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Mar 5, 2005

Milk's on them.

VoodooSchmoodoo posted:

Bullshit, that's not a cat, that's a miniature bear.


Jan 17, 2010

My two, Tomoki and Hikaru (aka Queen Meanie Puss and Fatty Boomsticks). Most of these have been posted before cos I don't have a camera of my own.
Tomoki and Hikaru as babies. Hikki was the runt of the litter:

Another baby shot. Hikki seemed smart and alert at the time (which was misleading):

As teenagers:

Tomoki as a naughty teenager:

Hikaru as an adult:

Bonus shut of Hikki bonding with my partner by passing out together in the spare room after an earthquake:

Humbug Scoolbus
Apr 25, 2008

The scarlet letter was her passport into regions where other women dared not tread. Shame, Despair, Solitude! These had been her teachers, stern and wild ones, and they had made her strong, but taught her much amiss.

Clapping Larry

Talbot. I got him from a feral rescue group about two years ago (he's almost four now) and he is the most loving, sweetest cat I've ever had.

Sep 25, 2009

My family has had a few black cats.

My sister's cat Oliver. He hates everyone.

My old cat Raven.

My current cat Spooky. I found her outside on Halloween last year.

deviating septum
Apr 7, 2009

Here is my little buddy Atreyu (named after the neverending story, not the band).

We got him at the shelter when he was 8-9 weeks old. All the other cats were climbing around and he was just sitting in the corner like a lump. This was not to be indicative of his normal behaviour.

It turned out Atreyu was a preemie, and spent his early life in a kitten incubator. He is not a normal cat, and we think that, like with human preemies sometimes, he is cognitively impaired.

He really likes to stay up to date on the contents of the toilet

He has a secret method for beating the heat in the summer.

And he came along to our wedding to because anyone we could ahve gotten to take care of him was with us.

Nov 16, 2010

a mari usque ad mare

Can I push the black cat envelope? My guy was definitely harder to adopt than his tabby and tortie siblings. Here is Smudge (yes, my kids named him) with his glorious brain surgery markings. Still haven't figured out if he is black with white or white with black. The fugliest kitten at the shelter by far, either way! His shelter name was Floyd

Edited to add: I am an idiot and deleted the photo for paranoia reasons, completely forgetting it would break the link. So, just imagine my awesome cat.

badmomrising fucked around with this message at 02:31 on Nov 4, 2011

Kidney Stone
Dec 28, 2008

The worst pain ever!

Let me introduce you guys to Larsson, he's 5 years old.

Unfortunately, he's a bit dusty in the above photo.

And here he is chilling out with our 8 year old Scottish Wildcat/Tabby hybrid

Apple Jax
May 19, 2008



Marshmallard/Nione: Where can cat ties like those!? Yr cats are so dashing and handsome!!!

The tie I bought for 'Business Cat' (same tie that Samson is wearing as well) is from an Esty shop called "Whisker Kisses". It's currently closed, but she'll probably start making them again.

Nov 17, 2004

Don't stop believin'

VoodooSchmoodoo posted:

I don't know what it is about this picture - perspective? - but he looks like a black bear in this photo!

edit: beaten!

Aug 27, 2003

Tuxedos count too now? Awesome! In addition to Gizmo, who was posted earlier in the thread, I have Oreo and Putter. I just rescued Putter a few weeks ago, he is now 3 months old and BAD (but so cute).

Oreo high on dee-eight's catnip

Putter when I first got him

A rare moment of them not killing each other

Apr 6, 2010

Freya and Wally. They come from the same nest, with one Kitler (Freya) and 10.000 black kittens. We chose the smallest black one and named him Wally, because we though it would be hilarious to say "Where's Wally?" all the time. It is not. 90% of our furniture is black and the sneaky motherfucker loves to go stealth.
They don't mew, they chirp, growl and make a noise that's kinda like barking? It's hilarious and I love them to bits.

Adopting cats is the best thing I have ever done.

Jul 29, 2003

Here's my black cat, Amelie.

She is incredibly strange, she hates to be held but loves to be petted.. That is, until she suddenly decides you're The Devil and bolts away from you with no warning. All of her movements are jerky and fast, she can't ever seem to chill out unless she's sleeping, and she's so gay for me that sometimes I have to tell her to step off because it's a little creepy. But she's basically a Good Cat. I've had her since she showed up at my doorstep as a tiny kitten about 7 years ago, and though she usually keeps to herself rather than choosing to socialize with the rest of the humans and animals in the house, she seems content with her strange existence.

yawnie fucked around with this message at 20:32 on Oct 28, 2011

Feb 26, 2007

Taco Defender

This is Alfador!

