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Jan 22, 2011

I act once more in
imitation of light

Caphi posted:

Only to find Shirley pointing the gun at her. "G-get away from Lulu!" Before Shirley realizes what she's doing, she fires. As Viletta's consciousness slips away, her last thought to inform the Viceroy, Shirley flees...

Shoot her again Shirley. Just shoot her again. One more time and everything will be better.
e: poo poo. Update on the previous page.


Aug 3, 2007
Snorlax Afficionado

Caphi posted:

Next stage is a shitton of text with some planes blowing up. I'm getting increasingly tempted to just link to streaming episodes of Code Geass during the Area 11 routes.

I had completely forgotten that C.C.'s crazy fanboy was in Z2.1. Honestly his presence makes very little sense because even covering whole series he would be a good thing to skip. Code Geass is one of the shows that gets the most attention and is very central to the overall plot, but frankly the dude wasn't really important even in the series. If Banpresto really felt they couldn't live without those episodes in their game they should have combined it with another event and run it in the dialogue scenes in the background. It's what they did in @3 for the GaoGaiGar episodes when the Primevals attack the orbit base and it's how they always run the SEED episode where Athrun and Cagalli are marooned on an island. It seems standard practice for important character focused dialogue scenes, pretty much because they don't have giant robot action to stick the gameplay on.

Tobias Grant
May 16, 2009

Lucky for you, I'm a dog lover.

Omnicrom posted:

I had completely forgotten that C.C.'s crazy fanboy was in Z2.1. Honestly his presence makes very little sense because even covering whole series he would be a good thing to skip. Code Geass is one of the shows that gets the most attention and is very central to the overall plot, but frankly the dude wasn't really important even in the series.

He actually is important in the show, though. I don't remember if it came up before, but it reveals that Lelouche isn't the first person C.C. made a pact with, and that there are others out there with Geass powers.

Jun 27, 2008

Tobias Grant posted:

He actually is important in the show, though. I don't remember if it came up before, but it reveals that Lelouche isn't the first person C.C. made a pact with, and that there are others out there with Geass powers.

He's also there so that a later scene doesn't come completely out of left field.

Jan 6, 2012


Viletta wakes up in Ohgi's house, but surprise - she can't remember her name! Ohgi asks her desperately who Zero is, but she can't remember that either, or anything else. It seems he found her unconscious and bloody, muttering (including about Zero), and brought her home. She apologizes...

then smiles and says she's glad she was found by a good man.

When Lelouche gets back to the academy, that one drat cat (whose name is Arthur) is chewing on Suzaku, as is apparently his habit. But Lelouche has bigger things on his mind: where's Shirley? She's locked herself in her room and refuses to come out, so Lelouche, feeling she needs some space, heads out to take care of other business.

The conversation turns back to the Black Knights and how terrible they all are. Everyone agrees, especially Suzaku, who repeats that with their means, nothing meaningful can happen.

But it's Relena who asks, "Then what should the Elevens do?" The Britannians splutter that Japan lost the war, but victors and losers, conquerers and conquered - "does the world really need such things?" The room goes silent.

Millay breaks the tension by sending the entire council except Relena out for tea and cake. As they all eagerly hustle out, she murmurs to Relena that this should give her some time to think things over.

As always, her thoughts turn to Heero and what he's doing with the Black Knights when Nina returns, stammering that she forgot something. While she's here, though, she asks if Relena isn't scared of the Elevens, because she, Nina, is absolutely terrified of them. So Relena makes an offer: come with her to meet Princess Euphemia? Relena thinks Euphie might be able to settle some of her own doubts, as well...

Lelouche had a second reason for touching base with the council, of course. Suzaku didn't give any indication that Britannia knows who he is yet. This is not an idle concern: C. C. found him unconscious and unmasked, and a trail of blood led away from the scene, though no sign of either the victim of the shooter could be found. The only thing Lelouche has to go on is a vague memory of Shirley's face when he was drifting in and out.

Suddenly, he gets a call from Shirley's roommate, who he's geassed into being his informant, informing him that she's left in the direction of Narita. So he's going after her.

Do you like her?
I don't know.
Do you hate her?
I don't know.
Then why are you going to Narita?
It must be obvious. Because she may know who I am.
And what if she does? Are you going to silence her?
If you don't want to lose a thing, get as far away from it as you can.
That sounds like the voice of experience.
It's a way of life.

At Narita, Shirley is trying to figure out why she defended Lelouche, murderer of her father...

but then this rear end in a top hat shows up!

He taunts her about Lelouche betraying her and murdering her father. How does he know about that? "I think punishment is on order, don't you? For him... and for you." He knows she shot Viletta Nu, too! Shirley's a murderer, just like Zero. Oh, and she's avoiding Lelouche to squeeze him for sympathy, too, isn't she? "If you murder a person and string a guy along, you've lost your claim at being the tragic heroine. You're the wicked witch here!" And all that, too, knowing he liked someone else...

Lelouche arrives and demands Mao gets away from Shirley, but Mao is just enjoying Lelouche's face, the rage at having his women taken from his grasp. He cheerily challenges Lelouche to a little game - he's good at chess, right? Mao has never played before, but he'll get by.

Lelouche wonders if Shades here is taking Shirley as a hostage. As if in response, he says he just happened upon the girl. Lelouche realizes the man is trying to get a rise out of him, but can't have prepared anything against Lelouche in advance. "In which case..."

"You have an attack vector?" Again, Mao seems to respond to his thought.

"What, C. C. didn't tell you?" he continues. And then, "Wow! You just thought of fourteen separate possible answers to who I am right away! One of them's even right."

The right answer is Geass haver, obviously, and he knows all the rules to Lelouche's - critically, since it depends on eye contact, it's not going to work through Mao's mask. Every Geass power is different, it seems, and it's very obvious what Mao's is. But there's no time to have a lecture about it. "Time for your punishment, Shirley Fennet. I sentence you to kill Lelouche and then die. I know you have a gun, right?" He tells Lelouche how Shirley used that gun to protect his secret, that he's Zero, but she knows - who killed her father. He dares Lelouche to Geass Shirley, though even if he does, he'll just shoot them himself.

Lelouche frantically searches for a weakness in Mao's Geass, and his possible motives as well. If he wanted to kill Lelouche he could have done so. "This is the death you deserve, thief!" spits Mao, and Shirley begs Lelouche to do as Mao says. She's breaking down, but she hasn't shot yet. Mao impatiently goads her on, reminding her that Lelouche is a murderer, but he can hear her thoughts spiraling round and round. All right, he'll just shoot them himself...

There's only one person in the world who could have gotten to Mao in time without him sensing them, but Mao is elated to see C. C. again. Obviously, C. C. is less happy to see him. She gave him his Geass eleven years ago, but his power grew too great for his mind to handle, as is the fate of all Geasses. He can never turn his Geass off, so the thoughts of everyone for half a kilometer around are constantly playing in his head.

Still grinning like a madman, Mao confirms that he can hear everyone's darkest impulses 24/7. Except for C. C.'s, the one island of silence in his cacophonous world. Lelouche rounds on C. C. She knew this would happen to Mao, and him, Lelouche, too. And it's obvious that she didn't just vanish from Mao's life, she abandoned him when he couldn't fulfill his end of the pact. What is the pact, then, he asks again.

Mao butts in to take C. C. with him. Now that she's by his side, he has no interest in making Lelouche pay for anything. She starts to turn him away, but "that's a big fat lie! I know you love me, C. C.!"

