • If you're going to post a screen-shot using an un-common texture pack, name the texture pack and link it. If it's a common one (ie, one in the OP), don't bother.
  • Do not post streams unless they're directly related to Notch/ the Yogs I guess!

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Oct 23, 2004

King Hotpants posted:

OP, can you remove the Minepedia link; I don't see any activity there except spambots. I think it's dead.

ha, done. I looked at that suspecting it was dead and was surprised to see there were recent updates. Didn't notice it was all spam.

Oct 23, 2004

Hadlock posted:

The OP looks great huge improvement over the old one. Does the new thread mean we're days away from 1.8?

Thanks No. I think the old OP was just out of date and understandably Zorak just wanted someone else to redo/maintain it.

Oct 23, 2004

tinaun posted:

Redid the programs and utilities section. Also, wasn't there a flash program developed to edit your minecraft skin? I know I saw it on the last thread.

Edit: For people having trouble with redstone gates, I highly recommend TaviRider's World of Redstone as a basic view of all non-piston logic gates, as well as common door designs.

Edit 2: VVVVV That's probably it, added.

Thanks a lot. One request, can you remove the quote tags from your post so I can quote it and copy and paste it directly?

Oct 23, 2004

I added an Adventure Map section for goon maps:

If I screwed anything up or missed any (very likely) let me know.

Oct 23, 2004

Akito12345 posted:

Hey Schweinhund I think you may have added the old .rar files for Gourd Avenger adventure maps. I've updated them recently. New links are for Gourd Avenger and for Gourd Avenger 2.


Oct 23, 2004

Connecting Overworld Locations With Portals 101 by goon Boat:
Press F3 to get your coordinates
at both/all of your portals.

 Overworld   |   Nether
 Portal A    |   Portal A
Coordinates  |  Coordinates
  X = 72     |    X = 15
  Z = -30    |    Z = 3
 Overworld   |   Nether
 Portal B    |   Portal B
Coordinates  |  Coordinates
  X = 362    |    X = ?
  Z = 40     |    Z = ?

Find the Difference Between Overworld A and Overworld B
X: 362 - 72  = 290
Z: 40 -(-30) = 70

Divide by 8 for Nether
X: 290 / 8 = 36
Z:  70 / 8 =  9

Add/subtract to/from the Nether portal coordinates
X: 15 + 36 = 51
Z:  3 +  9 = 12

Build Nether Portal B at:
X = 51
Z = 12
(tidying up the OP a little, posting this so I can link to it)

Oct 23, 2004

Or for even longer you can do something like this. It splits the initial pulse into 4 separate ones:

(don't copy my repeater settings because they aren't tweaked at all)

Oct 23, 2004

Boiled Water posted:

Wouldn't you be able to keep the function with just the top four repeaters or am I missing something?
no but you probably could take out one of the rows in the middle. e: Lallander's way is probably more lag-proof.

Oct 23, 2004

It's not the weekend anymore in Sweden

Oct 23, 2004

Klyith posted:

If Bethesda owns a trademark for "Elder Scrolls" is the area of "video game title", it is actively harmful to them for someone else to use "Scrolls" as their video game title. If they don't make any objection to this, when someone else makes a game called "Ancient Scrolls" a year later, then either Bethesda or Mojang would have a more difficult time preventing it. Bethesda would be in danger of losing their trademark, something which is pretty valuable to them, being the supertitle to a very successful franchise.

except suing over "Ancient Scrolls" would be frivolous too. And there is no way in hell they would lose their trademark because of a game called "Scrolls". The only way that would realistically happen is if someone was selling another game called "Elder Scrolls" or like "Really Elder Scrolls!".

Oct 23, 2004

That was made by someone on here and posted in the last thread. If you look at 1:10 you can see where the redstone is going up in the corner. And you see a button at 1:24 which presumably starts it.

Schweinhund fucked around with this message at Aug 18, 2011 around 08:59

Oct 23, 2004

DivineCoffeeBinge posted:

I mean, it's a real stretch for Bethesda's Legal department to say "yeah, we gotta sue," no one's arguing that...

Except you just argued in the last post that they have to sue because "judges are dumb".

Oct 23, 2004

That error comes up when the server is down.

Oct 23, 2004

Tactical Grace posted:

Tried to use the Minecraft memory increase shortcut ("C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\javaw.exe" -Xmx4096M -Xms4096M -jar "C:\{path to minecraft.exe}\Minecraft.exe"). No dice. It doesn't DO anything.

e: That is, once I add the new target the shortcut becomes defunct and stops working.

