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Blunt Force Trauma
Mar 16, 2008

No one gives a fuck about shit.
So fuck your shit.
We fuck shit up,
Cause shit's fucked anyway.
Shit is run in to the ground.

I don't wanna think about it,
I just wanna get down.

When I was in my early teens I was really big in to pixel art and the sprite comics scene. I used to edit sprites from existing games (mostly Megaman as they were always the most popular and made fantastic templates) for other people to use in their sprite comics. I also did original work but I mostly just traced existing line art and then made small changes/did all of the shading.

Here are some I did from one of the Breath of Fire art books:

(there are things about this final version that still bug me to this day )

I would spend days on each of these. I wish I still had that kind of time to dedicate to something Most of it is long gone, which is good because it was embarrassingly terrible.

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Feb 6, 2007

I was into fedoras for a bit, but I have small amounts of circumstantial evidence suggesting at least one of my classmates did enjoy that.

I had a dream about airliner thrust-to-weight ratios, which I only remember at all because it was instigated by a flickr comment chain and subsequently when I described having it on facebook a friend remarked that "it sounded like porn."

I ran an off-topic strategy game internet forum popularity contest for a while, and became notorious as the "list-maker" as a result.

Also, King Sperg with regard to Tolkien at least in my social circle. At a certain point my older sister stopped trying to answer questions about the lore from her friends and simply passed them along to me.

And the rest of the skeletons in my closet will stay there thank you very much.

Jul 8, 2010

I stopped talking to one of my best friends for like two weeks because of a bad dota match.

That was like 3 months ago.

I had spreadsheets for my ~competitive pokemon teams~ in highschool, and even had a majority-electric team for a pokemon gym thing a bunch of people on another forum I post on were doing around the HG/SS launch. I put so many hundreds of hours into Pokemon games over the course of a couple months that I burned out entirely and just get depressed whenever I try and start one now. I soft-reset over 50 times to get a Kyogre with good IVs/nature, and never even wound up using him ever.

I totally drew kingdom hearts fanart in like 4th grade, thank god I didn't own any sort of scanner back then, or it definitely would have wound up on the internet.

Paper Jam Dipper
Jul 14, 2007

by XyloJW


From 1998 until around 2006 I believe.

I'm pretty sure I wrote a Bible's worth of roleplays, matches and segments of my pro wrestler, other peoples pro wrestler, etc. This isn't even including all of the stuff I wrote for EWR Diaries (a wrestling simulator).

I also spent money on domain names and hosting, purchased layouts, spent hours using Metacreation's Poser to create wrestler models, argued with people, ran my own promotion, moderated a wrestling forum, wrote giant depressing "I can't do this" retirement speeches and a whole bunch of other crap.

So yeah, I spent the better part of my teenage life writing pro wrestling fan fic pretty much.

Jul 23, 2003

ArbitraryC posted:

I think powertripping on stupid internet forums/clans/groups/whatever was a right of passage that taught you the true meaning of absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I have no clue why I wanted to be a forum mod where I liked to post, it seems like it'd be a huge drag on SA but I'm sure if I were 14 again I'd wish I was.

I wasn't a powertripping dickhead. I had a lot of friends there and I was representing the guys who made the game so I tried not to be a jerk. I probably actually ended up unbanning more people than I banned after GameSpy's lovely forum software ended up randomly banning a ton of users for no reason. Being a moderator on a high traffic forum is like having all the responsibility of a part time job with no paycheck. I imagine the mods here can get pretty burnt out. There's at least twice the traffic here and almost every thread ends up with some kind of poo poo flinging.

Ninja Bob
Nov 20, 2002


Dungeon Ecology posted:

There's probably a forums user named Ninja Bob. If so, you just gave him/her a new avatar.

Awesome. I might actually have to do that, I've had this avatar for ten years now, it could be time for a change.

Vaerai Archon
Jan 4, 2007

by Y Kant Ozma Post

I bargain hunt at liquidation outlets and used book stores.

Years ago there used to be a load of import shops in my area. They would sell poo poo cheaper than most areas. They would also get rid of their overstock by using nearby Liquidation Outlets. I would buy from both places because they were much cheaper than going to Sam Goody or Best Buy. Many times I got most DVDs for 25 cents each from the liquidation outlets. It wasn't uncommon to spend maybe 4 dollars and get 16 DVDs. They weren't pirated copies either. The economy killed the import stores and really none remain. Even the ones at the Pallasades mall closed.