She has no answer for him. "I know! This is all Lelouche's fault!" Mao explodes. C. C. loses patience and pulls a gun on him, saying she should have done it from the start. Mao calls her a liar again. A gunshot rings out, but it's his! C. C. collapses, and Mao laughs that she couldn't shoot him - that proves she loves him! She insists again that she was just taking advantage of him. "You're lying again. I might have to shoot you more."

Instead, he picks her body up and says he has a better punishment in mind for her. Lelouche begins to follow, but Mao reminds him about Shirley. Don't worry, though, he'll be back to give Lelouche what he deserves.

Shirley, we're okay. It's going to be...
Lulu, I shot someone. I...
It's all my fault. You can't blame yourself.
I was going to shoot you...
I forgive you. For everything you've done.
I wanted your sympathy...
I don't blame you for that.
My dad had just died...
Just forget about it. Forget everything bad that happened.
I can't...
Yes, you can.
I'll help you forget all of it...
Shirley, I'm truly sorry about your father. If I could do it again, I...
Lulu, stop!

Chapter 26: Geass vs. Geass
(Area 11 route)

On that happy note, poo poo's going down in the Ghetto. Britannia's moving in, and Zero's out of town. The Gundams just consider it another thing Zero's doing behind their backs. Ohgi, though, has his mind full of that amnesiac Britannian of his. She may be the enemy, but she's helpless - and keeping her to himself keeps Zero's identity out of the wrong hands. At least that's what he tells himself.

Now, this is a spontaneous scramble, so Crowe's surprised to see Chirico out and about without Zero's express orders. Chirico just says he's found a reason of his own to fight, like GOONZ was asking him before. "Nice. Tell us all about it later," says Crowe, trying to be supportive. "I will not," replies Chirico shortly.

Britannia is Suzaku, a Knightmare squad, and a handful of Flags. It shouldn't be difficult, as usual.

Zero enters at the beginning of turn 2, after some light skirmishing, but he's audibly shaken up, and it doesn't help his state when his cell rings inside his Knightmare.

You're late, Zero. I'm so bored.
You handled the other girl nicely, I see. I love happy endings.
What do you want?
You're in battle, aren't you? I'll make it quick.
I've decided on C. C.'s sentence. First, I'll cut off her legs so she can never run from me again.
And since she pointed a gun at me, I think I'll sever her hands, too.
Just for fun. And maybe I'll gouge her eyes so she can never see you again, and her throat so she can't say your name.
Why are you telling me this?
I want you to feel helpless and scared. The sentence will be executed at 6 P. M. That's in one hour.
Think you can find me by then?
Well, even if you can, my Geass will tell me you're coming.
Later, Lelouche. Oh, and don't get distracted in combat, or it'll get you killed.

Sharp as ever, Lelouche knows that he's somewhere at least 500 meters away from the field, since Mao wasn't responding to his thoughts. In fact, since he doesn't like hearing thoughts, he must be somewhere far from anywhere people go, but somewhere he can observe the battle.

So Zero does the only sensible thing and runs into the middle of the battlefield. He declares to the Black Knights that he will remain absolutely still for five minutes, and he needs us to guard him for that long. The Black Knights ask him way, but Zero just says he can't tell us - and when the Gundams start protesting, Zero says "please."

"Please. Help me."

Crowe agrees. "Sorry, guys. He said please, turning him down isn't my style." Quattre is the next to fall: "He's not ordering us. He needs our help." Even Wufei grudgingly says he was going to wipe out those enemies anyway.

Suzaku doesn't know what's going on, but he sees a chance to take Zero in. Lelouche, meanwhile, needs to find a way to drive away Britannia in five minutes, and even then, five minutes is when the real game starts. "My only move is to trust the Black Knights... my comrades."

The SR Point, however, is to end the battle within two minutes. And with the enemies jumping on Zero, who can't take a counterattack, beating them down will be tough.

On the other hand, Britannia may have brought decent robots, but they're not exactly elite, and they're all in one spot. Defending Zero will be the hard part.

(I now have something to live for... that woman.)
(She works for the Enforcers. As long as I fight the Britannian Union, I can see her again.)

(Zero's put his faith in us... we're not just his minions!)
(I have to protect him... by keeping that woman a secret!)

Hey, Zero's got a soft side!
Heh... I think we can be friends... how about we even be bros, Zero?

So you do know how to show a little humility, Zero... I might just have misjudged you.
Now show me that you're the man worthy of commanding my sword.

Zero said the magic word! Next we're gonna get a flying Japanese pig.
But it shows he really means it. I've gotta give it my all.

Zero needs us... he begged us...
I'll do it... I'll earn Zero's trust!

Thanks in large part to Karen and Crowe, many Knightmares are downed, but we still have to contend with the ones that slipped through - and the Lancelot.

It takes a good fraction of GOONZ' actions to eliminate all of Suzaku's men, but the Lancelot isn't exactly a space horror, and I still have Karen.

White knight! I cannot afford to lose to you now... and I have already analyzed your combat patterns!
Zero to all units! He will attack directly! Do not expect any feints!
Zero's predicting my moves!
If you dodge, he will immediately move to avoid a counter! There is an 80% chance he will attempt to gain distance!
Use the following data! If you apply it properly, we can defeat him!
This just proves his danger! Even his refusal to move is part of some kind of plot!
I have to take him down before he can make his move... even if it costs me my life!

And there goes Suzaku.

The assault cracks open his cockpit, giving GOONZ a clear view of his face. Heero and Todo aren't surprised, but Lelouche refuses to believe his eyes. Todo begs Suzaku to retreat, since he doesn't want to kill his former student, but Suzaku stands firm.

So Todo gives him his blessing, sort of. His philosophy is that there's no meaning in anything unless you believe in it from the bottom of your heart. And if what Suzaku believes in is destroying Zero, well.

He pushes the Lancelot at Zero's Burai, intending to destroy it at Zero, but Cecille gives him a direct order to pull out. Still, the Black Knights have seen just what he's willing to do for "his" country. Zero coldly orders his men to carry on, but beneath the mask, Lelouche is shaken to the core.

Incidentally, there's nothing to carry on, and the stage is over. But Lelouche is determined not to let everything he loves be ripped from him today. He leaves Ohgi in charge and sets out to the matter of saving C. C...

Mao and C. C. are beneath the Ghetto, and Mao is taunting C. C. that Lelouche wasn't able to find him and is never coming to her rescue. He intends to take C. C. away and live happily ever after - all that punishment stuff? Just to rattle Zero. "Cutting off your libs isn't punishment, C. C. It's gratitude."

But then his phone rings. It's Lelouche, crying uncle and begging for Mao to give him C. C. back. Mao dares him to raze the whole Ghetto looking for him, and as Lelouche hestitates, Mao laughs and tells him to beg more.

Suddenly, Lelouche asks if Mao knows C. C.'s name. "Because I do. Her real name."

Mao's mask slips off as the realization hits, and Lelouche presses him. "All of C. C. is mine now, Mao. Including the parts you haven't even seen. Every inch."

Mao roars, but Lelouche himself walks out from the shadows and thinks a clear thought into Mao's head: "Checkmate."

