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Jun 10, 2006

It's been talked about over the last few months, but it's never materialised. Therefore, with nothing more than dozens of browser tabs open, I bring to you the TVIV General Purpose Korean TV Thread.

Right. So why should I be interested in Korean TV when I have hundreds of cable channels?

Because it's entertaining.

Oh, you need more? Fine...

Did you ever see a Japanese movie, say... Casshern, and get completely and utterly lost while watching it because it's just too out there? Well, Korean TV show and movies aren't really like that. Despite the huge cultural divide, and believe me it's pretty wide, most things seem pretty easy to pick up. There's some elements that can't be translated directly (we'll get to those), but generally if something is supposed to be funny, there's a good chance you'll laugh.

My favourite reason to watch these shows, personally, is that despite my hatred of Western reality shows - Korean 'variety' shows are immensely entertaining.

Jamesman posted:

The only thing odd about these shows is that they just happen to be from a country you're probably not from, in a language you probably don't understand. Other than that, they're interesting and entertaining, don't require prior cultural knowledge, and aren't "niche" or for an "acquired taste." So unless you absolutely cannot stand subtitles, you should stay in this thread a little longer.

So, this cultural divide?

Korea is a pretty conservative place, and you'll definitely notice that behaviour on some of these shows isn't the same as if it was a Western equivalent. To be honest, learning about this is half the fun of watching these shows. Gender politics is handled quite differently in the east, and The Grand Narrative is often quoted as a good resource on these elements.

You'll also see in the subtitles a lot of words you won't recognise, as there aren't English language equivalents to them. Here's a list of the main ones, stolen from Yahoo! Answers.


unni = What girls say to older sisters or girls older than themselves.
oppa = What girls say to older brothers or boys older than themselves.
noona = What boys say to older sisters or girls older than themselves
hyung = What boys say to older brothers or boys older than themselves
dongsaeng = younger siblings

A few others you'll see popping up often:

maknae - the youngest member of a group, often when referring to idols. Typically, they should show respect to the elders.. you'll find for comic effect, this is often overlooked!
daebak - sign of positivity... 'awesome', 'great' etc

In a variety show, where everyone is talking informally, you'll probably not go five minutes without one of the girls saying 'oppa' or the boys saying 'hyung'.

Again, with these shows, you'll be assaulted by what seems to be 10 layers of subtitles that move a million miles an hour. Don't be afraid! It generally comes down to this:

* The subtitles at the bottom (white with a black border) are the dialogue translations. When people are talking out of shot, sometimes they'll prefix these with the initials of the speaker. If you can only keep up with one element, this is the one to go for.

* On screen subtitles in Korean, with English counterparts. These are often used to explain who guests are (as in the example above) as well as conveying emotions and pushing ideas of story lines across. They're useful, but a lot of the time they echo the dialogue anyway.

* Extra bits of information at the top of the screen. Placed there by the subbing groups, they sometimes contain who the music is by (as per the example), or explain something that would be obvious to Korean viewers, but not to Westerners.

These are pretty extreme examples, in Dramas you're not going to see as much on screen text as you are in a light hearted variety show.

OK, so what shows do we cover here already?

First up is Running Man

Described as an 'urban action variety show', Running Man is the kind of show you watch and think 'OK, so if MTV were to have made this... who the hell could they have cast?' (My only feeling is the Jackass guys, and it would still be completely different). It's an absolute ton of fun and it's really all down to the MCs and guests they have on.

The show is essentially, to start with anyway, a set of games in which teams compete against each other to avoid a punishment. Most of the time this escalates to a giant game of hide and seek around a building, usually with the catching team wearing bells so you can hear them coming, which in the case of a certain cast member - instills fear in everyone.

It's a show that has to be watched in order to 'get', and if you have a spare hour or so... it's absolutely worth your time. The SA thread includes a pretty good 'top ten' list, but I found after watching episode 13 (the ranked #1) I ended up going straight to the early episodes and watching from the word go. You can jump in anywhere, but the amount of in jokes that build up during the show means you're not going to enjoy it anywhere near as much.

Thread is located here

The other show that has a fan base here is Invincible Youth

Another variety show, this time mainly comprising of k-pop idols who have to dig in and work hard to help out a community. The comparison to Western TV that is usually noted is 'The Simple Life', albeit with less bitches and plenty more awesome people. Lots of the big girl groups are represented, and you'll probably be YouTubeing their MVs once you've watched an episode and picked your favourite.

There are two seasons for the show, so I'll link through to the season 1 thread as the current season is currently undergoing a lot of change, and prior to this there's been a fair amount of criticism as to the quality compared to the previous one.

You can find the thread here

Right, so like most people reading, I don't have Korean TV. How do I watch these?

Jamesman posted:

For scripted television shows, many of them are translated by Viki, which in turn sources their work to Hulu and Netflix.

Netflix tends not to put up shows until they're complete or almost complete, but you can watch it on your TV. The same can be done with Hulu Plus and its larger offering, or just watch for free on your computer.

