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Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Buy the DVD Box Set from Amazon!

Visit the translation home page!

Thanks to Champignon who made the original post about Game Center CX nearly five years ago and got the ball rolling.

Imagine if the Let's Play subforum was caught in a transporter malfunction with a Japanese game show. Or if the guys on Top Gear decided to spend their hour trying to beat an old video game.

Each week comedian Arino Shinya goes into a conference room and is given an old video game. They won't let him leave until he finishes the game or they run out of time. He starts playing around 10am and he has until about midnight to beat the game. But Arino is not very good at video games. While he's a nerd he hasn't really played video games in a long time. So even easy games are an uphill battle for him.

Arino reacts to the games with a good-natured humor. He's cheerful in the face of the worst games. He gets tripped up by the oldest tricks and then laughs it off. And when Arino manages to succeed his joy comes through.

When he's not playing that week's game Arino takes trips to local arcades, gets life lessons taught to him from old strategy guides by a monk, calls fans of the show for advice on beating other games, or other even more surreal things.

Game Center CX is a celebration of old video games. It's like the days when you got together with your friends to beat a rented game before it had to go back.

Isn't this a Japanese show?

Yes, it is. Even though the show airs in Japan there's a major goon driven effort that's ongoing to translate the series. The first fourteen seasons are complete shy of one episode and significant portions of the rest of the series have been translated.

Where do I watch the show?

If you're in Japan and you have Fuji TV's satellite service, it airs biweekly on Thursday nights at midnight.

In the US a DVD box set containing twelve episodes previously licensed by Kotaku along with four more additional episodes is now available from Amazon. These DVD's feature a new translation from the SA Team's own zari-gani, so expect the same quality of translation.

Or you could download the episodes that are translated as we post them here.

Special Episode Types
M - The challenge segment from the first season of Game Center CX.
LE - One of the live challenges.
B - A DVD only bonus episode.
NC - A mini episode created for the Nintendo Channel.
EX - Other extra episodes

Italicized episodes have been licensed for an official release and will not be available.

I used English names where ever possible and when there wasn't I used a rough translation to give some idea of what the game is like. Similarly the genres are a rough framework.

Episode     Game                      Genre                System         Translation

Season One
M1          Takeshi's Challenge       Insanity Sim         Famicom        SA Team, TV Nihon
M2          Angelique Trois           Dating Sim           PS2            SA Team, TV Nihon
M3          Steel Battalion           Simulator            Xbox           TV Nihon, SA Team
M4          Roommania #203            God Game             Dreamcast      TV Nihon
M5          Star Force                Shooter              Famicom        TV Nihon
M6          Astro Robo SASA           Puzzle               Famicom        TV Nihon
M7          Galaga                    Shooter              Playstation    TV Nihon
M8          Door Door                 Classic Arcade       Famicom        TV Nihon
M9          Yie Ar Kung Fu            Fighting             Famicom        TV Nihon
            Gradius                   Shooter              Famicom
            Track and Field           Sports               Famicom
M10         Super Mario Brothers      Platformer           Famicom        TV Nihon
            Super Mario Brothers:     Platformer           Famicom
              The Lost Levels

Season Two
1           Mystery of Atlantis       Platform Adventure   Famicom        TV Nihon, Kotaku, Discotek
               Non-Challenge Segments                                     SA Team
2           Challenger                Action Adventure     Famicom        TV Nihon
3           Ghosts 'n Goblins         Platform             Famicom        TV Nihon,SA Team
4           Konami Wai Wai            Crossover Platform   Famicom        TV Nihon
5           Metroid                   Platform Adventure   Famicom        TV Nihon
6           Solomon's Key             Puzzle               Famicom        TV Nihon, Kotaku, Discotek
               Non-Challenge Segments                                     SA Team
7           Prince of Persia          Platform Adventure   Super Famicom  TV Nihon
8           Prince of Persia          Platform Adventure   Super Famicom  TV Nihon
9           Mega Man 2                Platformer           Famicom        TV Nihon
10          Super Mario Brothers 3    Platformer           Famicom        TV Nihon

Season Three
11          J.J. & Jeff               Platformer           PC Engine      TV Nihon
12          Attack! Takeshi's Castle  Sports/Gameshow      Famicom        SA Team, TV Nihon
13          Tokimeki Memorial         Dating Sim           Playstation    SA Team
14          Famicom Jump              Licensing Crossover  Famicom        SA Team
15          Doki Doki Panic           Platformer           Famicom        SA Team
16          Phoenix: The King's       Licensed Game        Famicom        SA Team
17          Super Mario World         Platformer           Super Famicom  SA Team
18          Super Mario World         Platformer           Super Famicom  SA Team
19          Milon's Secret Castle     Platform Adventure   Famicom        SA Team
20          Legend of Zelda: A Link   Action Adventure     Super Famicom  SA Team
              to the Past          

Season Four
21          Ultraman                  Fighting             Super Famicom  TV Nihon
22          Final Fight               Beat 'em Up          Super Famicom  SA Team
23          Adventure Island          Platformer           Famicom        SA Team
24          Actraiser                 God/Platformer       Super Famicom  SA Team
25          Quiz: The Feudal Lords    Trivia               PC Engine      SA Team
26          Doraemon                  Licensed Game        Famicom        SA Team
27          Super Mario 64            3D Platformer        Nintendo 64    SA Team
28          Super Mario 64            3D Platformer        Nintendo 64    SA Team
29          Ninja Gaiden              Side Scrolling       Famicom        Kotaku, Discotek
                                        Murder Sim          
               Non-Challenge Segments                                     SA Team
30          Kid Icarus                Platform Adventure   Famicom        SA Team

Season Five
31          Umihara Kawase            Platformer           Super Famicom  SA Team
32          Contra                    Run and Gun          Famicom        SA Team
33          Bonanza Brothers          Platformer           Mega Drive     Kotaku, Discotek
               Non-Challenge Segments                                     SA Team
34          Ghouls 'n Ghosts          Platformer           Mega Drive     Clover
35          Princess Tomato in the    Adventure            Famicom        SA Team
              Salad Kingdom          
36          Shadow Land               Spiritual Journey    PC Engine      SA Team

Season Six
37          Street Fighter 2          Fighting             Super Famicom  Clover/SA Team
38          Castlevania 3             Platformer           Famicom        SA Team
39          Mighty Bomb Jack          Platformer           Famicom        Kotaku, Discotek
              Non-Challenge Segments                                      SA Team
40          Mighty Bomb Jack          Platformer           Famicom        Kotaku, Discotek
40          Gargoyle's Quest          Platform Adventure   Famicom        SA Team
41          Mighty Bomb Jack          Platformer           Famicom        SA Team, Discotek
42          Adventure Quiz: Capcom    Trivia               PC Engine      SA Team
43          SOS                       Puzzle Platformer    Super Famicom  SA Team, Kotaku, Discotek
              Non-Challenge Segments                                      SA Team
44          Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa   Child Endangerment   Famicom        SA Team

