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Jan 10, 2012

Call Gespenst!

TwoPair posted:

Hey, they have cars with legs. And everything runs on Spiral Power which is totally (quite literally) green. It's an infinitely renewable energy source Spiral Nemesis be damned. Our pithy society has yet to beat that.

Getter and Photon energy would like to have words with you.

Though granted, at least one of those is actually a sentient eldritch abomination.


Broken Loose
Dec 25, 2002

A > - - -
LR > > - -
LL > - - -

AradoBalanga posted:

It becomes truly horrifying when you realize what those numbers and random gibberish are supposed to represent: Aim's truthful responses to getting beat up by your units. All of that gibberish? They are supposed to represent Aim in pain, fear, and anger at your forces. Every one of those gibberish lines is one person doing everything possible to desperately say the truth, but he can't thanks to his Sphere. Aim is probably one of the most explicit examples in any fiction of what you said: power at a price. And yet, Aim's price was something that we wouldn't normally consider being a price in this kind of situation.

That said, I do like how they maintained a consistent motif with Aim, right down to his theme sounding the exact opposite of how Aim behaves.

It makes sense because, if he were even to do something like just screaming, it would be somewhat truthful.

Ime's lines are actually really frightening because they hit really close to home if you've ever had brain damage (or even a bad drug trip).

Jul 22, 2009

TwoPair posted:

Hey, they have cars with legs. And everything runs on Spiral Power which is totally (quite literally) green. It's an infinitely renewable energy source Spiral Nemesis be damned. Our pithy society has yet to beat that.
Yeah, but cars with legs are honestly kind of a dumb design and outside of Spiral Power they aren't that advanced. They don't have their brains in jars hooked up to the mainframe or anything. It's science fiction, but considering Big O's setting has completely sentient robots and whatever the heck an orbital elevator is supposed to be, Gurren Lagann isn't ahead of the pack.

Feb 2, 2012

I finally understand everything there is to know about axes!

GilliamYaeger posted:

Getter and Photon energy would like to have words with you.

Though granted, at least one of those is actually a sentient eldritch abomination.

Doesn't Photonic Power still run off of Japanium ore Zeus's remains still, making it decidedly not infinite.

Jan 10, 2012

Call Gespenst!

HiKaizer posted:

Doesn't Photonic Power still run off of Japanium ore Zeus's remains still, making it decidedly not infinite.

Photon Power is powered by Zeus, so it'll last as long as Zeus's willpower does ie forever

Jan 6, 2012


Ime Liard! We're gonna catch you and make you take us back to our world!
Then I suppose you can't afford to let me die.
Heh. You see, you cannot attack me... if you ever wish to see your world again, that is.
Whatever! That doesn't mean we'll let you keep doing bad things!
We won't let you go even if it means we can't go back!

We'll teach you to keep showing up and spewing your lies!
Lying is the trade of the very finest of humanity. I don't expect a child to understand that.
I don't care if you think it's fine, but I know lying only leads to bad things!
Trider and I will give all you lying weasels what's coming to you!

Takeru Myojin... no, I should say Mars. Do you really think Emperor Zuul is dead?
He is the incarnation of all the evil in the universe. It is impossible to destroy him completely.
You won't sway me with a lie like that! I'm not listening to you!
And even if Zuul is still alive, I'll just destroy him again when he comes back!
But before that, Ime Liard, I'm going to finish you!

Is this the time, when your kin of Planet S-1 are suffering a living Hell?
Stop fighting and join me, and I will send you to your kinsmen.
Shut up! I don't believe that!
Even I do not lie all the time. Are you certain I am now?
I can find out for myself afterwards! But right now, I have to take you out!

I've been taught since I was a kid not to trust anyone who can lie with a straight face!
I deeply regret having to deceive you.
That's just another lie! This is why I can't trust you!
I never get along well with honest men like you.
I suppose I will have to use Arietes' might instead!
A straight fight, huh? That's just fine with me!
I'll make sure you never tell one of your lies again!

There is no point in this battle. In one week, a tremendous dimensional quake will return all existence to the void.
The first omen will be the breaking of the southern ice cap in exactly one hour, revealing beneath it...
Here I coooooooooome!
He isn't paying attention to a word I say, is he?
Not to a liar like you! All I'm paying you is a solid smack!

Judgment time, you lying rat! Your stories aren't going to work on us anymore!
No, I suppose I wouldn't be able to stop an experienced boy such as yourself.
Then I will destroy you with Arietes instead.
I'm all for a straight fight! We'll end this right here, right now!

Why are you fighting with the Imperium? For the Spheres?
I don't believe you'd understand if I told you. I fight for all the worlds in the cosmos.
Tell us more! We might even be able to help you!
Then kill Crow Brust.
He is a much greater threat than the King of Destruction.
You're still telling lies even now?
Certainly to the ones most vulnerable, like you.
Why, you...!

What's the point in this fight? You haven't the power to defeat Lord Gaioh anyway.
You won't make me hesitate like that.
You don't understand that with feelings as strong as ours, anything you say is meaningless to us.
You no longer have an ear for my lies? What you must have seen...
In which case, now you will experience the power of my Sphere.
You can't beat us! We have reasons and the determination to fight!

Well, Roger Smith? Will you barter with me?
I refuse.
You decline to pursue diplomacy? Have you given up on your role as a Negotiator?
It's my pride in that very role that keeps me from sitting at the table with someone who only speaks in falsehoods.
You're trying to manipulate me even now! I'll treat you exactly as your kind deserves!

The more he talks, the harder this'll be... let's finish this quickly!
You're an honest man. Too honest to simply ignore what I say.
Listen to me. If you obey me, I can send you and your friends back to your world.
You expect me to believe that? I have a strong will that denies your lies!
The same strength I'll use to defeat you! Come on, King Gainer!

Dec 27, 2011

Did they seriously foreshadow Jigoku-Hen with Marin and Jiron's dialogue there? Z3 series inclusion spoiler: I'm assuming that the mention of the ice caps is about Evangelion. I like how they've made the dialogue retroactively more amusing.

