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May 17, 2007

Hell Gem

please listen to this composition by Loden Taylor while you read.

“Come,” my mother told me. We sat by the cage with the tame cardinals in the great hall. “Tell me who is King.”
It was a test. “Libash Uzoldogik” I told her. She knew I would answer it right.
“And whom does the king rule?” she asked.
“The dwarves of The Rare Ship.”
“Aye,” she said. “And what is Akrelzuglar?”
She had not asked me exactly that before. “It is the name of the dwarves?”
My mother smiled in the way that meant I was not wrong but also not right.
“Akrelzuglar which means 'The Rare Ship' is the name for our civilization, beardling. It is all the Mountain Halls and all that live within them...”

I knew the mountainhomes of The Rare Ship. “There are thirty-five,” I offered.
“...Yes, but it is more. The Rare Ship is an idea. It means... it means 'us'. Not just the stone we cut or the halls we eat in. And there are more than Dwarves in The Rare Ship.”
My mother nodded at the bright red cardinals in their copper cage, and I understood.


In 200 Libash Uzoldogik, who had reigned as King of The Rare Ship for 137 years, died and his second daughter Bim Inethdeduk became Queen in Paintfamous. I was 51 years old but I had never seen the King and I desired that I would see the new Queen. Therefore in the late spring of 201 I went to Paintfamous.

The great dining hall at Paintfamous bears the artifact mural Gostangoddom that gives that Mountain Hall its name. All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality. On the painting is the image of The Rare Ship and its surrounding neighbors and lands. I viewed this work and was ecstatic to have seen it. I am not a skilled artist but I endeavored to copy the painting.

There are 35 mountain halls of The Rare Ship, but I marked the names only of the most important which were marked on Gostanggoddom. Paintfamous which is the capital. Friendlyshoots which was founded in the First Year. Pagetin, where Queen Bim Inethdeduk married Lorbam Orburn and became a brewer in 73, until Lorbam died in 87, whereafter she wandered The Rare Ship for many years, much as I have done. Planksavior, Shottome, Ripewhips. The centers of travel and trade. I desired to label every mountain hall but with every name there would not be room for the map on my small paper.

I have kept my map ever since and attach it here. It now has also lines I drew many years later, that show how trade caravans go between fortresses not only of The Rare Ship but also the other dwarves, the humans, the elves in their forests and even the dark fortresses although I never met a trader who confessed to trading with goblins.

Queen Bim Inethdeduk later that day came to the great hall and there issued an edict prohibiting the export of tin items. Thereafter the General came and we who were only civilians were ushered out. We went without grumbling knowing their council concerned war.


In the late fall of 234 I was content to end a romance with Asob Paddledled and traveled to Shipshook. I inquired in Shipshook as to the need for a dwarf with my organizational skills but found no such work and instead spent that winter crafting unremarkable stone jugs and also daily cleaning the fishery. It was at Shipshook in the spring of 235 that I met a dwarf who called herself an “agent” of the Queen, Zulban Uzolbesmar (whose reign began in 225). She instructed me not to use her true name and instead to adopt a false name on her behalf which she called “Sankis.” Likewise she named me “Leperfish” which is a joke about the smell in my clothing on that day we first discussed Ritholducim, 'The Noble Work.'

“Henceforth,” she told me, “if you will serve – which I have not yet decided for certain – but if you will serve, then you and all whom aid you must use an alias so as to confuse the Enemy.” I thought at that time that the enemy would not be confused (and did not care about our names) but I did not yet truly understand.

Sankis asked me if I had traveled and I told her I had, for I have visited ten of the mountain halls of The Rare Ship. “I aspire to visit them all eventually,” I told her, and she raised her brows at me and asked “All?” by which I understood she referred obliquely to Ripewhips. “It is still one of the thirty-five, although it may be the last that I attempt” I told her. Sankis is very quick of mind and so she favored me with a dark smile, knowing both meanings of my words.

“Ripewhips is much spoken-of within the royal chambers in Paintfamous, Leperfish. You may imagine that the Queen regards it the hardest stone to mine?” I nodded and made to answer but she was not done. “You would be wrong, dwarf. Ripewhips is but a victim of the syndrome. The Queen means to cleave the beast which spreads it. Until that is done, to cure one victim of the syndrome solves little, for in time another will fall ill, and then another.”


We spoke a little more that day and for several weeks I considered what Sankis had told me. Also I considered why she had told me – specifically me, and not some other dwarf. When we next met in the early summer of 234 Sankis was wearing a dusty traveling-cloak when she found me asleep in my bunk in the dormitory of lozenges at Shipshook. I realized she had likely been all the way to Paintfamous and back in the meantime. We provisioned ourselves with stew and Dwarven Rum from the stockpile and spoke at a table in the great hall, where no other dwarf ate or partied at that hour.

“Ripewhips is overrun and there is little point in attempting to cleanse it,” I began, while Sankis quaffed. “In Shottome I saw almost as many goblins as there were elves, although there are at least six times as many dwarves there.” Sankis nodded and gestured with her drink that I should continue. “I have also heard that at Planksavior there are almost as many goblins as dwarves, and Planksavior is far smaller and more difficult to encircle or defend than Ripewhips.

“And there are also a small number at Pagetin,” Sankis interjected, “and – do not speak of this, Leperfish – there are even now thirty goblins living within the walls of Paintfamous itself.”

I was quiet for a while and we both ate and drank.

“There is a dwarf here with some medical skill,” I said to break the silence, and Sankis raised her brow as is her way. “I asked him about syndromes. He claimed that he has read of an outpost which was attacked in deep mines by an ancient creature. The miners who were not instantly slain by the beast were carried up to hospital beds but any who treated them or were even touched by them fell quickly ill, and within hours blood ran from their eyes and noses and ears and soon they died.”

“What did your doctor say of treatment?”

“There was no treatment for those who became ill but there was a flooded branch in the upper mines beyond which many dwarves sought refuge. None who swam the water became sick, even if they had previously touched an ill dwarf who had escaped the deep mines. By this the doctor said he thought the ancient terror in the deep had spread a deadly dust which was washed from clothing by the water.”

Sankis tilted her head. “And what of the beast?”

“I suppose it still lives,” I told her. “One of those who fled had a pick and the survivors carved a new shaft to reach the surface. They filled the shaft with stone behind them and built also a wall at the main entrance.”

“So,” Sankis nodded, leaning back in her seat, “the outpost was lost. All within who did not wash themselves of the filth were likewise lost. And the mines cannot be recovered while the beast within yet lives, for fear of the plague it carries. Is that it?”

I think I then understood the metaphor which Sankis had used months past.


In the late fall of 235 Sankis again sought me at Shipshook and instructed that I should seek from among those at Shipshook a few sturdy and trustworthy dwarves. She gave me also a goat-leather bag containing finely cut clear tourmalines and instructed that I should outfit a wagon with provisions, victuals and supplies, and buy two draft animals. Sankis spoke directions to me (but would not write them) and empowered me to act on behalf of the Queen in the establishment of a new outpost for The Rare Ship.

I was afraid but Sankis expressed that The Rare Ship did not have time to console me, by which she meant that the Queen could not afford patience for cowardice. Therefore I sought out such dwarves as seemed likely and described our purpose in the manner Sankis had instructed me, which is a subterfuge by saying only a small part of the truth as if it is the whole truth, but it is not a lie. I hoped to gather at least twenty dwarves including at least ten skilled at arms, but after two weeks the day had come to depart and I had only six besides myself willing to gamble their lives for our venture once they knew the direction of our travel.

However I had afforded insufficient victuals for twenty with the tourmalines, so perhaps to have so few was not tragedy.


In early winter of 235 we seven dwarves became The Noble Work and departed Shipshook. We met a trade caravan and despite the snow on the roads our wagons arrived in good order at Whiskergild by mid-winter. Whiskergild is situated at the foot of the northern border of the mountains called The Entangled Horn, entirely within which the mountain halls of The Rare Ship are carved, as well as every other dwarven home known to me. The dwarves who dwell at Whiskergild are members of The Cloisters of Exalting and they revere strange gods and wear clothing of an unusual cut and speak the language with incorrect sounds.