Viki is also free to watch on your computer, but I don't like their player as much. However, you don't have to wait for Hulu or Netflix to pick up the shows/episodes and (don't quote me on this) it MIGHT be available for people outside the US.

For unscripted television like variety programs, it's a bit trickier. You have to rely on fan communities who upload subbed episodes to YouTube or other sites. There are many groups for many different things, be it for specific shows or specific celebrities or a combination of each, so you get varying results in what shows you can find subtitled and how good those subtitles are.

There are also sites such as Drama Fever, Crunchyroll and Hulu also has a large selection. Individual subbing groups have their own sites, and they're not fans of their work being distributed elsewhere. Some will provide links to the episodes, such as iSubs, while others like Written in the Heavens provide SRT files to match with downloaded RAW (unsubbed, straight captures) files.

So what next?

Next up, people will correct the mistakes I've made in the OP and I'll shamefully edit them in. But also, you'll see a post under this where we can start adding shows that don't have a dedicated here at the moment. Undoubtedly, Infinity Challenge will pop up, which is another variety action show with the same MC as Running Man, the awesome Yoo Jae Suk. There are also the dramas (I've started City Hunter, so might add that in after I've progressed a bit further), and other shows. Most are available online for streaming or download, and MBC has an American channel called MBC-D. As I'm not American, I've only seen the odd stream of this, and the official website stream appears to have been down for months, but that's not an issue really.

Another long term plan is to put together most of this info into a website so non-SA people can get involved too. Most websites involving Korean entertainment (especially K-pop) are drama filled pools of craziness, but I'm hoping to avoid that and make things as accessible as possible.

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Jun 10, 2006

OK, here's the index of shows recommended and talked about by people in the thread. I'll try categorise them at naturally as possible! Click the authors name to go to the post with the info. I don't mind linking more than one post up if there's a few introductory posts.

Format is:

Show name - Network - Author/Link

Ongoing Series

The good thing about shows that are currently airing is that you're able to watch at the same pace as others. The downfall is, sometimes you'll experience long delays as subtitles are prepared and it might take more effort to find a watchable version.

* Drama

The Equator Man - KBS - Archer2338
Fashion King - SBS - Archer2338
Light and Shadows - MBC - Archer2338
Love Rain - KBS2 - Archer2338
The King 2 Hearts - MBC - Archer2338
Rooftop Prince - SBS - Corn Thongs | Archer2338

* Reality

2NE1 TV - Mnet - Jamesman

* Variety

Infinity Challenge - MBC - Archer2338
We Got Married - MBC - Jamesman

Completed Series

Complete series' give you the advantages of not having to wait on subbers as they should be freely available, but also official DVD releases of Korean shows will often have subtitled DVDs. Always worth checking YesAsia and seeing what's out. Avoid Japanese disc releases unless you want to pay hundreds of dollars for unsubbed versions!

* Drama

Beethoven Virus - MBC - Archer2338
Breadking Kim Tak-gu - KBS2 - Archer2338
Chuno aka Slave Hunters - KBS2 - Archer2338
City Hunter - SBS - Jamesman
History of a Salaryman - SBS - Archer2338
Iris - KBS2 - Mu Zeta
The Moon Embracing the Sun - MBC - Archer2338
My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox - SBS - Archer2338
Road No. 1 - MBC - Jamesman
Scent of a Woman - SBS - Archer2338

* Variety

Oh My School - KBS2 - Jamesman

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Nov 30, 2011

No man has need of candles when the Sun awaits him.

I've seen a lot of Korean TV in my time. Jin/Sun-centric episodes from Lost count, right?

Oct 26, 2010

Bit of a Infinity Challenge update: NEW MUHAN NEWS ON YOUTUBE!

It mostly revolves around a huge announcement about Jung Joon Ha, but it is still hilarious just to watch those members do their thing.

Mu Zeta
Oct 17, 2002

Me crush ass to dust

There's a popular show called Iris that's available for streaming on Hulu. Kind of reminds me of a low budget 24.


Kim Hyun Joon (Lee Byeong Hun) and Jin Sa Woo (Jung Joon Ho) are best friends who join NSS and fall in love with the analyst Choi Seung Hee. However, after a mission Hyun Joon is abandoned by NSS, and he swears revenge. However, his revenge leads him to the mysterious organization IRIS, whose reach is far wider and deeper than he could ever imagine. This high-profile action drama had a production cost of nearly 20 million dollars and had shoots in Japan, Hungary, and China. It is loosely based on the Korean blockbuster movie Shiri and received strong ratings throughout its run. This hit has spawned a sequel, called ATHENA, which will premiere later in 2010.

Mar 15, 2008

'Tis a screwed up world

Here's a post I made in the IY2 thread regarding Infinity Challenge and recommended episodes:
You might want to filter them out based on which ones have subs.

I'll get around to writing a description for it soon enough.
Are we doing drama recommendations as well? I have a recent one that I am enjoying.

Archer2338 posted:

I don't know if you can read Korean, but if you just type '무한도전 레전드' and there should be blog posts/Q&As about them - these are generally agreed upon by fans to be the best, though whether they are simple "great" or "legendary" might depend on your personal taste.