Apr 24, 2014

Kyun kyun
Kyun kyun
Watashi no kare wa louse

Man Loran is just the most adorable protagonist ever and I want a plushie of him. No matter what happens the kid cannot help but offer the nicest solution to things. It never works of course because every villain he deals with is batshit insane, but.

Jul 22, 2010

see, what you don't understand is he now has


it defies physics

GimmickMan posted:

Did they seriously foreshadow Jigoku-Hen with Marin and Jiron's dialogue there? Z3 series inclusion spoiler: I'm assuming that the mention of the ice caps is about Evangelion. I like how they've made the dialogue retroactively more amusing.

Part of me wonders just how far they've been planning ahead with this series.

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

Materant posted:

Part of me wonders just how far they've been planning ahead with this series.

Crowe appears in one of Asakim's attacks in Z, so they clearly had some future planning done already. How much, I can't really say. I doubt, say, Unicorn was part of the original plan, but maybe Evangelion was, since it's an older series.

Jan 6, 2012


Blaze Dragon posted:

Crowe appears in one of Asakim's attacks in Z, so they clearly had some future planning done already. How much, I can't really say. I doubt, say, Unicorn was part of the original plan, but maybe Evangelion was, since it's an older series.

Given that the end of Z is a vital clue to foreshadowing Full Frontal's key role in the first/best ending of Z3, and other details of that chapter were foreshadowed as far back as Z and in fact unfold into a continuous arc through all four (current) Z games, I would believe it if they were planning Unicorn after Z2 from the beginning.

e: actually fine they could have retrobullshitted all that in Z3 but even then it's pretty masterful. (I just love Beyond the Time in Z3 so much.)

Caphi fucked around with this message at 06:02 on May 28, 2014

Apr 28, 2008

Someone tell me if/when they do a Hathaway's Flash bit in the next Z game (Z3-2?), then I'll believe they aren't just throwing things at the wall to see if it sticks.

May 24, 2007

S.D. posted:

Someone tell me if/when they do a Hathaway's Flash bit in the next Z game (Z3-2?), then I'll believe they aren't just throwing things at the wall to see if it sticks.

Hathaway is a character in Z3 and Hathaway's Flash is referenced. Even if it doesn't happen it is because you can avert history and save Quess.

Jeabus Mahogany
Feb 13, 2011

I'm mad because of a thorn in my impenetrable hide

Oh wow, I actually caught up. This LP has been great, thanks Caphi!

Jan 6, 2012


Pearlnail (Marguerite Pisteil)

Offensive Support L3
Chain Attack
SP Up L7
Sense - 15
Spirit - 30
Bless - 30
Valor - 40
Hope - 50
Awaken - 50
Willful Archers (2 ammo, 125 Will, map, size)
Valkyria Spinners (10 EN)
Faithful Archers (8 ammo, mobility)
Bloom In Heaven (40 EN, 110 Will)
Ace Bonus: 1.2x damage dealt on counterattacks.
Full Upgrade Bonus: Movement +1.
Custom Bonus: Range of MAP and range 1 weapons +1.

It's Marguerite! She doesn't have Accel, but she's got some great other Spirits. I've trained her accordingly.

Azadistan has received the news that the Imaage are dealt with. Diana guesses what happened, that GOONZ showed them what humanity is capable of.

In Area 11, Cornelia and Schneizel are handling the fact that GOONZ has saved the world, and they'll probably be recognized by the U. N. Schneizel invites Cornelia to blame him for it. It was partially his decision to make them deal with the situation, after all. The same goes for Suzaku. Neither of them can say he did anything wrong, though.

That's good, because the Imperium is also our problem. Suzaku is to join Cornelia's forces, in preparation for the aftermath...

Ohtsuka explains to Shiro that as regrettable as it is, the U. N. has no choice but to have GOONZ take care of the Imperium. And Tsubasa reminds him that Kouji surely wouldn't refuse to fight so the rest of the world can live on. And we all know GOONZ can win.

Marguerite explains that she is from another fused Earth, one united under the rule of the Holy Kingdom of Insaraum. The Archsabers are tasked with the defense of its King as well as the world itself if necessary. And it was - the Archsabers, along with the rest of that planet's forces, had many battles with threats from without. Ultimately, what destroyed their land and shattered their pride was the King of Destruction.

He came from a rip in the spacetime walls that they created by accident during their world's experiments in dimensional energy. He razed their world before anyone could respond with his army of DAMons. And all of their proud warriors were Violated and added to his own forces - forces which are now even stronger than they were back then. He seems to handpick the strongest warriors he fights to become DAMons - like her brother, who challenged Gaioh himself. He seems to be building his own army, but the question is, why? He always acts like he simply enjoys the fight.

It was in the ruins, alone, that Ime Liard came to her and Cheval. Like Gaioh, he came from another universe; none of them know anything about his past or his true goals. Not that it matters now that he's dead. Anyway, Ime took them to the King of Destruction and promised to bring him to a new battlefield. Well, we know what that battlefield turned out to be. The King accepted Ime's terms, including sparing Marguerite and Cheval for their service; the liar probably wanted minions of his own. Gaioh lent him DAMons from time to time, but the monsters don't follow orders other than from their one master.

She doesn't know why Cheval feigned loyalty to Ime and Gaioh, but she was simply afraid - and who wouldn't be after what happened to her brother? Crowe grimly tells her that either she can forget her brother, or dedicate her life to stopping Gaioh. It seems like her decision has already been made.

There's nothing more she can say about Gaioh - a man who doesn't even know himself - but Crowe doesn't care. He has to be defeated, or our Earth will go the way of Insaraum. It's as simple as that.

The only problem is that we still don't know where they are! Luckily, we've got a lead...

Carlos whines that Shioni's seized control of Axion and all his riches. Oh right, the woman who went from ambassador from a tiny little country to a tyrant who had the whole world quaking in fear. Luckily, we're not after his money (well, except for Crowe, anyway). He shrugs and says there's nothing he can do about what's already done. What a jerk.

Nor does he particularly want to correct his mistake by telling us where the Great Axion is. It's not that he has any loyalty to the "country" that threw him out. "I just want to see what Gaioh's up to. I kind of like the guy." What, the guy who's trying to destroy the world?