How many gigs of RAM do you have (if you only have 2 gigs, setting it to free up 4 gigs might not work so well).

Also, you did actually enter your path to minecraft and not just leave it as "path to minecraft.exe" right?

Oct 23, 2004

Jesto posted:

People say that the game only cost them $20, but in it's current state it doesn't seem much like a $20 game. You build a bit, you get diamond stuff, explore some caves and there's not much left to do beyond that.

If you have 0 creativity, then yes.

Oct 23, 2004

Krinkle posted:

I haven't played minecraft for a year but updates are on friday, right? Have there not been updates on friday for a while?

if you mean every friday, then not by a long shot. They usually update every few months, with 1 or 2 patches immediately afterwards to fix bad bugs. If there were updates every week there would never be time for mods to be updated.

Oct 23, 2004

Frobbe posted:

notch just tweeted he's removing the fog toggle key (normally F) why he would do this, i've no idea. i use that often to make the game redraw itself if there's unloaded blocks of graphics or similar.

that sucks. I get like 10 fps for some stupid reason at no fog, so I leave it turned up high but lower it if I need to see far away. Plus whenever I toggle fog, the fps goes way up for a short while, so I use it a lot. I have a feeling he'll put it back due to people complaining about it.

Oct 23, 2004

Zorak posted:

On the other hand, the game is supposed to be better optimized in 1.8, sooo

To be honest, going "I need the fog key in because my computer is incapable of running it without me constantly reloading the graphics every five seconds!!!" is kind of stupid. It's not like he's removing a feature or something. Your computer just sucks.

Well I realize my situation is an extreme example. But I'm sure other people with slower computers find it useful too. And my computer ran the game fine on XP. Minecraft just went to shite as soon as I "upgraded" to Windows 7.

Oct 23, 2004

I think the second thing is the orange lighting on the horizon. I don't remember him mentioning that before. Normally the sand in the back would be the same color as the sand up front.

Oct 23, 2004

You also have to get 4 sand for each TNT, and it really doesn't remove that much stone. And there's the time it takes to plant the TNT, run away, go back, repeat. It's probably faster to just use a pick.

Oct 23, 2004

SyRauk posted:

I'm recently getting the "Minecraft has run out of memory" a lot more than usual lately. Sometimes as soon as I enter into a brand new world it will say that. Java is completely up to date. I don't know what's going on. Is there a possible fix for this?

are you running out of HD space?

Oct 23, 2004

waffle posted:

Have you guys had any problems with changing your skin? It's not letting me change it for some reason since the update.

It's been down a lot the last few days but I was able to change mine about 6 hours ago.

Oct 23, 2004

Do you have significantly more than 4 gigs of RAM? if not, lower the 4___ number. I should add that to the op.

Oct 23, 2004

Squibbles posted:

Has anyone else had this problem before? My friend was working on our SMP server and we wanted to make a togglable lava fall as a defense mechanism for our castle gate.

He put a piston that blocked a lava source block on top of the castle wall. When he opened the piston it made the lava fall successfully but then when he turned it off the flow went down a few blocks but then stopped and wouldn't go away. He waited a few minutes to see if it would move but he ended up having to manually destroy all the lava via dirt blocks.

I'm not sure if he used 2 pistons and 2 lava source blocks or just 1 though.

edit: Oops, now he says it does seem to be going away, just verrrrrrrrrrrry slowly. I guess it's not something to turn on lightly.
probably not applicable in your case, but I did it this way:

Oct 23, 2004

plus the price will go up when it's in "release" mode. So if anything, it being in "beta" is an advantage. As was "alpha" when it was even cheaper.

Oct 23, 2004

Here's a basic mechanism for clearing a plate. You can probably use the plate + repeaters to open and close the pistons.

Oct 23, 2004

Murdershoe posted:

I'm finding very few diamonds on the server that i play on, and i'm strip mining
An updated graph would be welcome to dissuade or confirm my suspicions that diamonds are rarer now.

Not that you're the first person to get this wrong, but strip mining invovles mining at the surface. It should probably be called drift mining.