If you're going to start watching the more recent episodes, I'm rather hesitant to recommend you the earlier 2005-2007 episodes, since they are a slightly different style (as it evolves over time) and they're from a time when they weren't as popular and gods they are now. Once you find some time however, it's good to go back and see them as a history trip, sort of. You won't be missing anything too significant for your recent episodes though.

Here's a list of some generally recommended legends, with some input from qbert:

INFINITY CHALLENGE Recommended Episodes

2007 One of the greatest years, but might be hard to get subs for these.
E39 - "English Village Special"
Members go to an English Village, but none of them speak fluent English. Problems start at the immigration office, and culminate in a situation where they try to complete everyday tasks in English, with jail being the punishment for speaking Korean. Of course, the everyday tasks such as sending a package from the mail office have a twist, like a gunman trying to rob the store, etc. Oh, and attempts at translating Korean folk stories into English.

E40 - "Alaska Special" (Guest: Cha Tae-hyun)
They don't really go to Alaska, but set up in a ski resort. They have minigames involving snow or ice, one of them being getting a banana out of a solid chunk of ice. Ends with "Saving Private Ramen", where they climb up a snowboard half-pipe to cups of ramen, with balls of varying sizes being thrown at them from the tops of the pipe.

E56 - "Rice Planting Special"
Original plan was to have a rice planting episode, but crazy rains prevent that from happening property, and so other minigames are done. A lot of slapstick-y comedy involving physical gags. For example, they have to carry a kettle+tray on their head for a 100m stretch of short dirt embankment that divides two rice paddies. Of course, the crazy rain has made it muddy as hell.

E57-58 - "Thierry Henry Special" (G: Thierry Henry, the internationally famous soccer player) - One of the older classics
Awesome special where Henry comes to play with the IC members. Each episode has two parts; one has members training for their meeting with Henry with a variety of soccer exercises, the latter part is them playing games with Henry. Henry fits surprisingly well with the members and is absolutely hilarious, even when talking through a translator. Oh, and they really don't play soccer the entire time. One activity involves IC members choosing one of two soccer balls to head. One of them is filled with water; slow-mo hilarity ensues.

E59-60 - "Uninhabited Island Special"
The IC crew travel to an uninhabited island for 2 days and do everything from trying to get coconuts down from a palm tree to making a fire and building shelter. Nothing goes smoothly.

E64 - "Gag Silmido Special"
A sort of Gag bootcamp special - members have to be funny with given prop or be subject to bootcamp-esque punishment. Latter half of the episode involves physical gags with tons of mud.


E100-101 - "Episode 100 Special"
To celebrate their 100th episode, they try to complete challenges they set for themselves. I think the 2nd part (E101) isn't as funny as the first but probably worth watching. Oh, and trying to eat noodles on a rollercoaster (ends as well as you think it will).

E102-103 - "Gyeongju Treasure Hunt Special"
A sort of a scavenger hunt around the historic city of Gyeongju, capital of Silla (57 BC 935 AD). It's sort of a precursor of the chase battles to come, but this is more about getting to places first. Also lays the foundation for similar episodes later on. Whether this is legendary or not is somewhat debatable (some merely consider it good), but it's worth a watch if you like "1 Day 2 Nights" or trivia-based races. And it also gives you a tour of one of the most popular tourist destinations in Korea, soo...

E105 - "Creating a Children's Song Special"
As the title suggests. A mini-version of the other years' music specials, except it's for children. I feel like the lyrics of these songs are a big part of what makes it funny for the Koreans, so not sure how funny this is by subs.

E110-E112 - "Run with the Moneybag" - Most commonly and highly recommended episode
All members are given briefcases that might or might not have money in it. Goal is to get the real moneybag to a certain place to win the money in it. Filled with crazy betrayals, thriller-esque brain battles, and chase scenes. The first of the "Chase Battle" episodes, which are all great. This episode is basically present on every list of favorite/legendary episodes, and you don't need to be that familiar with IC to enjoy it.

E123-124 - "PD Report Special"
Each member gets his own camera and has film a short feature, which will be featured on IC PD Report. The members have varying degrees of funniness, with Noh-hongchul having the most hilarious ones trying to create a "Hero Hongchul" report by staging reactions and such. Jun-jin creates a UCC-esque music video, Yoojaesuk and Jungjunha team up to find some ordinary people that featured in their previous episodes, and Junghyungdon just sort of fails. Interesting if you care about the production side of these shows.


E141- "'Boys Over Flowers' Drama Parody Special"
I'm not too sure of this one since it parodies Korean dramas, but I didn't watch the main one they parodied and still laughed a shitton. Might be worth to get a synopsis of "Boys over Flowers" beforehand. They try to recreate a drama, with each member taking turns writing the script on the spot - based on the drama "Boys Over Flowers" mentioned before.