He's brought the Enforcers with him, and silently tells Mao how he figured it out. Somewhere in the Ghetto, but somewhere no one would ever go anywhere near: the spot where the "poison gas" was alleged to have been released all those chapters ago. And just to drive the knife in, Lelouche grins savagely and recollects that this is the exact spot he and C. C. forged their pact. And the phone call? Prerecorded. Mao is so predictable that Lelouche figured out their whole conversation ahead of time and had (by Geass, of course) one of his men call in and play the recording. With Mao so full of rage and so focused on the phone call, he couldn't sense Lelouche and a whole pack of Enforcers approaching. There's no point trying to manipulate the Enforcers, either, they're all under a Geass too.

Mao screams that he knows Lelouche lost two friends today, and that he knows Suzaku Kururugi tried to sacrifice himself to end Zero "because he wants to die."

That's news to Lelouche.

Yeah, apparently Suzaku wants to atone for something by giving up his life to kill Zero. Lelouche is enraged now, and orders his Enforcers to open fire...

It's over. Lelouche tells his crew that they can stop faking the sounds of battle now. Wufei is still mad he won't tell them why, but hey, Zero swallowed his pride for us. That's a step in the right direction, though it's still not enough for Wufei. "I'm not here to be anyone's friend," he growls, but Crowe says we never said we were friends. "But we are fighting together."

Not friends, but at least working together. Lelouche reflects on that for a moment. "I seem to have lost one thing and gained another today."

He leaves them again and meets C. C. down in the underground.

Why would you put your neck on the line for me?
We're partners in crime, remember? I can't afford to lose you.
And what?
I still owe you.
I guess... but I still never thought I'd see you reduced to begging.
I had to prove to them I wasn't just using them, that's all.
That should settle any lingering doubts in the future.
Drop the act. You know you can't beat Britannia all alone.
Besides, didn't it feel good? Having them help you without having to order them with the Geass or your Zero mask?
Tell me about Mao.
...when we made the pact, Mao was just six, an orphan. He had no education, no parents, nothing.
The power of the Geass I gave Mao drove people away from him.
I had to be his friend, his lover... everything. I was the only thing he had.
C. C... I won't let the Geass take me. I'll master its power.
I'll change the world, and grant your wish along with mine.
I'll fulfill the promise Mao couldn't, and...
Is this consolation or pity? Or is this you getting attached to me?
It's a pact. This one's from me.
Fine. It's a pact.

But it's not over for Lelouche yet. He has to face Shirley, who asks him innocently if he lost someone in his family at Narita too. "Not family, a friend," he says. "I think a very dear friend. I think I didn't know until I lost her... how much her smile lifted my spirits. Now I'll never get to argue with her again, never laugh with her again..."

"Did you like her?" asks Shirley.

"I... don't know anymore."

The sun begins to rise. "You can't ever forget all the bad things," muses Shirley, "but the sun still rises again." Lelouche smiles and thanks her for everything, though she doesn't know for what.

Millay calls Shirley to deliver the scoop of the day: Suzaku's been appointed by the Princess Euphemia as her personal knight. Lelouche says he's glad for her friend, and quietly reaffirms his resolve to keep fighting. "Even if I lose my friends, I'll still have my comrades. And even if I lose them too, I can't turn back..."

Relena and Nina have, as promised, met with Euphemia. As Nina fangirls out, Relena questions Suzaku's appointment. Euphemia admits her sister was against the appointment as well, but she views it as a step towards peace between the two factions of Area 11. Speaking of which, she called Relena on behalf of a certain person. "Do I know this person?" asks Relena.

Indeed she does. It's a small world - Marina met Euphemia a while ago too. Nina is double fangirling at this point, but Relena still has a pressing question that brought her here. "What is peace?"

Area 11, everybody! I promise next chapter isn't just literally an episode of Code Geass narrated while Wufei whines about Zero.

Spiritus Nox
Sep 2, 2011

Ugh. This stage.

I actually really like Mao's arc in the original show, as it leads to a bunch of revelations about Geass and the big reveal of Suzaku's death wish (as well as its cause, which hasn't been revealed yet in game I don't think) and Mao's really well acted. But man, oh man. It is not well served by this game - both due to its total lack of any giant robot fighting and its taking place over a couple of full episodes rather than a single chapter. The whole chapter is just another excuse to ruin some KMFs, ATs, and cheap mobile suits paired with an extremely janky plan by Zero while the game desperately tries to find a plot point that actually adequately justifies a giant robot fight. Glad we're done with it.

Jun 27, 2008

...So, in order to figure out where Mao is hiding, Zero has to stay extremely still and not move, even in order to defend himself?

That...isn't the stupidest plan from him I've ever heard, but it's down there.

Spiritus Nox
Sep 2, 2011

Hellioning posted:

...So, in order to figure out where Mao is hiding, Zero has to stay extremely still and not move, even in order to defend himself?

That...isn't the stupidest plan from him I've ever heard, but it's down there.

You can tell that Z2's writers are not as talented at devising mad schemes as Code Geass' writers are - the handful of Zero plans that don't come from the show (this bit, the sinkhole city in one of the first unified GOONZ missions) all come off as quite janky compared to the schemes from the show.

Jan 6, 2012


Hellioning posted:

...So, in order to figure out where Mao is hiding, Zero has to stay extremely still and not move, even in order to defend himself?

That...isn't the stupidest plan from him I've ever heard, but it's down there.

I guess the implication is that he spent that time recording the fake call and sending it wherever, which he had to do while on the battlefield because. Uh. He had to trick Mao into thinking he was busy in his KMF while the call was playing?

e: I'm pretty sure the original show version was pretty much this except there was no battle and no Shinjuku underground, Lelouche basically just arranged a meeting with Mao and arranged the recorded conversation from elsewhere.

Caphi fucked around with this message at 02:12 on Jun 24, 2013

Jul 17, 2010

A real avatar never dies, even when it's replaced!

I take it after this we'll be engaging in actions related to spiral power, and rocket punches?

Cause to be honest I've given little fucks about the story related to Code Geass and seeing Relena is making me want to see the Wing plot continue.

Also want to hear more "The Wings of a Boy Who Killed Adolescence"

Sep 4, 2011

Ask me about being the best dad ever.

Edit: ^^^ That song has been uploaded and you can find the link on the front page.

So much going on in one mission...

First off, I'm glad Banpresto resumed that episode with Mao - there was a whole lot more drama that would've been unnecessary; also, Zero showing that much humility and asking for his comrades to help is a very nice change of character.

And Relena...I don't think you should be enabling Nina's obsession.

Also, while there aren't any new BGMs during this route split, I was reminded that there was ONE song that I neglected to upload:

I can't believe I forgot Battle Choir as it's my favorite "generic" original BGM.
Of course, it might have to do with the fact that it only plays, I think, ONCE during both Z2 games - that moment when Sayaka deploys and proceeds to hold out the Mechabeasts during the Mazinger introduction.

Still, I like it and it's one of the few songs that actually kept Z's synth brass.

Brunom1 fucked around with this message at 02:16 on Jun 24, 2013

Viola the Mad
Feb 13, 2010

Man, it's a shame to see the Mao arc reduced to a janky piece of storyline because it lacks giant robots. Now I'm racking my brain for a way to condense it and get in the main plot points. Maybe we could just cut Viletta and Shirley's discovery out and skip right to the part where Mao kidnaps Nunners? It's not like that plot point leads anywhere good.

That said, Zero's plea was a nice touch. It looks like working with GOONZ is pushing Lelouch's character development in a slightly different direction, and I'm interested to see where it goes.