(With a shaved spot on his leg from his dental appointment.)

We picked Alfador up from a PetsMart adoption event back in 2002. He was hunkered down quietly in the back of his cage, trying not to be noticed--great strategy, little guy--and when I dug him out to hold him, he hunkered down equally quietly in my arms. We thought he was a quiet kitty.

HA HA no. After we got him home he started running around and squeaking like a lunatic. It turns out that Alfador is just one of those nervous introverted kitties and his usual reaction to stress is to hunker down in a corner and not move at all. Once he's in a comfortable, familiar situation with people that he knows, he is Owner Of All He Surveys. He's pretty smart (and also pretty dumb) and very proud (and also kind of a loony).

He is actually a little eight-pound kitty but this picture makes him look HUGE:

We call this the 'hey, so, what are you eating there' pose. He loves granola.

He is also VERY SHINY. And somewhat globular.

The ladies at the shelter were adamant that he was a real live Bombay or Bombay cross. I suspect that they'd have told us anything that would get him adopted, but still, he does kind of resemble the Bombay cats that I've seen on breed pages.

Here he is with Stiltzkin, his orange nemesis and fellow 'owned by videogame nerds' victim:

Feb 27, 2007


Tuxedo cats, best cats.

Jun 3, 2006

Welcome to Trophy Island
Rub my tummy

I work at a pet store and we have a store greeter whose name is Kramer.

Kramer is a very adorable store greeter, he gets along well with all the customers, with the occasional lapse in friendliness when it's a big, manic, crazy dog. He's also very good at field testing all the merchandise.

Earlier this year, Kramer escaped. A deliveryman left our front door open and he skedaddled to the bar next door, snuck into their vacant storage building, got under some floorboards and hung out for about 5 days while the entire city was on alert in search of him. It was scary and very irresponsible for a 19 year old gentleman to worry everyone like that.

He was found, rescued, bathed, and returned to his store where he serves as a constant reminder of just how bad drugs can be.

Jul 17, 2006

This is Casanova. So named because he has a habit of leaning one elbow on chair rungs when loafing about and giving this "'sup ladies?" look. He is more like a puppy than a cat; he just wants to be friends with everyone and doesn't realize how big he is. He's super soft and fluffy which led to his nickname of Mister Fluffypants, sometimes shortened to just Pants.

This is Athena, affectionately called Fifi, Feefers and Fifanella. When we got her she was fairly standoff-ish only occasionally wanting pets but has become so lovable she will stand on her head and flop over when she wants ear skritches. She's very petite but has the loudest purr of all of our cats.

Athena sandwiched between orange stripeybutt brothers Bacon and Cheddar.

Slate Slabrock
Sep 12, 2009

Grimey Drawer

Apple Jax posted:

Ah! That's my cat!

That is Samson, Business Cat's 'brother'. My BOYFRIEND owns business cat, AKA Emilio and I own Samson (we all live together) and he sadly never gets the spotlight like Emilio does on the internet. You have warmed my heart, marshmallard, thank you for placing him in the OP.

You had probably just gotten the two cats mixed up, here's Emilio:

A regretsy member turned Emilio into a pumpkin!

From here:

Jun 18, 2004

This is Ned

He is a fake black cat

He also likes to dress snappy

He also has asthma and is very ferocious and we love him very much

Oct 12, 2004

Two black kitties at my house!

This is Piper, she looks cute now, but she's actually a cunning and manipulative adorable bitch. She adores being spanked and talks back if you speak to her. Her hobbies include laying on my best friend's bed and hating all the other cats in the house, but not enough to do anything but glare at them.

This is Teddy (with his brother Simba.) He loves to headbutt and humiliate Simba. Second smartest cat in the house and bloody well knows it. His hobbies include sleeping on people's butts if they lay on their stomach, randomly shoving his face in your laptop, and calling for you like there's something wrong, only to run off when you come check.

Stairs fucked around with this message at 04:17 on Oct 29, 2011

Apr 25, 2008


Nthing the "is that a bear"?! at VoodooSchmoodoo's picture. Jesus that cat looks huge.

This is the only picture I have of Cleo; she normally hides from the camera if she sees it coming. In this case she was distracted by a dinosaur.

Cleo was rescued from the pound back in college (stupid college kids moving away and dumping their cats! ) Originally her name was Kala which means black in Hindu(?) according to Rikki Tikki Tavi. It transmorphed to Cleo within about a day. Someday maybe I'll get a goldfish and name it Figaro.

Cleo has little tufts of white hair under each front leg, and a triangle of white hair near her ladybits. It's a weirdly human-style body hair pattern. Also a little tuft on her throat that you can almost see in this picture.