A half-day's walk from Whiskergild to the northwest is Youthmachine, which is of a similar size and population to Whiskergild. It is founded astride the confluence of two brooks into the stream called The Lice of Deteriorating which emerges from its northern walls where also the familiar mountains give way to the northwest a grassland and to the northeast a rocky wasteland. The grassland is hilly which is like very small rounded mountains and the name of that is The Hill of Rewarding although there are many many hills. A dwarf in Youthmachine recounted that long ago, prospectors found deposits of silver in outcrops on a particular hill which they named The Hill of Rewarding, after which they returned to The Cloisters of Exalting. Thereafter when asked the whereabouts of their claim the prospectors pointed to the north and said “The Hill of Rewarding” by which many dwarves, not familiar with the word 'hill,' thought was the name of the entire grassland. Thereafter when maps were made the grassland was called 'The Hill of Rewarding.'

'Bad Munki' Whippedbite said that this was probably a lie and that we could not trust the word of dwarves from The Cloisters of Exalting who do not even know how to say words correctly.

The rocky wasteland is called The Dune of Suns and by that name and also its forbidding aspect we intended to avoid it. Therefore we followed the stream north finding some difficulty with the snow but here the water was frozen and so we pulled the wagon upon the ice where we could and made good time.

The ground descended and after several days we saw the rocky wasteland give way to the east and I knew by the instructions Sankis gave to turn also east. Thus we crossed into a climate of hilly grasslands with sparse trees which is called 'savanna.' Savanna is a human word like 'hill' and 'grassland' so for a few days we made a game of guessing exactly what the word meant.

'Scamtank' Sabrestraps convinced that humans lacking any poetry use words which are only sounds and do not mean anything else than what they label. So 'savanna' only means a grasslands with sparse trees and has no meaning like 'bodicecloisters' or 'paperhame' like a dwarf word. Although I agreed scamtank is correct he ended our game with the miasma from a spoiled meal and therefore was charged with inventing the next game.


In late winter of 235 although it is definitely still winter we traveled more days to the east and found places where there was no snow on the ground and springs ran with unfrozen water. The sodden ground from rainfall muddied the wagon and for a full day we were stuck while 'Vox Nihili' Trustedshoots cut wood and then 'Nettle Soup' Thinpaddles made a new axle. Scamtank made the game 'do not let the cats abscond' which involved catching the cats in the tall grass several times which scamtank and Bad Munki enjoyed but I did not.

Two days later 'Internet Kraken' Helmsarches conspired with Bad Munki to suggest that our endeavor was likely to fail after our wagon again suffered damage. Bad Munki conveyed this news while Internet Kraken pretended surprise and that they had not previously discussed their worries for hours the prior evening. After directing repairs I considered and consulted with Nettle Soup who sat very still for a few minutes before giving advice that although she was content to follow the plan with confidence in my leadership, our mission was still shrouded in mystery and therefore discouraging to those who lacked trust.

I decided she was correct and made to reveal a measure of our true purpose as a way to bring encouragement.

As we worked near the wagon I made announcement. “As you know, we traveled to the west to Whiskerguild and Youthmachine, and then north, and then turned east, which is not a direct route to our intended site,” I began, and my six companions of The Noble Work listened. “We have taken this roundabout path to avoid a corrupted and evil region known as The Fields of Vice. That land is tainted and sinister; a savanna much like this, but haunted by unnatural creatures and swept with bad air that brings sicknesses and filth. Yet, there is a place that has been described to me where the geography is favorable – a site worth prospecting for mineral wealth. Therefore we circumnavigate the forbidden land and stay clear of the evil creatures that haunt them, but if we are resolute, we should come to that site in good time and there make for ourselves substantial fortune.”

This encouragement seemed to be of help and when the dislocated wheel was reattached both Internet Kraken and Bad Munki behaved reassured. They walked beside the wagon cheerfully exchanging military trivia and discussing 'hit locations' which is combat jargon. When I wondered about their conversation aloud 'Markus_cz' Bronzetunnels (who is the doctor I earlier mentioned in converse with Sankis) explained that Internet Kraken and Bad Munki conversed the skills which are the counterparts to his own: while the ranger and the warrior have the knowledge of disablement and wounding, the doctor has the knowledge of surgery and healing. Therefore a hit location is a place of the body where a wound may be severest.

Later I suggested to Bad Munki that he ought to armor his hit locations before battle and he was surprised and agreed but I think in the way that a parent agrees with a child who suggests it is cold and therefore one should wear socks. I did not say so but I considered that in the future I must give Bad Munki military direction without childish innocence of warrior jargon. I do not have a reference so I will study the conversations of Bad Munki and Internet Kraken to improve proficiency.

We traveled east and the hills north and south obscured any possible view of dark fortresses. The plants and grasses were healthy and there was no miasma so I was relieved we had followed the correct course. Sankis informed me of the narrowness of the safe way here and although it was a risk that I did not share the danger with my companions, I felt finally justified because there was no need.

Vox Nihili volunteered to teach a song concerning travel, nostalgia, and improbable water animals with floppy noses. After several rehearsals our songcraft was of mixed quality. Markus_cz and Vox Nihili sang harmony well and I received compliments for my clear voice. Internet Kraken misremembered the words and then sang as quietly as possible. I worried that goblins have good ears but the tall grass among the hills perhaps absorbs the sounds and I was loathe to quash morale with requests for silence.

Provisions dwindled and Internet Kraken requested to hunt but I asked that bolts be preserved. I counted days and leagues and rations and mouths and found no great cause for worry yet.


On the last day of 235 I looked south and saw three distant peaks of The Entangled Horn, side by side with snow atop and of a similar height. We turned north along a gully descending a small hill and I saw ahead the bend of a brook lined on both banks by twisted purple trees. There was a haze to the north. I ordered halt to the wagon as the sun set and when the sun rose it was 1 Granite 236, the first day of spring.

“We have arrived” I informed six other dwarves of The Noble Work.

“Really?” asked scamtank, glancing towards the unwholesome brook.

“Aye, scamtank. We are right on the edge of The Fields of Vice. Stay away from that stream, take water only from the pools closer to this hill. Unburden the horses, pasture them and the dogs as well. Find the picks. This is where we will found a new outpost for The Rare Ship. We will delve for metal and for gemstone, make space for kitchens and storerooms, cut the rock and smooth it and thereupon carve our names. We will cut the trees and brew the plants and drink to our health in a grand hall.”

It was a momentous occasion and I had all of their attention.

A dwarf cannot mistake a moment of history being made. I beheld their faces and saw in their eyes commitment to this singular revelation of dwarfhood. Can there be any greater privilege in life, than to be a part of such an event? I felt the presence of Etest, god of fortresses, metals, and war. Igest Nestethkurol inspired my words. All the true gods heard me in that moment, and I aspired to make my words worthy.

“In the annals of our people, it will forevermore be written that in the Early Spring of 236, in The Hill of Rewarding, Ritholducim founded for the glory of all Akrelzuglar the fortress Kilrudzat: Bronzestabbed. Strike the earth!”

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May 17, 2007

Hell Gem

Welcome to Let's Play Dwarf Fortress 2012: Bronzestabbed!

First things first.

Please do not post “dwarf me” posts!
To get on the Dwarfing List, you need to go here: Bronzestabbed Dwarfing List and fill out the form. The form adds you to the dwarfing list spreadsheet, which is here. Please don't just add yourself directly to the spreadsheet: using the form makes sure that when the sheet is very busy, nobody overwrites each other or accidentally deletes anything.

So what is dwarf fortress?
Dwarf fortress is a roguelike sandbox fantasy sim game in which you direct a bunch of dwarves in building and defending a fortress. To read more, see the thread in Games, here:

Haven't there been a ton of LPs of this?
Yes. But the game is under constant development, and this will be the first succession LP of the “2012” version of the game, which has a bunch of new stuff. Also these LPs are hugely popular so why not do more?

