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Nov 5, 2005

it was a nice post,
you shouldn't have signed it.

Welcome to BSS, Something Awfuls home for all things comic book related! That includes but is not limited to books from Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, webcomics, newspaper strips, independently released books, the list is endless. In short if it's related to storytelling with pictures it belongs here.

Basic Something Awful Rules Apply Here.
Educate Yourself

Don't Pirate.
Don't post links to illegally distribute books and don't boast about how you've "legitimately" obtained something.

Use The Report Button.
If you see somebody breaking the rules click the report button. Everyone hates poo poo posting and this helps prevent it.

Don't Be A Creep.
It should go without saying but don't troll, create/import drama or be a creep. That includes e-stalking, posting fan fiction or your dreams and jokes of loving comic book characters.

Threads & You.
If you want to discuss a book/topic/writer/artist but don't see a thread for one, make one. Threads should be more than one sentence questions but they also don't need to be Wikipedia article length to start discussion.

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Nov 5, 2005

it was a nice post,
you shouldn't have signed it.

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Apr 28, 2002

Long Live The King!

Use Spoiler Tags with some common sense in mind. If you are posting about a reveal or plot point in a comic/movie/TV show that hasn't released yet then use spoiler tags. If it's s rumor, still use spoiler tags. Yes rumors are frequently wrong, but they are also sometimes right. When in doubt it's better to use them then not. You're not going to get in trouble for using spoiler tags for things you thought might need to be spoiled but in reality don't. Again, it's mostly common sense.

How Wonderful!
Jul 18, 2006

I only have excellent ideas.

I want to bump this but also to reiterate what I've said in here and what you may have seen mods really underline in recent months:

1) Any whiff of bigotry, discrimination, or hateful language, ironic or otherwise, is 100% verboten. Don't do it. Ableism (including fatphobia), sexism, racism, classism, ageism, transphobia, homophobia, etc. has no place in BSS. If you were just trying to make a joke, I don't care. If you were dogwhistling and hoping to slip under the radar, I don't care. Don't say "retard," don't call women lovely things. This should be easy.

2) Comic book fandom is predicated on the comic book fan fight and disagreement is a generative and important part of BSS. That being said, slap-fights and feuds are a chore to read and detract from otherwise good threads. Arguments that get too personal or veer entirely away from the thread topic and into petty vendettas will be shut down. Be as blunt as you want but try not to be a prick, and if you find someone insistent on being a prick to you, just drop it, report it if you need to, and move on.

3) Doxxing and helldumping are not allowed. Dragging in offsite stuff, material from other (especially very old) threads for the purposes of mocking another poster, and especially real-world identifying information will be dealt with harshly. If you find yourself concerned or troubled by a poster's past words or actions (the Tzitzimine Protocols, as Marv Wolfman may have called it in days of old) and feel that they have a real material bearing on BSS please feel free to contact myself or X-O privately. As with #1, please don't try to get cute with evading or undercutting this.

4) These are not an exhaustive set of laws-- if you are otherwise being a nuisance or becoming a disruptive presence expect mod action. Use your discretion and don't be an rear end in a top hat. See rule #2-- if you feel yourself getting heated and about to post something you'll regret, get up, take a walk, water your plants, have some tea, whatever you need to do. Just please don't be an rear end in a top hat.

5) Do not be the mysterious new Spider-Man villain Kindred. Three strikes of being Kindred, the enigmatic tormentor with a stunning link to Peter Parker's most tragic secrets, and you will receive a six hour probation. Five strikes of being this fan-favorite character find, whose secret identity will break the internet in half, and you will receive a 12 hour probation.

6) You are only allowed to be a creep about a comic character if it is about the new Mark Trail and his hard, hot body.

7) Finally, please review the forum-wide rules, linked by Waterhaul above.

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How Wonderful!
Jul 18, 2006

I only have excellent ideas.

I want to set a few unspoken rules about the "Post <X> Panels" threads (mostly) down in here so there's a clear reference to point to--

1) manga panels are welcome in the Funny/Badass/Touching/Etc. Panels threads so long as they don't contain untagged NSFW or creepy stuff. Out of courtesy please keep in mind that most BSS readers may have less background knowledge about many mangas than they would about, say, Batman or the X-Men or From Hell or whatever, so consider thinking about if the panels you want to post make sense or have much impact to a complete newcomer to the text, and provide context accordingly.

Posts along the lines of "manga sucks," "reading right to left is bad," etc. are not productive and not welcome. Because they have been such a consistent issue across these threads, moving forwards they're going to warrant an immediate 12-hour probe.

Please do feel free to criticize individual scenes that you don't like or find incomprehensible or whatever, but blanket generalizations about an entire medium are as unwelcome in referring to Japanese comics as they would be about cape comics or Euro comics or newspaper comics or anything else. One of the cool things about this subforum is its potential to expose people who like one kind of comic to really diverse examples of the form, and that kind of extremely broad cultural dismissal is unhelpful.

2) Try to stick to seven consecutive pages as an upper limit for scans. I'm occasionally guilty of posting stuff that's way too long but in general moving forward treat anything above seven as really exceptional.

3) BSS has always been pretty "ask me no questions, I'll tell you no lies" about where individual scans come from. Please, however, try not to have watermarks from scan sites out and out visible on stuff you post.

4) If at all possible, label your panels. Posting a mystery picture of Spider-Man getting hit in the dick with a boulder is worse than posting that picture and writing Incapacitated Spider-Man v.4 #33 underneath it. This helps people follow up on comics they might like to get into and also helps filter out dumb photoshops.


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