Season Seven
45          Ultraseven                Rubber Monster       Super Famicom  TV Nihon
46          Mega Man                  Fighting Robot       Famicom        SA Team
47          Wagan Land                Educational          Famicom        SA Team
48          Out of this World         Adventure            Super Famicom  SA Team
49          Legend of the Mystical    Action Adventure     Super Famicom  SA Team
50          No Game – Korea Trip      NA                   NA             SA Team
51          Sword of Musashi          Licensed Sports      Famicom        SA Team
52          Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts    Platformer           Super Famicom  SA Team
53          Clocktower                Survival Horror      Super Famicom  SA Team, Kotaku, Discotek
              Non-Challenge Segments                                      SA Team
54          The Quest of Ki           Puzzle Platformer    Famicom        SA Team

Season Eight
55          The Quest of Ki           Puzzle Platformer    Famicom        SA Team
56          Flashback                 Action Adventure     Super Famicom  SA Team
57          Bikkuriman World          Platform Adventure   PC Engine      SA Team          
58          Masked Ninja Hanamaru     Platformer           Famicom        SA Team
              (Yo! Noid)
59          Super Fantasy Zone        Shooter              Mega Drive     Kotaku, Discotek
              Non-Challenge Segments                                      SA Team
60          Bonk's Adventure          Mascot Platformer    PC Engine      SA Team
61          53 Stations of the        Side Scrolling       Famicom        SA Team, Kotaku, Discotek
              Tokaido                   Adventure          
              Non-Challenge Segments
62          Kid Dracula               Platformer           Famicom        SA Team
63          Mendel Palace             Puzzle               Famicom        SA Team

Season Nine
64          Sonic the Hedgehog        Platformer           Mega Drive     SA Team
65          No Game – Cannes Trip     NA                   NA             SA Team
66          No Game – Clip Show       NA                   NA             SA Team
67          Zombie Nation             Controversy Bait     Famicom        SA Team
68          The Wing of Madoola       Action Adventure     Famicom        Kotaku, Discotek
               Non-Challenge Segments                                     SA Team
69          Legacy of the Wizard      Action RPG           Famicom        SA Team

Season Ten
70          Dragon Ball               Licensed Game        Famicom        SA Team
71          Atomic Runner             Side Scroller        Mega Drive     SA Team
72          Yuuyu's Quiz de Go! Go!   Trivia               Super Famicom  None
73          Lemmings                  Puzzle               Super Famicom  Clover
74          First Samurai             Platformer           Super Famicom  SA Team
75          Donkey Kong Country       Platformer           Super Famicom  SA Team
76          Donkey Kong Country       Platformer           Super Famicom  SA Team
77          Fatal Fury Special        Fighting             Neo Geo        Clover/SA Team

Season Eleven
78          No Game – Fukuoka Trip    NA                   NA             SA Team
79          Layla                     Platform Adventure   Famicom        SA Team
80          Kirby's Adventure         Platformer           Famicom        Clover
81          Battle Golfer Yui         Sports               Mega Drive     Kotaku, Discotek
              Non-Challenge Segments                                      SA Team
82          Mega Man 3                Platfomer            Famicom        SA Team
83          Mega Man 3                Platfomer            Famicom        SA Team
84          Super Gussun Oyoyo        Puzzle               Super Famicom  SA Team
85          The Genji and the Heike   Side Scrolling       PC Engine      SA Team
              Clans                     Action          
86          Punch-Out!!               Sports               Famicom        Clover/SA Team
87          Golden Axe                Beat 'em Up          Mega Drive     Kotaku, Discotek
              Non-Challenge Segments                                      SA Team
88          Dig Dug II                Puzzle               Famicom        SA Team
89          Lemmings                  Puzzle               Super Famicom  SA Team

Season Twelve
90          Dragon Buster             Action Adventure     Famicom        SA Team
91          Kid Kool                  Platformer           Famicom        SA Team
92          Shiren the Wanderer       Roguelike            Super Famicom  Discotek
              Non-Challenge Segments                                      SA Team
93          Shiren the Wanderer       Roguelike            Super Famicom  Discotek
              Non-Challenge Segments                                      SA Team
94          Go by Train!              Train Simulator      Playstation    SA Team
95          Street Fighter 2010       Child Disappointer/  Famicom        SA Team
96          Ninja Gaiden 2            Platformer           Famicom        SA Team, Discotek
              Non-Challenge Segments
97          Ninja Gaiden 2            Platformer           Famicom        SA Team, Discotek
              Non-Challenge Segments
98          Pilotwings                Flight Simulator     Super Famicom  SA Team
99          Rainbow Islands           Arcade Action        Super Famicom  SA Team
100         Wrecking Crew             Action Puzzler       Famicom        SA Team

Season Thirteen
101         Golgo 13: Top Secret      Action Adventure     Famicom        Clover
102         Super Puyo Puyo           Puzzle               Super Famicom  SA Team
103         Koushien Baseball         Sports               Famicom        None
104         Gegege Kitaro             Monster Party        Super Famicom  None
105         Hokkaido Serial Killer    Mystery              Famicom        SA Team
106         No Game – Yuji Horii      NA                   NA             None

Season Fourteen
107         Paris-Dakar Rally         Racing               Famicom        SA Team
108         Smart Ball                Platformer           Super Famicom  SA Team
109         Legend of Zelda: Ocarina  Action Adventure     Nintendo 64    SA Team
              of Time
110         Legend of Zelda: Ocarina  Action Adventure     Nintendo 64    SA Team
              of Time
111         Super Star Force          Shooter              Famicom        SA Team
112         Ninja Spirit              Side Scroller        PC Engine      SA Team
113         Night of the Sickle       Visual Novel         Super Famicom  SA Team
114         Mega Man 4                Platformer           Famicom        SA Team
115         Mega Man 4                Platformer           Famicom        SA Team
116         Tower of Babel            Puzzle Platformer    Famicom        SA Team

