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Jan 10, 2001

How come you didn't put anything between the wood and the concrete/morter? Isn't there supposed to be a piece of foam/vapour block there so you don't have to redo this later?


Jan 10, 2001

One thing you might want to think about it to run a single loop around the wall on a different water circuit.
My brother-in-law installed radiant heating into a slab, and then installed thermostats in the air to control it.
At -30, we had to keep setting the thermostat warmer than we wanted it so water would keep moving in the loop and there would be no freezing.
If there was a seperate loop around the house as a "anti-freeze loop" on a thermostat based on the water, not the air, then I could have slept in a cool room instead of a horrible hot one.
Now, this could have been only a concern as he didn't put the antifreeze in at the time as it was a super rush job for people coming over and I don't know if thats normal, but it made sense to me at the time.
Seems like you had that in the middle design, but maybe it was only one valve?

Other thing he learned, was not to run the heating everywhere under kitchen cabinets, as then you waste heat, and spoil all your food in the cabinets.

I installed bamboo in my house, and there are many different grades of it. I installed commercial grade brindle in my house, and it has held up amazingly to 2 big dogs and a toddler.

I installed home depot bamboo in one room, and its soft as poo poo. Its going to look like garbage after 5 years, and Ill end up tearing it out. I should have done my usual test of try to dent the flooring with a ring. If you can, it will look bad.

The other thing was you had to use smaller nails, and had to buy a special nail gun for it, or it would splinter, couldn't use the normal 16 gauge staples.

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