So this is a succession LP?
Yes. A series of goons will take turns playing the game before handing off the save to the next one to take over. This generally leads to fun. We're going to use a slightly different method for picking the next overseer in line this time though – the intent is to speed up turns, make handoffs go smoothly, and not keep people waiting for ages for the next update.

It looks weird. This isn't the Dwarf Fortress I'm used to...
We are using the “Phoebus” graphic set this time around. While I don't love graphic sets in general and don't love Phoebus in particular, it's the most popular choice. I held a poll in the Games thread and an overwhelming majority preferred to use a tile set for visual accessibility to non-players and neophytes, and of the tile sets, Phoebus was the one the majority preferred.

I still see letters sometimes...
Yeah, Phoebus comes with quite a lot of sprites for various creatures, but it's not totally comprehensive. Sometimes an animal will still be represented by a letter. Don't panic, it's OK. You may also see some animal sprites being re-used. Just relax and let it happen, man, it's OK.

As I said above, do not post Dwarf Me posts. If you would like an in-game dwarf named after you, you need to fill out the form here. Please only fill it out once and please don't make joke entries. It just adds work for me to maintain the list.

If you want to take a turn as Overseer, there's no form to fill out or post to make. Just stick around and stay up to date with the game. At the end of each turn, I will post asking for volunteers and you can volunteer at that time. I'll give a 24-hour period for responses and then I will randomly pick one volunteer using a random method of randomness. Whoever “wins” will play the next turn. You should only volunteer if you're ready and able to take a turn right away, post updates at least once every 48 hours, and complete your turn within a reasonable amount of time. If you are going on vacation, have finals coming up, are doing another LP, or having computer problems? Don't volunteer. You can always get a shot after the next guy finishes.

Please feel free to post fan contributions: art, journal entries, music, poetry, whatever. A few people complain about having too much of this stuff but they are not fun-havers. I will post links to all the updates here in the first posts anyway, so those people can skip all the commentary if they want to. For the rest of us, contributions are a big part of the fun of these LPs and I don't want anyone to hold back because of a small number of whiners.
You can use this image at the top of your fan entries to help them stand out:

Finally, feel free to post a small amount of constructive criticism if an Overseer is clearly struggling. I'm providing a lot of hands-on guidance myself behind the scenes, so hopefully that won't happen. I do not want a lengthy piling-on if someone's having problems, though, so keep it to just one or two small posts. If you have a big problem with what's happening, you should PM or email me directly rather than filling up the thread.


The dwarfing list form you fill out to get dwarfed is here: Bronzestabbed Dwarfing List
The dwarfing list spreadsheet can be viewed here: spreadsheet

Spoiler alert! Only overseers should go to the following link, to avoid potential spoilers. If you go there anyway, do not post what you see in the thread please.
Overseers: your info is here:

The font is called “evanescent” and I found it here:
The base image if you want to use it is here:

I posted a mapping of cities of The Rare Ship to their parent groups, which is useful for figuring out where your dwarf is from (see the dwarf's thoughts screenshot).

There's a spreadsheet that maps dwarfed dwarfs to links of their thoughts, skills, and relationships screenshots, here. Thanks Magrov for building and maintaining this!

The Gods of The Rare Ship:
Name (translated)				domains						Aspect		Name (untranslated)
Id the Sienna Gravel				minerals					male dwarf	Id Ecoshasen
Etest						metals, fortresses, war				male dwarf	Etest
Ngalak the Boulder of Mountains			mountains, caverns				male eagle	Ngalak Etur Onol
Osram						wealth						female dwarf	Osram
Dakas Goldgranite the Gravel of Avalanches	jewels						male dwarf	Dakas Limullolok Asen Moldath
Igest the Silken Embrace			writing, poetry, thunder, storms, the rain	male dwarf	Igest Nestethkurol
Tithleth Dreamyriddles the Subtleties of Mist	dreams, the night, darkness			female dwarf	Tithleth Nazomnokgol Ozor Sod
Ugath Muckcrypts				deformity, disease				male dwarf	Ugath Zagstokmomu
Lorsith						fish, lakes, coasts				female dwarf	Lorsith
Titthal						fame, rumors					female dwarf	Titthal
Esar						marriage					female dwarf	Esar
For Bronzestabbed I have prepared a modified version of Dwarf Fortress. Several people requested access to the mod, so here it is.

Lepermod 0.1 for Phoebus is here:
Lepermod 0.1a for Ascii is here: (thanks scamtank)

Please keep in mind that Lepermod is beta. It probably has bugs and might cause issues. There's a text file included with comprehensive documentation of what's in the mod. If you find bugs, have feedback, or want to yell at me, send me a PM or email me, Leperflesh at gee mail dot com.

Here is a list of all of the official updates. Fan contributions, including journal entries, are in the next post.

First overseer: Leperfish
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3 and Interlude
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6 and Interlude the Second
Chapter 7 and Epilogue

Second overseer: JamieTheD
1st Granite, 237
3rd Granite through 15th Granite
16th Granite through 20th Slate
21st Slate through 25th Slate
Interlude 3: An Excerpt from Understanding the Beast, by James Imagefishing, 320
Interlude 4: Migrant Report
Overseer Diary 28th Slate - 5th Hematite
From the overseer diary of JimmyTheD, 273 (14th Hematite to 28th Malachite)
7th Galena through 10th Limestone

Intermission posts by Leperfish
10th Limestone 237 by Leperfish
10th Limestone 237, Addendum by Leperfish

Third Overseer: OhCrap
"Journal Entry"
From the Overseer Diary of OhCrap Mountainmist, 237, Bronzestabbed: 10th Limestone through 10th Sandstone
New Migrant Assessment - 10th Sandstone, 237
Report on Glorious Artifact
History of New Dwarfs - 10th Sandstone 237
11th Sandstone through 24th Sandstone
24th Sandstone through 25th Timber
1st Moonstone through 2nd Opal
From the Private Overseer Files of OhCrap MountainMist, 237, Bronzestabbed: Petition Received - 2nd Opal 237
Found in the Diary of OhCrap Mountainmist, 2nd Opal 277
3rd Opal 277
4th Opal through 28th Opal
3rd Obsidian through 1st Granite
1st through 17th Granite 238
18th Granite through 21st Slate
25th Slate
New Migrant Assessment - 25th Slate
25th through 26th Slate
27th Slate through 18th Felsite
19th Felsite through 1st Hematite
2nd Hematite through 1st Malachite
4th through 8th Malachite
9th Malachite
10th through 17th Malachite
17th Malachite
New Migrant Self-Assessment - 17th Malachite
19th through 22nd Malachite
23rd Malachite 238 through 12th Galena
12th through 15th Galena
15th through 21st Galena
25th Galena through 1st Limestone
History of New Dwarfs - 1st Limestone, 238

Fourth Overseer: Zapdos
1st and 2nd Limestone 238
3rd through 28th Limestone
1st through 28th Sandstone
Migrant report
1st through 28th timber
1st through 28th Moonstone
1st through 28th Opal
1st through 9th Obsidian
10th through 28th Obsidian

Fifth Overseer: Rawkking
17th Obsidian 238 through 1st Granite 239
1st through 12th Granite
Health care update
The story of Kovest Earthenrivers, the Oars of Wind
13th Granite through 1st Slate
2nd through 19th Slate
Migration report
4th Timber through 1st Opal
4th Opal 239 to 1st Granite 240

Sixth Overseer, TildeATH
23rd Obsidian 239
Granite, 240
Slate, 240
Migrant Wave 1, 240
Felsite, 240 Pt. I
Felsite, 240 Pt. II
Felsite, 240 Pt. III
4th Malachite, 240
Malachite to mid-Galena
Galena 240: Utu Exuz, "The Onslaught of Clashes"
24th Galena, 240
Late Galena to mid-Sandstone, 240
Mid-Sandstone to Early Moonstone, 240
The Fourth Attempted Abduction at Bronzestabbed
Moonstone through Obsidian 28th, 240
Journal Entry