Season Fifteen
117         Mr. Gimmick               Platformer           Famicom        SA Team
118         F-Zero                    Racing               Super Famicom  SA Team
119         F-Zero                    Racing               Super Famicom  SA Team
120         Tant-R                    Minigame Collection  MegaDrive      None
121         Bio Warrior Dan           Exploration          Famicom        SA Team
122         Comix Zone                Beat 'em Up          MegaDrive      SA Team
123         Kirby's Dream Course      Minigolf Puzzler     Super Famicom  SA Team
124         Metal Storm               Side Scroller        Famicom        SA Team
125         Child-Rearing Quiz: My    Quiz/Child Raising   Playstation    SA Team
126         Super Spy Hunter          Racing Shooter       Famicom        None
127         Pac Man 2                 Adventure            Super Famicom  SA Team
128         Strider                   Side Scroller        Megadrive      None
129         Flying Dragon             Side Scroller        Famicom        None
130         Saint Seiya               Action Adventure     Famicom        None
131         Mito Koumon               Adventure            Famicom        SA Team
132         Battletoads               Beat 'em up          Famicom        SA Team
133         Battletoads               Beat 'em up          Famicom        SA Team
134         Detective Saburou         Adventure            Famicom        SA Team
135         Alex Kidd in Miracle      Platform Adventure   Master System  None
136         Gradius                   Shooter              Famicom        None

Season Sixteen
137         Kung Fu Heroes            Action               Famicom        None
138         Dynamite Heady            Platformer           Megadrive      None
139         Dynamite Heady            Platformer           Megadrive      None
140         Full Speed! Delivery Boy  Delivery Boy Sim     PC Engine      None
141         Captain Tsubasa           Sports               Famicom        None
142         Captain Tsubasa           Sports               Famicom        None
143         Pilotwings                Flight Sim           Super Famicom  None
144         Vice: Project Doom        Action               Famicom        None
145         Famicom Detective Club    Mystery Adventure    Famicom        None
146         Karnov                    Dancing              Famicom        VR-GCCX
147         Legend of the River       Fishing RPG          Super Famicom  SA Team 
              King 2           
148         Pulseman                  Platformer           Megadrive      None
149         Kickle Cubicle            Puzzle               Famicom        None
150         PaRappa the Rapper        Rhythm               Playstation    SA Team
151         Mansion of Hidden Souls   Adventure            Sega CD        None
152         Yoshi's Island            Platformer           Super Famicom  SA Team
153         Yoshi's Island            Platformer           Super Famicom  SA Team
154         Metro-Cross               Running              Famicom        None
155         Metro-Cross               Running              Famicom        None
156         Space Hunter              Exploration          Famicom        None

Season Seventeen
157         Magical Quest Starring    Disney Platformer    Super Famicom  None
              Mickey Mouse
158         Jogging Race              Marathon             Famicom        None
159         The Adventures of Tom     Platformer           Famicom        None
160         Blaster Master            Frog Hunting Sim     Famicom        None
161         Derby Stallion            Horse Racing         Famicom        SA Team
162         Donkey Kong Country 2     Ape Platforming      Super Famicom  None
163         Donkey Kong Country 2     Ape Platforming      Super Famicom  None
164         Donkey Kong Country 2     Ape Platforming      Super Famicom  None
165         Dragon Ball Z             Super Fighting 2     Super Famicom  None
166         Shadow of the Ninja       Platform Action      Famicom        None
167         Sky Kid                   Shooter              Famicom        SA Team
166         Shadow of the Ninja       Platform Action      Famicom        SA Team
168         YuYu Hakusho              Anime Fighting       Super Famicom  None
169         Rocky Rodent              Mascot Platformer    Super Famicom  None
170         Aighina's Prophecy        Action Adventure     Famicom        None
171         Aighina's Prophecy        Action Adventure     Famicom        None
172         No Game - Budokan Recap   NA                   NA             None
173         Oishinbo                  Gormet Adventure     Famicom        None
174         Woody Poko                Action Adventure     Famicom        None
175         Nosferatu                 Platformer           Super Famicom  None
176         Nosferatu                 Platformer           Super Famicom  None

Season Eighteen

DVD Bonus Episodes
B1          Transformers: Mystery of  Licensed Game        Famicom        TV Nihon
B2          Ikki                      Action Adventure     Famicom        VR-GCCX
B3          TwinBee                   Shooter              Famicom        None
B4          Bomberman                 Action Puzzler       Famicom        SA Team
B5          The Tower of Druaga       Action Adventure     Famicom        None
B6          Yie Air Kung Fu           Fighting             Famicom        None
B7          Binary Land               Puzzle               Famicom        SA Team
B8          City Connection           Pac Man-esque        Famicom        None
BUSA        Die Hard Arcade           Action               Saturn         None
B9          Spelunker                 Platformer           Famicom        None
B10         Pooyan                    Pig Shooter          Famicom        None

Revenge Attempts (Spoilers for Episode Results)
RE1         Legend of the Mystical    Action Adventure     Super Famicom  VR-GCCX
RE2         The Genji and the Heike   Side Scrolling       PC Engine      VR-GCCX
              Clans                     Action                                            

Nintendo Channel
NC1         Mega Man 9                Retro Platformer     Wii            None
NC2         Virtual Console Sampler   Various              Various        None
NC3         Star Force                Shooter              Arcade         SA Team
NC4         Downtown Special          Beat 'em Up          Famicom        SA Team
NC5         Splatterhouse             Side Scroller        Arcade         None
NC6         Ultimate Qix              Puzzle               PC Engine      None
NC7         Mario Kart                Racing               Super Famicom  SA Team
NC8         Super Mario Brothers 3    Platformer           Famicom        None
NC9         Super Metroid             Platform Adventure   Super Famicom  None
NC10        Fire Emblem: Mystery of   Strategic RPG        Super Famicom  None
              the Emblem
NC11        Excitebike 3D             Motocross Racing     Nintendo 3DS   None
NC12        Xevious 3D                Shooter              Nintendo 3DS   None
NC13        Donkey Kong               Puzzle Platformer    Game Boy       None
NC14        Star Fox 64               Shooter              Nintendo 64    None
NC15        Kirby Super Star          Minigame Collection  Super Famicom  SA Team
NC16        Kirby Collection          Platformer           Wii            None
NC17        Balloon Fight             Jousting Simulator   Famicom        SA Team
NC18        Balloon Fight             Jousting Simulator   Famicom        SA Team
NC19        Fire Emblem: Mystery of   Strategic RPG        Super Famicom  SA Team
              the Emblem
NC20        EarthBound                RPG                  Super Famicom  SA Team
NC21        NES Remix                 Nostalgic Minigames  Wii U          SA Team

