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May 5, 2008

Where do fists come from?

Jhet posted:

I use at least 0.5 oz for 2L/2qt pitchers. This is measured by weight and varies up by the tea I'm cold brewing. You can double it for concentrated tea that you'll end up diluting a lot, but do not add ice and just drink it straight from the fridge, so adjust my weights accordingly for your tastes.

Or make ice cubes from the tea as well, if your fridge doesn't get it as cold as you like.


Truck Stop Daddy
Apr 17, 2013


ulvir posted:

I was gonna recommend Yunnan Sourcing, but it seems most of their white and blue gaiwans are mostly too big (probably?) being over 150ml, for the most part, plus their stuff isn't quite as nice as Teaware.House's. This one is gorgeous, though. If I didn't have small hands or it was a tad smaller, I'd almost impulse buy this + some tea to balance shipping costs

Yeah, Ive been looking at yunnansourcing. Both the cups I like and my black gaiwan is from there. The Koi one is quite nice, but 170 seems a bit much for solo drinking, considering multiple steeps. Perhaps the tiny 80-90ml one from is fine... On the other hand I just received an email from yunnansourcing that they have a 10% off on teawares this week.

I found this one on verdanttea that I quite like, but it got a bit pricy with the shipping.
Would need to splurge a bit on more teas as well then

Jan 2, 2005

Jeg estimerer deg ikke.

Stuporstar posted:

OMG I've been searching all over for a large gaiwan to match my white and blue fish cups. Thank you for linking that

haha no problem. your only obligation is to post a picture w/it when you use it

Nov 30, 2013

Animus Fulgur

I appreciate the advice everybody gave.

So, small trip report, I got the gaiwan today and took it out for a try with three teas. I did Adagio's Ti Kuan Yin, and it was more than a bit weak. I think I need to use hotter water, I was hitting it with roughly 195F. Longer steep times and boiling water got a pretty good result out of Adagio's Yunnan Jig, I thought it was interesting how the 3rd infusion was the only one I got a really mineral hit off of. I tried their Pu Erh Dante the same way, and mostly got 'old leaf pile' out of it. Sort of a compost smell/taste, which was pretty good in a remarkably strange way. I need to experiment more.

Jun 7, 2005

Pu er is pretty much composted tea.

Nov 24, 2006

Can I say "shit" around the baby?

Grimey Drawer

I use one coffee scoops worth for every cup of cold brewed tea. I'm also lazy/cheap so I use the same leaves a second time.


Jan 2, 2005

Jeg estimerer deg ikke.

YS had a ripe puer sale a couple of weeks ago, so I went ahead and got a few cakes worth, this one amongst others, which I got mostly for the fun of it since it was so cheap. drinking it now, and it's actually surprisingly decent. if the cake was bigger than 100g it could probably go into the daily drinker rotation.

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