Seventh Overseer: YeOldeButchere
Oh dear...
Bronzestabbed's Dining Hall, Obsidian 28th 240
Granite 1st through 1st Slate, 241
2nd through 13th Slate
Migrant Update
Slate 13th through 28th 241
2nd through 19th Felsite
Felsite 19th through 1st Hematite 241
1st through 4th Hematite 241
5th through 15th Hematite 241
16th Hematite through 4th Galena 241
6th Galena through 1st Limestone 241
4th Limestone through 25th Sandstone 241
Migrants Update 2
26th Sandstone through 27th Moonstone 241
4th Opal through 28th Obsidian 241
28th Obsidian 241: Bronzestabbed's Auditorium

Eighth Overseer: Thadius
28th Obsidian 242, Journal Entry
Ugath Help Me, But I Need A Drink
Still 1st Granite, 242
1st through 11th Granite 242
About a few weeks, just on the edge of Granite
23rd-ish Slate to the 11th of Felsite
11th Felsite to 15th Felsite
15th-24th Felsite
A very motivational day
25th Felsite to 25th Hematite
25th Hematite to 12th malachite
13th Malachite to 26th Malachite
27th Malachite to 10th Galena
10th Galena to 1st Limestone
1st to 17th Moonstone
18th Moonstone, 242. Day of the Minotaur
The rest of Moonstone

Ninth Overseer: Jazzimus Prime
28 Obsidian 242
1st Granite 243
2nd through 6th Granite 243
7th through 11th Granite 243
14th through 28th Granite 243
1st through 21st Slate 243
22nd to 27th Slate 243
27th Slate 243
28th Slate 243 (Migration Report)
1st through 20th Felsite 243
21st Felsite 243
22nd Felsite through 25th Hematite 243
26th Hematite through 5th Malachite 243
7th through 28th Malachite 243 (migration report)
5th through 28th Galena 243

Tenth Overseer: LeJackal
28th Galena 243
1st through 17th Limestone
20th Limestone
3rd to 9th Opal
11th to 14th Opal
15th to 25th Opal
1st through 15th Obsidian
16th to 28th Obsidian 243
Granite 244
28th Granite 244
4th through 27th Galena
Epilogue: 28th Galena

Eleventh Overseer: SirPhoebos Apocryphal Term!
1st Limestone to 1st Sandstone 244
1st through 8th Sandstone
9th and 10th Sandstone
11th Sandstone through 1st Timber
1st through 17th Timber
17th Timber and 1st Malachite

Twelfth Overseer: Sky Shadowing
I sit atop my wagon
Migration Report
1st to 19th Timber
The Scraped Onslaught
28th Timber through 28th Moonstone
Granite 245
Migration Report II
1st through 13th Felsite
25th Felsite to 28th Hematite
Malachite (with migration report)

Thirteenth Overseer: Bad Munki and Internet Kraken
Early Autumn, 245, by Bad Munki
1st through 4th Limestone, 245, by Bad Munki
4th through 20th Limestone, by Internet Kraken
Late Granite? 239?, by Bad Munki
23rd through 28th Limestone, by Internet Kraken
28th Limestone through 4th Sandstone, by Internet Kraken
Late Granite, 239, by Bad Munki
12th Sandstone to 1st Timber, 245, by Internet Kraken
Late Granite? 239?, by Bad Munki
16th to 27th Timber, 245, by Internet Kraken
1st to 8th Moonstone, 245, by Internet Kraken
Late Granite? 239?, by Bad Munki
1st to 13th Opal, 245, by Internet Kraken
Late Granite? 239?, by Bad Munki
1st through 27th Granite, 246 , by Internet Kraken
Late Granite? 239?, by Bad Munki
26th Felsite to 17th Hematite, 246, by Internet Kraken
Late Granite? 239?, by Bad Munki
I need a loving drink, by Internet Kraken
Addendum: migration report update, by Leperfish

Fourteenth Overseer: Veloxyll
I suppose I should introduce myself
1st to 20th Limestone, 246
20th to 22nd Limestone, 246
24th Limestone to 13th Sandstone, 246
13th Sandstone Migration Report
15th Sandstone to 1st Timber, 246
1st Timber to 1st Moonstone, 246
1st to 20th Moonstone, 246
20th Moonstone to 3rd Obsidian, 246
3rd to 22nd Obsidian, 246
24th to 27th Obsidian, 246
27th Obsidian, 246 to 16th Granite, 247
16th Granite to 8th Slate, 247
8th to 14th Slate, 247 and Migration Report
14th or 15th Slate, I guess, to 2nd Felsite, 247
2nd Felsite to 1st Hematite, 247
2nd to 26th Hematite, 247
23rd Hematite Migrant Report
3rd to 26th Malachite, 247
27th Malachite, I assume, through 1st Limestone 247

Fifteenth Overseer: nvining
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Migration report A
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Migration Report B
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Migration Report C
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten

Sixteenth Overseer: Pickled Tink
1st of Limestone 248
1st through 4th Limestone, 248
5th of Limestone, 248
11th Limestone through 15th Sandstone, 248
15th of Sandstone and Migration Report
15th Sandstone through 10th Timber, 248
10th Timber through 18th Moonstone, 248
20th Moonstone through 1st Obsidian, 248
3rd Obsidian 248 through 4th Slate 249
4th through 19th Slate, 249, and migration report
Mostly 19th and 20th Slate, 249
21st Slate through 13th Felsite, 249
13th through 19th Felsite, 249
20th Felsite through 1st Hematite, 249
2nd Hematite through 12th Malachite, 249
12th Malachite to 1st Limestone, 249

Seventeenth Overseer: Neddy Seagoon
1st through 4th Limestone, 249
4th through 19th Limestone, 249
19th Limestone to 13th Sandstone, 249
27th Sandstone to 6th Moonstone, 249
15th Moonstone to 15th Opal, 249
19th Opal to 15th Obsidian, 249
24th Obsidian, 249 to 3rd Slate, 250
6th Slate to 20th Felsite, 250
25th Felsite to 1st Limestone, 250

Eighteenth Overseer: Leperfish
1st Limestone, 250
1st Limestone, 250: additional
3rd through 11th Limestone, 250
12th through 20th Limestone, 250
23rd Limestone through 12th Sandstone, 250
13th through 19th Sandstone, 250 and military report
21st Sandstone through 3rd Timber, 250 and more military report
5th through 17th Timber, 250 and migration report
18th Timber through 1st Moonstone, 250
3rd through 22nd Moonstone, 250
25th Moonstone to 15th Opal, 250
16th to 18th Opal, 250
22nd Opal, 250 to 1st Granite, 251
1st Granite, 251: Interlude
1st through 25th Granite, 251 and migration report
27th Granite through 27th Slate, 251
1st Felsite to 1st Hematite, 251
1st Hematite to 1st Malachite, 251 and migration report
1st Limestone, 250 - Continued
1st through 28th Malachite, 251
1st Galena, 251
5th through 20th Galena, 251
23rd Galena, 251
23rd Galena, 251 - continued
23rd Galena, 251 - continued some more
28th Galena to 9th Limestone, 251
10th through 12th Limestone, 251
13th Limestone, 251
16th through 20th Limestone, 251
22nd to 25th Limestone, 251
25th Limestone to 23rd Sandstone, 251
25th Sandstone to 11th Timber, 251
11th to 14th Timber, 251
15th Timber, 251
16th to 21st Timber, 251
21st Timber to 9th Moonstone, 251
9th through 28th Moonstone, 251
1st through 29th Opal, 251
1st through 21st Obsidian, 251
24th through 28th Obsidian, 251
1st Granite, 252
2nd to 23rd Granite, 252
27th Granite through 28th Slate, 252
1st through 28th Felsite, 252
1st to 15th Hematite, 252
15th through 28th Hematite, 252
2nd through 23rd Malachite, 252
24th Malachite to 13th Galena, 252
13th to 16th Galena, 252
17th to 19th Galena, 252
20th Galena, 252
21st Galena, 252
22nd Galena, 252
23rd Galena, 252
23rd Galena, 252 (continued)
24th to 25th Galena, 252
25th Galena, 252
26th Galena, 252
27th Galena through 1st Limestone, 252
1st through 3rd Limestone, 252
6th Limestone through 12th Sandstone, 252
14th Sandstone through 16th Timber, 252
19th Timber through 4th Moonstone, 252
5th Moonstone to 7th Obsidian, 252
7th Obsidian, 252 to 1st Granite, 253
1st Granite through 7th Felsite, 253
10th Felsite through 11th Hematite, 253
13th Hematite to 18th Malachite, 253
18th through 25th Malachite, 253
26th Malachite to 18th Galena, 253
18th Galena through 8th Limestone, 253
10th Limestone through 28th Sandstone, 253
1st to 23rd Timber, 253
1st to 17th Moonstone, 253
17th Moonstone through 13th Obsidian, 253
20th Obsidian, 253 through 24th Granite, 254
26th Granite through 22nd Felsite, 254
23rd Felsite through 21st Hematite, 254
22nd Hematite to 1st Limestone, 254
Interlude: 1st Limestone, 254
2nd Limestone, 254, through 28th Slate, 255, in two parts: Part One, Part Two
Epilogue, and Acknowledgements

