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Jul 16, 2004


Mrens posted:

That episode was a roller coaster of crazy, can anyone recommend stories about criminals conspiracies?

Not just criminal governmental and corporate grand schemes are also welcome.

I'm not quite sure why you spoilered that, but try The Fix is In, especially if you've seen The Informant. It's all about the Archer Daniels Midland price fixing scandal, and manages to be even more insane than the movie just by virtue of being true. If you'd prefer government conspiracies, try Arms Trader 2009.

Personally, I think very Tough Love is one of the scariest hours of radio I've ever listened to. It's all about an abusive drug court that essentially keeps people on probation in perpetuity, occasionally throwing them in jail with no information about when, if ever, they might get out again. Edit: Oh, already mentioned. Still loving terrifying.

Here's an early episode that few people have probably heard: Act two from Faustian Bargains is hilarious. Oh, and Squirrel Cop is the story I play for people who have never listened to TAL before.

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Jul 16, 2004


Solkanar512 posted:

WOOOOOO! I"M TWEEEEENTY ONNNNNNNNNNNNE!!!! How in the gently caress do those homeowners not beat the poo poo out of those kids with baseball bats?

My parents are professors, so I grew up basically on campus living in a house closer to the main grounds than the freshman dorms. Not as much of a party school as the one in the story, but still pretty bad. I nodded in agreement to the tampon thing, then shuddered.

Also fun: Stepping in puke with bare feet in the early AM when going down the walk to get the paper.
Towing someone's car out of our own garage
Not being allowed to drive into my street for ~an hour on game days. Just wanna go home and eat some dinner? Sorry, gotta drive around for a while until the cops blocking traffic leave.

I remember during a 'what do you want to do with your life' sort of thing in fourth grade I said I didn't want to go to college because all you do is listen to loud music and yell while people across the street are trying to sleep. I basically nailed it.

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