Feb 26, 2007

Taco Defender

Jackie posted:

This is Ned

Ned is the best cat.

Sep 15, 2007

What's that there, then? Oh.

unmeidestiny posted:

My current cat Spooky. I found her outside on Halloween last year.

Yay! Another Spooky! It's also the anniversary of when my Spooky came to live with me.

To the bear comments, yes he is a big fellow. He's a bit of a porker, but the vet says he's a healthy boy; just keep an eye on his weight. He's just overall a big, long, built cat. The black and white cat is his uncle and he is actually pretty big too - he's more long and gangly rather than chunky.

You wouldn't know it to look at him, but I swear Spooky can run faster than any cat I've ever known. He's like a turbo-powered panther-tank. He's 15 now.

Fat Dio
Feb 27, 2010

Dio's former owner was adamant about her being some super special breed because she's brownish in bright sunlight and she uses her paws to manipulate things. Whether she is or not, she's still a lovely cat. I take her once a week to get weighed at the vet, and she's on track to drop below 20lbs. Luckily she seems to get a kick out of the weekly car ride, she stands on my lap to look out the window.

Out for a stroll in the wild

Looking worried at the vet's office

Jan 17, 2010

Stairs posted:

Two black kitties at my house!

This is Piper, she looks cute now, but she's actually a cunning and manipulative adorable bitch. She adores being spanked and talks back if you speak to her. Her hobbies include laying on my best friend's bed and hating all the other cats in the house, but not enough to do anything but glare at them.

Yay! another evil bitch black cat. I feel less bad about mine now.

Mar 14, 2007

This is my black cat, his name is Ouch. He showed up one day looking scraggly as gently caress with his cut off ear and broken fang, and he was super skinny. After that he decided he lived on our porch and won't stay inside if we try to keep him there, so now he is our half-inside half-outside cat. He has the strangest voice of any cat I've ever heard, really gravelly and he just says "Owwwwwwww," hence the name Ouch.

Jun 3, 2006

Welcome to Trophy Island
Rub my tummy

Apidae posted:

Dio's former owner was adamant about her being some super special breed because she's brownish in bright sunlight and she uses her paws to manipulate things. Whether she is or not, she's still a lovely cat.

All black cats are lovely cats. Unfortunately for Dio's former owner, they're also all usually brownish in bright sunlight, at least in my experience. (I'd love for someone who knows more about cat coats to come in here and correct me on that!)

In other news, here's Kramer modeling the Halloween costume I purchased today to take home to my own kitties.

Schindler's Fist
Jul 22, 2004
Weasels! Get 'em off me! Aaaa!

I've been thinking that black cats need some marketing (and a lot fewer superstitious mouth breathers). Maybe some well done ads could help. Maybe we can brainstorm some! I'll start.

"Superstition is bad luck. Adopt a black cat today!"

"Superstitious? Keep evil spirits at bay by adopting and loving a black cat.*"
*cat must be loved and happy. Your spiritual activity may vary.

"The God that guards your house at night is Cat! Adopt and love a black cat today."

"They're only bad luck if the food dish is empty. Adopt today!"

"Turn ons: food, toy mice, attention, and clean laundry to sleep on. Turn-offs: Superstition."

Lobster Maneuver
Jan 4, 2005

All heart and all thumbs

This is my black cat Soba. She is 2 years old and super sweet. At the shelter, she was the cat that would walk up to you and rub herself all over your hand. The shelter lady has a theory that black cats are usually the sweetest and most mellow cats.

In perfect catloaf form.

Caught mid-lick.

Feb 27, 2007


Temple Gradin had a cool passage about black cats in one of her books that my local shelter would copy and tape to cages with their black kittens/cats. Something about how black cats are more social...

Fake edit -- found it:

Jul 5, 2004

Wholesome Sassy Sweetness

In February we started out with one dog. Then we found Rand. Totally spur of the moment cat adoption (like all of ours) and we couldn't be happier.
Meet Rand:

After chatting with the foster mom of this cat, we learned that in South Carolina, black cats are very hard to adopt. So the next day I went and adopted Min. They were already bonded, so it was easy bringing her into our home.

Meet Min:

Over the summer, we adopted a new dog and cat. The cat is Max. We were out shopping for things and came home with Max! He isn't solid black like the others, but tuxedo. He has also turned into being quite the fuzzy kitty. He is a kitten here, and our dog was obsessed at first, as you can see.

Meet Max:

The next two we have adopted over the past 2 months are Ash & Luna. Ash came home with me after a visit to the vet. He was found on the road almost dead. In fact, they thought he was dead until they got him back to the office. The doctor there took him in until he came to us. Here is Ash (Siamese) with the other cats. I built a big play area for them to have fun with.