E143 - "Psychological Help Special"
They invite over a psychologist and try to get the psych profiles on each member. Absolutely hilarious if you've seen them for a bit, but I don't know about starting off with this episode. Make sure you try to watch this after you are somewhat familiar with everyone. Latter part has a therapy session - one activity involves them trying to act as family members (you can see how this will end).

E144 - "What Women Want / Women's Day Special" (Guest: SNSD)
This is only worth checking out if you like SNSD, or if you like to see a trainwreck happen, as Park Mungsoo's attempt at hosting a talk show with the SNSD members goes horribly. Other half is the SNSD members splitting off into 3 teams with the members and going around, trying to figure out "what women want."

E149-150 - "YES or NO special" - One of my personal favorites and highly recommended
Members either pick Yes or No to a question they don't know yet or they know the question and decide by games whether it's yes or no (ie dice roll, one of those pinball roll things). Example question: Go through a car wash in a car without windows - yes or no? The second part is similar, except this time the scale is much larger: some choices end up putting members on a boat to the most southern island in Korea.

E158-159- "Pimple Break Special" (Chase Battle) - Highly recommended
Yet another legendary chase battle, this time parodying Prison Break. Some members act as the cops while the others are the escaping prisoners. Not a literal prison break, but more "catch these guys as they flee across Seoul and find contacts/clues as the prisoners try to get on a ship"

E169-170 - "Catch Me if You Can Special aka Tail Grabbing Special" (Chase Battle)
All the members are given a tail from rainbow colors, and they have to catch the member with the tail color below them on the spectrum (ie Red catches Orange...Violet catches Red). Brain games, scamming. Another good episode to start out with.

E186-189 - "Kind/Quarrelsome Brothers Special" - Highly recommended
Great start to the 2010 year - for the first part they are told to give a giftbox to their favorite member, which involves phone calls to figure out who's going where and attempts to try to not piss off everyone else. This then leads into the Bad Brothers part, where they are given a bag of trash to leave at the door of their most disliked member. And of course, this involves trickery, deception, cooperation, betrayal, and all of those things. The whole thing culminates in a climax that's as gripping and cathartic as a thriller/spy movie/episode of '24'. Another good starter, especially since it starts off the year.

E193-194 - "Crime and Gil Special" (Guest: Lee Hyori, Kim Jaedong)
A courtroom-drama parody with actual lawyers helping the IC members out. Previously, Gil had been accused of getting drunk and pissing on the bedside table when on a trip with the IC members. Now Gil is "suing" YJS for libel, with IC members being divided into the defendant and prosecutor side.

E200-201 - "200th Episode Specials"
Interesting celebration filled with minigames and an elaborate attempt to trick Parkmungsoo. There is a quiz show where the results are twisted - if you get an answer right you have to buy/donate $ and expensive appliances - so you don't want to really get it right, but you also risk sounding ignorant.

E205-215 - WWE Specials - Best long-term project
This one is either a solid hit or miss - some like it and consider it legendary, some consider it too long and boring and too intentionally tear-jerking. I think of it as the former, although I agree it's too long. One of the best long-term IC challenges, though. Some of the episodes in there are half-half episodes with one part being wrestling and the other being something else.

E223 - "Midnight Survival" (Chase Battle)
One episode long survival special, where each get a paintball gun to elimate the other members. Goal? Eliminate all others. Of course this leads to shaky treaties and cease fires followed by betrayal.

2011 I assume you'll get around to watching all of them.

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Feb 4, 2008

Thanks for the list Archer, definitely going to be checking those out before I jump into 2011. Qbert's list in the RM thread (drat we really needed this general catch all thread), encompasses the episodes in 2011?

E: Or was that you? I can't remember, was going to dig it up once I actually started on IC.

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Jun 10, 2006

I think I'm going to do some reading up on Infinity Challenge before I add it into that 2nd post... thetvdb episode list is a horrific mess and can't be trusted at all (and is all in hangul which makes it off limits to most of us, despite having an English tag. I get the feeling someone is using that as their own personal episode guide) and the Wikipedia, while looking OK at first, is also it's own unique brand of crazy. From what I can work out, the DDDFanClub episode 1 lines up with the Wiki guide S4E1 that started in 2006. Ouch!

But yeah, will definitely be using Archer's recommended episode list for that... I've only watched one episode so far, the first Money in the Bag, but really liked it. The blonde crazy guy is awesome and I wish he was a guest on RM at some point (I hear there's no crossover with the shows though, a shame).

Currently about to give 'Rooftop Prince' a shot. Interesting enough premise and is pretty new so shouldn't be hard to get up to date.

Corn Thongs
Feb 13, 2004

I'm watching Rooftop Prince right now. I was expecting something overly goofy and cheesy but I've grown to love the supporting characters. A very basic synopsis: A crown prince and 3 of his supporters from the Joseon era somehow end up in modern times. Watching them interact with our technology is hilarious and endearing. There is a main "drama" plot line that I don't care much for right now, but I don't mind it.

Jan 22, 2012

Oh cool, you made the thread!

Shame that everything I hear about English subbed IC collections is invariably described as a clusterfuck, but it's good to have a number of handpicked episodes. Archer, please add your drama recommendation(s)!