"I think this world could use some shaking up," says Carlos, suddenly dead serious. Is that any different from the Black Knights, or Celestial Being? It couldn't be through Axion, either. It had to be something direct, and it happened to be a monster no one could control, but oh well. It certainly was big enough to shake the world. Celestial Being, in particular, should know what he means.

There's an awkward silence, and then Setsuna speaks up: "Revolution is not destruction. Enough blood has been shed in this world." Carlos disagrees. All this much blood bought us was Alejandro Corner.

He has a point, says Zero, but if you make a move like that, some things won't come back afterwards - like life. Gaioh is taking lives that didn't need to be taken. And yes, that means he's resolved to stop Gaioh, and become a force for good, if only his own view of good. And first, he will get his answers. Carlos, flippant again, claims he won't respond to torture. He even has a tooth capsule, he says.

It's looking like we'll need Chairman Roddick's backup. Zero thinks otherwise. "Carlos Axion Jr.," he shouts suddenly, "answer all my questions!"

"Okay," says Carlos. He tells us the Imperium has most likely gone to the second "dark" moon. Gaioh seems to think there's a key to unlocking his memories up there.

The dark moon is surrounded by a dimensional barrier that won't be easy to penetrate - or so it was, but there's something off about it now. Traia inspects the data and marks a point in the disturbance where we might actually be able to get down there. Plus, it's very likely Gaioh's trail.

Only the Black Knights wonder why Carlos suddenly blabbed. But anyway, we're on our way to the dark moon - for our final battle with Gaioh, King of Destruction!

Alto says goodbye to Ranka and Sheryl; there's no way we're taking them with us. Eureka also says goodbye to Ranka, who helped her get her memories back.

What's up, Marguerite?
Do not take my name lightly, Crowe Brust. I am a knight of Insaraum.
Well, right now, you're one of us GOONZ. Up until we actually beat Gaioh.
We've got this saying about what to do when in Rome. You'll have to do things our way.
Your way?
Start with just "Crowe". That's what all my friends call me.
Perfect. A little stiff, but we can call that our thing.
When I lost my country, imagining that white DAMon was my brother was all that kept me going.
So you hated me because I took out M.D.?
I knew it... that Chene... that my brother was gone...
The person that DAMon once was is dead. The only way to give them peace is to destroy it.
I had no right to hate you for that...
But that... was all I could do! I... I was his sister!
Yeah, I know.
Thank... you... You... released me... gave me a... reason to live...
Come on, don't cry. You can't cry, you're an elegant lady knight.
But... but...
Come on, Marguerite. Where's that reason to live?
Of course... let me wash my face.

So you do have a nice side.
I saw that, Crowe. What about you and women, now?
Hey, what does that mean?
Esther's back in the lab. Can you imagine if she got wind of this?
I can hear it now. "Sorry I'm a rude, inelegant bumpkin and not a lady knight!"
Come on, chief. How can I fight when I know that's what I'll have waiting for me when I get back?
I'm glad you plan to come back in one piece.
What'd you expect?
I'm going to finish Gaioh, pay off my debt, and enjoy the peaceful world. It's all going up from here.
And you don't want Esther's jealousy to ruin your peace? I suppose we couldn't have that...
All right, I got it! I'll pay, just keep it down!
Wait, seriously? This is really important to you, huh?
I'm powerless before a crying girl and a debtor. What do you say?
Fine. How does 300 Gs sound?
More than I would expect, but cheaper than I'd expect from you.
What kind of miser do you think I am?
My boss, that's what.
Can't argue with that. Just come back soon, because I'm applying interest.
Roger. Well then, here goes the DM Buster Brasta on its last gig.

Final Chapter: Era of Destruction

We're here on the dark moon - the only region of the dark moon where the dimensional barrier is softened. Could Gaioh be nearby? The funny thing about the moon is that, now that we're on it, it just seems like another moon. Same surface, same composition, same gravity... but why does it exist at all? Maybe it's like the two Japans, physically dislocated just enough that they couldn't simply merge.

Don't let your guards down, though. The Imperium could be anywhere, getting ready to pounce.

Suddenly, we're surrounded by powerful DAMons...

And the Great Axion, captained by an enraged Shioni, who is all too ready to crush us and be rid of us once and for all! Wow. She screams that we're worthless, that the world wouldn't miss us if we were gone. But then, she'd know about having an effect on the world, wouldn't she? One that we're here to put an end to.

You are beyond pardon! All who oppose the Imperium will be put to death!
As I declared to the world, so long ago, you have come to your graves!

Crazy. Even Roger can see she's not going to be reasoned with. But if we have to get through her to find Gaioh, I guess that's how it's going to be.

Shioni meets our challenge with two new gargantuan DAMons, huge enough to be strategic weapons in their own right.

Did you really think you could scare us with those things?
Then you really don't know us, Imperium!
We've come all the way to the dark moon to protect our world...
And all we care about is your boss, Gaioh!
If you're in our way, we'll go through you with the drill of our spirits!
We know Gaioh's in that valley behind you, so...
All units, charge! Destroy the Great Axion and the Leviadamons and draw out Gaioh!
Shioni Regis! I will not let the tragedy of Insaraum repeat itself!
You... you curs!
Move aside, Your Brattiness. We don't have time for you.
Or else we'll make you pay for what you've done to our world!

No more SR Points, just taking out the Great Axion and both Leviadamons.

This isn't going to be too much fun. The Great Axion is placed at the upper edge, while the Leviadamons occupy the southern corners.

The Great Axion isn't that... great... apart from Shioni's powerful Prevail level.

The Leviadamons are actually more dangerous. Each is the size of a battleship or strategic weapon, and that's exactly what they are - all the metal, flesh, and souls of an entire battleship or strategic weapon Violated into a single enormous monster.

Each giant is also flanked by two Dinodamons, four Rhinodamons, and eight Bulldamons.

Incidentally, if you want to cheat this late in the game, the Great Axion is worth a disproportionate amount of money. If you lose a stage, you can retry it while keeping all earned experience and money at the cost of losing the SR Point for that stage forever. That downside doesn't apply to this stage, though.

And we will be causing a lot of Panic, obviously.

I will falter no more, my brothers...
With the honor within me rekindled, I will carry out my duty as an Archsaber!
Go to your rest, brothers and sisters! And may the memories of our home, Insaraum, sleep with you!