Meet Ash (That's Min he is snuggling)

All four:

Two weeks ago another goon named OneLeggedCat came and spent a long weekend here with us. Well, during his first hour or two here, we all went for a walk through the woods. There is a nice trail, it's pretty and it was nice outside. OneLeggedCat said "Look! It's a cat!" and now we have Luna, our fifth cat.

Here are all of our cats
X-Small to XL
Luna, Ash, Max, Min, Rand

Dopefish Lives!
Nov 27, 2004

Swim swim hungry

Atticus has learned a, um, new "trick." He followed my father into the bathroom, watched him, er, use the facilities, and then proceeded to do the same thing in the bathtub.

I am not yet sure whether to be impressed that he made the connection that "bathroom = poo place" or to think that he's being a, well, kitten. My family had a good laugh over the idea that he's trying to imitate us though.

Atticus has also learned to blackmail. He lies in front of the fridge door and won't let you open or close it until you've bribed him with Temptations.

Mar 31, 2004

If you want to be a EE, bend over and grab your knees...

This is our second black cat, Nori:

She's ~2 years old and the most social cat we've ever had. She loves when visitors come to the house, demanding pets and whatnot. We adopted her after our first black cat escaped our apartment (faulty back door latch) and was hit by a car. We went to the shelter specifically looking for another black cat We had her in the interaction room at the shelter and knew she was the one when I said "Up!" and she hopped up on my lap.

This is our first black cat (and my first cat ever), Wasabi:

We found her in the parking lot at my husband's old apartment. Lured her in with lunchmeat and bowl of water. She was bonded to me mostly and scared of visitors but still an awesome first cat.

Robo Kitty
Sep 5, 2011

There was a POST here. It's gone now.

Nostalgia4Infinity posted:

Temple Gradin had a cool passage about black cats in one of her books that my local shelter would copy and tape to cages with their black kittens/cats. Something about how black cats are more social...

Fake edit -- found it:

Temple Gradin is cat racist against tortoiseshells.

Sep 11, 2007

I like black cats. The family cat is black, although he's getting a bit silvery-grey in his old age, and he has these faint brown stripes when in really bright light, although I'm not sure if he still has those. He's called Gypsy, because he was found in a car in an abandoned camp if I remember correctly.

He's been a terror all his life pretty much. My sister used to have to put wellies on before getting out of bed in the morning because he liked to hide under her bed and attack her feet. Now he's 21, and likes to roam the house yowling whenever he feels like it, which is quite a lot. He's great though. He's really talky at times as well.

I'd say he's settled down, but he still does crazy things sometimes, like chase a fox out of the garden, and he likes to bully the dog. He basically does whatever he wants.

He has got a tail, it's just cut off in the photo because he wouldn't stay still for long. He's got a chunk out of one of his ears though, and not many teeth. One in the top jaw, and a few in the bottom I think. Still got some claws to stick in people when he's cross though.

McDragon fucked around with this message at 03:10 on Oct 31, 2011

Feb 27, 2007


Robo Kitty posted:

Temple Gradin is cat racist against tortoiseshells.

This thread is about black/bicolor cats, take your mutant talk elsewhere <>

Jan 17, 2010

Nostalgia4Infinity posted:

Temple Gradin had a cool passage about black cats in one of her books that my local shelter would copy and tape to cages with their black kittens/cats. Something about how black cats are more social...

Fake edit -- found it:

I read that.
My cats didn't.

Nov 8, 2010


Great big guy but sweet, gentle and mellow as the dickens. Even at the vet he wouldn't put up a fuss, just chill out on the table.
I haven't had another cat since he passed on, place I live now is no-pets-allowed, but if I could I wouldn't hesitate to adopt another blackie.

Dec 11, 2005

What is ridiculous about human beings, Doctor, is actually their total incapacity to be ridiculous.

Here are my two black cats, Bo and Boris.

Boris really likes helicopters, if he hears one on TV he will run over and watch the screen intently, like so:

Bo is a bit special:

bonus kitty pile:

Myoclonic Jerk
Nov 10, 2008

Cool it a minute, babe, let me finish playing with my fake gun.

Sasarella posted:

All four:

I like your cat shelves! We're looking for a way to give Alli somewhere to climb without getting on our bookshelves and breaking our nicknacks and picture frames. Do these give them enough of an outlet for their climbing and perching urges or are they still climbing places you'd rather they not?


Oct 29, 2009

by Fluffdaddy

I have a tux cat!!

His name is muffins!!!!

We adopted him when he was a lil kitty and hes been chilling like that ever since.
hes doing it right now, actually

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