Does the word "maknae" (youngest member of a group) come up often enough on Korean TV to go in the OP?

Mar 15, 2008

'Tis a screwed up world

Saturday Mornings posted:

Oh cool, you made the thread!

Shame that everything I hear about English subbed IC collections is invariably described as a clusterfuck, but it's good to have a number of handpicked episodes. Archer, please add your drama recommendation(s)!

Does the word "maknae" (youngest member of a group) come up often enough on Korean TV to go in the OP?

Yup, definitely. And maybe a bit about how the maknaes are supposed to yield to the mature ones (or don't, for comic effect) and how they're sort of the cute little brother/sister type for the group (hell, that applies to US as well, I feel.)

Editing in Drama info for the currently airing dramas.

Monday-Tuesday Dramas

Fashion King

The story of four aspiring fashion designers starting out in Korea's Dongdaemun market trying to make it big in the international fashion world.
Starring (from the left of image): Yuri (SNSD), Yoo Ah-In, Shin Se-Kyung, Lee Jae-Hoon.
Don't watch it myself, but it's 2nd in the ratings and apparently decent. Ratings were 10.4% for 4/3.

Love Rain

A melo love story set concurrently in the 1970s and the present. Basically, the main couple falls in love during the 1970s but things do not turn out well. Their children (same actors) meet in the present and start up their own love story. Absolutely beautiful visuals, and acting is good/decent. But the characters seem somewhat flat, and the story format (besides the time twist) is predictable. The director, Yoon Suk Ho, directed Winter Sonata (spectacular hit in Japan with Bae Yong-joon). Unfortunately dead last in the MT-drama rankings (5.3% for 4/3).
Starring: Yoona (SNSD), Jang Geun-Suk

Light and Shadows

Set in the pre-TV era of Korea, it follows the life of Kang Ki-tae, a national entertainer that went on recital tours with a troupe. The producers want to look back on the history of the past 50 years and look at his success story and the processes that happened. Pretty long-spanning drama (50eps) and it supposedly spans from the 60's till the present. Absolute king of the Monday-Tuesday time slot; its most recent rating is more than double of Fashion King. It's getting good reviews for its atmosphere, and somewhat suprisingly, for its simplicity. People are saying that it's not needlessly complex like some other dramas and does not drag its heels, allowing for a breath of fresh air. The older cast members actually experienced the 70-80s period portrayed in the drama, so I bet that they, coupled with their skill, pull off a convincing performance. That's what the reviews indicate, anyway; definitely indicated in the dominant ranking of 23.8% in 4/3.
Starring: Ahn Jae-Wook, Nam Sang-Mi, Lee Pil-Mo, Son Dam-bi (yes, the singer), Jun Kwang-Ryul (one of my fav actors)

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Mar 15, 2008

'Tis a screwed up world

Wednesday-Thursday Dramas
Interesting because all seem very good, and the rankings are very close.

Rooftop Prince

Mentioned earlier in the thread. A crown prince from the Joseon Dynasty gets transported 300 years into the future to our present day society, along with his subordinates. Hilarity ensues when they attempt to adapt to modern society. He finds his reincarnated love, a woman that looks just like the woman he loved back 300 years ago, but who died mysteriously, and it's supposed to be a love story from there. Pretty interesting fantasy-esque premise, but the cast seems cool and a lot of parts are just drat funny. Just took the 1st place in rankings from King Two Hearts as well.
Starring: Park (Mickey) Yoochun, Han Ji-Min, Lee Tae-Sung, Jung Yoo-Mi, Lee Min-Ho

The King 2 Hearts

Personally, my favorite WT drama. Set in an alternate reality where South Korea is still ruled by a monarchy, but still is divided with the DPRK to the north. The two nations come together to train for a competition (World Officer Championship) where the top army officers of nations compete; for the first time in history, an unified NK-SK team is sent, and chemistry develops between the Second Prince (Sunggi) and the leader of the team and a female commando, Lee Hang-ah (Ha Jiwon). A multi-national arms dealer does not want peace between NK and SK, however. I love the premise, and I do have a thing for awesome looking military uniforms. Perhaps a bit predictable, but it's about the journey, isn't it? Performances are amazing, especially with Ha Jiwon. Her accent is so good that I can actually immerse myself in the drama and believe she is North Korean (might not carry over during translation, sadly). Also, the political theme of United Korea vs Western Aggressors that sometimes seems common is present here (could be interesting for you folks). Used to be first in rankings until 4/5.
Starring: Lee Seung-gi, Ha Ji-Won, Jo Jung-Suk, Yoon Jae-Moon, Lee Yoon-Ji

The Equator Man

The tale of two men and two women full of ambition and revenge. Their lives intertwined earlier on, but went separate ways. 30 years later, they are drawn together by fate and meet again. Annoyingly, I can't find much more on the synopsis. Initial reports feared a cliche revenge story, but now they are saying that the acting is good and ratings are climbing quickly. Although Tae-Woong has to act as a blind character, he apparently pulls off a very good performance. Currently, only a 2.3% gap exists between this (last in the rankings) and the top, Rooftop Prince.
Starring: Um Tae-Woong, Lee Joon-Hyuk, Lee Bo-Young, Im Jung-Eun

Jun 10, 2006

Good stuff mate... how do people want me to do this... in the second post shall I essentially list the shows that are brought up and link through to the individual posts? That might be the easiest way to do it.