It's Karen and Simon, of course, who get the first shots on the Great Axion.

Jesus, Shioni.

Long story short, I'm going straight for the Great Axion. The Leviadamons can come to me; it'll be easier to hammer them (both at once!) after GOONZ has their blood pumping. In the meantime, I'll also go through her attendant DAMons, since I lied about their formation - the numbers are right, but in fact, apart from the Dinodamons, they're split evenly between north and south. I don't see any reason to split my forces the same way.

Especially since the Leviadamons and their Dino and Rhinodamons aren't moving, so I'll get a chance to chew up all their Bulldamons before they get anywhere close.

By the way, DAMon accuracy is pretty much like this; on top of Panic, even the most heavily armored GOONZ have maxed mobility. And for that matter, the smallest have maxed armor (but also maxed mobility so they almost never get hit at all).

Shioni uses her MAP weapon, the DEC reactor cannon. It does minimal damage to GOONZ and wounds a few of her DAMons.

But then, she's shown herself to be the opposite of a good tactician.

Anyway, this is happening, but let's worry about Shioni.

I'm going to skip to the end but I would like to point out that the Militia will apparently just follow around anyone who pilots the Turn A.

Although the end takes an entire turn, since Shioni's Prevail really is that annoying.

Open your eyes, Shioni Regis! If Gaioh is unleashed, he will destroy this world!
Silence, Insaraum mongrel! I will never allow Gaioh to do that!
What do you plan to do, a little girl who depended on Gaioh and Ime?
How dare you speak so to the ruler of the new world! You should have remained bowed to us!
The woman you once knew is dead! Before you stands the Seventh Archsaber, Marguerite Pisteil!
Shioni Regis! I will pass, so that the tragedy of Insaraum does not befall another world!


Crowe Brust! I will avenge Ime with your blood!
You know, I feel sorry for you.
You gave up your entire country to work for Ime, but you were never more than a pawn to him.
Silence! I did not work for him! He raised me to my rightful place - to rule over the new world!
You really want to rule the shithole the Imperium's going to leave behind that bad?
That's not even funny. We don't have time for the kind of idiot that dreams of being Queen of the DAMons.

On top of the Great Axion's money, it drops a fortune in un-multipliable bounty.

How? How did the Great Axion...
No! This ship is the Great Limonesia!
The Imperium will change the world... just like what happened to Limonesia! I... I will...

Interesting. Is that sympathy I hear, from you of all people?
Not at all. I pitied her because she couldn't see what she really wanted, right to the last moment.
So long, Imperium. All that's left is to finish Gaioh and put an end to this.

But not until those Leviadamons are gone.

At least they're moving in now.

One Dinodamon down, notable because Roger learns Soul. Poor guy's underleveled and I'm not completely sure why.

The GOONZwarm moves to meet the Leviadamons. The next turn is not going to be friendly. Hopefully we can knock them both out quickly.

As most of the Bulldamons explode, Kei learns his final Spirit, which is also Soul.

And so does Zero, Awaken.


Slowpokes with range, at that. Leviadamons' shooting range is 9 squares (marked), and if they use that, they won't move - plus, that attack also happens to cut their targets' stats by half. It's best to let them approach.

Quattro is even further behind than Roger, but he finally learns his Valor.

So here we are, Rhinodamons having gone the way of their lesser cousins, and GOONZ arranged very carefully to avoid any Leviadamon sniping.

There are still four Dinodamons, of course.

But long story short, the plan works, and the Leviadamons enter the fray.


I suspect I'll be okay.

Seriously though, ew. Let's knock these jerks out.


There's more than enough Valor and Courage to go around, though, that's what I'm trying to demonstrate.

So I'm inclined to skip to the end again, since it's not like the things talk, either.

We've taken out all the big enemies.
All right! Everyone into the valley!
Wait! Someone is there!
What do you mean, someone?

No way! But the atmosphere's practically a vacuum!
Gaioh's voice is overriding our communications!
Who is that guy?
We already knew he was inhuman, but...
Sorry I kept you guys waiting so long.
Gaioh! Your fortress, the Great Axion, has fallen!
Now is your only chance to surrender.
Surrender? Are you kidding me?
We've already defeated your secret weapons, the Leviadamons!
The king has no clothes. Even so, do you intend to fight us?
You bet I do. That's my mission.
Your mission?
You guys all have something to protect, don't you?
And someone you have to beat to do that?
What the hell are you talking about?
If you want to protect, you have to defeat...
Anyone who's pathetic enough to consider surrender has lost their battle before it began.
What did you say?
Besides, you guys know drat well that you can destroy all the DAMons you want, but it's not worth a crap if I'm still here.
Nah, wait a minute... are you guys scared of me?
That's crazy!
Don't think we forgot how you beat us for one second.
That's why we've worked to get stronger! To beat you... to save the world!
The whole world? Well, then.
Yeah, I guess I do look like that to you, huh?
Gaioh! Your memories have returned?
Yeah, Marguerite. Just like you found your honor again, huh?
Something in that valley holds a clue to Gaioh's past!
But how? He's from another dimension, right?
Why is something that can unlock his memories in this world?
My memories. My past. My mission.
My father's name, my mother's love, my memories of my friends... what I have to do... what I have to defeat...
Gaioh! What are you trying to do? Why are you creating DAMons?
Even if I told you, it wouldn't change a thing!
Honestly, it's better if you didn't know.
Are you making fun of us?
If you don't want to talk, we'll beat the answers out of you!
First, tell me something. What are you here for?
To defeat you and the Imperium, what else?
But is that for whatever your idea of peace is? Or because you want to fight with a powerful enemy?
What is he talking about?
You think we just want to fight someone strong? That would make us just like you!
That's enough. Tell me honestly.
What do you think, Sphere Reactor?
Sphere Reactor? Is he talking to Crowe?

Answer for peace and Gaioh will go easy on you. To make it interesting, I choose "to fight a powerful enemy."

Sorry. Call it a gut feeling.
You're sort of right, Gaioh... I do care about the world, peace, liberty, all that...
But something in me wants to see how good I am by fighting you.
Are you serious?