EX1         No Game – Far North       NA                   NA             TV Nihon
EX2         Retro Game Challenge      Retro Collection     Nintendo DS    SA Team
EX3         Retro Game Challenge 2    Retro Collection     Nintendo DS    None
SP1         Pok่mon Fire Red          Cockfighting         Gameboy        SA Team, TV Nihon
              (battles only)                                 Advanced
            Super Mario Brother:      Platformer           Famicom
              The Lost Levels
SP2         No Game - 2008 Year End   NA                   NA             SA Team
              Southernmost Game
SP3         Robocop                   Side Scroller        Famicom        SA Team
SP4         New Years 2012            NA                   NA             SA Team
SP5         Super Mario Kart          Racing               Super Famicom  None
SP6         Mario and Wario           Mouse Puzzler        Super Famicom  SA Team
SP7         Live Budokan Stage Show   Various              Various        SA Team
LE1         The Quest of Ki           Puzzle Platformer    Famicom        None
LE2         Takeshi's Challenge       Insanity Sim         Famicom        SA Team
LE3         Lemmings                  Puzzle               Super Famicom  SA Team
LE4         Kirby Super Star          Minigame Collection  Super Famicom  None
LE5         Pilotwings                Flight Simulator     Super Famicom  SA Team
LE6         MegaMan 2                 Action               Famicom        None

DVD Special Feature - Ring Ring Tactics Compilation
Excerpt from the Lemmings 24-Hour Special - Last Continue
Excerpt from the Lemmings 24-Hour Special - Early Morning Comedy Show
Arino's Wedding
Genki TV Interview 
Catch a Catch Copy Special 

There's a lot of episodes; where's a good place to start?

The show doesn't have a whole lot of continuity so you can just pick an episode featuring a game you're interested in and go for it.

I would recommend watching an episode translated by the SA Team first. One of the focuses of our translation is accessibility; we want you to be able to enjoy the show even if you don't know a thing about Japanese television, gaming, or culture. Starting with an SA Team episode can mean a more welcoming experience.

The DVD set from Discotek media has a translation by our own zari-gani and that's the best way to see those licensed episodes.

With that in mind there's several options depending on what you want to see in a show:

I want to watch a comedian struggle to play games I love:
Super Mario World (17, 18), Street Fighter 2 (37), Sonic the Hedgehog (64)

I want to see strange Japanese games that we never got in the US:
Umihara Kawase (31), Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (44), and Go by Train! (94)

I enjoy watching the depths of human suffering:
Attack! Takeshi's Castle (12), Adventure Island (23), Castlevania 3 (38)

I want something epic:
Mighty Bomb Jack (39, 40, 41), Quest of Ki (54, 55, 60), Lemmings (73, 89, Live Compilation)

How bad can games get:
Doraemon (26), Dragon Buster (90), Paris-Dakar Rally Special (107)

I love seeing Arino interact with the staff:
Quiz: The Feudal Lord's Ambition (25), Ninja Gaiden (29), Bomberman (DVD4)

The trips to arcades are the best part:
Game Center CX in Korea (50), Cannes Trip (65), Robocop (Game Center CX in the USA)

Can you solve the mystery?
Clocktower (53), Hokkaido Serial Murders (105), Night of the Sickle Weasel (113) - The official website; you'll find episode information here and it's where you go to enter that week's code. - Official site of the production company; there's blogs here and information on upcoming events if you happen to be in Japan. - Ray Barnholt's excellent episode guide. – The SA Team's Facebook page which is maintained by Gutcruncher. - The steam fan community which will send you announcements when a new episode is available. - zari-gani's YouTube playlist of all the music featured in the series - The retrogaming thread; if you want to talk about collecting famicom games this is the place for it. - Publisher of the DVD set in the US.
Google Map of places Arino has visited

Twitter Accounts
@arimorokoshi415 - Arino
@kankanp - Producer Kan
@kbmsgccx - Staff Writer Kibe
@uratokawa - AD Urakawa
@inokomax - AD Inoue/Inoko MAX
@Poco_SP_Dragon - AD Nakayama
@kusomushi0926 - AD Emoto
@tatsuya0805 - Director Tatsuya Nakauchi
@suzui_idz - Masanobu Suzui, CEO of indies zero

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Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Game Center CX is a super low budget show. Arino is the sole star and as a result the crew often wind up being a big part of the show themselves. Arino regularly calls for assistance from one of the assistant directors, the show's creator provides narration in order to save money, and the cameraman regularly gets out from behind the camera to pitch in.

The AD's

The most visible crew members are the assistant directors, or AD's. Usually at least once per episode one of them will step up to help Arino through a tough spot. Sometimes they're good at the games, sometimes they just make things worse.

The AD's typically work on the show for about a year (one or two seasons) before they move on to other tasks. Several of them have moved up to higher positions in the production company and continue to make regular appearances.

On the show they're referred to as AD Name and that has generally been picked up by us even when they've become producers and directors.

Other Staff

What's up with the episode numbering?

Season one of Game Center CX was a completely different show from what came after. The episodes centered around Arino visiting the corporate headquarters of a game publisher and interviewing major figures involved with developing classic games. There was one segment in the show where Arino played one of the company's games and was given a special goal for it.

After one season and one special the show was retooled. The challenge segments became the focus and the goals changes from things like "Catch seven monsters" to "Complete the game and get the best ending."

When this retooling occurred they also officially reset the episode numbering. So in episode guides, the information guides on the channel, and on the website the numbering of episodes starts with season two.

Why are episodes nearly one hour long? Don't they have commercials in Japan?

They do but Game Center CX airs on a pay television channel which doesn't really have a lot of commercials. Think along the lines of HBO.

What are the Nintendo Channel episodes?

Much like the Nintendo Channel on the Wii here, the Nintendo Channel for the Wii and 3DS in Japan often features videos about games. A series of short, twenty minute long Game Center CX episodes have been produced for the channel. Most of these are challenges but a few of them are just Arino playing around. Some of the episodes are multipart series; the Super Metroid challenge is as long as a full episode.

What are the Bonus Stages?

There are versions of the episodes edited down to a length for television broadcast that are referred to as Game Center CX - Bonus Stage. The only new footage they feature are the bumpers and they have one or more segments removed.

What exactly was the North Trip?

The North Trip was a set of replacement arcade visit segments that were used for some reruns. They're all about Arino making a road trip through the very cold northern island of Hokkaido looking for the furthest north arcade.

On a holiday special Arino also went to Okinawa to look for the southernmost arcade.

What is a revenge attempt?

On the most recent two DVD sets Arino and other staff members try to finish a game that Arino could not beat during a regular episode. It looks like this will be an ongoing feature of the DVDs.

What are the live specials?

There are six challenges that could be considered "live".

The first is Mighty Bomb Jack which was a taped episode but the challenge to complete Mighty Bomb Jack occurred in front of a live audience. That episode was the conclusion of a three part challenge; the first two parts were translated for Kotaku while the SA Team translated the final part.

There were also four challenges that were presented in their entirety live on television. During these challenges Arino is attempting to beat a game that stymied him in some way before. He receives faxes of encouragement from fans as he plays.

