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Aug 31, 2014



Oct 5, 2010

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Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said that former colonial powers should not lecture countries they once exploited on their internal affairs, a Chinese newspaper reported on Wednesday, in a veiled attack on the West as he looks to strengthen ties with China.

Najib's visit to Beijing follows that of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who announced a "separation" from the United States and signed a raft of memoranda of understanding for Chinese investment in the country.

Najib, who is on a six-day visit to China, said in an editorial in the state-run China Daily that larger countries should treat smaller countries fairly.

"And this includes former colonial powers. It is not for them to lecture countries they once exploited on how to conduct their own internal affairs today," he wrote.

That rhetoric is straight out of the Rodrigo Duterte playbook. Is Malaysia going to be the next domino to fall? I don't know much about Malaysian politics besides that huge embezzling scandal that swirled around Razak a while back.

Nov 8, 2010

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You hate ridden fucks will regret your words when you eventually grow up.


No. That understanding of "internal affairs" as the right and proper relationship between large and small countries is a longstanding ASEAN concept - see the 1967 ASEAN declaration. To be precise it descends from the (now moribund) ideology of non-aligned-movementism melded with Afro-Asian socialism, but it has survived the most in ASEAN; the Organisation of African Unity could not reconcile itself to an apartheid state or assorted Arab concerns (cough I/P cough) and remains much more interventionist today.

Pretty much all the founding ASEAN members love that concept; the difference is that Duterte appears to hold mercurial grudges. ASEAN is also, above all, pragmatic. When Mahathir was raging against American imperialism in the 1990s, he did not stop joint exercises. Instead he increased military cooperation.

It is also a subtle reminder that China once spoke in the same language and that Zhou Enlai had made certain promises during the 1955 Bandung Conference. Malaysia has a much higher percentage of Chinese than the Philippines, and recent Chinese language regarding the diaspora is a live issue.

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Sheng-Ji Yang
Mar 5, 2014

very excited for thai democracy


Political parties failing to solve the country's problems through peaceful means and allowing themselves to be dominated by non-members will be disbanded, if the draft organic law on political parties comes into force.

The draft, finalised by the Constitutional Drafting Committee, says parties where executives allow any non-party members or "prohibited persons" to influence or interfere in their internal affairs "directly or indirectly" are liable for dissolution.

The draft -- which is 129 sections long -- will be forwarded to the National Legislative Assembly for deliberation and some possible minor changes, according to Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) spokesman Udom Rathamarit.

It is one of the four organic laws required to be passed before the new general election can be held, probably at the end of next year.

Under Section 23 of the draft organic law, parties must account for promoting a good understanding among their members about democracy and the rational and responsible exercise of rights and freedoms.

Secondly, parties are duty-bound to propose sound ideas for developing the country and resolving social conflicts while being mindful of public happiness and peace. Thirdly, parties are responsible for promoting public participation in political activities including keeping the state's power in check.

And lastly, parties have a duty to promote reconciliation among their members and the public, attach importance to accepting different political opinions and resolve political problems through peaceful means for the sake of public happiness. Section 97 of the draft organic law says parties failing to comply or engaging in acts that go against Section 23 may be ordered dissolved by the Constitution Court.

Section 28, meanwhile, prohibits executives of parties from allowing a person who is not a member or who is considered a "prohibited person", such as a convict, from influencing or interfering with party affairs. Under Section 81, parties violating Section 28 can be punished by dissolution under a Constitution Court order.

Mr Udom also dismissed concerns existing parties will have to be dissolved before re-registering under the new charter, the so-called "set zero" proposal.

He said parties will only have to verify their members and comply with funding requirements under the draft organic law.

If the draft is passed, every party will be required to have at least 500 founding members who must each chip in at least 2,000 baht but not more than 500,000 baht for the party's starting capital. The party must have at least 1 million baht in initial funding, he said.

In the first year after its establishment, a party is required to have at least 5,000 eligible members and 20,000 members after four years. Parties are also warned to pay extra attention to lists of party members and financial statements, which must be correctly reported, he said.

Party candidates running in a general election will be selected by a formal selection committee set up by the party. This will consist of the central party executives, party branch executives and party representatives in each province, he said.

I wonder who this "prohibited person" could be

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