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Mar 22, 2007

Excuse me, pardon me, sheer perfection coming through

i like doing reasonable quality black teas for cold brew because the forgiving cold steep gets flavour without any of the bitterness. versus needing to step up in quality to get tea that doesn’t do that when hot.


Death Vomit Wizard
May 8, 2006
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Tea Goons Good Tea Study Club now has a discord because zoom and email are boomer tier. Today's weekly video chat was all about white tea and hongcha (red tea).

The two teas were both gushu from different Yunnan mountains, one processed as white (loose) and one red (brick). Both teas are 3 yo. I shared my belief that the dip between 3 years and 8 years is the most boring-tasting age for puer, and possibly other teas too. The red in this case still has lots of flavor though, due to the dense compression.

White tea facts:
Can steep so many times
Originally from a mountain in Fuding
The saying is: it becomes tea at 1 year, medicine at 3 years and treasure at 7 years
Can simmer in a saucepan 3 minutes then let cool

Edit: I just browsed the god awful White tea Wikipedia entry and feel compelled to add some more white tea facts:

It is usually wilted/ sun dried only, meaning that like red tea it doesn't have a "kill green" step
It is (very roughly) 15% oxidized due to these processing steps
Oriental Beauty and Moonlight White (puer) are other teas that are a little oxidized
Red tea (what Westerners call Black Tea) is put into wet piles for 2-3 days so it's 99% oxidized
White tea is graded by leaf size, though the highest grade is not necessarily "the best flavor" according to many:
Buds only: Silver Needle Baihaoyinzhen
Buds and 3 leaves: White peony Baimudan
Bigger leaves: Shoumei
Oldest Fuding trees are semi wild and 100-150 years old

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Oct 10, 2007


I likely ain't gonna be joining the tasting due to my schedule but I will happily join and say hello and talk about tea!

Death Vomit Wizard
May 8, 2006
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There is a monthly publication called Global Tea Hut that is from this tea cult that an american buddhist started in Taiwan. It is legit info and they send a sample with each magazine. That guy Wude I think is polarizing and his whole following looks like rich instagram hippie models that do yoga festivals and stuff. Which is true somewhat. But the dude himself and the writings are actually all super accurate and he's done his own translation of the Book of Tea by Luyu (Tea Sutra). Somehow I found all these PDFs by poking around their shittily constructed website a few years ago and it's 500MB of their whole back catalog. Literally the best tea information I've ever seen in English by a mile. Here is a link to the zip file that will work for 3 days apparently:!/link/S7zblXIeW

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