Dec 27, 2011

Spiritus Nox posted:

You can tell that Z2's writers are not as talented at devising mad schemes as Code Geass' writers are - the handful of Zero plans that don't come from the show (this bit, the sinkhole city in one of the first unified GOONZ missions) all come off as quite janky compared to the schemes from the show.

It kind of comes down to this. Most of Geass's beauty is in Lelouch's crazy plans, they rest somewhere between genius (mostly during R1) and total nonsense (R2 I am looking at you) that make them a thing to behold that has only been replicated recently by Valvrave.

Anyway I like what they did here given that what they had to work with wasn't exactly made for SRW. But honestly it does all add up to making this set of missions rather weak compared to both the other two routes and to the rest of the Area 11 splits.

May 24, 2007

Spiritus Nox posted:

You can tell that Z2's writers are not as talented at devising mad schemes as Code Geass' writers are - the handful of Zero plans that don't come from the show (this bit, the sinkhole city in one of the first unified GOONZ missions) all come off as quite janky compared to the schemes from the show.

Lelouch's plans in the show tend to revolve around "blow something up under them" or "I geassed a guy in advance." They're not exactly stellar clever strategiums.

The Area 11 routes aren't my favorite but I think they have worthwhile payoff in the end. I don't hold a particularly high opinion of Geass' writing so I didn't have a major problem with how it was handled. (And Z2.2 manages to un-dumb a lot of the REALLY dumb Geass stuff.)

ImpAtom fucked around with this message at 08:33 on Jun 24, 2013

Wounded Land
Nov 27, 2007
Living in a greenhouse, growing crops that we can't eat...

I kind of prefer the way they did Mao here, just because it's much more straight forward. Unfortunately, we don't get his ridiculously sarcastic applause, which is my favorite part of Mao's character.

Jan 6, 2012


Corny is trying to convince Euphemia to at least take another knight on. Euphemia stubbornly insists that Suzaku Kururugi, despite not being a real Britannian, has every bit the prowess to defend Euphemia. After the Battle of Narita, even Cornelia must know that firsthand. Still, Cornelia says that the way of the Britannian Empire is to separate ourselves from the Numbers. "Then I shall change it," declares Euphemia, and the Viceroy is taken aback.

But Cornelia hasn't time for this, and tells Euphemia they'll finish this later. She's headed out to Kyushu: the HRL is busy handling the Imperium, so it's time for Cornelia to try to settle the situation at home. And Euphemia has somewhere to be, too: the little island of Shikinejima. Who's she supposed to see there, wonders Euphie?

Nina is very impressed at Relena's ability to handle two princesses so confidently, which is not a big feat compared to what Nina did, which was jumping up and down and squealing about how amazing princesses are. Relena, on the other hand, feels like she made a complete idiot of herself. And neither of the princesses had a good answer for her dumb question, but Relena has found an answer in that. The world is changing, and whatever peace is, no one can just tell you how to get it; we'll each have to search for our own peace in the chaos. "Heero, I'm sure the peace you're after isn't the one I want. But I hope one day, we'll both have peace together..."

Millay enters with Shirley, who's doing much better now. Lelouche comes just after, asking where Suzaku is, but we won't be seeing much of him. Being a princess's right-hand knight is a time-consuming job.

Shirley still doesn't recognize Lelouche; they reintroduce themselves. After Shirley leaves, Lelouche quickly explains to Millay that he and Shirley have had a bit of a tiff. "And she's pretending she doesn't know you?" tuts Millay. "That's... kind of adorable." Lelouche gets her to agree to "play along."

Being stuck in Area 11, the resistance has to get their news of the world from the other routes. In fact, they have to fill in Goto's team on what the Imperium is and why it's ripping the world apart. Crowe, in particular, is pretty mad, because it seems like they're not even laying down the hammer when other nations disobey them, so much as releasing the DAMons whenever they drat well feel like it. Their victims have no cohice to defend themselves, and they always lose. And, again, they can't even rebuild before their neighbors gobble them up. Not to mention all the countries and groups making secret deals with the Imperium. (Todo: "They would sell their souls for a moment's peace...")

The worst is still that there isn't even an idea of what the Imperium wants. Crowe repeats that they're basically toying with the world stage. But as mad as GOONZ is, they don't stand a chance against the Imperium either - not their endless horde of DAMons, and certainly not against the King of Destruction, a man who they could see taking down the three great nations singlehandedly. It sounds like there's nothing anyone can do, but the rest of GOONZ has other ideas, and so does Chairman Elgan Roddick. GOONZ has been ordered to regroup, and while the Gundam pilots don't think that'll be enough, they've got something else up their sleeve: ZEUTH. The new pilots and machines have got some serious bite to them; the only question is if they'll stay and fight by GOONZ' side. That's why Roddick's first step is to get all of GOONZ together and talk about what's coming next. The rebellion should be getting the memo any day now...

But Zero says the Black Knights won't be answering. They've already done enough good for the world, and it's time to focus on liberating Japan. ("Can you ever really do 'enough' good?" wonders Crowe.) Fighting the Imperium is a bad investment, and the rest of GOONZ won't help with the revolution effort. Besides, he'll rejoin the war once he has a free Japan.

C. C. knows he's just taking advantage of the Imperium to destroy Britannia. "Or is it just that you don't want to leave Nunnally again?"

Then Diethard drops a bomb: he's got the orders ready for the assassination of Suzaku Kururugi! For all we know, Euphemia picked him as a symbol to the Elevens that still side with Britannia, the way Zero is to the resistance. Zero disagrees; he may become that way, but Euphemia, in her forthright, innocent way, must have just chosen him as a symbol of union between Japan and Britannia. Even so, Diethard insists he's a danger, but Todo and Ohgi disagree that he needs to be taken out. At the very least, underhanded assassination is no way to gain the faith of the Japanese. Diethard maintains that it's the most efficient thing to do, and anyway, they can hide the truth easily enough. Both sides look to Zero for an answer.

Instead, Zero asks what Diethard really wants. Diethard says he's been watching Zero ever since he took back Suzaku. In what Zero's done, he sees the future, the next wave of change coming over the world; "to me, you are more impressive than Celestial Being's declaration of war or the King of Destruction's arrival." And whatever's happening, he wants to be right there on the front lines, seeing it and recording it himself.

Okay. But Zero won't allow the assassination plot to go through. In fact, he intends to reach out to Suzaku once more and ask him to join the Black Knights. He knows Euphemia will be visiting Shikinejima, and Suzaku will undoubtedly be with her. They'll have a guard, at best, not an army, so it's the perfect time for us to catch him. The Black Knights blanch at the idea of fighting Lancelot again, and having to take it alive, too, but Zero says he already has a plan...

The plan gets fed up of waiting for her introduction. She introduces herself as "the Guren's and Gekka's mommy" - Doctor Lakshata Chaura. She tells Karen not to die, because she would really like to continue collecting data on the Guren. And on the subject of data, she can't stand letting the Lancelot run around. She's got some history with its maker, you see. With everyone in the room, Zero can start explaining the stratagem...

Crowe's concerned about GOONZ. Duo hopes ZEUTH will make up for their absence. ZEUTH, huh... Crowe wonders if that Asakim will be among them, but this time, there's no one to correct him.