Crowe gets one more chance to go back on that decision. Choose wisely - Gaioh is legitimately far more dangerous if he has an excuse to go all out.

>, that would be a different story.
>I really, truly just care about the fight.

Caphi fucked around with this message at 16:34 on Dec 1, 2014

Mar 28, 2010

Pandamn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

Grimey Drawer

Well I'm not playing the game. You dug your own grave Caphi.

I really really care about the fight

Jan 10, 2012

Call Gespenst!

>I really, truly just care about the fight.
Its not like the game's hard or anything.

Oct 28, 2011

>I really, truly just care about the fight.
Because why the hell not.

Spiritus Nox
Sep 2, 2011

GilliamYaeger posted:

>I really, truly just care about the fight.
Its not like the game's hard or anything.

But as far as I'm concerned, Crowe actually chose the other option, because seriously what sort of psycho would actually say that at a time like this?

Dec 27, 2011

I really, truly just care about the fight.

Spiritus Nox posted:

But as far as I'm concerned, Crowe actually chose the other option, because seriously what sort of psycho would actually say that at a time like this?

The kind that awakened his sphere of 'Being really into something'.

Random fan trivia: One of the lines that Shioni can say when you defeat her is a desperate scream for Ime to come and help her. As a consequence pixiv artists have decided to ship them. A true match made in heaven the asylum.

Jul 30, 2011

some people just wanna watch the world burn

Just fight him.

Spiritus Nox posted:

But as far as I'm concerned, Crowe actually chose the other option, because seriously what sort of psycho would actually say that at a time like this?

A dude who is bored as hell with how easy his game is.

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

This is the last battle, like hell we're going back on our words now! Crowe enjoys fights more than the entire Getter Team put together.

Also I seriously love how no one takes Shioni seriously. It's always pity or a complete lack of interest in her. Poor girl, she's trying her best to be a competent villain, she's just...not very good at it.

Broken Loose
Dec 25, 2002

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>I really, truly just care about the fight.

Yeah, I can't actually imagine what the game could do that I could consider difficult at this point.

Wounded Land
Nov 27, 2007
Living in a greenhouse, growing crops that we can't eat...

Can you show us the dialogue for the other choice, at least?

Nov 8, 2009

Vote shit sandwich or the shit sandwich gets it!

>, that would be a different story.

Because no one has voted for this yet and I love being contrary

Jan 3, 2013

Mikl posted:

>, that would be a different story.

Because no one has voted for this yet and I love being contrary
Also putting in my vote for this option.

Jan 6, 2012


Gimme a break, dudes. It's basically my actual job to play up things like this.

Rody One Half
Feb 18, 2011

>I really, truly just care about the fight.

Jan 10, 2012

Call Gespenst!

Caphi posted:

Gimme a break, dudes. It's basically my actual job to play up things like this.

I bet you're not looking forward to the overpowered curbstompfest that is Saisei-hen, even if it does make actually playing the game easier.

Jan 6, 2012


If you choose peace:

I have a problem with people that can only measure others on their own terms.
Sorry, Gaioh. All I've ever wanted was a peaceful world where I could live free and easy.
And if I have to go through you, well...
Fine. Then let's do this.

If you talk your way out:

Maybe that'd be true if this was some kind of game.
But it's not. Peoples' lives... lots and lots of lives are at stake here.
So I'm not playing around, Gaioh. We're completely serious here.
Fine. Then let's do this.

And if you do what we're doing, demanding a good fight:

Yeah, I'm all in. I mean that.
Maybe these guys feel differently, but I want to fight you for real.
Perfect. If that's your answer, I don't have to hold anything back!

Either way:

And I'll even tell you what I'm after, if you want...
To get stronger!

He's called in his weapons!
Geiltiran. Gaioh. I like the names this world gave me.
Let me thank you... by making some prime DAMons out of you and your planet.
That's why I've let you guys play all this time!
So we weren't even worth turning into DAMons back in Limonesia?
And that's why you didn't make any new ones since you got here!
That's right. I've been raising your world to be ready to consume.
By traveling around and lighting fires.
So that's why...
I do not belong to you.
And all our battles were not simply pieces of your plan!
I don't need your permission. My fight began the moment I summoned the Geiltiran!

I think he just went into combat mode!
We have to destroy that thing, or...
Taking it out is more important than finding out what Gaioh's up to!
Dammit! He's going to regret treating us like bugs!
ZEUTH, I can't wait to eat warriors from another universe.
He knows about us?
He's just trying to psych us out! Don't listen to him!
I'll sever that Stigma of yours. That's one of my missions too.
Stigma?! The same thing Ime said...
Yep. I'm offering to give you back control of your fates.
What are you talking about? You just said you'll destroy us!
Gaioh... your goal is to get stronger? Then we'll break through even higher!
Let's see just who's really stronger!
Here we go! Fighting for the whole world!
GOONZ - exterminating Gaioh!
All units, open fire! We will defeat him with all the firepower we have!
Soul... spirit... emotion... will... pride... desire... obligation... responsibility... duty... rage... sorrow... love... courage...
Give me all you've got! Show me you have the power to kill a god!
Gaioh, King of Destruction! You're my last target!

Here we go!

Geiltiran (Gaioh)
Double Actions
Spirit Block
Break Will Limit
Prevail L7
Trust - 20
Sense - 10
Faith - 20
Drive - 30
Courage - 40
Soul - 40
HP Regen (S)
EN Regen (L)
Full Block
Infinity Nova (6 ammo, 120 Will, armor, size, MAP)
Aleph-Naught (10 EN)
Fang of Eternity (20 EN, stats halved, barrier)
Ace Bonus: At 130 Will, casts Strike at the beginning of each phase.

On Hard, when Gaioh goes all out, he goes all out, shooting up to level 99. He's also got pretty much everything on the boss list - two actions, a stupidly long-range attack, Perfection, Prevail, immunity to all conditions (double immunity to pilot conditions, at that), top tier terrain ranks (though his weapons are "only" A's), and an Ace Bonus.

His Geiltiran is 40% upgraded across the board and has about 250,000 HP. That should be easy enough.

