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Dec 5, 2008

confirmed mammal

kastein posted:

I won't be using paper tape or texture, just something I don't want to do. Texture is harder to clean and also harder to patch without it being obvious.

I'm not real happy with my mudding skills right now, but I'm sure by the time I'm done I'll have had enough practice to be good at it. Right now I'm basically planning 3 layers - the first is what I'm doing at the moment, where I basically just force as much mud into the gaps between the sheets as possible (through the mesh), and try to make sure the mesh is fully coated but not to the point that it stands proud of the surface of the drywall. I'm using tapered edge drywall, so most of the major joints aren't a problem here, except the ends of the sheets and the spots I had to cut to fit. The next coat (after sanding the first mostly flat and getting rid of lumps/ridges/sloppy stuff I left behind) will be done with a wider knife and should smooth almost everything out, then I'll sand that down and recover any low spots and bumps I can still see, then resand and paint.

I have an orbital sander I bought at a pawn shop almost brand new years ago (literally - in 2009) while I was still planning on buying a house instead of actually owning one and repairing it, so the sanding shouldn't be too bad. Will probably use those neat sanding sponges to get into the corners the sander won't fit in.

e: realized I forgot to install one outlet I wanted in this room, a 220 volt 15 or 20 amp dedicated outlet for either an air conditioner or a ham radio HF amplifier depending on what season it is. Fortunately, the wall that I was going to put it on only has drywall on one side right now, so I'll just cut a hole for the box and put it in from the back before I drywall the other side.
I would use paper tape. Mesh is great for hardibacker and cement board type applications where you're applying thinset, but it's a pain in the rear end with joint compound. Paper tape on the seems, metal corner bead on the outside corners, reinforced paper on the inside corners (not really all that necessary in my opinion but it's up to you).


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