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Jul 12, 2001

Their Twitter claims they're "live", but .org is still timing out and .com is still "Down for Maintenance". Welp.

Edit: Static site is up. You should be able to preorder through Premier Farnell or RS Components, but both of those sites are clearly experiencing the most traffic they have ever received at one time, so good luck.

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Jul 12, 2001

(re: Model A availability at launch)

ppp posted:

I can't access the old site on but I'm pretty sure this was known in advance.
Nah, they said both would be available at launch.

Main things that bothered me:
- No direct links. "lol just go to the site you can't access, then search for this search string using a site that's crippled, and then go to the results page that's wrong." The hell kind of distribution agreement did they enter into that didn't let them directly link to their product?
- Distributors clearly had no idea what they were getting into and were in no way prepared for this. I understand the logic of partnering with larger distributors rather than trying to shoulder that yourself, but somehow I think this turned out worse than if they put up their own store -- even if it was just their own preorder site -- and it exploded. If it's their own place it'd be understandable "small company gets inundated by massive demand! they're just too popular!". . . but when it appears they had the foresight to take precautions and then the "big" companies they partnered with flub the launch everyone looks silly.

Totally agree with DrMelon that they should have partnered with Amazon. They might not be the kind of go-to retailer you think of for bare-bones educational/kit hardware and components, but at least then you would've known it would be a true international launch and the problem would've been "aw it sold out" instead of "whoops all the websites have melted".

For anyone who actually got a sale to go through: What's the power supply situation? The old RPi FAQ mentioned you'd have to buy other components like power supply separately, but I can't see anything along those lines on the burnt-out shells of the two distributor sites. Is it just powered by an AC -> MicroUSB connector like my phone's charger?

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