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Planet Piss
Dec 18, 2006

hey you kids, get out of my moat, it was not meant to be played in

Mister Snips posted:

This fucker right here.

The dreamcast and it's failure is a thing that's beaten to death but the VMU is the coolest. It let you trade save files and game data away from your console. It let you play game-specific minigames away from your console. When plugged into a controller it was a wee little display that a few games took advantage of. It also had a slammin' jammin' 128kb of game save storage

The coolest thing about the VMU though is it's ability to interact with your game saves away from the console with minigames - even if just by proxy of a wee little gameboy clone. It's something that hadn't been tried before and hasn't really been tried since.

Too bad nobody knew what to do with the VMU because only a good 30 of the ~800 dreamcast games have any VMU minigames and it's not like any of them are any more than thrown together gimmicks that probably only exist because of pressure from Sega

Those were pretty cool. I read in a video game magazine back in the day that in Japan you could save your game into the VMU, then take it to an arcade and stick it in the machine and play from your save. Don't think that ever really caught on in the US, probably since most arcades were dead and gone by the time the Dreamcast rolled out. I would put my Chao from Sonic Adventure on it and carry it around like a Gigapet. Speaking of...

Gigapets(or Tamagotchis, Digimon, etc.) were pretty sweet too. All the fun of a pet with no mess and significantly more annoying noises! Some were straight-up pet simulators; dogs and cats and the like, while others were cartoon or movie tie-ins(there was a Rancor Gigapet that I desperately wanted as a child[you could feed it people!!]), or little monstery things you could raise into horrible abominations. An interesting thing about the Tamagotchis was that depending on how you treated them, they'd grow into different types of monster. Also if you didn't clean up after them they would get sick and die and you would feel horrible.

(not pictured: poop, despair)

Digimon were neat too, they took the idea of raising a virtual monster to its logical conclusion: forcing them to fight to the death. There were monsters, sumos, and wrestlers as far as I remember. You could bring up a creature, train it, and then make it fight your friend's monsters for total schoolyard cred. By the way, if you made it fight too much it would get sick and die, or if you lost too many times it would also die. The Digimon had the same sort of thing the Tamagotchis did, where if you raised it a certain way, you'd get different monsters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

Overall, they were a fun little toy that existed mainly to teach kids about caring for a extremely needy imaginary creature, and to annoy the ever-loving poo poo out of parents and teachers.


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