Chapter 27: The Island of God
(Area 11 route)

The Knights have made contact with Britannian forces deep in the island, and Karen is driving Suzaku to Zero's location. C. C. asks if Lelouche really thinks he can turn Suzaku, and why he doesn't just Geass him. Zero just says he can't. "Why not?" she demands. "Stubbornness? Friendship? Ego?"

"...all of them," replies Zero.

Suzaku arrives in sight of Zero. Zero goads him to approach, and Suzaku, being not smart, charges in face-first...

Right into Zero's trap: a mine loaded with a doohickey called a Gefjun Disruptor that knocks out an Yggdrasil Drive, the Sakuradite-powered reactor that powers a Knightmare (whew!). Zero gives Suzaku a choice: agree to talk, or he and his robot are forfeit.

Suzaku dutifully exits the Lancelot, and Zero does the same, warning Suzaku that the Guren's weapons are still trained on him. He asks Suzaku to join him, and Suzaku refuses without hesitation.

I already told you, I don't believe in getting results through the wrong means.
Then what meaning do you claim is found in the cheap peace Japan has today?
What would have happened if Japan had kept fighting seven years ago?
The HRL and AEU would have joined the war, and the fighting would continue even today, with Japan split into three.
What peace we have is due to Japan's unconditional surrender.
That's right. And I'm fighting to keep the peace my father gave his life for.
It's a false show of peace. The Black Knights...

Karen interrupts to let Zero know that there's a missile headed straight for them. In the instant when Zero is distracted, Suzaku grabs him! He has orders to take Zero in - and he knows about the missile. Zero counters that it's easy to follow orders. "What do you want?" Suzaku says this is what he wants.

Euphemia, however, won't allow Suzaku to die. Both Zero and Suzaku are unpleasantly shocked to see Euphemia here, but Suzaku refuses to let go of Zero. Dying would be better than breaking the rules he's set out for himself. Zero realizes what Mao was talking about, opens the eye in his mask, and just as the missile strikes, he gives Suzaku an order:


Zero wakes up and immediately deduces that he's been thrown far away from where he was... likely by a dimensional quake. In fact, he's on a little island called Kamenejima.

Euphemia is here too, in fact, and somehow has figured out who he is. She hasn't told anyone, though. "So before you shoot, let me at least..." Lelouche takes off his mask.

We're gonna cut to Shikinejima, where Lloyd is reporting to Schneizel: they've lost trace of Euphemia, her knight, and all the involved Knightmares. Schneizel comes to the same conclusion that Lelouche did, a quake, and it's a solid guess that they're on Kaminejima, where spacetime had a fit right as the event happened. If that's so, Zero is likely still alive.

Schneizel reveals that while the order to hold Zero came from Shikinejima, he personally had the missile launched. But he thought it was going to give Suzaku a chance to get out of the pickle the Black Knights had drawn him into, not put him in danger, and he certainly didn't expect Euphemia to be there as well. He even graciously apologizes to Lloyd and Cecille for his lapse in judgment. Lloyd invites him to come looking for his missing soldier...

Back on the Island of God, Suzaku has encountered "Kallen Stadfeldt" and is attempting to arrest her, and she demands he call her by her Japanese name. But they're both pretty hosed; the Guren and the Lancelot are trashed, and they can't even call for help because their radios are busted. Karen says that Suzaku's the one that's going to be arrested, because she knows Zero is coming for her. Suzaku asks her to tell him who Zero is, but quickly deduces that she doesn't know either.

Then he asks her to leave the Black Knights, but she's devoted to being Zero's personal guard. They have the usual argument where each claims the other's eventual victory will be empty, until Karen hits below the belt: "Genbu Kururugi, the Last Samurai, must be rolling in his grave."

And then, "I'll change the world. If I can't, I can't get my brother back."

Despite all the drama bombs, this conversation isn't going anywhere, so Suzaku suggests they look for high ground, to make it easier for either army to find them.

Apparently, Euphemia has suspected Zero since the hotel thing. Zero tipped his hand to her there, though she wasn't certain until now. Why hasn't she told Cornelia, then? Euphemia says Cornelia never takes her seriously. She asks after Nunnaly, and Lelouche tells her she's fine, though Euphie still can't shake the fear that Nunnally resents her.

Down to business, as Lelouche asks about his mom again. Euphemia doesn't know anything, but Cornelia, who idolized Marianne, has been looking into her demise. That would probably be why Clovis named her when Lelouche questioned him.

Euphemia has one more question: "Are you Zero, or..." Lelouche assures her that he's her Lelouche, but he'll have to be Zero again when they get back to Japan; he has to keep fighting Britannia. And then she asks something he didn't expect: "What if Britannia changed?"

I was talking to a friend, and she asked me... "what is peace?"
Whatever it is, I know it's not what's in Area 11 right now.
Because of the Black Knights?
It's all because we hold down the Numbers. The problem is segregation.
And you want to change that?
War is swallowing the world. Not just the Imperium, but everyone who makes someone else suffer.
I don't want a peace where people silently suffer, or where discontent is silenced by threat of force.
I think we can achieve true peace if we all try to understand and respect each other.
And you think that can happen between Britannia and Japan?
Just like you trusted me enough to take off your mask.
All this talking has made me quite hungry. Shall we search for food?
Hee hee. I feel like we're on a hike.
Yeah, just like old times...

But they don't find anything. Sorry, but Lelouche isn't as good a knight as Suzaku. When Lelouche first came to Area 11, Suzaku was his only friend. But the memory is bittersweet now that they're on opposite sides of a war.

Suzaku and Karen appear out of the brush, and Lelouche quickly puts on his mask as Euphemia ducks behind him. Zero declares that Euphemia is his hostage, offers to trade her for his soldier, and whispers to Euphemia to play along. She plays the hostage well, asking Suzaku to forget her and fight. In the panic, the squeal of another dimensional quake permeates the air, and everyone is swallowed up by the light...

In an underground ruin elsewhere on the island, Lloyd is showing Schneizel what Clovis took this island for: what they call a "Consciousness Elevator." A few of these have been found all over the world, and Charles has executed several invasions to get his hands on them.

Lloyd has some distaste for all this hocus-pocus, which is unfortunate, because the data from these things has been incorporated into "the Gawain's Druid System". That's what Lloyd's been brought here for, not the Elevator itself, but...

this douchebag comes to let everyone know that this is "not for you to touch." (Lloyd: "Gah! Talking about all this spooky stuff has called in a spook!") But how could Asakim resist coming here, where "the key to breaking it resides?" (Pronouns!)

Oh, and he's brought a friend, who agrees with Asakim that man was not meant to dabble in what's located here. The two speak cryptically to each other...

when all of these people rudely get warped in to interrupt. Asakim instantly recognizes Zero as the bearer of the King's Power, and introduces himself as "an Accursed Wanderer, much like the one who gave you your power." Zero doesn't have time for this and dives for a nearby KMF to escape in, ordering Karen to escape and make for hers as well.

Oh, but Schneizel is here! But Zero doesn't have time for him either, and promises he'll deal with him soon enough. Ime, too, feels that this place has gotten too crowded for him and Asakim.

Asakim summons Shuroga, and Ime in response calls MD.

But as always, GOONZ complicates matters: this time, it's Zero in his new flying KMF - and it's got something else on it Zero is very interested in. "It's almost like this Knightmare was made specifically for me!" he gloats.

To make full use of it, though, he'll need someone else to drive, and luckily, C. C. says she's been "called." Even more fortunate, this Knightmare is a two-seater, and as she boards, she quips that she's getting sucked deeper into the "partner in crime" role. "Sinner doomed to wander in endless torment," sneers Asakim. "So pleased to meet you."

