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Jul 19, 2004

Found there is a 1996 Chardonnay as well, so going for that plus the 1999 blend. If I can get my order through. Release Fridays on the Norwegian state wine shop tends to incinerate the server hamsters, so they're trying out some sort of queue token tomorrow. But I don't think these Rolets are what people the most for anyway.


brunch with yr parents
Jan 6, 2013

Goddamit, my 45 bottle wine fridge went haywire and set itself to freezer mode. The good news is that my only really fancy stuff, a bunch of ridge monte bellos from the past 10 years, were at the top of the fridge and appear to have gotten really cold but not actually frozen. The bad news is that nearly everything else at least partially froze, with some partially popping their corks.

Iíll be sampling the ones that popped over the next few days, but does anyone know what I should expect for the ones that froze but otherwise remained intact and for the really really really cold Ridges? Hopefully I wonít be stuck drinking he worlds fanciest sangria over the weekend.

Nov 18, 2004

That sucks, sorry to hear. The fridge at a restaurant I worked at did the same thing. If the corks have pushed at all, they will almost certainly start to oxidise, so I strongly recommend either drinking or rebottling (ASAP) anything that shows the slightest signs of it. If you rebottle, I would recommend drinking sooner than you usually would (unless of course you have a bunch of the same wine and you can monitor it by opening bottles periodically), they just don't keep as long in my experience. If you don't rebottle them, drink as soon as possible; ideally within a couple of weeks.

Stuff that doesn't show any signs of the cork pushing should be fine. The only thing you might notice is some tartrate precipitation in the wines that weren't cold stabilised, which is lovely because it lowers the acidity in your wine a little, but it's not the end of the world.

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