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May 17, 2007

Hell Gem

This post now contains only the fan contributions, including journal entries. Check the previous post for official Overseer updates.

Journal Entries by non-Overseers:

day 36, by scamtank
entry by Nettle Soup
entry by Internet Kraken
day 87 by scamtank
Commander's log, Dwarfdate 236.03.27 by Bad Munki
Edifications of Public Well-Being by Markus_cz
Urist Painteddaggers by TremendousMajestic
Paranoid ranting by Internet Kraken
5th Malachite by i poo poo trains
5th Malachite by Teim
1st Galena, by Crackmaster
1st Galena by Fitzy Fitz
8th Galena through 10th Limestone by Crackmaster
Day 216 by scamtank
These dwarves ain't right by Internet Kraken
A grim encounter by Sotsa, with artwork shown below (my title)
An untitled journal entry by Nettle Soup
8th Slate through 5th Malachite by Triskelli
Internet Kraken not getting it at all, by Internet Kraken
Also not really getting it by i poo poo trains
A pretty mild religious crisis, really by Teim
That's gratitude for you by Internet Kraken
Trepidation by i poo poo trains
2nd Granite by Triskelli (Kelli)
2nd Limestone through 1st Granite by Saoritficis
Today Teim learned about Ngalak by Teim
Internet Kraken really doesn't like Leperfish by Internet Kraken
Nomikos attempts to keep a record to deal with stress by Nomikos
Is this whole fort just a loving joke to the nobles? by Internet Kraken
Date Unknown by Nettle Soup
Journal Entry 1, Journey by Zaodai
14th Felsite 237 by Leperfish
18 Slate 237 by Die Zombie Die
excerpts from the correspondences of JimmyTheD Helmscale, to his daughter, Boing by JamieTheD
4th Granite 237 through 10th Limestone by Saoritficis
4th malachite 237 by Kaishai
We have arrived by Log082
1st Limestone 237 or is it 238? by Three-Phase
Nommasos Sanad by idonotlikepeas
Excerpts from the correspondences of JimmyTheD Helmscale, to his daughter, Boing by JamieTheD
The Journal of Qword, Chirugeon, Entry 1 (Hematite of 237) by Qwo
Ugath, my God by Sir Penguin
Things just keep getting worse here, by Internet Kraken
From the Diary of JimmyTheD, Ex-Overseer: He broke the mister by JamieTheD
9th Sandstone 237, by Kaishai
Uthar Lolor Lamessŕgam Kilrudzat, by idonotlikepeas
There once was an overseer craven, by Tunicate
More immigrants, by i poo poo trains
A dirge for Bikindok by Tunicate
Petition for Improved Quarters by scamtank
3rd Opal 237 by Kaishai
Excerpts from the diary of JimmyTheD, ex-overseer, 10th Sandstone through 23rd Timber
The Journal of Qword, Chirurgeon: Entry 2 (Obsidian of 237)
The Journal of Log082, 15th Opal 277
A poem by Daktar
22 Obsidian 237 by Die Zombie Die
1st Granite through 23rd Felsite, by Kaishai
Grandma Overthefalls' arrival by overthefalls
The Journal of Ventnor Zoztakud, 25th Felsite 238
Whose a widdle bitty baby? by Tunicate
Captain of the Guard by GNU Order
17th and 23rd Malachite by DrMelon
22nd Hematite through 15th Galena by Kaishai
15th Galena 238 by Black Griffon
15th Galena, 238 by DrMelon
Journal Entry Two, Loss by Zaodai
An Ugly Elegy by Internet Kraken
Already my head is bruised by Natty Ninefingers
The Journal of Qword, Chirurgeon: Entry 3 (Galena of 238) by Qwo
4th Obsidian 237 by TildeATH
19th Galena 237 through 12th Galena 238 by Captain_Duck
A Letter to Zaodai From His Father, by Lord_Ventnor
A Letter From i poo poo trains to His Surviving Family
They are not hiding, by overthefalls
"Lessons," excerpts from the correspondences of JimmyTheD Helmscale, to his daughter, Boing by JamieTheD
Lorsith!, by Teim
1st Limestone 238, by OhCrap
2nd Limestone, 238 by DrMelon
2nd Limestone, 238 by Black Griffon
25th Limestone by Idles
4th through 25th Limestone, 238 by SourceElement
28th Limestone 238, by Die Zombie Die
MURDER MOST FOUL, by Angela Christine
Page torn from the Journal of JimmyTheD Helmscale, creator of the Mister Mark I , by JamieTheD
3rd and 29th Limestone, 238, by Kaishai
Oh well I'll let her get her beauty sleep, by Teim
Urist help me, you take one drink, by John Dough
Husband new Overseer, by Tosca Cake
27th Sandstone, 238, by Loden Taylor
23rd Sandstone, by Rurik
24th Sandstone, 238, by Toiwat
From Hihohe, by Hihohe
26th Timber 238, by Loden Taylor
3rd Limestone through 25th Timber, by OhCrap
Autumn 238, by Leperfish
25th Timb- WE CALL IT NOVEMBER, by Hihohe
7th Opal 238, by Die Zombie Die
Secret Journal of Fiddler Three, 27th Sandstone through 5th Opal
I am the last of my clan, by overthefalls
28th Opal, 238, by Black Griffon
6th Opal, 238, by Rurik
What the gently caress was that?, by Internet Kraken
Winter 236 through 9th Obsidian 238, by APinAP
17th Moonstone through 9th Obsidian 238, by OhCrap
10th Moonstone through 10th Obsidian, 238, by Kaishai
13th Obsidian, 238, by APinAP
Success, by Die Zombie Die
TildeATH thinks about alcohol-induced brain damage, by TildeATH
SECRET JOURNAL OF FIDDLER THREE GRANITECLOISTER, 18th Obsidian through 1st Granite, by FiddlersThree
This be the entry of one Uspsast Ebnomol Otor Gomux, a minotaur, by TildeATH
This here be the entry of Emudi Wivesesi Thine Athama, Granny Minotarrr, by OhCrap
28th Obsidian 238 through 12th Granite 239, by OhCrap
Last Will and Testament of Bad Munki
2nd Slate 239, by Kaishai
3rd and 4th Slate, 239, by Die Zombie Die
13th through 21st Granite 239, by OhCrap
I am confused, by Internet Kraken
Day 1007 32, Fourth Year, Overseer V, by scamtank
Once when I was a lad, by SirPhoebos
An Epitaph for OhCrap, by Bene Elim
1st Slate 239, by Leperfish
10th Slate 239, by Kaishai
I want to see my family again, by overthefalls
Ralath Thunenzuden, by idonotlikepeas
Ugath, O Ugath, by Nettle Soup
20th Slate 239, by Die Zombie Die
Diary of Yeol Bellsfissures, Surgeon, 19th Slate 239, by YeOldeButchere
Diary of Tilde, a child of Qword and a Yak: The Wonder Years, by TildeATH
17th Timber 239, by Die Zombie Die
Diary of Yeol Bellsfissures, SurgeonGODSDAMNED MACEDWARF: 1st Granite 240
I think I'll just drink heavily, by Internet Kraken
A tattered parchment, by JamieTheD
I don't even loving remember how many years it's been, by Chickenfrogman
24th Obsidian 239, by Kaishai
24th Obsidian 239, by HiHo ChiRho
24th Obsidian 239, by Tarox
The Adventures of Anchors, by Anchors
Denouncements (with pictures), by Vaga42Bond
23rd Obsidian 239, by Die Zombie Die
Opal 9 through Obsidian 23, by aldantefax
My parents have arrived, by TonTon
