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Jun 16, 2008

reading The Internet

Selling my 69 MG Midget. Completely restored it from a terrible eBay decision 3 years ago.

5-Speed Rivergate conversion
brand new replacement engine
electrics, wiring totally redone
New interior
Reupholstered Miata seats
Steel wheels and VTO Rims

Everything works and it only has about 1200 miles or so since its been back on the road.

Bonded title and passed inspection.

Asking $14,000 on Craigslist but willing to give big discounts to goons.

Text 281 844 Four Thousand and Twenty Eight or PM for more info, pictures and if interested

here's a picture of it next to some garbage

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Jun 16, 2008

reading The Internet

-Update on this car: Reducing the price to $8000. Willing to talk deals with anyone who has an interest.
It's an anomaly of an MG, as all the electrics are in top shape, car starts consistently, and it won't be a bitch to maintain.

Double Update: here's video of it starting and revving up a bit:

Here's the updated description:

For sale is a 1969 MG Midget.

This car has undergone a recently completed three year comprehensive restoration.
The body shell was media blasted, any damaged panels were replaced, and treated with POR-15.

Exterior paint is fresh, color from GM (Cyber Grey Metallic).

There are a few minor paint blemishes that will be fixed prior to sale.

The exterior trim is all replaced or refurbished. New door and trunk locks. Windshield from other MG, in good condition. All rubber seals new all around. Rear end differential replaced for steel wheels, new VTO rims installed. New wood trim steering wheel. New all season radial tires installed.

Suspension and brakes completely rebuilt. All hard brake lines and fuel lines replaced with new lines from a company in England. Engine was rebuilt from an MG mechanic out of Carlsbad, CA. Transmission was converted to a 5-speed through the Rivergate Conversion Kit. All electrical systems replaced, generator replaced with a 1 wire alternator, new mini fuse block added. Car starts immediately and runs smoothly.

Interior is all new including carpets from Moss, the seats were replaced with reupholstered Miata seats, and flat panels were re upholstered locally, correct for the Midget. The dash was modified for old style paint finish.

Complete with new convertible top and tonneau cover. Tonneau cover needs a bit of work.

This car has received a loving, top quality restoration with HIGH attention to detail. Anything that was not in good shape was scrapped and replaced. Car can be a cool custom for shows, or a daily driver for either you or a family member. Only about 1200-1500 miles have been put on the car since the restoration was done to check for any mechanical blips.

Title in hand, registered and inspected. Comes with car cover, manual and other miscellaneous MG things.

Bonded title and passed inspection.

Asking $8,000 but will talk deals with goons.

Text 281 844 Four Thousand and Twenty Eight or PM for more info, pictures and if interested

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