I watched the first episode of Rooftop Prince yesterday. Apart from the 'in New York' part which was typically awful, it seems an interesting story and by the end it definitely had me wanting to know how things would work out. The gang that the Crown Prince put together look a lot of fun, and I like that they gave them their own hats to make things easier to work out!

With regards to language, culture etc.. yeah I'll be filling out the OP more with things like maknae, daebak etc. They come up often enough, I just wanted to get the courtesy words in first as they can really confuse if you think that Hyung is someones name!

Ancillary Character
Jul 25, 2007
Going about life as if I were a third-tier ancillary character

I also gave Rooftop Prince a shot because of this thread and it's quite good. I watched the first two episodes, and it's during the second episode where the four of them are really introduced to modern technology. Every one of those scenes is absolutely hilarious. I'm only half-sold on the drama portion of the show, so hopefully they continue to maintain the whole "fish-out-of-water" component beyond the early episodes.

Oct 30, 2011

Shark tamer ridiculous

I had heard of King 2 Hearts through TaeYeon's OST (which is incredible). I'm not too familiar with Lee SeunGi as an actor, only through Strong Heart and appearances on other shows.

Those three shows all look very interesting, I may give them each a look soon.

Oct 22, 2011

"You're a bad man! You're a VERY bad man!"

Nice job! The OP should probably include that most of the dramas are available for free (and legally!) with English subtitles on Viki, Hulu, and Drama Fever.

I had been planning on sometime in the near future making an Asian drama thread. Would we be able to talk about dramas from other areas of Asia on here (i.e. Taiwan, Japan, etc.) or are we sticking exclusively to Korean dramas (as the header suggests)?

Revenant Threshold
Jan 1, 2008

There is actually a Japanese TV thread around somewhere, though I think it drops off the front page quite often.

Mar 15, 2008

'Tis a screwed up world

Oh, and am a native Korean, completely fluent in the language. So feel free to throw questions my way about Korea-related things.

Regarding Lee Seung-Gi: He's great at acting the roles he takes. In K2H, he's really great. His character, the second prince Lee Jae-Ha, is sort of this playboy, flamboyant, arrogant, and immature prince type of guy. And he plays this role very well.

What are some of the Kdramas up on Hulu?

Corn Thongs
Feb 13, 2004

Hulu has tons of them, all of the most popular ones from the past few years. The most popular on there are Boys Before Flowers, Coffee Prince, Playful Kiss, Secret Garden... really girly stuff, though SG is hilarious and one of my favorites.

Revenant Threshold
Jan 1, 2008

I think from having watched Running Man and a few other things i've seen most of Secret Garden without ever having watched it.

May 19, 2006

For anyone that's been following the Soshified English subs of We Got Married with Yonghwa/Seohyun, they just put up episode 70. So if you want to watch Seohyun repeatedly fall on her rear end while trying to snowboard, go nuts.

Mar 15, 2008

'Tis a screwed up world

Corn Thongs posted:

Hulu has tons of them, all of the most popular ones from the past few years. The most popular on there are Boys Before Flowers, Coffee Prince, Playful Kiss, Secret Garden... really girly stuff, though SG is hilarious and one of my favorites.

Christ, you're right. They have everything I would normally recommend.

Recent ones I've watched:
History of a Salaryman is pretty drat hilarious and good. Based on a Chinese epic, but set in the modern day with corporations and CEOs instead of kingdoms and royalty. Very interesting characters as well, and as I said before, hilarious. Jung Ryeo-Won plays the granddaughter of a CEO that is eventually betrayed by one of his subordinates. She is a spoiled brat, and also curses like a sailor.

The Moon Embracing the Sun was parodied on RM recently, and it's excellent. Love story set in a period of political turmoil over who gets the throne, etc. Setting is fictional, but set sometime during the Joseon Dynasty. The eldest prince has fallen out of favor with the king, and his younger brother is in line to be the king. Both end up falling for the same girl; meanwhile, forces inside the palace are plotting to gain power. Sort of a Romeo&Juliet type story in that regard, I guess? It was THE drama to watch when it was airing. The child actors setting up the story for the first few eps are surprisingly good; I usually don't like those parts as they are awkward, but the child cast are very good at playing their parts. Oh, and the sort of awkward childhood romance bits are hilarious.

Scent of a Woman (not the Pacino movie) portrays the love between a cancer patient and a well-off businessman. Very touching, and acting by Kim Sun-Ah was really good. Kim Sun-Ah is diagnosed with cancer with only 6 months to live, and so she makes a bucket list of things to do before she dies. Lee Dong-ook plays the successful and high-up businessman at a large company. His father has set a nice future for him, and all he has to do is follow it. A marriage is arranged, but he unfortunately falls in love with Sun-Ah on a vacation.