If Crowe doesn't give him an excuse, he drops to level 70 and his stats go down to match, along with his Prevail level. On Normal, he's 70 on full fight mode and 60 otherwise, with another drop in Prevail level and even less EN regen. I'm not sure what the last would accomplish, considering he has 1000 EN, but so much of his stat block is for show already.

Speaking of stats for show, note how he has Trust, Faith (original: Friendship), Drive, and Courage. Hmmm.

Gaioh starts very far away, but because Aleph-Naught is a (P) attack with a range of 12 (!), he can still hit GOONZ easily. It might even be worth awakening Shinobu to drag him out, forcing Gaioh to use both of his movements.

If I can't defeat Gaioh within next turn, it's probably just because some of the GOONZ couldn't reach him.

In the meantime, it's just me and the Dinodamons.

He does know how to use that range; I think I'm going to have to spend a turn just moving in on him. God forbid he uses his MAP attack.

Gaioh, King of Destruction! You stand at the center of the world's distortions!
And what are you gonna do about it?
Destroy you! That is our mission as Celestial Being!
Trying to stop fighting by fighting...
We're exactly the same, you and I.
Setsuna F. Seiei! Stay focused!
Fight! Remember what you fight for and fight!
We fight with the spirit of that man upon us...
His spirit? Then I guess I really do have to consume you, huh?
Exia, exterminating the target!
I will destroy the distortions that create war! I... am Gundam!

He's actually still kind of dangerous, honestly.

And did I mention stupidly far away? This is why it takes two turns. Getting through his dumb danger zone.

Defend. We're going to take fire.

Plenty of Panic to go around, too.

He's at 122 Will; safe for now.

When the time comes, there's enough Exhaust to go around as well.

The nice thing about operations like this is you tend to end up naturally clustered in stacked command fields.

No attacking at all this turn (maybe a few shots at Dinodamons); there's no point attacking Gaioh before everyone's ready to.

The Leviadamon misses everybody, but...

Gaioh only hits a couple of ships and robots who can take it (Gurren-Lagann and Dai-Guard), but he also hits Setsuna. Sorry.

I... will be Gundam...!

And then Crowe. I have the spare energy to throw an attack out, even if it might miss.

So you know something about Spheres?
A bit. If I'd gotten my memories back any sooner, I'd have snapped up Ime too.
So I'm your prey just like you're mine, huh?
Don't get ahead of yourself. There's nothing special about you. Every one of you is prey to me.
Maybe, but my life's not so cheap I'll just hand it over just for that.
I don't care how strong you are! I'm taking home your head!
That's what I want to hear! You came raring for a fight!
Now who's getting ahead of himself? I'm going home alive!
If I take home your data, my debt goes poof! I'll live as free as I want!
This'll be fun! Me, who craves battle, against you, who avoids it!

(Uh, Gaioh, I said I - you know what, never mind.)

That's right, Gaioh! But it's me and my Brasta who are walking out of here!

Well, that makes Fang of Eternity the Violation attack, I guess. Because he "consumes" you and then you live as a DAMon "forever"?

A journey of a hundred thousand damage...

Crowe levels just from that. The enemy is level 99, after all.

Finally, let's do something real.

Starting with an Analysis, and then being as demoralizing as possible (Chiefs of Demoralization: Dorothy, Eina, C. C., and Nia).

Well, well. I'm glad someone's got the guts to come at me head-on.
Who is this guy?
He's not like Shioni or Ime... he's just enjoying the battle, pure and simple!
It's what I live for. You wanna play with me?
Overwhelming power and pure devotion... and on top of that, infinite malice... this man is a black sun!
You're all right yourself, challenging all of that with open eyes!
The radiance of the sun is behind me! It illuminates the deepest darkness and fear and brings the world a new dawn!
Come and get me, then! Let the two suns collide!
It's a duel, Gaioh! And when we defeat you, the sun will rise once more on this world!


Again with the "power to kill a god." This line is pretty interesting now that we've gotten through half of Z3, but there's another discussion.

Anyway, everyone is perfectly capable of defending themselves, of course.

I hear you beat Emperor Zuul. Not bad.
What do you know about him?
Not sure. The guy I know wasn't named Zuul when I knew him.
What does that mean, Gaioh?
Does it matter? Just show me your power.
If you really beat him, you'll make me a fantastic DAMon.
I'll never! Godmars and I will never be yours, nor anyone else on Earth!
Oh, yes they well. You'll see my power.
Gaioh! I'll fight you for peace across Earth and space!
I'll stop you! That's part of what I swore to Marg!
Fine! If that's what you'll dedicate your life to, then I'll respond in kind and consume you for my own mission!

Come at me with the power of light! Let's see whether it's your power or mine that's fit to kill a god!
So you know something about photon power...
Maybe. I've lived long enough to have seen a few things.
You've lived long enough? And what about all the people who died because of you?
Too bad for them. It was their fate.
You've gotta be kidding! Fine, then it's time for you to meet your fate!
This ends here! We're here to end it!
Good, good! I'll consume the power of light and your valor all at once!

Actually, not everyone is prepared to defend themselves perfectly, but I don't think many of them will be destroyed.

We'll get to Quattro's actual turn later.

You're going down the same path as me, I see.
What does that mean?
Do you have to ask? You and he, and the rest of us, can only live in a fight.
It's inevitable that we should clash. And only one of us can leave alive.
They're right. I'll eat the Getter's power and your three souls!
Heh. Don't make me laugh. We're gonna taste like poo poo together.
Don't cry on your way down our throats, Gaioh!
Come on, Getter! We'll see which of us is stronger!
You got it!

The man of the spiral! I finally get to eat you!
He... reminds me of the Spiral King... why?
It doesn't matter! He's just a huge rock standing in front of us... in front of the world!
I'll break through him with my drill! Full spin ahead!
That's right! If you can't beat me, you have no hope against the heavens!
We'll see, right now, which of us gets to go up against them!
Here we go, Gaioh! A lot of people are spinning my drill with me!
Bro, Nia, Yoko, Rossiu, and the whole Great Gurren Gang are with me! There's no way you can beat me!
My drill is going to bust through the heavens!