Karen is also here to help, but Suzaku is being terrible. Zero manages to convince him to work with us for now, since Euphemia is still in those ruins and the DAMons are looking to get in.

Gawain (Zero, C. C.)
Command L2
Break Will Limit
Hit & Away
(C. C. - SP Regen)
Jamming Unit
Slash Haken (12 ammo)
Hadron Cannon (40 NE, 110 Will)
Hadron Cannon (MAP) (60 EN, 130 Will, size)
Ace Bonus: Radius of Tactics effect +2.

Oh, yes. This is Zero's permanent machine for the rest of the game, and it's a hell of an upgrade. It flies, its movement doesn't suck, and it has a second pilot and some nice weaponry. Oh, and I threw Hit & Away on Zero but forgot to upgrade his EN or give him EN save. Whoops. Anyway, other than that, Zero is the same Zero, with his tactical commands and his leadership aura, and oh, the Gawain's jammer to stack on extra bonuses for units that are near Gawain.

Gawain... its true value lies in its astounding computing power.
I'm likely the only one in the world who can use this Druid System to its full potential.
Cut the bragging and put the thing to use already. I'm doing all the piloting for you.
Then take me into the enemy formation! We'll wipe them all out with the Druid System and the Hadron Cannon!

Jibun wo, etc.

Turn 2: GOONZ arrives. They're impressed with Zero's new machine. Suzaku makes it very clear that he's only fighting with Zero to survive. Crowe, as always, is focused on Rhinodamon MD.

I am the Accursed Wanderer. But I know where to find the key to my salvation.
And this world holds a clue to the Taiji, font of all evil.
I will find... the power to break free of the chains of destiny!

I will carry out my duty as Princess Euphemia's Knight...
Zero... this will be our first and last battle together!

Oh, and here's your video of the day:

Zero learns Invincible, which will be pretty useful.

And Karen gets the first strike against MD.

How've you been, MD? Looks like you waited so long you've gone old and white.
I don't know or care if you're the King of Destruction's champion or something Ime Liard brought in...
But I'm ending this right here, MD! For my promise to Esther, and for myself too!

GOONZ defeats MD, but Marguerite steps in to take its place. Nothing special happens this time, the stage just goes on.

That really hurt, you know.
You survived! You stubborn oaf!
Sorry about that. I've got too much money on the line to die here.
Money?! Is that why you fight?
That's about the size of it. I'm not proud of that, but there it is.
You... why must my opponent be such a cur?
Look, I don't know what I did to offend you, but don't forget this is a battlefield! And I don't go easy on women!
Silence! By the pride of an Archsabre, I will not be bested by a wretch like you!

Crowe has better luck on the counter.

Before we begin Marguerite beatdown #3, though, here's another video.

That's a MAP attack. , I know, but it's pretty much the other thing Gawain has going for it.

(This world is my new battlefield.)
(I have already been stripped of my honor and all I was bound to protect. I have nothing left to lose, so let me fall and become a monster.)

That's the whole chapter, nothing that wasn't in the other versions. Ime leaves, disgusted with Crowe's performance, and Asakim sets off to hunt him - mentioning, since we have no ZEUTH with us to say it, that he and ZEUTH aren't exactly on friendly terms.

Suzaku has no desire to stay with us either, but Zero tells him to deliver a message for Euphemia: "I'll put my faith in you." The Black Knights leave Suzaku to puzzle over that one, but Schneizel and Bartley have other plans for him: he's being court-martialed for insubordination!

Having a brush with the Imperium has made Zero realize he can't ignore the larger world stage, and he's decided to rejoin GOONZ after all. "Japan is a part of the world. If the world is not at peace, peace for Japan is a pipe dream." Tamaki protests, but everyone else agrees that Zero has the right idea.

And he wants C. C. by his side as Gawain's pilot, too, so we're keeping that. Lelouche has faith that Nunnally will be in good hands with Euphemia watching. C. C. is amused to have discovered Lelouche's soft spot, but Lelouche doesn't care. Peace, true peace, is the world he wants for Nunnally, and for that possibility, he'll give Euphemia a chance to make things right. But if she can't turn things around, he's still got his eye on toppling Britannia.

Oh, and Crowe's still wondering what Marguerite's deal is.

Back in Pendragon, Schneizel smugly explains to Euphemia that they have a recording of Suzaku disobeying direct orders to hold onto Zero: "Shut up! I don't care! I have to live!" It's surprising to everyone, but the evidence is airtight. Lloyd smirks and says Euphemia, in charge in Cornelia's absence, will have to deliver his sentence... but just so she knows, to take responsibility as Suzaku's handler, he intends to remain with the boy.

Schneizel interrupts to inform everybody that his little bird says the Black Knights are leaving Japan. Likely, of course, to rejoin GOONZ under the World Peacekeeping Council. That gives Euphemia an idea for what to sentence Suzaku to...

Elgan lectures Ohtsuka about keeping GOONZ away from the peace talks and not pushing ZEUTH. He briefly speaks to Asakim, and hears about the assault on the Overflag base.

Alejandro and Ribbons plot about GOONZ.

Anyway, we are now finally out of the split and into the next phase of the game, in which many very dramatic things will happen. Also, I may go back over ZEUTH's units if it interests anybody! Otherwise, we'll just get to know them a little better in the next chapter of the game.

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Dec 25, 2007

Dice of Chaos

The pilot's seat for the Gawain is a throne?

Spiritus Nox
Sep 2, 2011

Code Geass is many things. Subtle is not one of them.

Jun 27, 2008

veekie posted:

The pilot's seat for the Gawain is a throne?

You expected anything else from Code Geass?

Sep 16, 2010

There is no problem that cannot be solved through sufficient application of lasers and friendship.

Euphie's plot either got a lot better, or a lot dumber. God I hated the end of S1 of Code Geas.

Wounded Land
Nov 27, 2007
Living in a greenhouse, growing crops that we can't eat...

I'm surprised Gawain's MAP attack isn't a Rolling Buster like in the show.

Jan 3, 2013

So, which route split will be kept Caphi?

veekie posted:

The pilot's seat for the Gawain is a throne?
Yes. And it's supposed to be taken seriously.
Code Geass really is the best unintentional comedy at times.

Jun 27, 2008

AradoBalanga posted:

So, which route split will be kept Caphi?

Yes. And it's supposed to be taken seriously.
Code Geass really is the best unintentional comedy at times.

We haven't even gotten to the really crazy stuff yet.

Jul 17, 2010

A real avatar never dies, even when it's replaced!

Hellioning posted:

We haven't even gotten to the really crazy stuff yet.

Is this Geass releated or not?

Sep 16, 2010

There is no problem that cannot be solved through sufficient application of lasers and friendship.

KDavisJr posted:

Is this Geass releated or not?

This is a SRW games; the answer is "both."

Jul 11, 2005

I have a new neighbor. Heard he comes from far away

I love the Gawain. It's strong, dodgy, and piloted by a guy that you'll never actually fight with.

Jul 17, 2010

A real avatar never dies, even when it's replaced!

Ardeem posted:

This is a SRW games; the answer is "both."

Ah yes. I've played these games before, and I totally forgot.