Other favorite dramas:
Breadking Kim Tak-gu - A drama based on baking bread, of all things. It was a sort of low-budget drama because MBC was airing a blockbuster big-budget Korean war drama during the same time. Unfortunately, this was really good and the MBC one pretty bad. This had crazy high rankings near the end, and despite being about bread, it's touching and fun. Also, most of the main cast were rookies, I think, at the time of airing, so if you want to see some fresh faces, this is the one. Two men with a shared father, now the CEO of a very large company, go to a small bakery where a master-figure teaches them the principles of baking, and a rivalry develops.

My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox - Shin Min-Ah is a Nine-Tailed Fox, a mythical creature that can masquerade as an extremely beautiful woman, bewitching young men and eating their livers. Lee Seung-Gi plays the young teen that eventually gets a romance going with her, and of course, he's under the constant threat to getting eaten. Aired an the same time period as Breadking, and I enjoyed watching both. Less serious and more comedic than Breadking.

Chuno aka Slave Hunters - Set during the Joseon Dynasty, with a stellar cast. Jang-hyuk plays an aristocrat that has fallen and now is a slave hunter. He catches slaves (sort of serfs if we compare it to Europe) that have run away; meanwhile, the serf/slaves try to get more social standing and power. Great drama, and one of the most popular ones.

Beethoven Virus - somewhat old, but one of the best, in my opinion. A virtuoso conductor (Kim Kyung-Min) with a horrible personality is called in to save an amateur orchestra from failing miserably. Lee Ji-Ah is a civil servant and a violinist that helps organize this, while Jang Geun-Suk is a very talented trumpet player who gave up on music and is now a police officer. A rivalry develops between the conductor and the trumpet player, and a love triangle forms as well. Absolutely amazing performance by Kim Kyung-Min, and it uses the classical music theme very well.

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Nov 17, 2004

broof roof roof

What is the general place I want to search for episodes of Infinity Challenge? I've learned that Running Man on Dailymotion is just "RM(episode number)", but I wanna start getting into Infinity Challenge.

I just don't konw if I'll like it as much without Gwangvatar.

Feb 10, 2011


What is a ment? I always see it being referred to during shows and it sounds like a comedy skit, but I was just wondering about the origin of the word.

Mar 15, 2008

'Tis a screwed up world

Bioshuffle posted:

What is a ment? I always see it being referred to during shows and it sounds like a comedy skit, but I was just wondering about the origin of the word.

I'm pretty sure it comes from "(com)ment" (or maybe statement), which is basically what it means.
IE: An "opening ment" is what you would say at the opening of the show, "ie: Hello viewers!"

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Sep 6, 2011

Once you Whee-in, You can't Whee-out

Dinosaur Gum

Capsaicin posted:

What is the general place I want to search for episodes of Infinity Challenge? I've learned that Running Man on Dailymotion is just "RM(episode number)", but I wanna start getting into Infinity Challenge.

I just don't konw if I'll like it as much without Gwangvatar.

Search "DDD and Infinity Challenge". It was mentioned in the RM thread though their subbing job isn't complete if I recall correctly.

Jun 10, 2006

This is one of the links mentioned previously for IC, it's a bunch of links to the RAWs (i.e. without subs) - .

Presumably DDD has a section on their site where you can get the corresponding subtitle file to match, but I haven't got to that stage yet.

Nov 19, 2004

"First off, let me start by saying curly light blond hair does not suit Hyomin at all. Furthermore,"

Fun Shoe

I am a big baby who will take this to PM now.

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Mean Bean Machine
May 8, 2008

Only when I breathe.

Capsaicin posted:

What is the general place I want to search for episodes of Infinity Challenge? I've learned that Running Man on Dailymotion is just "RM(episode number)", but I wanna start getting into Infinity Challenge.

I just don't konw if I'll like it as much without Gwangvatar.

You can find a lot of the pre-100 episodes (like the Desert Island special, the Henry special etc), but I'm not sure it's worth it due to the image/subs quality, and the episodes aren't that great (if you still want to go for them, check ithetimes blog). After episode 100 there are a lot of great ones, and the DDD forums have subbed most of them, and if you find the main Subs List thread they collect even some they didn't sub themselves (like the New York special). It's a lot harder to watch in order than RM because it's scattered, but I've managed to find almost all episodes that hold any interest, and in order. You'll definitely love it, some of the episode concepts are fantastic and it's good to break away from RM which sometimes doesn't vary that much.

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Jun 10, 2006

Redacted. Watch 'Rooftop Prince' !

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Corn Thongs
Feb 13, 2004

Holy hell, drama over who makes a thread about Korean TV

Jun 10, 2006

I know, I even said in the OP that that was something I wanted to avoid... and here we are within a single page! Anyway, that's my single and final say on the matter, it really makes zero difference to me who's name is at the top of a page. I just wanted a place to talk about fun TV with other people and learn about it and the contributions so far have been great. Certainly have no desire to get involved in arguments over it, but at the same time don't appreciate the attitude that was displayed by a single person.