The first was the Christmas 2008 challenge of Quest of Ki. Though initially scheduled for two hours Arino played for nine hours. Seven of those hours were spent on one extremely short level.

During season ten Arino revisited the original episode and Takeshi's Challenge in a two-hour special. The hour long wait required to complete a segment of the game was handled by using a password.

The most ambitious of the live episodes was the twenty-four hour Lemmings challenge. Arino had twenty-four hours to complete insane difficulty. A streamlined version of this challenge was released on DVD.

For New Year's Day in 2011 Arino teamed up with his comedy partner Masaru to play Kirby Super Star. The challenge took about seven hours and is notable as the only cooperative challenge that has been done for the show.

In February of 2012 Arino played Pilotwings for his birthday. He started when he was 39 years old and ended when he was 40. There was a birthday party at midnight that's notable for Arino being presented with art by the SA Team's zari-gani. In addition there was a goon effort to get as many birthday greetings from around the world faxed into the show and they were overwhelmed by outpouring of support by international fans.

While the shortest of these live challenges may be translated someday it's extremely unlikely that the long ones will be. Besides the length, the fact that they present the challenge without editing out the "boring" bits means that they're generally not fun to watch. It's Arino sitting there mostly in silence failing the same level over and over again for hours. It just isn't worth the effort.

What's that music from that episode?

Zari-gani translated this list of music used in the series:

zari-gani posted:

Taken straight from the ridiculously extensive Japanese wiki article on Game Center CX, here's every music used in the show!

Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes (part of "Castle") [Season 1]
The Legend of Zelda (fanfare when having rescued Zelda) [Seasons 2-3]
Dragon Quest (part of "Title BGM") [Seasons 4-8]

Junkie XL "JXL Radio Technical Support"
Beethoven "Ode to Joy" (techno version)

Donkey Kong 3 [Seasons 2-10]
Mappy [Season 3]
Elevator Action [Seasons 4-5]
Yellow Magic Orchestra "RYDEEN" (cover version) [Season 6]
Namco Classics Collection Techno Maniacs "Pacman (Aho-aho Mix) [Season 7-Season 9, episode 2]

Fantastic Plastic Machine "The King of Pleasure" "Reaching for the Stars"

Cartoons "Diddley Dee" "Witch Doctor"
Space Cowboy "Across the Sky" [Season 4]
capsule "FRUITS CLiPPER" [Season 5-6]
Milly "GIVE ME UP 2006" [Season 7]
Clea "Lucky Like That (Uniting Nations Remix)" [Season 8]
sweet Vacation "HONKY TONKY CRAZY" [Seasons 10-11]
AD Nakayama "Last Continue" [Season 12]
AD Watanabe "Sayonara Game" [Season 13-15]

Ginbae Yokohama "Bucchigiri Rock 'n' Roll" (Cameraman Abe)
Eikichi Yazawa "Toubousha" (Cameraman Abe - 24hr Challenge only)
American National Anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner" (Toujima)
Junichi Inagaki "Christmas Carol no Toki ni wa" (Toujima - live Christmas broadcast)
Shoten theme (Toujima - 24 hour live broadcast)
Checkers "Giza Giza Haato no Komoriuta" (Urakawa)
"Kiga no Zeronen" original soundtrack "Fuufu no Ketsui" (Inoue)
SPECTRUM Stan Hansen theme song "SUNRISE" (Inoue - Legend of the Mystical Ninja episode)
Jenny Rom "www.Blonde Girl" (the female Takahashi)
AKB48 "Aitakatta" (the male Takahashi)

"Hiwou War Chronicles" anime soundtrack, track 2 "Ikoku no Shirabe"
"Hajime Ningen Gon" anime theme song
"Azumanga Daioh" various tracks from the anime soundtrack (since the Northernmost game trip)
Kuricorder Quartet "Ureshii Shirase"

Godiego "Gandhara" "Monkey Magic"

Chiharu Matsuyama "Oozora to Daichi no Naka de"
Hakase Tarou "Angel in the House"

Candies "Heart no Ace ga Detekonai"
NHK Special "Miracle Planet" soundtrack "Jinrui e no Tabi" (main theme)

C-C-B "Romantic ga Tomaranai"
Minnie Riperton "Lovin' You"

Seishirou Kusunose "Hottokenaiyo"

Yoshie Kashiwabara "Hello Goodbye"

Kenji Sawada "Katte ni Shiyagare"

Onyanko Club "Sailor Fuku o Nugasanaide"

Kid Icarus (The "Queen" and "Prince" and other variations are the show's original music)
Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes (part of "Castle") [Season 1-3] used during the end with the "incantation"

Theme song from the movie "King Solomon's Mines" (composed by Jerry Goldsmith)

Jesse McCartney "Beautiful Soul"

Bryan Adams "Here I Am"

Simon & Garfunkel "Bridge Over Troubled Water"

AD Tomoaki Nakayama "Last Continue"

AD Yuuko Watanabe "Sayonara Game"

Ben E. King "Stand By Me"

Pirates of the Caribbean title track
Headhunter Soundtrack "Jack's Theme"

She also created a YouTube playlist featuring the songs.

What does the robot voice say at the beginning of the intro?

It's one of the great mysteries of the series. There is no definitive answer that I've been able to find. Even the artist who created the music piece that the voice was taken from no longer remembers what it says.

What's up with the ending to episode 44?

They thought the show had been canceled so the ending of the show is a loving tribute. Fortunately for everyone the sales of DVD's and the licensing of the show for a game kept the series going.

What are those things Arino sticks onto his head?

They're cooling sheets. The idea is to relieve tension and prevent overheating. They've become his trademark and you'll see him appear wearing them a lot.

The Games

Until recently the only Game Center CX product available outside of Japan was their first Nintendo DS game. In the US it was retitled as Retro Game Challenge.

In this cult game Arino sends the player back in time to the 1980's where they have to play some retro-style games and complete challenges to unlock more games. To help you beat the games you could check out gaming magazines for the latest tricks or carefully read over the individual game's manuals. It had eight games ranging from classic space shooters to a full Dragon Quest style RPG.

A sequel to this game was made but was not released outside of Japan. It's title is Game Center CX: Arino's Challenge 2.

It follows the same formula as the first game but expands the time frame to include some portable gaming and psuedo-16-bit games. Nine new games were featured this time including a Pac-Man style maze game, a mystery adventure game, and a puzzle game. In addition several of the games from Retro Game Challenge returned in special editions.

The Disks

Nine DVD box sets have been released of the series in Japan. Each set contains two DVD's with two episodes on each. Typically one of the episodes in a set is a special extended version of the television episode with additional footage. Each of the box sets contains a special challenge that was done for just the DVD release.