We have to beat him or the whole world will be turned into DAMons! Here we go, Ibuki, Aoyama!
That's good. You're definitely worth consuming.
You man-eating freak! You think everything's just going to go perfect for you?
Akagi! You've got all our power! Just this once, don't think and go for it!
Right! We're going all out today!
If we don't stop him, we're all out of jobs, right?
Exactly! Go get 'em, Akagi! For 21st Century Security, and for everyone in the world!
You got it!
Then come and get me, salarymen! I'll eat all three of you at once!
You won't turn us and Dai-Guard into a DAMon!
All together! Salarymen can fight for peace too!

So you've got some mission. But your reasons don't matter anymore!
Now you're a woman I can get to like.
Whoa, where'd that come from?
You can't mess up the whole world and then turn around and mess with us like that!
That wasn't a joke.
My reasons don't matter, because you understand battle at a base level - and that's what makes you worth eating.
Our reward for earning the king's favor is turning into a DAMon?
I'm afraid we must turn it down. We're not quite tired of the world to the point where we're willing to give up now.
No more talking! Show me your power!
That's just fine! Come on, Kurara, Sakuya, Johnny, Eida!
The beasts within us are roaring! Let's go wild!

drat it! We finally draw him out and he's this powerful!
You can instinctively feel my power? But it's too late to chicken out!
Are you kidding? The Cyber-Beast Force doesn't know the meaning of retreat!
We only go forward! No matter what's in our way!
That's the real proof of our... of humans' strength.
Then show me! Show me your real power!
Shinobu! Are you going to take that from him?
Nah, but arguing with him isn't going anywhere! So let's answer with our power!
Just what I was hoping for! You might be my finest prey!
We'll show you our wild power, Gaioh... Dancouga's power!
Let's go wild!


That probably wasn't the Macross' best attack for this. Oh well.

He's finally under 100k, and only up to 108 Will.

It's over, Gaioh! We're ending this right now!
Glad you're fired up. Your mech is beaming your passion straight into my head.
W-what does that mean?
He... he totally is enjoying the fight!
We can't let him go, can we?
I live for the fight. So I'll fight as long as I live!
But if your fight is taking peace and happiness away from people...
Then we'll fight you! That's our mission as Gran Knights!
Then it's your mission against mine! Our fight will make our blood boil!
We won't lose! Sol Gravion is the crimson fang that fights for all the fangless!

What does this jerk smell like?
Hmm... so you remember me?
I suppose you would, Machine Angel. You were an angel yourself once.
What does he know about Aquarion?
My Angel blood feels something from that man...
Who is he?
He's our enemy, that's who he is!
No way I'm ever friends with a freak who turns people into monsters!
That's fine with me. I just wanted to fight you.
All that matters is that whichever one of us wins gets to carry out their mission!
I don't know or care who you are! Something in me is telling me you have to go down!
Let's go, Gaioh! We'll stop you!

I think I finally get why Ime was so into you.
You're going to help me get back on my feet, black Megadeus!
Does he know about Big O?
It must have been in the memories he lost!
Enough chitchat! I'm right here!
Whatever he knows about Big O, I oppose violence without reason! That's just how I operate!
Big O! Action!

So you're behind everything.
I won't stop you thinking so. That's just what I am.
What is this guy talking about?
I'd actually rather have this guy than one who goes around spouting dumb excuses.
Either he or us will be destroyed...
We'll decide that right now!
Come on! I"ll eat all of you! It's my mission... it's why I exist!
Locked on...
Target: Gaioh, King of Destruction... this ends now!

Come on, ZEUTH! You're my most prime prey!
He's fighting as if it's a game!
Not quite. Fighting is my whole life.
You can't live your whole life as a game, can you?
That doesn't make any sense! But since you're spreading war, you're our enemy... an enemy of the whole world!
If we're enemies, then come on already! I'll consume your soul!
If you want a fight, we'll give you one! And we'll make sure that fight stops here!

Gaioh, King of Destruction! I'll stop you!
What are you so mad at me for? You're from a different world.
I'll fight anyone who spreads fighting! Do you know how much fighting there's been, how many people are dead because of you?
I guess I haven't counted.
Why, you--!
There it is! Hit me with your anger and whatever else you've got! All of it!
Those are the souls I want! That's why I fight!

How do you fight like that?
You can't beat me with all that doubt in you.
Show me your real power. You could be the greatest soldier if you just gave up those doubts.
I don't like trying to read peoples' minds. I don't like doing it, and I don't like others doing it.
And what are you going to do about it?
I'll forget my doubts, just for a moment... and survive this fight as a just another pilot!

Quattro is underleveled. I didn't expect much out of him.

You're one of that bit of humanity that's starting to awaken new power.
Do you mean Newtypes?
Hit me with all the powers you've got, or neither you or any other human has a chance of survival!
Newtypes aren't just weapons, but...
But if I can do anything with this power... if I can end this fighting with my power!
That's right! That's what I want! I want to see every last bit of your power!
And then I'll eat it! And reach the highest level of existence!

You know, I do think this is the end of it. And there's only... five conversations left hanging.

The Great Axion is sunk. You're the only one left!
That thing's just where I sleep. I'll fight as long as I have a body to fight with.
So you haven't given up? I guess the King of Destruction is as free as it gets.
But this world's in serious trouble if we let you go.
So if you're not going to stop fighting, we'll make you stop the hard way!
You're free to try... but if you want to stop me, you can't do it by talking!
That was the plan! This world doesn't have room for you!

Or not?

Using your vast power to ruin lives... the very picture of brutality.
And that's why you're going to beat me, right?
No, I'm going to beat you because you're in the way of my plan.
The world will be mine soon enough, and there will be no place in it for you.
There can't be two kings... but can you overcome such vast power, Lelouche?
Of course I can! I will overcome whatever stands in my way! Such is my goal!
I like you! Feed me your determination!
I refuse!
Then I'll eat it myself!
Gaioh, King of Destruction! I command you in the name of Zero, Commander-in-Chief of the Black Knights!
Vanish from my world!

Valor and Soul are rapidly falling in effectiveness before that Prevail.