Granite 1 through 14, 240 by aldantefax
1st Granite 240, by FiddlersThree
1 Granite, 240, by Cyster
Throw me out in the mud with the loonies and you will regret it, by John Dough
8th Slate 240, by Kaishai
Muck Dog Millionaire, by Die Zombie Die
5th Felsite 240, by Die Zombie Die
Unknown Date, 240, by SirPhoebos
You sons of bitches, by Chickenfrogman
Malachite, 240: Letter to Racktest, by Nine of Eight
5th Malachite 240: Chicken Chaser Enzer, by Die Zombie Die
4th Malachite, 240, by YeOldeButchere
Ustosil Masos Emen, by idonotlikepeas
Opportunity!, by Ramc
17th Malachite and 15th Galena, 240, by Kaishai
Date Unknown 240: Contact, by Die Zombie Die
Slate #1, Side A Date: 12th Granite, 240, by Storgar
I want my orca pants, by Markus_cz
Granite 240: NineOfEight's Journal, by NineOfEight
Galena, 240 by Loden Taylor
A cave in? That's terrible!, by Ramc
17th Sandstone 240, by Die Zombie Die
Early Moonstone, 240, by Rurik
5th Granite through 23rd Sandstone, 240, by Rawkking
XX XXXXXXXXX XXX, by Die Zombie Die
Still down a leg, by ZeeToo
2nd Obsidian 240, by YeOldeButchere
24th and 29th Obsidian 240, by Kaishai
Obsidian 28th 240 through Granite 1st 241, by Die Zombie Die
Slate 21st 241, by Pickled Tink
Slate 28th 241, by Sad King Billy
Slate 14th 231, by Schneeble who is confused about what decade it is
Journal of "Disproportionation" Machineseizures, by Disproportionation
Journal of Tilde, an Innocent Child Who Was Manipulated Into Causing Trouble, by TildeATH
Star Guarded Memorial Hospital Psych. Ward: Slate #7, Side B Date: 2nd Slate 241, by Storgar
That was a close call, by Ramc
16th Malachite 241, by Die Zombie Die
15th Slate through 7th Galena 241, by Kaishai
30th Slate through 15th malachite 241, by Pickled Tink
28th Obsidian 241, by Die Zombie Die
24th Felsite Year I have no idea, by Die Zombie Die
28th Obsidian 241 through 17th Felsite 242, by Kaishai
1st Moonstone, 242, by Tarox
They're everywhere now, by Internet Kraken
I have been a lucky dwarf, by HiHo ChiRho
I think Thad has seen my engravings, by HiHo ChiRho
gently caress everone, by Internet Kraken
26th Slate 243, by Kaishai
A Bedtime Story For Bedtob, by Kaishai
Malachite 243, by Frozen_flame
And so begins our traditional election by merit, by HiHo ChiRho
"Lessons": Correspondences of JimmyTheD Helmscale to his daughter Boing, by JamieTheD
13th Sandstone, 243, by Grittybeard
14 Sandstone: Someyearorother, by Nine of Eight
Beware the elven threat!, by Neddy Seagoon
Moonstone, by Frozen_flame
14th Moonstone 243, by Pickled Tink
I am not well versed in the field of anatomy, by Crackmaster
8th Opal, by LeJackal
Bronzestabbed's number one problem, by Internet Kraken
Opal 10th and 11th, by Mr. Vile
Opal 11th, by Nine of Eight
29th Opal, by LeJackal
Opalish, by TildeATH
28th Opal, an two hours after departing the Overseer's office, by Pickled Tink
27th Opal 243, by Kaishai
The suspense was killing me, by Crackmaster
28th Slate, by LeJackal
28th Felsite, by LeJackal
28th Felsite, by Pickled Tink
28th Felsite, by TildeATH
Had to strike an invader, by ZeeToo
Sometime, by Pickled Tink
Date Unknown, by Sky Shadowing
Tell me what's wrong with this conversation, by Internet Kraken
Someone is loving with my journal!
May Death Come Quickly To Our Enemy, by Sky Shadowing
~~Apocryphal Journal Entries of an Unhappened Term~~~
Date Unknown, by Pickled Tink
I made a new Friend!, by OhCrap
New Friend II, by OhCrap
Lecturing the overseer, by LeJackal
Not the desired effect, by SirPhoebos
New Friend III, by OhCrap
I'm Five!, by TildeATH
New Friend IV, by OhCrap
14th Sandstone 244, by Kaishai
~~End Apocryphal Entries~~~
Journal of "GrabbinPeels" Dolilnil, 244, by GrabbinPeels
Arglebargle IV Esq.: Hail Overseer!, by Arglebargle III
"Fatfingers" Stibmernish, 26 Timber 244, by Anaxite
The overseer asked me about my cock, by Vaga42Bond
Journal of "GrabbinPeels" Dolilnil, 244, by GrabbinPeels
Make No Attempts, by LeJackal
Posted By Order of Overseer Sky Shadowing
Granite 245, by Frozen_Flame
Ohtsam Lecadlogem, 28 Granite 245, by Ohtsam
Some Time, by Pickled Tink
Late Granite, 239, by Bad Munki
20th Slate 245, by Grittybeard
Journal of "GrabbinPeels" Dolilnil, 245, by GrabbinPeels
Ohtsam Lecadlogem, 29 Slate 245, by Ohtsam
Slate, 245, by LeJackal
secret diary of Impy Copperbulwarks, by AJ_Impy
Somewhere around the middle of Hematite, 245, by Grittybeard
13th Felsite through 12 Hematite, by Rurik
Campaign posters are EVERYWHERE, by Vaga42Bond
Journal of "GrabbinPeels" Dolilnil, 245, by GrabbinPeels
Unknown, by DieZombieDie
Some Time in 245, by Pickled Tink
Journal of "GrabbinPeels" Dolilnil, 245, by GrabbinPeels
Avant-Garde art?, by Vaga42Bond
Antitonic? Is that you?, by Tunicate
Autumn 245, by AJ_Impy
1 Limestone 245, by Jazzimus Prime
Hellooooo Bronzestabbed!, by OhCrap
The fortress is falling into chaos, by Sky Shadowing
245, by Die Zombie Die
drat those masons, by Sky Shadowing
Gods, I need a drink, by Sky Shadowing
Excerpt from an untitled manuscript by Oddom Mirrorsculpts, author of The Disgusting Dwarves, by Storgar
Marcus_cz is dead, by Sky Shadowing
Hey buddy, what's going on?, by Bad Munki
This bodes ill, by Disproportionation
OH GODS PLEASE NO., by Sky Shadowing
I've learned a pretty valuable lesson today, by Sky Shadowing
Mommy said, by Flavius Belisarius
The Final Thoughts of Pickled Tink, by Pickled Tink
Late Winter - Early Spring, 248, by Tarox
Traitors and spies!, by Sky Shadowing
I can smell him, by Spermy Smurf
Did anyone here (sic) that?
The passing of Boing Helmsscale, by JamieTheD
A page from the Journal of JimmyTheD, Ex Overseer of Bronzestabbed, by JamieTheD
It is not as bad as expected, by Sky Shadowing
3rd Moonstone, by AJ_Impy[/url]
NO, by Sky Shadowing
This is the ghostly journal of TildeATH, Former Toddlerseer and Grim Hermit Spectre, by TildeATH
A charred journal, by JimmyTheD
1st Limestone, 250, by AJ_Impy
20th Limestone, 250, by Pussy Cartel
...still entitled "Lessons", by JimmyTheD
A young Vusdom, by TremendousMajestic
Adamantium!, by Sky Shadowing
24th Malachite to 9th Galena, 252, by AJ_Impy
26th Sandstone, 252, by AJ_Impy
From the journal of symuun Asteshtashem, by symuun
Dear journal, sweet journal, by Neddy Seagoon
From the journal of symuun Asteshtashem, 8th Granite 253, by symuun
poorly crafted and stained with tears, by JimmyTheD
This is a corrective plaque, by GrimRevenant

