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Nov 29, 2005

Dude, they oughta call you Piledriver!

I'm revisiting my stovetop beer recipe and I think I have it figured out. I can get a 4.75% beer in with a 2.8gal boil size, adding filtered water to bump that up to a normal 5.5gal keg fill. My stove is slow, so these smaller mash+boil volumes are gonna save well over an hour and chilling times will be significantly reduced.

We did a group buy recently on grain and 3 of us split a 55lb bag of Rye, so I'm gonna do a 87%/13% bill of 2-Row and Rye. I've never used rye before so I'm open to some input on that split.

Also, at the learn to brew day my club attended, the hosting brewery set a table out of their leftover hops and I ended up with over half a pound each of Mosaic and Lemondrop, so some of those are both going into the beer. A bit of a kitchen sink beer, so we'll see what happens!

Method looks something like this:

beer posted:

Strike 3.8gal @ 164F to hit 154F
Collect 3.2gal - 1.065
Boil 30min
Collect 2.6gal - 1.080

Add Filtered Water to lower temp to 180F

Whirlpool hops until temp falls to below 160F

Add any remaining water to reach pitch temperature and/or chill if necessary.

Read Post-Boil/Post-Add/Post-Chill OG for 1.044g

Fermentor volume 5.5gal - Backfill water to hit fermentor target if all the water wasn't used to chill.

I've done this before and it seems weird, but it works for a house beer when I don't want to brew outside (it's unseasonably cold right now)


Jun 28, 2006

I brew with an 18 month old (and another little one coming this month). I'm lucky if I can get a weekend brew day in, little on taking notes of what it went like.

Last week brewed a Celebration Ale clone'ish thing. Didn't even take gravity reading because I was too busy chasing the little one around the backyard and garage.

Nov 29, 2005

Dude, they oughta call you Piledriver!

2 things:

My Blueberry Milkshake IPA came out really well. It kinda ugly, but it's about 80% of the way there. The next batch will be fermented a little warmer, switched out Galaxy hops (I think I personally loathe Galaxy) and we're gonna work in a little more Blueberry "Jammy" flavor with some cooked whole fruit. I'm impressed how well such a complex beer came in on the first try.

Indoor brewing was gangbusters. I had a little issue with volumes that dropped my OG 0.05 from target, but I can fix that with more grain or better control of my volumes. Easiest brew day I've ever had and everything else was almost exactly on target. I brewed in pajama pants while watching Fantastic Beasts, so that beats the hell out of standing in the snow.

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