If I can beat you, the fighting ends! And I can go back to them alive!
You should be glad you have somewhere to go back to...
But I'm eating you! So if you've got something to fight for, now's the time to show me!
What is he talking about?
What is the King of Destructions mission, exactly?
Who cares what it is?
Our mission is to beat him and save the world, Alto!
I know that!
Ranka! Sheryl! I'm flying to protect who and what I love! So I'll beat this guy!
And I'll eat your soul! That's why I am!

Nope, we're actually done. Let's go back and see the last words, and then...

King of Destruction... I will avenge my homeland of Insaraum!
Heh. It's you, Marguerite.
What is so funny?
Just remembering what a good woman you were.
How dare you!
I'm not joking.
I'm honestly glad you've got the fire in you that you had way back in Insaraum.
I am not as weak as I was then! I fight in the name of Sir Cheval and all my people!
En guarde, Gaioh! If it costs me my life, I will defeat you!

The size of the machine doesn't matter, does it? I'm making you the ultimate DAMon.
I refuse. I still have something to do.
I didn't ask how you felt about it. If you come at me, I'm taking your soul!
I will survive. No one can stop me.


"Funny" story - it had to be Alto because he could finish Gaioh with an attack that didn't override his death animation.

Hah hah hah hah! You guys are strong!
Something funny?
No. It was a good fight.

Something seems a little off about his end. Marguerite feels like there was something more to his fight than just his personal fun. But what matters is that he's gone, and the world is safe. The question is, what was the thing hidden on this moon that would have unlocked his memories?

A high-pitched noise says we won't have a chance to find out - not if we intend to make it out of here before the barrier around the dark moon closes up once more. And we do have to make it back to see the world at peace again. And to see how much it's changed through the trials it's faced. After all, the great threat did manage to unify it, for better or for worse. And each GOONZ has their own day-to-day fight to get back to, or start anew - whether it's with terrorists or oppressors or just company stock. Crowe, for his part, is free, free at last...

With the death of Gaioh, King of Destruction, and the sinking of the Great Axion, the Imperium was destroyed.

In the aftermath of the great threat, the revolution upon world and its people reached its peak. In response to the remaining threats, the value of the UNF under control of the World Peacekeeping Council was impressed upon all, and the time was ripe for the world to abandon nationality and be united. The motion was executed quickly, and within a mere month after the destruction of the Imperium, the three superpowers and other nations announced a World Federation.

The year is MWD 0020. The world has survived the war that came to be known as the Destruction Event and begun to unite under the banner of the World Federation.

As the long-awaited peace descends on the world, those who fought to bring it about each go to their own new battles...

Next: Stay tuned for the ever-afters!

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Wounded Land
Nov 27, 2007
Living in a greenhouse, growing crops that we can't eat...

I think one of your portraits is mislabeled; you've got Crowe yelling where it should be Gaioh.

And I guess Gaioh's spirit list means that he can't be Guy Shishioh, God of Destruction after all

Broken Loose
Dec 25, 2002

A > - - -
LR > > - -
LL > - - -

Yeah, while it's funny to imagine Crowe yelling at all the other protagonists, I assume it's not what happened.

Spiritus Nox
Sep 2, 2011

Pfft. Dead my rear end. Come on, GOONZ, he literally got up off his throne-mech-thing and peaced out!

By the way, congratulations, Caphi! It's always something like the end of an era when a Super Robot Wars LP comes to an end!

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I Killed GBS
Jun 2, 2011

by Lowtax

I've gotta say, I liked Ime as a villain much more than Gaioh, who seems a lot like yet another cookie-cutter "I AM STRONG. SHOW ME HOW STRONG YOU ARE. FIGHTING IS GOOD. I ENJOY IT. HAHAHA, I ENJOY YOUR FIGHTING SPIRIT. NOW FIGHT ME." guy. Maybe there's more to him in the sequel, but he's pretty unimpressive so far.

Edit: But really, in a game that already had the Spiral King, he feels distinctly uninspired. The scene with the hotdogs is the only thing I remember about him.

I Killed GBS fucked around with this message at 04:57 on Jun 9, 2014

Blaze Dragon
Aug 28, 2013

Small Frozen Thing posted:

I've gotta say, I liked Ime as a villain much more than Gaioh, who seems a lot like yet another cookie-cutter "I AM STRONG. SHOW ME HOW STRONG YOU ARE. FIGHTING IS GOOD. I ENJOY IT. HAHAHA, I ENJOY YOUR FIGHTING SPIRIT. NOW FIGHT ME." guy. Maybe there's more to him in the sequel, but he's pretty unimpressive so far.

I'd say the game has made it pretty clear there's more to him than that, it just hasn't exactly shown what. And what it is...I can't really say, I can't read Japanese, but I know it should be there, somewhere.

This is the first time I see Gaioh's normal death animation (I don't even remember what I killed him for but it was one of those super-weapons with critical kills). Kind of interesting that he just goes and leaves, instead of sinking with the ship.

Just one more update now, huh? A post before said it, but it's always impressive to see a SRW LP actually finish. Great job, can't wait to see the epilogue to this.

I Killed GBS
Jun 2, 2011

by Lowtax

Blaze Dragon posted:

I'd say the game has made it pretty clear there's more to him than that, it just hasn't exactly shown what. And what it is...I can't really say, I can't read Japanese, but I know it should be there, somewhere.

No duh, but it doesn't change the fact that he's Lordgenome crossed with Akuma.

Spiritus Nox
Sep 2, 2011

Meh, I kind of agree, and you could easily argue that just because there's another game to go isn't a good excuse not to characterize him more in this one, but since he's obviously still alive I'm reserving judgement for now. I'm sure we'll see much more of him in the next game.

Sep 4, 2011

Ask me about being the best dad ever.

Last batch of BGMs right here:

Shioni's appropriately crazy-sounding theme.

Gaiou's rocking theme.

And the arranged version of Z2.1's main theme, when it's time to kick his rear end.

Congrats on joining the "I made an SRW LP and survived it" club, Caphi!

Jul 22, 2009

Is Gaioh really that similar to Lordgenome? Not really seeing it beyond the 'big brutal guy' thing.


Nov 8, 2009

Vote shit sandwich or the shit sandwich gets it!

Congrats on finishing the LP!

I especially like Super Robot Wars LPs since I enjoy the story and character interactions but I really don't care for the gameplay so thanks!

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