Oct 23, 2004

CJacobs posted:

What's funny is that your point is completely null because Bethesda's developing studio is not in charge of the law-based portion of their company, and therefore the Bethesda everyone knows and loves has no part in this and they in fact find the lawsuit pointless, but they can't do much to stop it now that Mojang has made it known, paraded it around, joked about it like it was no big deal, and then agreed to take it to court! It's really funny how nobody seems to know this (read: annoying)! And as well, Bethesda's law office has no case because "Scrolls" is not "The Elder Scrolls" and as long as Mojang acknowledges that TES is a thing that exists and they respect the right to not steal any of their poo poo, Mojang will likely come out of this lawsuit with an undeserving sense of pride!

And why would you assume everyone "knows and loves" Bethesda, and why is that relevant anyway. I don't know them or give a drat about them. I just know it's a pointless and frivolous lawsuit.

And it's hilarious how you seem to be implying that Bethesda is doing Mojang a favor by suing them because they'll have "a sense of pride".

Oct 23, 2004

The Eldersc Rolls. A cooking simulator. e: or a dice based game.

Oct 23, 2004

Allen Wren posted:

There isn't? I know saying "it's in a mod" is stupid, but how does Millenaire do it for the town maps, where they mark player construction in a different color? I figured if that could latch onto some information freely available in the map, Notch could, too. If I'm wrong, my bad.

Any info stored for each block (every block on the server) takes up memory. It could easily be added, but that is more resources being used for not much gain.

Oct 23, 2004

Al! posted:

Mojang tried to trademark the word Scrolls so Bethesda/Zenimax pretty much had no choice but to sue them otherwise Mojang might have a claim on their name.

This is just ridiculously wrong.

Oct 23, 2004

Lavender Philtrum posted:

I don't see how what he said was wrong at all. It's been said time and time again recently but basically you are required by law to defend your trademark if something is threatening it. In this case, Bethesda has a game called The Elder Scrolls. Mojang has created a game called Scrolls. Thus Bethesda is forced to defend their older patent or possibly lose the rights to use it. You might think "oh, but scrolls isn't that close to the elder scrolls, and they're both totally different games!".

That might make sense to a seasoned gamer but a judge is going to say "This game is called Scrolls and this game is called the Elder Scrolls. They're both video games. Bethesda wins." The same would happen if someone tried to make a game called Combat Evolved.

ok, give one example of a company who was still publishing a game/movie/anything losing their trademark because another company used a very common word from that title in their own game/movie years after the first game was published.

blah, we've been through this argument 6 times. The lawsuit is completely frivolous. There's no chance in hell Bethesda will win in court. And if it does, it would be travesty of justice. And trying to justify suing a company and wasting their time and resources by saying things like "But a judge might do something ridiculously stupid years later" is just nonsensical.

Schweinhund fucked around with this message at Sep 28, 2011 around 12:50

Oct 23, 2004

SolidSnakesBandana posted:

I remember once looking up a guide on how to get double-doors to open on a pressure plate using redstone. I took one look at it and decided I'd rather just live with single doors.

There's a relatively easy way to do those actually. I added this to the OP a while back:

Oct 23, 2004

Alaan posted:

Quick redstone question: I want to have a circuit turn on from just a detector rail briefly going on and for that circuit to stay on. How can I do that?
RS NOR latch

Oct 23, 2004

Just play it now. If you wait for Minecraft to be "smoothed out" and "polished" before you start playing, you'll probably never play it.

Oct 23, 2004

babies havin rabies posted:

Kind of dumb that the new content is post-tech-tree stuff (it all requires obsidian). Would be nice to be able to make speed potions in the early game when they would actually be useful. Content in the form of items doesn't really add as much depth as, you know, content that actually enhances the creative aspect of Minecraft, which is still the only real depth that the game has. Notch should be focusing on updates on the level of pistons and other construction objects which foster inspiration and creativity, which in Minecraft equals depth of play. What they've been doing lately feels lazy, and it shows as new items and mobs very quickly become commonplace occurrences or even annoyances.

Oh well.

I agree. I couldn't care less about potions. No objections to them or anything, but he should either work more on making this a "game", or acknowledge it's just a sandbox application and treat it like that. I would love it if you could join a server and compete with people in some way or another. The "survival" element got tiresome a long time ago. And experience orbs and the like don't interest me at all.

Oct 23, 2004



Oct 23, 2004

ArfJason posted:

So uhhh, who are these yogcast people? I see them mentioned a lot and pretty much what I know about them is that they do Let's Plays of minecraft? Any goon willing to shed more light on the subject?

That's it, except they are exceptionally good at it and very popular and also post here occasionally

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