The episodes are presented with just the challenge. Other segments may be on the disk but they are not necessarily the ones that were part of the original episode. And every once and a while there is an extra special feature included on the disk.

One of the DVD boxes is different; it contains a shortened version of a special twenty-four hour long challenge that has been cut down to fit on two disks.

An American DVD box set has just been announced. It's coming from Discotek Media and will feature the same twelve challenges that were previously licensed by Kotaku. They will feature a new translation by the SA Team's own zari-gani. More details to come when they're available.

In addition there are a series of related DVD's call The Game Masters. These DVD's are short documentaries about a game publisher. Arino and the show's crew make appearances on these DVD's but they're not part of the series.

Other Things

There are five Game Center CX books that feature information about the games, interviews with creators, and behind the scenes information about the show. The third book also features a comic all about the series which has been translated into English.

Then there is this beauty.

It's been sold out for years and getting one will cost you an arm and a leg.

A Brief History of Game Center CX Translation

The first group to translate episodes of Game Center CX was TV Nihon. They tend to specialize in live action Japanese superhero shows so they translated the two Ultraman based episodes (episodes 21 and 45). After finishing those they went back and did the Arino's challenge segments of the first season before translating the full episodes of the second season. As time passed their releases slowed down and it was over six months between the release of episode 9 and 10. After episode ten we waited more than a year hoping another episode would show up.

Meanwhile over in Japan the DVD publisher Stylejam produced two English language episodes: Mystery of Atlantis and Ghosts 'n Goblins. They used these episodes to try to sell Game Center CX to an overseas market. Stylejam had no success in selling the show and so the only place these episodes have been publicly seen in full is an Asian film festival in New York City back in 2007.

Into that void stepped the Something Awful Team. Episodes began getting translated fast and Clover, another subtitling team that happens to have a lot of goons on it, also started working on episodes.

About a month and a half after those efforts got off the ground Gawker Media, owner of websites such as Kotaku, Gizmodo, and Io9, announced that they had acquired a dozen episodes of Game Center CX and would be posting them to Kotaku with a dubbed over narration as "Retro Game Master". That began a period of great confusion. The mods gave approval to continue the translation work so long as we did not post licensed episodes. Gawker did release episodes that the SA Team had translated and the SA Team version had to be pulled.

Gawker's license was for only for a very short length of time and it quickly ended. The license to those same episodes was purchased by Discotek Media who are releasing a DVD box set with a new translation by the SA Team's own zari-gani.

Clover had other translation commitments and weren't able to really work on GCCX so they handed off translations for timing work to the SA Team; they still have one more episode that they're wrapping up themselves but that will probably be their last one. After more than two years TV Nihon released another episode but it's not clear if they're going to keep going or how many years it will be before their next release.

Why'd Gawker change the episodes so much?

For the most part Gawker was working from the DVD versions of episodes. On the DVD's the episodes are presented as just the challenge segments. So there were no arcade visits or other segments available to them. In one case, Ninja Gaiden, this meant that they had access to an extended version of the episode.

What do I do with the subtitle files for episodes?

For episodes that were translated and then licensed we had to pull the full video but our translation could stay as subtitle file. If you have a video of that episode you can open it in certain media players (VLC and Media Player Classic work for this) and also open the subtitle file to have it play both at the same time.

Please remember that for the twelve episodes Gawker licensed that talking about where to get them is .

Who are the members?

Translators: zari-gani, Nagoyan, ShinYaguchi (inactive)
Timing: Gutcruncher, Miscellaneous14, univbee, Random Stranger

How can I reach you?

An e-mail to will get to me.

How do I know a new episode has been released?

We've taken on a convention of putting a bit of fan art at the beginning of any post that features a new video. If you see a member of the team post a strange picture of Arino then there's there's something new right below it.

Why aren't you guys translating in order?

The translators pick which episodes they're most interested in doing. That prevents things from getting bogged down with unliked episodes. The show has very little continuity between episodes so generally it's safe to skip around.

Will you guys translate this episode?

The long term plans are to translate all the episodes except the extended live episodes. But episode requests generally won't do much good. They're going to get done eventually though.

Are you going to translate this episode already done by another group?

Possibly but they're the lowest priority as long as there are episodes that haven't been touched at all out there. For episodes licensed by Gawker we could only release a translation anyway (besides, the DVD release of those episodes does have a translation by a member of the SA Team).

What's the release schedule?

For a variety of reasons there isn't one. Everyone is working on the show in their spare time and every member of the team has other commitments which have to take precedence from time to time. Also some episodes are a lot more work than others and there's a possibility that an episode will be completed but held back for the sake of other episodes.

Why'd you translate that word/title/thing? Everyone knows what it means!

One of our big goals in the translations is accessibility. We want anyone to be able to pick up an episode and watch with no assumptions that they know anything about Japan or Japanese gaming. We generally stick to the official US localization of things in games because someone looking up an episode for the sake of nostalgia will be familiar with that. We translated the term because a lengthy explanation while someone is watching a show is more intrusive than translating it.

Hey, these guys are reposting your work!

We're aware of a few people at various places around the net that are reposting our videos. Since we want as many people to see Game Center CX as possible that doesn't bother us. These people also have not been claiming that they helped translate the episode (with one rather sad exception that got slapped down hard) so it doesn't matter. Besides, we include a URL at the end of the videos that leads right back to this thread.

I want to help out!

That's great. The team has enough people to handle the timing work for episodes now but more translators are always needed. If you're interested in translating the series send an e-mail to and I can get into details.

Please do not do some work for the show and then get in touch with us about using it. We've got our own workflow and procedures in place and it's very likely that we won't be able to use something created and then handed over to us since it won't match. If you want to help, ask first and we'll explain things.

Why don't you guys...

There might be a good reason for that or it might just be that we hadn't considered it. We're open to suggestions; it's not like any of us have ever done a translation project on this scale before.

Random Stranger fucked around with this message at Jun 8, 2012 around 02:43

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

So in news not for the OP there are a few things.

First, the bonus episode for the DVD Set 8 is Samurai Ghost, the sequel to Genpei Tomaden which Arino has already played and is also on the DVD.

Second, while I don't have a newly translated episode to christen this thread I do have the next best thing: a never before seen episode.

You might recall from a few releases ago that the show mentioned a bonus DVD for the initial release of the DS game Game Center CX: Arino's Challenge 2. That bonus DVD would contain an hour long challenge in which Arino plays the original game. That video had never found its way out of Japan. Until now.