With regards to hulu, I'm outside of the US so the second I go to their site I get hit with popups saying 'this is not for you' etc. If there's a good generic link I can pop into the OP that gives a list of kdrama they have there, someone post it and I'll edit it in. I'll also pop up some links to ddd, isubs, withs2 and crunchy roll which should be some decent starting points. Anything else that would be good? I don't like streaming so I don't tend to use those sites myself and wouldn't encourage people to follow my pain staking process of collecting things.

I'll also update the second post tonight... I'm guessing a good way to do it is to break things up into airing/finished and link through to the particular posts that people have written up. Then they can always make any changes they want to and it'll all be in the same place.

Jan 22, 2012

It lists Hulu's Korean dramas by title.

E: Why did no one tell me there's a drama called Vampire Prosecutor? And that it's not some creative translation or deeply symbolic, the show is literally about a prosecutor that's a vampire. K-drama.

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Nov 19, 2004

"First off, let me start by saying curly light blond hair does not suit Hyomin at all. Furthermore,"

Fun Shoe

Corn Thongs posted:

Holy hell, drama over who makes a thread about Korean TV

You might even say that the TRUE Korean drama is the one that's taking place in this thread! But I'll just apologize and say I'm taking it to PM to talk about it in a way that's not stupid and childish and hopefully we'll all be happy.

I'll also start a write-up of a couple shows soon.

Mar 15, 2008

'Tis a screwed up world

I hope you guys can work this out in a nice way that pleases both of you

I've actually gotten started on watching The Moon that Embraced the Sun, and oh man it is as good as it is hyped up to be. I missed watching it when it was airing because I was really busy and missed the beginning; I knew it was going to be a drama where I didn't want to miss it.

The child actors are absolutely phenomenal, and not the usual awkward, annoying ones that I dislike watching.

Jul 7, 2008

The top 1% of ducks have control of 99.9% of the bread.

Started watching Rooftop Prince thanks to this thread and really enjoy it.

What else could be recommended as a drama with a kind of comedic/light touch to it?

Jun 10, 2006

Yes, Jamesman sent me his info via PM so I've incorporated elements from it into the OP (quite a lot of what we both had written overlapped anyway). Glad to have sorted that and put it behind us.

I've also edited all the shows talked about so far into the 2nd post with the respective links, let me know if I've categorised anything wrong.

Have updated the OP to include a bit more vocabulary and some extra links to sites. It looks like the US is pretty well covered with Dramafever/Hulu, good stuff. Less messing around than I have to go through heh.


Watched another 2 episodes of Rooftop Prince, huge change in tone between the first ep and the second. Was good that the first episode gave the characters some fleshing out, as you think about them quite differently now they're interacting with each other and it's become more lighthearted.

Park Ha is a really great character, I love how she bosses around the Crown Prince with no hesitation at all and the scenes between the two of them are quite sweet. Looking forward to seeing how the story pans out.

It might be worth stating that unlike US dramas (and even sitcoms), if it's not a movie in Korea then it's shot on high definition video and not film, hence it has a different feel to US shows. I think a lot of people might get a 'soap opera' feel from watching drama in this style, but it's not a big deal.

Nov 19, 2004

"First off, let me start by saying curly light blond hair does not suit Hyomin at all. Furthermore,"

Fun Shoe

I still like my picture though.

Nov 19, 2004

"First off, let me start by saying curly light blond hair does not suit Hyomin at all. Furthermore,"

Fun Shoe

Drama Spotlight: CITY HUNTER

Finished: Yes
Episodes: 20
Quick Note: Unlike American shows, scripted television in Korea typically runs for a single season of 12-24 episodes.
Starring: Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Lee Joon Hyuk, Kim Sang Joong
Available: Viki, Hulu, Netflix

This is an adaptation of a Japanese manga, but in the same way that 120 Days of Sodom is an adaptation of the Kama Sutra. The fact that it borrows so little from its source material is a good thing though, because instead of a live-action manga like this, you get a pretty engaging and intense action drama that kicks a lot of rear end.

After the Rangoon Incident, a group of government officials put together a secret mission to retaliate against North Korea by sending a strike team across the border to kill the gently caress out of some commies.

Except they planned this on their own, and only found out after the plan was in action that it was decided there was to be no retaliation for the incident. Uh, oops.

So what happens now? What about those guys over there killing North Koreans? How do you cover that up? Do you just kill them instead of bringing them back ho-

Oh... Ohhhh...

Well, they missed one, and that dude is loving PISSED. So how does he plan to get revenge? Well, he steals a loving baby and disappears to lead a drug cartel in The Golden Triangle for a couple of decades, raising the kid as his super-soldier son. Then when the time is right, unleashing him back into Korea as his sword of vengeance, seeking out the people behind the mission and picking them off one by one.


Feb 19, 2006

It's hard to be humble when you're as great as I am.

City Hunter is excellent. A lot of the plot is rather absurdly good vs evil, but it's an enjoyable watch.

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