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Jul 9, 2004
And yet, somehow, now it's my fault ...

Late as ever, I visited Meat Liquor for the first time last week. It was ... okay.

We got there early and so there was no queue. Liked the decor but the place was as noisy as all get out. Fries were good. Burgers were a varied lot : my cheesesteak was subpar, the Chili burger was good but hardly hot. And 4 pounds for a tiny Czech "craft lager"?

When we left there were twenty or so people waiting in the rain for a table. I'll probably come back, but not soon.


Jul 9, 2004
And yet, somehow, now it's my fault ...

Once or twice, people have asked for places to eat in Richmond or thereabouts. There's a shedload of chain / franchise / unambitious eateries in the area, true, but there are some good places too. Since I lived in Richmond for years (and now live just across the river), I figure I'm as good an authority as anything:

* Chez Lindsay (Richmond)

This is our No. 1 place to take people when they visit. They serve Breton cuisine, which means savoury crepes and cider. The prices are slightly on the high side, but the cider is cheap and the service excellent without being too hoity-toity. One of our visitors once ate a full meal then turned around and ordered and ate another full meal. The food is that good.

* A Cena (East Twickenham / Richmond Bridge)

This got rave reviews a couple of years ago for excellent Italian. I confess I thought that the food was very good but not great. However it continues to be popular so maybe I just struck out. On the expensive side.

* Steins (Richmond towpath)

A German currywurst / sausage / sauerkraut outdoor eatery. When it first opened the servings were small and expensive and I'd didn't return for years. But lately it's come around and you can get an enormous pile of sausage and cabbage to wash down with steins of beer. A little dependent on the weather but worth a look.

* Don Fernando Spanish Tapas (near Richmond station)

Good tapas joint with cheap and plentiful sangria. Can be heaving at busy times.

* La Buvette (Richmond)

Pokey little French eatery with decent food. Twinned with Brula (, Twickenham / St Margarets) which is more more up market and the one that I prefer. My neighbours al roll their eyes and say the food has good down hill but they seemed decent to me. On the expensive side, 'coz they're French.

* Pizza Rustica (Richmond)

One of those wood-fired pizza / Italian sort of places but I like the service and the prices and food are good.

* V Thomas butchers (North St Margarets)

A quirky place: a butchers that turns into a small steak restaurant at night. And they're on my block. Service can be a little ... amateurish but it's not deliberate, they're just not seasoned restaurateurs. And while non-steak choices are provided, there's no question where the focus is. But for huge lumps of well-cooked meat at an good price, it's a winner. BYO.

* Ches' Trattoria (South St Margarets)

A greasy spoon by day, Italian trattoria by night. Good woodfired pizzas and pasta for a good price. BYO.

* Maki (lower Kew Rd)

Japanese restaurant, distinguished by being fairly relaxed and experimental. Servings are occasionally small but that comes with the territory. Price is acceptable for Japanese.

Jul 9, 2004
And yet, somehow, now it's my fault ...

More about drink than food but:

I'm organising a stag do for this Saturday and I'm casting about for a cool bar or lounge where we could finish the day at leisure over some cocktails and beers. Preferences:

- we be starting from near Aldgate between 9pm and 10pm, although can travel
- be really useful to have somewhere we could reserve a table or get into anyway
- not too noisy?


Jul 9, 2004
And yet, somehow, now it's my fault ...

You can almost always get a table at New World without waiting. Not the best Chinese food in the world but a decent price, decent quality and served quickly.

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