At the end of Granite, 245, TildeATH (with assistance from philioz) prepared some interesting graphics detailing the rate of occurrence of various words and phrases through all overseer updates to that point:

Portraiture and Propaganda

Leperfish, by PublicOpinion:

Bad Munki, by Bad Munki:

Markus_cz, by Markus_cz

Leperfish and Bad Munki, by LotionMan

Scamtank and Vox Nihili, by LotionMan

The starting seven, by Kennel

PublicOpinion, by PublicOpinion

Crackmaster, Kelli and Geshud, by Crackmaster

Elves, by PoptartsNinja

Dwarf Fortress Is So Cruel, by Three-Phase

I don't like hurting kitties, by Three-Phase

It's PARTY TIME, by Three-Phase

Nomikos vs. the Hyena, by Three-Phase

Dwarves on friday night by Three-Phase


"This bullshit never ends..." by Three-Phase

"Our dwarf quest" by Three-Phase

Qword, by Qwo:

Falgund, the homely comely wife of Qword, by Qwo

OhCrap vs. the Windmill, by Juc66

It is a Very Good Joke, by Kikka

Dwarf's Life, by Vox Nihili

Tildeath, by Qwo

Dwarven baby juice (?), by Juc66

OhCrap, by Juc66

The stabbing of Vim Fuego, female ranger, by a goblin thief in Bronzestabbed, by Vim Fuego

Mortal Sword, by Mortal Sword

i poo poo trains, by Qwo

GNU Order (Captain Of the Guard), Ajaxify, and Anela Cistine - 3 man wrestling crew, by Juc66

Anela Torridglazed, by Angela Christine:

Hammerbeatings the Wrongfulness of Conviction, by Comrade Koba

Pladdicus, by Araganzar

Zapdos, by Hihohe


Proposal for Apenyap's safety:

Willie Tomg slays Kovest, by Tarox

The rising of baby dwarf TildeATH, by HiHo ChiRho

Rurik, reformed cultist, by Rurik

JollyPubJerk, by JollyPubJerk

Bad Munki, by Frozen_flame

Elf Anatomy, by LeJackal

Nevar Forget!!, by SirPhoebos

Bad Elf, by Frozen_flame

Beware the Fair, by Crackmaster

Beware the Elf! By Neddy Seagoon

MAGMA, by Vaga42Bond

The rise of Bad Munki, herald of Doom, by my dad

Pierzak, we salute you, by Pokeylope

Maps, Landscapes, Objects, and Technical Drawings

A relief map of Bronzestabbed's surroundings, by Bad Munki:

3d maps of Bronzestabbed's surroundings, by Grey Hunter:

A view towards the mountainhomes, by LotionMan

Welcome to Bronzestabbed, by markus_cz

The entire worldmap tile that contains bronzestabbed, by Grey Hunter:

Reservoir Plans, 238, by OhCrap:

Reservoir Plans, by PoptartsNinja

Concert hall plans, by Loden Taylor

New Caravan Meatshield, by OhCrap

Dwarf Trail, by OhCrap


The Gods of The Rare Ship

Ugath, by PublicOpinions

Osram, God of Wealth, by Segway Rave

Ngalak, the Boulder of Mountains, by LotionMan

Dakas Goldgranite the Gravel of Avalanches, god of jewels, and looking smug as heck about it, by LotionMan

Tithleth Dreamyriddles the Subtleties of Mist, Dwarven goddess of dreams, the night, and darkness, by Ayana:

Dakas Limullolok Asen Moldath, god of jewels, depicted as a male dwarf, by Clockwork Cupcake

Esar, goddess of marriage, depicted as a female dwarf, by Clockwork Cupcake

Enemies of Bronzestabbed

Fiendish Murk, by Juc66

A grim figure, by Sotsa

Len Kinastorspa, a god-sent babyslayer by Qwo

Bad Weasel? By Juc66

Bad demon rats? by Juc66

Weasel silliness, by OhCrap

Bad boy ogress

Goblins, by Three-Phase

Uspsast Tempestaura the Persuasion of Steam, by Qwo

Jericho Turnpike, by Crackmaster

The brush titan Kovest Beriger Mebzuth Num, by OhCrap (turn your head to the right)

The brush titan Kovest Beriger Mebzuth Num, by Juc66

The brush titan Kovest Beriger Mebzuth Num, by Qwo

Kovest Beriger Mebzuth Num, by Pokeylope

Avuz Sarekguthstak, by Dr. Demon

Olngo Unsmunstu, Goblin Lasher by Dr. Demon


What's the worst that could happen? By Decoy Badger

Unu, by Sirocco

Unu, by The Dregs and his daughter

Zikath (the Iguanodont), by The Dreg's daughter mostly

Nomar Usobora, by Decoy Badger

Heed!, by Abongination

DSV Shedlisid, by Bad Munki

Shedlisid design drawing, by Fitzy Fitz

Shedlisid, by Juc66

Asizeggut Kathillir, "Flashgullies the Wet Climax," by Qwo

Usenberem, by Three-Phase

Musical Compositions

Bronzestabbed, the Soundsense Pack! by Krysmphoenix, includes the below musical compositions in a package you can install and listen to while you play Dwarf Fortress.
Version 0.1, July 6th, 2012.

Bronzestabbed: An amazing atmospheric composition by Loden Taylor

Ugath Call, a musical composition by Pure Kamikaze featuring drums:

The Riches Beneath, a piano solo by Boing

Fadedmaggot: Another amazing atmospheric composition by Loden Taylor

Agent of the Queen, a Folia by Loden Taylor

My Favorite Dwarfy Things, a new take on a classic by Orthogonalus

Strike The Earth, a lovely piano solo by Boing

The Fields of Vice, a foreboding atmospheric piece by anti-hamaon

Bronzestabbed - The Lurking Murk V2: The terrifying sound of a murk is realized by H1KE

Axe, Shield, and Boot, a cheerful yet bizarre composition by idonotlikepeas

Bronzestabbed - Fiendish Murk On Stream, a suspenseful symphonic composition by Bilal

Dirge of John Charity Spring, a memorial elegy for our first fallen dwarf by Pure Kamikaze

Into Battle, a symphonic movement for the warrior by Loden Taylor

Silent as Stone, a memorial concerto for fallen dwarves by Loden Taylor

What is Fun? (Urist Don't Hurt Me), a parody by Loden Taylor

Loure: Dwarf Quest, a loure by Loden Taylor that goes with this image

Overseer of Bronzestabbed (I, OhCrap Onolsod), by Kaishai (lyrics)

Defend, music inspired by OhCrap's overseership by Loden Taylor

Good Train, a tribute to the fallen (guitar), by Orthogonalus

Still as Stone, an atmospheric piece by Loden Taylor

Jenny, a rather familiar 867-5309 piece for violincello by Loden Taylor

Traditional Dwarven Work Song, by Colon V (lyrics)

Break the Siege, another delightful piece by Loden Taylor

Bronzestabbed 8 Bit, a version of the Bronzestabbed theme for retro-vidyagaming, by Loden Taylor

Dwarf Fortress Theme C64, a chiptunes version of the Dwarf Fortress theme music, by Orthogonalus

Survive, a lovely orchestral piece by Loden Taylor

I Smelt With You, lyrics by Kaishai

Sleeping in Stone, a gentle piano piece by Loden Taylor

Dead Whispers, a lovely piano solo by Loden Taylor

Finale (Suite from Bronzestabbed), a reprisal of Bronzestabbed themes, by Loden Taylor

loving GAMES, holy poo poo
Canadwarf Version 1, by FinalSin


Secret of the Magic Crystals: a Side-LP by Bad Munki that he never finished

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Sep 26, 2011


Boom! Ground floor! Been waiting for this one for a while.