I give you Arino's Challenge:

This is not translated at all and it's unlikely to be translated anytime soon but it is a new episode that I strongly doubt that any of you have ever seen before. Enjoy.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

SereneCrimson posted:

Oh man, a new thread.
the old thread is full of such memories.

We will make new memories in the new thread.

Has anyone heard what the Christmas/New Year's special is going to be this year? Will it be another superlong live challenge or are they scaling things back?

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Dominic White posted:

Am I missing something, or aren't there links to the subtitle files for the SA-and-Kotaku episodes on the big episode/file list? Being NotAmerican, I can't see the Kotaku episodes in the first place, so it's ironically much easier to get the raws and throw a sub file on them.

I didn't add them initially for the sake of getting things moving but almost all of them are up there now and the last few will be dropped in soon.

joek0 posted:

Can someone translate the challenges for each game he does in the Retro Game Master video.

Edit: Was his challenge to beat each of the games?

After season one the challenge was always to beat the game. The only exceptions were the Nintendo Channel episodes where sometimes he was given a different goal (beat Concrete Man in Mega Man 9, blow up the big ship in Star Force again, and the like).

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Nickoten posted:

Great OP, just one minor nitpick: The Arino's comedy duo is called "Yowiko" or "Yoiko" in romaji, not "Yukio."

I knew that. I don't know what I was doing when I typed that.

And the Kotaku quote is "What Japan can do when it tries". Which now that I think about it would have been a great thread title even if we'd be the only people laughing at it.

I'm completely open to things to add to the OP. I didn't want to add the Kotaku gripes though because that's not a good way to welcome anyone curious about the thread.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Xik posted:

Awesome new op Random Stranger, guess this is a good time to say thanks again to the translating team. Does anyone have a copy of the old animated banner ad that you were running for a while? As a way of saying thanks I'll pay for a couple of rotations in the "Goon Ad" space if you can supply that banner.

Here's the banner ad that was used:

You know, I would have lived to use this as Abe's picture...

But he really needed a motorcycle shot.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

fenix down posted:

Nice OP, I especially like the breakdown of the ADs.

I'm not thrilled with that section so it's on my list to for a complete revision.

But what I have in mind for the crew section will take a while to put together so it's on hold at least until the episodes are done.

iastudent posted:

They mentioned it at the end of The Chief Returns during a meeting, but passed on it due to the difficulty I think.

They've gone back to games that they've initially passed on so it's not impossible that Deadly Towers will show up in the future.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

While Ocarina of Time isn't on the current list to translate I can show you the best part of the episode:

Arino stops for the night and hands off to AD's Emoto and Itou to continue. He returns in the morning and Itou explains the plot to him with...

I think this was the last time Itou did art for the show too...

cronox2 posted:

I'd say the episode I'm really interested in most right now is the multiple part Super Metroid Wii Channel one. Are there good versions of it available online?

I have a good version of it. Or at least as good as any video that was streamed to the Nintendo Channel could be.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

ChibiSoma posted:

Of all the stuff currently unsubbed, I'm surprised Megaman 4's two-parter is there. Was it just not as fun as the others have been, or is it on the list to be subbed somewhere?

I don't want to bog things down with moving through each episode and saying, "Not on the list."

Everything after episode 106 has a few strikes against it that make getting a translation slower. There's issues of familiarity and availability (though we've good good masters of everything now) that just naturally push them down the list. They'll be done eventually but everyone has other priorities first.

FWIW, I think seasons 14 and 15 are awesome and the only weak episodes in the bunch are Ocarina of Time and F-Zero. AD Takahashi really knows how to pick an awesome game for the show...

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Zeether posted:

The car shmup is Battle Formula (Super Spy Hunter in the US). It's pretty fun but hard, especially during sections where you need to speed up to go over jumps or you automatically die.

It could also be Paris-Dakar Rally which features shooting sections.

No, I don't know why. That game is completely insane.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

If you're in Tokyo on Christmas eve this year you may want to go to the launch event for the the eighth DVD box set. Details can be found at:

It sounds like they're doing something similar to the DVD event where they had people hunting for various staff members around an area.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

miscellaneous14 posted:

Man, I'd love to go to one of those things.

I'm looking forward to the possibility of Japan's tourism agency getting that plan to give free round-trip tickets next year off the ground. Visiting at around the time they have a GCCX event would be the best thing.

There actually was a charity GCCX event held while I was over there to raise money for Tsunami victims but I was in Kyoto by that point well away from the event.

I've heard that despite the announcement of free flights to Japan they can't get funding for the project so it might not happen.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Crotch Bat posted:

I've got a question(or two) for those in charge. I was sorting and filing my GCCX collection when I noticed that, outside of the most recent ones, season 8 is woefully represented with only 53 Stations being done. Are there any season 8 episodes on the block? Are they just boring episodes? Is it, as I assume, most coincidental that season 8 isn't more complete?

Just curious, by the way, no outstanding requests or demands.

No comment.

Also no comment on Arino ever learning to not celebrate before he's actually done.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

There's a real hazard in working on the show where you'll get the game tunes stuck in your head. You listen to the same fifteen second clip of music over and over and over and you just can't get rid of it.

This episode has been a really bad one for that too. I'm going to be hearing that song in my head for weeks.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Crotch Bat posted:

If that's your YT account then I just happened upon it about 30 minutes ago after deciding to search for anyone attempting to LP 53 Stations(nobody seems to be that crazy except Arino). Didn't see this video but did see the other 53 Stations video.

Weird timing.

It's strange. I can think of four people in this thread that own a copy of 53 Stations because of the show.

And I can attest that it is really just as hard as it seemed in the episode.

It also doesn't help that you're obligated to sing along with the game's music as you play.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

redmercer posted:

And are you serious Mister Chief? Don't toy with our emotions...

It's true. This is going to be one hell of an episode.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

rdbbb posted:

After this and the USA trip, the show may not be able to get any better for the forseeable future. This... is our year.

Out of all the most desired games for Arino to play this was the one I least expected to show up.

I can think of six western developed games on GCCX and two of them have been in season fifteen. Someone new on staff (probably Takahashi given how heavily the AD's are involved in game selection) has some pretty broad tastes in games.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

How about that; I was wrong in the last thread.

They definitely shoot episodes in the Fuji TV building. I figured busy offices like that wouldn't work so they would shoot at the production offices where they could control things and shut them down on challenge day.

I wonder if the guys in the neighboring offices ever complain...

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

rdbbb posted:

Where are you getting that from, out of curiosity? They used to, yeah, but I'm fffairly sure it's been in-house for several seasons.

The episode I'm currently working shows them in the Fuji TV building. Maybe it was a one off situation since it wasn't the regular conference room for that season or the one they switch to later.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Zeether posted:

I noticed something in one of the levels:

Those missile launchers are the center of the bases in Bosconian.

