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Feb 8, 2003

Hey, Just read the previous A/T thread.
I Dive in Perth, Australia - if anyone wants to dive with me email me - or just PM me. I'm up for night dives pretty much any day of the week, and try to get on a boat on the weekend.

I've only been diving since June, but I've got over 30 dives logged so far and have my AOW and deep certs. I usually dive though the Dolphin Scuba shop (mostly for their free sausage sizzle after the Sunday morning shore dive), or off Rottnest with Perth Diving Academy. I'm also Planning on diving Christmas island over the easter break.

Here's some pictures I took of the local area -

Some guy diving (this could be you!)

This is a nudibranch - a colourful sea slug about 3cm long. See? Even the slugs underwater are cool looking.

Go diving.


Feb 8, 2003

Gromit posted:

Work sends me to the Perth CBD every now and again. Is the diving pretty close to there, or is it a bit of a drive out of the city?
I'll take a look at Dolphin Scuba though - their site can probably answer my questions.

Well the Sunday morning dive usually meets up at the shop in Welshpool at 8am, and leaves from there. Any certified diver is welcome, and full gear hire is only $50 ($10 for tank only). I usually get back home about 1 pm.

Sites north of the river can only really be dived in ideal conditions, as they're so shallow and exposed. Fremantle has some good fairly sheltered places, but if the weather is bad, there's always the good old rockingham wreck trail (which is a bit of a drive from the CBD). This guy has some good write ups on most of the local shore dives. Shore dives never have very nice vis though, for a nice dive you're gonna have to get on a boat. Around Rottnest Is. is the local choice - Boats run out Fri, Sat and Sun, and it's about $150 for 2 dives.

If you want to see a decent wreck, you're going to have to drive about 2-3 hours out of Perth.

Bishop posted:

edit: If people want to post their location / type of diving I'll come back through this thread in a week or so and edit a goon diver list into the OP. It would look something like:
USERNAME (Location): Likes to do this type of diving, enjoys long walks on the beach.

Charun (Perth, Australia): Weekday - Nearby nightdives, Weekend - Anything non-tech within a few hours drive. On a motorbike, so I need a buddy to take tanks for me.

Charun fucked around with this message at 04:21 on Feb 20, 2012

Feb 8, 2003

Here's a good tip - attach everything to yourself with a bungee cable or something. You may think you'll have no problem holding onto your camera, but you may get distracted and welp.
Also put you name and number on your equipment.
Because of this, I can still hope someone finds and returns it.

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