Sep 28, 2005

Did you do somethin' with your hair?

Good luck Leperfleshfish. This is gonna be great!

Nov 14, 2010


I practically jumped out of my chair when I saw this posted. Can't wait for the start of this LP.

e: just looking at the dwarfing list it looks like it's going to be a sausage fest

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May 17, 2007

Hell Gem

Yeah that spreadsheet is filling right quick!

Feb 6, 2004

Ground floor this time you sonsabitches! I thought about sitting this one out, give some new people a chance, but then I thought "no, gently caress them". Also I don't believe I've ever gotten in on one of these suckers so early. I was finally at my computer when a DFLP was posted, instead of on the crapper, or sleeping. Or sleeping on the crapper.

Flippermesh, you always do wonderful work in these succession forts, I look forward to what you've cooked up mod- and overseer-wise.

Apr 6, 2011

YES, ground flour on this once. I got burned out on playing DF myself after version 2010, it'll be interesting to see how far the game has come since then.

Strike the EarthBronze!

May 17, 2007

Hell Gem


Apr 23, 2008

Strike the earth!

I am looking forward to this!

May 23, 2009

Death before dishonor?
Your terms are accepted.

This is going to be great. The fact that you've already got a form for dwarf requests instead of cluttering the thread is a good omen.

May 17, 2007

Hell Gem

OK posts are in the right order and there's an actual prologue now! If you haven't already you should go back and read the first post because the story is actually there.

John Charity Spring
Nov 3, 2009


Getting in on the ground floor of this one! Looking forward to it.

Aug 15, 2007

A short, sturdy creature fond of drink and industry.

Wooo! Excited to finally catch a DF let's play from the beginning

Apr 6, 2011

i poo poo trains posted:

e: just looking at the dwarfing list it looks like it's going to be a sausage fest
I just went with the option that has me as the least likely to forget what pronouns to use for log entries

Apr 30, 2009

That doesn't sound right, but I don't know enough about stars to dispute it.

College Slice

Let's all get stabbed and bronzed

Sep 28, 2005

Did you do somethin' with your hair?

I don't know about you but I'm waiting for the first person to jump the gun and show up posting "DORF ME!!"

Sep 16, 2011

by exmarx

Tirius posted:

Wooo! Excited to finally catch a DF let's play from the beginning

What this guy said. Loved reading through the DF LPs on the archives, definitely up for seeing one in action.

Apr 6, 2011

Teim posted:

I don't know about you but I'm waiting for the first person to jump the gun and show up posting "DORF ME!!"

I think this thread an the google doc signup method has been hyped enough that most DF followers know about it already.

rumble in the bunghole
Feb 25, 2011

This Australia Day I would like to give thanks for a worldwide return to sanity, as demonstrated by President Trump, Brexit, Senators Hanson and Leyonhjelm, One Nation outpolling the Greens, and the the demodding of EM.

Not a good time to be a rabid leftist lol.

College Slice

How many people will get killed by minecarts? Only time will tell.

Mar 29, 2009

I love this game, it's so great!

Revenant Threshold
Jan 1, 2008

Good to see the string of excellent Goonfort names is continuing.

Medicaldwarfing is an interesting part of these things, since it's probably the area that has either the most changes to it or at least a lot of very game-affecting changes. Syndromes are certainly a bitch. Thinking back to old games, I wonder - does being on fire also rid you of syndrome-spreading dust?

Edit: And now I want to play Dwarf Fortress, but I was waiting until they updated Therapist for the latest version. I'm so stuck on using it as a crutch now for those 30 dwarf migration waves.

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Sep 27, 2011

I missed all the previous LPs, finally I can actually participate in one! I'm excited.

Sep 28, 2005

Did you do somethin' with your hair?

Asehujiko posted:

I think this thread an the google doc signup method has been hyped enough that most DF followers know about it already.

That'll make it even funnier when they do.

Apr 30, 2009

That doesn't sound right, but I don't know enough about stars to dispute it.

College Slice

I love the tone and style of the first post. Very obviously apes DF's grammar and syntax rules without being absurd about it.

Nine of Eight
Apr 28, 2011

Is there a Nurse in the house?

College Slice

The glassfather shall live on!

u brexit ukip it
Oct 30, 2004

Toilet Rascal

This looks like a great start. Thanks for all the work so far, Leperflesh!

May 15, 2012

Do I detect a hint of bravemule creeping in?

Nice start.

May 16, 2009

Fucking blocks... I'm gonna climb the shit outta you!

Oooh neat. This should be good! Looking forward to more.

Is there anything new to DF since the last big LP that we can look forward to?

Jul 12, 2005

trapped in custom title factory, send help

Dwarfing list is 47 long so far so that's like one migration wave

Great OP! Already nostalgic just from reading your writing style again.

Revenant Threshold
Jan 1, 2008

geri_khan posted:

Oooh neat. This should be good! Looking forward to more.

Is there anything new to DF since the last big LP that we can look forward to?
Off the top of my head, various undead including vampires and mine cart systems.

May 17, 2007

Hell Gem

Thanks guys. Yes, bravemule definitely influences how I think of how dwarves think. Can't help it, although I try hard not to directly copy the style.

I locked the spreadsheet but form submission is still turned on so hopefully it will still let you guys use the form. If anyone gets an error let me know right away and I'll reconfigure the nozzles and buttons or whatever.

Feb 24, 2011

my desire to just be a FUCKING IDIOT all day long is rapidly overtaking my ability to FUNCTION

i suspect that means i'm MENTALLY ILL

geri_khan posted:

Oooh neat. This should be good! Looking forward to more.

Is there anything new to DF since the last big LP that we can look forward to?

Evil weather. Minecarts. Necromancers, necromancy, secrets beyond human understanding and overhauled undead. Dwarves actually putting on new clothes when the old ones wear out.

May 15, 2012

geri_khan posted:

Oooh neat. This should be good! Looking forward to more.

Is there anything new to DF since the last big LP that we can look forward to?

Toady finished implementing the Big Three movie monsters.

Well, if you count Doctor Frankenstein as a necromancer, at least.

Minecarts are also in.

Dec 31, 2003

SirPenguin posted:

I love the tone and style of the first post. Very obviously apes DF's grammar and syntax rules without being absurd about it.

It's great. Reminds me a little of the style of Matul Remrit, which I was pleasantly surprised to discover just now is still updating regularly. It's a "non-interactive" LP, but well worth reading through.

Sep 27, 2011

Oh god I forgot that minecarts were added.

I'm sure nothing unfortunate will ever happen.

Internet Kraken
Apr 24, 2010

slightly amused

Here we go again.

Calling it now; the first death will be either me or Markus Bad Munki. The fighters are always the first to go in evil biomes.

EDIT: Already getting confused about who is who

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Jul 12, 2005

trapped in custom title factory, send help

Personally I'm not too worried about the little evil corner we have next to the site. But then I don't know if evil beasts and whatever else are going to roam outside of that area. Hopefully we'll get to see!

And man a lot of people want to be adult male dwarven sheriffs. I propose trial by combat


Feb 24, 2011

my desire to just be a FUCKING IDIOT all day long is rapidly overtaking my ability to FUNCTION

i suspect that means i'm MENTALLY ILL

Internet Kraken posted:

Here we go again.

Calling it now; the first death will be either me or Markus. The fighters are always the first to go in evil biomes.

What, not the butcher?

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