Jan 6, 2012


We're hovering over the Baltic Sea, and everyone in ZEUTH is happy to see one another. This is one of those scenes that exists to catch you up on the goings-on in the space route, since ordinarily you can only play one at a time. Anyway, ZEUTH is still wondering how they were stolen away so specifically - and how to get back.

Oh, and they have to be filled in on the parallel Eureka Seven thing, too. In turn, they tell the story of the Vajra, the Trinities, and the Red Dancouga.

Zero still claims he's here to protect Japan from the forces that threaten the whole world. C. C., only half-ribbingly, quietly asks why he doesn't just say he's entrusting its fate to Euphemia.

Ana, the little girl who follows Gainer around, blurts out that ZEUTH knows a creepy dude in a black mask too. A man who wanted to control the world partly for shits and giggles. But she can tell that Zero isn't doing what he's doing for fun. Zero thanks her, and everyone watching sees that he's come out of his shell a little bit. Sumeragi, Ozma, and Zero all reaffirm that they're not here out of obligation - they all want to see the Imperium off the face of the earth.

And that brings us to ZEUTH. They've come to trust GOONZ and see that we're not the bad guys here, but they don't feel that they have the right to stick their noses into this world's mess. If that's their decision, they're welcome to it, but it's a dangerous place out there, and it would be better for both GOONZ and ZEUTH if they joined forces. Even so, everyone in ZEUTH wants to head out - to see the world for themselves, to find their missing friends, and to settle their own business with Asakim Douwin and Ime Liard.

We've done all we can, and GOONZ won't force the matter on ZEUTH. If they really want to leave, we'll see them off.

Aslan's been keeping quiet. He tells Kira he doesn't want ZEUTH to be the spark that sets off a war. Shinn reminds him that their leaders, Sandman, Amuro, and Quattro, aren't there to lead their way; ZEUTH has to find their own path.

Chapter 28: Wanderers of ZEUTH

ZEUTH is scarcely out of the ship when they realize they don't actually know where they want to go. Compared to the chaotic frontier of the Z multiworld, this one is much more stable and civilized. Won't the governments look askance at a big old mass of robots wandering the globe? Also, how are they going to make their livelihood? (This one came from Apollo, who is very concerned about where their meals are coming from.) Because Z2 isn't a frontier, it's also not exactly rife with odd jobs for giant robot pilots. But can they really go back to GOONZ now, or to one of the nations asking to be sponsored? There's a reason they left GOONZ to begin with... and there's the matter of Zero, too. What if he's an alternate version of the same black mask they once knew? Just the thought that that man is out there makes everyone shudder.

ZEUTH has been fretting about this for a while now. They're starting to feel like they should at least pick a direction, but none of them are confident enough to make that call without their leaders. Kira and Aslan, in particular, are paralyzed by the possibility that they might step in the wrong place. But then...

AEU units!

Patrick glides in and declares he's taking ZEUTH in. They've been guaranteed freedom to move as an independent arm of GOONZ, but Patrick says the AEU can make them a better offer. Why don't they come back to his base and they can talk it out?

This is clearly legitimate. Kira politely refuses on behalf of Aslan and the rest of ZEUTH, so Patrick's unit opens fire. ZEUTH is in AEU territory, and the AEU will have them by persuasion or by force. Sorry, but the higher-ups are pulling out all the stops to build up their forces against the Imperium.

Shots are fired across Patrick's formation, but no one in ZEUTH fired the first shot...

It's Baron Ashura! S/he's brought his/her Talos and Kingdon X10 for the same reason Patrick did: to capture ZEUTH and put their might to the service of Dr. Hell's plans for world domination!

But ZEUTH has their own thoughts about what to do with a bad guy who wants to take over the world. They may be displaced, but they still fight for justice and against evil. Even Kira and Aslan can't argue with that!

Pretty soon, they detect a single unit approaching the area...

It's these people! ZEUTH recognizes it as a Dancouga, but not the Nova, and its pilot Shinobu introduces it as Final Dancouga. They're here to help, which is good enough for ZEUTH.

Final Dancouga (Shinobu Fujiwara, Sara Yuuki, Ryo Shiba, Masato Shikibu, Alan Igor)
Go Wild
Prevail L5
Pulse Laser (10 ammo)
Iron Fist (10 EN)
Daigun (6 ammo)
Severance Cannon Formation (30 EN, 110 Will)
Severance Sword (40 EN)
Final Severance Cannon (80 EN, 130 Will)
Ace Bonus: When "Go Wild" is active, +30% critical rate.

Hey it's that skill we're not supposed to know Aoi is going to get. The activation animation is going to say something completely different, but I am a maverick who doesn't play by the rules. All it actually does is increase damage output by 10%, anyway.

It's a Dancouga. It's got all the big weapons, I don't know what else you expected.

Can we get a nice boss sometime? This one has us flying all the way out to the middle of nowhere.
Be nice. If nothing else, he did save our lives.
Sara's right. Besides, we're supposed to be fighting evil anyway.
Yeah, yeah, I got it. Jeez, you don't need to all tell me off at once.
That's enough pointless blathering. Attack, Fujiwara!
I don't need your permission, okay? I can barely hold myself back as it is!

Ooh, remember this attack?

Here's another one.

A pack of Damons moves in from the opposite side!

The Rhinodamon charges in, as it does best. Athrun flies in to intercept it.

You can't fight it alone, Athrun!
I have to! I have to protect all of you!

Kira flies to his side. Aww.

You don't have to bear that responsibility alone. We can all do it together.
And no matter what, I'll always be with you.
Let's go...

I'm told SEED isn't normally this suggestive. The Rhinodamon is still twitching, so Shinn finishes it off. There's no special animation or anything, but it shows Athrun that he can depend on his friends once in a while.

And speaking of not going it alone, GOONZ has arrived! I'm sending out Aoi and Watta for their friends and Crowe and Kouji for their enemies.

GOONZ' captains may have accepted ZEUTH's decision, but GOONZ didn't. The world is, as they've surely seen, a very dangerous place, and they couldn't bear to see their new partners - and friends - all lost and alone in it. And there's no worry of them imposing on GOONZ; they're already part of our family.

Shinobu decides that ZEUTH's need for him has passed. ZEUTH thanks him for his help. Don't worry about it, says Shinobu: "Apparently, we're all in the same boat." And what boat is that? "I guess we're 'accursed wanderers.' Anyway, see you around."

Ashura's pretty hopping mad, but screw him/her - we've got the combined forces of ZEUTH and GOONZ!

Yeah... that's right. We did all eat at the same table, didn't we?
Let's blow this place! I'll fight with... our new family!

Heh. GOONZ isn't just the same kind of mixed-up fighting force as us. They think just like us too!
So I guess we know where we need to be for now.

GOONZ isn't like those soldiers. They're treating us like people.
Let's pay them back! We'll fight together as people working for a good cause!

I'll fight... No matter where I am, I'll still fight for what I believe.
I know they're fighting for the same thing. That's why we can fight together, side by side.

GOONZ didn't want us just for our firepower!
They're just like us! So let's help them out!

What was I so worried about?
I've got Kira and Shinn with me, and my friends from ZEUTH. And now I have GOONZ...
I'm not alone... I'll fight with all my comrades by my side!

Whatever world we're in, I'll fight anyone who tries to bring chaos and strife...
GOONZ is the same way, the same as us. We can fight on their side!

Heh... I totally forgot to pay thanks for that meal.
Are you saying we're going to help GOONZ?
I'm just gonna do whatever I want... but yeah, it looks like that's going to keep us with them.