Ki has a lot of references to other NAMCO games. See how many you can spot!

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Emalde posted:

I noticed this immediately and came here to ask about it as well.

After watching this episode, I really want to see Arino play through the original Druaga. That game is so hard.

Druaga was one of the DVD bonus episodes so he has played it. In fact I think it's the longest of the DVD episodes.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Someone wants some Ki? It's time for the epic conclusion!

In case you couldn't tell from the last post and episode this is another episode brought to you by the industrious zari-gani.

Full Video:
Just the Subtitles:

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

No. Absolutely not. No siree. Don't even think about it.

(And just like that the surprise is ruined.)

Just kidding around, Chief. I'm sure someone would have spilled it before the episode gets posted.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

The Quest of Ki is over and done. It's time for Arino to move on to a new year and play Bonk's Adventure.

Bringing us this episode after a long marathon is the tireless zari-gani.

Full Video -
Just the Subtitles -

And that is probably it for a few weeks, guys. It's possible we might get another release out by the end of the year but not really likely. So you'll need to go back to reruns until the new year.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Bocc Kob posted:

Game equals Namco.

That special snack looked amazing and I want one too.

Really? I thought it looked incredibly disgusting.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Tyma posted:

Bonk's always been interesting to me, because as a kid it was always mentioned in UK gaming magazines as some sort of "mario killer", even though the games were never released in the UK.

Watching someone play this is going to be like finding out Santa isn't real, isn't it? :{

Bonk is a perfectly reasonable platformer for the period it was released in.

It was not anything close to a "Mario-killer" though.

(What was with gaming magazine's obsession with a game being a [genre-defining, super-popular game]-killer, anyway?)

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

zari-gani posted:

Someone needs to make that into a gif.

The Yakuza games are so fun. I wish I had the time to be playing them (and Skyrim) right now. Instead I've been playing Wagan Land in short spurts. And that's why the Wagan Land episode will be the first one I translate for the year 2012.

I promised myself I'd finish Kenzan before I ordered Yakuza 3 and 4. It's a great game but other things kept jumping out at me...

Oh good. No quiz or adventure game episodes.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Vlaphor posted:

I just watched an entire episode of a TV show in a language I don't understand, and I loved it. I find it odd that the episode ends while it's still light out, but maybe they had too much great footage for one ep. Has scenes from part two on it as well, and they looks awesome...this is being worked on right. I recall that it didn't take too long for the USA special to get translated and that was twice as long with far more dialog.

So I can expect this tomorrow...right?

I know you're joking but to keep this clear for everyone:

No one is translating it yet and I'm not sure how soon it could fit onto anyone's schedule.

Even if it was translated tomorrow it still takes a while for the timing to get done.

I already know what the next release is going to be due to how things are falling into place and I promise you guys it's another often requested episode.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Mister Chief posted:

Game Center SEX? Finally.

All of those are visual novels. There's no way I'm overlaying all of that text!

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Shlapintogan posted:

And I'm with Boogie on this one. If you're yelling at Arino for being bad at video games, your vocal chords are in serious poo poo.

Which is why the Game Center CX Drinking Game is:

- Take a drink when Arino is overconfident.
- Take another when that overconfidence is immediately shattered.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Dache posted:

I have to take issue with the "it's like Top Gear for video games" tagline you guys use though. It's nothing like Top Gear, and it was one of the things that actually stopped me from clicking on the banner for weeks until a friend watched it and told me more about it.

Since I used it as a title I obviously disagree. They're both shows that are about having lighthearted fun with their topic. There's a lot of goofing around and even if you don't care about the nominal topic of the show it's still interesting. The shows have a playful tone that they have in common.

And it doesn't hurt that one is the most watched television show in the world and the other is a show that we're trying to get a bit more attention for.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Hakkesshu posted:

To be comparable on that level, you'd probably have to have Arino driving around Tokyo in a custom built F-Zero car, getting shot at by red arremer helicopters .

Someone send them a postcard! They have to do this for the next live special!

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Ledneh posted:

Hell yes sega channel. poo poo was like ten years ahead of its time

I think you mean ten years behind the times.

absolutely anything posted:

After humming it for like a week straight I noticed a certain something wasn't on Youtube. So I fixed(?) it.

drat you!

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

(I forgot I had that picture for Quest of Ki...)

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Sorry I can't give you a new episode for Christmas but I do have a present for all of you.

To be honest I'm not entirely certain what this is. It is a Japanese video featuring an interview with Arino conducted in English using AD Nakayama as the translator. I think it was being used to try to sell Game Center CX to overseas markets (kind of a "See how big we are? We're getting interviewed by this person in English!"). Anyway it's an interesting Game Center CX artifact that I thought you guys might be interested in:

Arino Interview:

Random Stranger fucked around with this message at Dec 25, 2011 around 05:54

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Mister Chief posted:

Is this the one with the pony-tailed gentleman?

Yes, it's that one.

I should also mention that the "news organization" featured in the video isn't a real one which is what makes me think it's a promotional video.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Zeether posted:

How are you supposed to beat the karaoke challenge in the translated version?

You say that like people can beat the karaoke challenge in the original version.

(Actually I think the program only recognizes tones... vaguely. It's like the Karaoke Revolution games; you can sing any words you want as long as you have the pitch and hold the note long enough.)

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

rdbbb posted:

If you were around the old thread when I shared a preview from a Sunsoft cover album that was coming out, well, it came out, and I got it, and the Tokaido song that was the highlight.

I'm gonna err on the side of for the track right now, buuut I'll share the lyrics sheet:

That's strange. I saw a Sunsoft album before that featured 53 Stations and having another one seems odd...

Wait a second...

Official English Lyrics posted:

Wanna kiss you
Wanna hold you
Wanna make love right now

We now have the real reason this game was never released in the US.

Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Johanz posted:

Ah, back from celebrating the holidays.. Man, I'm way behind on my GCCX schedule, still watching the Bonk episode! Appreciate all the translation efforts too.

And a new live show.. I doubt that is ever going to be translated so be sure to tell us other people about the highlights or if it was any good! As much as I love GCCX I am probably not going to sit and watch 24 hours of understanding just a tiny bit of what is going on, haha.

Yeah, scheduled for 8 hours with a good chance of overtime on it means it's probably not going to get translated.

I'm just dying of curiosity to know what they'll make him play. Hopefully it will be something cruel.


Random Stranger
Nov 27, 2009

Johanz posted:

I wouldn't mind seeing a 10 min compilation, translated or not, of the fun stuff from the live thingy.

If they do it like Lemmings and Ki then there will be some kind of recap in the regular episodes.

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