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Mar 13, 2007

Please don't forget that I am an extremely racist idiot who also has terrible opinions about the Culture series.



I Demand Food
Nov 17, 2002

Carbohydrates posted:

I miss my cowboy guns. I very badly want a metallic cartridge-firing open top, most preferably a replica 1851 Navy conversion in .38sp (but would also settle for an 1860 Army or 1872 open top).

- Lack of top strap means the frame is much weaker than that of an SAA, meaning it can't fire nearly as powerful cartridges.
- Less safe than an SAA since its hammer lacks the 3rd position (supposed to catch the hammer if it slips).
- Replicas often have some timing issues which can cause the cylinder bolt to drag at half cock.
- Timing these guns is far more difficult because the cylinder and bolt are recessed into the frame and not visible from the side, as they are with an SAA.
- More difficult/annoying to take apart. Removing the cylinder requires a mallet.
- Reloading is slower because the ejector doesn't just travel straight back; its lever turns to retain it when not in use.
- Sights are a bit slower to use because the rear is just a V notch in the front of the hammer. This is even worse on an 1872, where the rear sight is on the rear of the barrel, yielding a shorter radius.
- Front heavy, due to the thick octagonal barrel and lightened frame.
- Although in the Old Times these would have been a cheaper alternative to an SAA, the SAA's extreme popularity and enormous number of manufacturers producing them makes niche guns like these a little more expensive.
- This doesn't apply to the factory Richards Mason replicas like this, but if you're using a different conversion (Taylors conversion cylinder, Kirst converter, etc) to make a .36 BP gun shoot .38sp, you'll need to either use heeled bullets in order for them to properly expand and engage the rifling, or else re-sleeve the barrel. Otherwise your accuracy will suffer as the bullet bounces around in the barrel.

- Looks cool

Get an Uberti Avenging Angel.

It addresses at least two of your cons by virtue of not having sights or a long barrel.

Mar 26, 2010

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

I wish I had Elon Musk level funbux so I could walk into RIA and say "Yeah just give me everything you got"

Mar 13, 2007

Please don't forget that I am an extremely racist idiot who also has terrible opinions about the Culture series.

poo poo if I had that much money I'd just buy a repeal of the NFA.

Zorak of Michigan
Jun 10, 2006

Waiting for his chance

I'd fulfill my long-held dream of buying my own country and breaking the entire email system.

"What's your address, sir?"
"zk dot what?"
"I am sovereign of this land. zk dot nothin'."

Dec 31, 2000

Gatling glock! Yeah!

(Yes, it takes Glock mags)

May 12, 2001

Dear God, what is it like in your funny little brains?
It must be so boring.

Iím going up there this weekend - Iíll try to snag some pics if you guys want.

Aug 1, 2014

Am I a... bad person?
AM I??

Fun Shoe

The indoor range I am a member at got one of those recently, and I've shot it. Tons of fun.

Wifi Toilet
Oct 1, 2004

Toilet Rascal

What gun stock do I want this instant?

Yes, I know I have terrible taste, but at that price.

Guess a Boyd's in my future...

Oct 27, 2005
happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy

My loins ache for a Pietta/Taylor's Le Mat revolver. There are two available easily to me, one used Army model and one brand new Cavalry for about 50% more. I have no black powder guns, or tools, or any connection to the Confederacy. But I really liked Westworld S1, and it's completely unique in a sea of similarish cowboy-era guns.


Nasty Old Randy
Sep 5, 2017

Im Nasty

I want a Dan Wesson razorback so bad. Has anyone put a few thousand rounds through one? Ive heard some people say the Colt Delta Elite can take more of a 10mm beating.

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