Guess every world has bad guys!
And those who fight against them. Us... and GOONZ as well.
drat straight, Touga! So let's show them how we do things!
Indeed! We shall shine Sol Gravion's power upon this world!

Here's some Aquarion and Gravion videos, because they're my favorite ZEUTH robots.

(If we'd managed to keep going after this, we'd just be fighting everyone who wanted to take our power...)
(But GOONZ isn't like that. If there's anything good we can do, we'll find it with them.)

Athrun's still trying to do everything himself, and Kira always overthinks everything...
I guess it's up to me! I'll give it all I've got no matter where we are!

Heh. Friends. We can't really say no when they put it that way.
Watch this, Watta! I'm gonna show you how the totally awesome Kappei Jin beats the bad guys!

Hooray for ZEUTH!

Anyway, it's turn 3 - the last turn for the bonus time limit - and this is what we're looking at.

(This doesn't smell right. What are the Damons doing out here in the middle of nowhere?)
(I don't want to believe it, but... did the Imperium send them after us?)

Great, now for Kingdon.

Hooray! Kouji loots an Electromagnetic Receiver, the thing that grants 10% EN Regen.

As usual, Ashura wails that s/he'll get us next time and flees. Eiji chuckles that every world has one of those, too. Athrun thinks he knows where ZEUTH needs to be...

with GOONZ, as he tells his comrades back on the Quarter. Allying themselves with a country would be dangerous and irresponsible, but as we've seen, he thinks he can trust GOONZ to do the right thing. The reserves bring up all the shady business going on in GOONZ - the Gundams, the Black Knights... if nothing else, they'll put a target on the group's head, and they're not convinced they aren't actively causing trouble themselves. But Athrun proposes they watch out for that from under GOONZ' roof. GOONZ is an organization that fights to protect the world, and that includes their less savory members.

Kira agrees, and has a second point: as ZEUTH, they have a responsibility. ZEUTH is sitting on power, real military power, and they have a duty to make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. And while Kira agrees that laying down their swords is one option, it's painfully obvious that this world needs some firepower right now. Like it or not, ZEUTH is part of this universe now, and the universe needs them. It just needs them in the right place, and GOONZ is that place.

Athrun agrees that maybe they still aren't making a fully informed decision. But for the moment, it's a safe bet to continue fighting under GOONZ as they keep learning and considering.

He seems to be the only one with doubts, though - all the other pilots are committed to GOONZ. And since they've made their decision for themselves, Sumeragi and Jeffrey have no objection to taking them back in. Of course, the pilots are glad to have new allies by their side... and gladder to keep their new friends close. Now we can finally move against the Imperium.

Meanwhile, the summit between the Peackeeping Council and the Imperium is beginning, and Shioni starts things off right by warning Elgan and Dorian to afford her the respect she deserves as the representative of the New World Empire. What is the Imperium's game, coming to this talk at all?

Now that we're back from the route split, as usual, I won't demand votes or anything but I'll still point out a chance to talk about units for the next leg of the game. The other reason I bring it up now is that we've got fourteen plus the Brasta next chapter and there is going to be a cool dude whose list of conversations is "every single main character" (including ZEUTH, bringing us up to twenty-four potential conversations). My ability to show them off is limited, so if you have favorites, now's a good time! Also, fifteen slots give or take is the magic number for the whole segment.

So that's the preview. See you next chapter.

Spiritus Nox
Sep 2, 2011

I rather like Camille and Shin - the rest of Zeuth is nice, but I'm not really fond enough of the rest of the current crew for me to justify using them over the people this game is actually about.

I like that they acknowledge how similar Zero's getup is to Black Charisma's from the previous game - particularly the bit where they worry that Zero's just an alternate-dimension BC. Helps make their misgivings a bit more grounded.

Sep 4, 2011

Ask me about being the best dad ever.

Oh, I have been waiting for this next mission...!

Alright, let's go with maximum power

  • Dancouga Nova
  • Dai-Guard
  • Aquarion
  • Sol Gravion
  • Setsuna
  • Gurren Lagann
  • Karen
  • Zero
  • Heero
  • Camille
  • Alto
  • Kouji
  • Getter
  • Chiriko

Sure, the SEED folk are stronger than Camille, Heero and Alto but screw them!

Jun 27, 2008

...Aslan? Is this also Super Narnia Wars now? Or is that supposed to be an alternative translation of Athrun? But you use Athru later in the update and

Anyway, I vote team comedy. Gainer, Jiron, Garrod, Apollo, and I don't care who else.

Jan 22, 2011

I act once more in
imitation of light

Caphi posted:

Athrun's still trying to do everything himself, and Kira always overthinks everything...
I guess it's up to me! I'll give it all I've got no matter where we are!

Oh Shinn, why are you so much better in Super Robot Wars?

Jan 6, 2012


Hellioning posted:

...Aslan? Is this also Super Narnia Wars now? Or is that supposed to be an alternative translation of Athrun? But you use Athru later in the update and

Anyway, I vote team comedy. Gainer, Jiron, Garrod, Apollo, and I don't care who else.

No, it's a joke I forgot to go back and make sure didn't actually get published. How much do you care about it? (I'm apparently on the ball enough to make sure that no character dialogue actually uses it.)

Jun 27, 2008

Caphi posted:

No, it's a joke I forgot to go back and make sure didn't actually get published. How much do you care about it? (I'm apparently on the ball enough to make sure that no character dialogue actually uses it.)

I was just mostly confused because it was inconsistent, but that makes slightly more sense.

May 24, 2007

Caphi posted:

I'm told SEED isn't normally this suggestive.

No, SEED is the kind of show where the plot would make twice as much sense if the main characters were just gay.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

All of the Gundams.

Bandai just announced the All Gundam project, no reason not to follow suit.

Apr 25, 2009

It was on this day that his greatest enemy defeated, the true lord of darkness arose. His name? MARIO.

ActionZero posted:

Oh Shinn, why are you so much better in Super Robot Wars?

Isn't all SEED character better in Super Robot Wars?

Viola the Mad
Feb 13, 2010

Mazinger Z
Getter Robo
Gurren Lagann

I'm holding out for some awesome, ellipses-filled bromance.

If possible, I'd like to vote for not Eureka Seven. Renton is bleah.

Aslan got a chuckle out of me. Go ahead and keep using it whenever the mood strikes you.

e. Throwing in Gurren Lagann.

Viola the Mad fucked around with this message at 23:08 on Jul 8, 2013

Jan 3, 2013

Ah, Dancougar. Such a classic boss killer that has the durability of wet tissue paper. Shame that it's future in the franchise is up in the air given that Kazuki Yao is slowly losing his iconic voice. Then again, he's handling Judau Ashta in Operation Extend, so...maybe he's getting better. Or Banpresto is falling back on recycled audio clips.

Bring: Shinn, Lunamaria, Aquarion, Dai-Guard, Kallen, Chirico, Alto, Ozma, Gravion, Dancougar Nova, three votes to permabench the Eureka 7 cast and one to permabench Watta.


Dec 27, 2011

Boss banter is the one thing that MNeidengard has more or less abandoned translating entirely in the past few years, so I'm looking forward to any interesting tidbits.

My fifteen choices:
Heero, Setsuna, Garrod, Gainer, Kei, Apollo, Dai-Guard, Karen, Zero, Getter, Gurren Lagann, Kouji, Renton, Dancouga Nova, Camille

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