Used Book Stores were another thing I also frequent. All of the ones I used to go to have closed other than the ones Barnes and Nobles that sells used books. But still you were maybe paying a nickle to a quarter per book. Barnes and Nobles used prices arn't all that bad, but unlike the smaller used book stores they know what something is worth. I think the last real great deal there I got from B&N was the Kiss Kompendium for 15 dollars. You can still find most books for a few bucks but nothign that was marked in cents.

Old Style Pilsner
Feb 14, 2012

Myself and several friends would, at one time, pack up camping equipment, rent several campsites in-line to each other at a nice, electric-served campground, and have LAN parties outside. You know, instead of camping. We would camp with computers.

I play Airsoft at least three times a week at a local indoor facility. I own more than five realistic toy guns. I have more than three camouflage sets, and several different ways to rig tactical gear.
I picked this up after the age of 21, despite having a pretty good sense of social anti-sperg propriety and get along fluidly with all kinds of different people, and I'm about to get a PSG-1 in trade specifically so I can display it.

I'm worried about myself and I'll need to find a pretty strange woman if I ever want to be touched sexually ever again. I'd better rent a storage unit and head over to YLLS.

Edit: For those outside the circle, Airsoft as a hobby/ sport as partaken in boils down to either Army LARP, or Fencing with guns. I fall pretty plainly into the latter category but if you know any avid fencers you know that it's not really a self-compliment.

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Pale Sickly Trevor
Sep 28, 2001

I went to a Dungeons and Dragons summer camp.

goku im piss
Mar 18, 2005

Your mama was a snowblower

At one point I thought blowing $200 on comics a month was a good idea.

Oct 26, 2009

Solus posted:

I have over 1000 hours in TF2.

1200 on MW2

I used to paint Warhammer figurines but never actually played with them. Not sure if that's more or less spergy than the alternative.

I tried to learn elvish when the Lotr movies came out (I was about 12), but it was too much effort.

Quantum of Phallus
Dec 27, 2010

Elman posted:

I used to paint Warhammer figurines but never actually played with them. Not sure if that's more or less spergy than the alternative.

Yeah this was me too, I just liked to paint and make the models but even as a young lad I knew there was some serious nerds in the local Games Workshop.

Jan 5, 2008

I once turned down [cool thing] because I wanted to do [uncool thing]

Dec 13, 2009

Turtle flu

When I was sixteen, I wrote an epic novel-length (200k words) Gundam Wing fanfiction.

To date, it's still the most devoted I've ever been to a project.

I also still maintain what I'm told is the most comprehensive fansite for a particular comic book character. I pretend to be ashamed of that, but I'm actually not.

Blood Nightmaster
Sep 6, 2011

I got put in time-out once during a softball game in the first grade for acting out a scene from the first Silent Hill game. (Not as hilarious as it sounds, unfortunately)

In about second or third grade, our music teacher played us a foreign-sounding song and told us it was often accompanied by a performance of people dancing with scimitars.

: Does anyone here know what a scimitar is?"

I only knew because it was a weapon proficiency in Baldur's Gate.

I also helped write a terrible Animal Crossing webcomic at about 11 or so with about four other (slightly older) kids that somehow devolved into a coping mechanism for a co-author's teen drama. The comic itself is lost to the ages but amazingly I can still find loving fanart for it. I have no idea how we even got popular enough for that!

Mar 30, 2003

I'm a passive-aggressive Brony who prefers to argue on the internet by buying people red-text avatars.

With all the money I've spent on avatars, I could have donated to a suicide prevention hotline, and saved a life.

Grimey Drawer

I think I was around 18 at the time this happened. My girlfriend complained one day that when she came over during the week to stay over I'd be too busy playing Counter Strike to even notice her get naked on the bed behind me. Obviously I told her of course I would.

Well the very next time she stayed over, I was again playing Counter Strike. And yes she lay on the bed naked for 15 minutes before I even realised. And then, then I carried on playing.

We broke up not long after.

Mar 25, 2005

I have DM'ed D&D campaigns that resulted in fist fights.
I once had a deck of M:TG cards thrown at me because of an argument over interrupts vs. instants.
I GM'ed many Vampire: The Masquerade games.

Now I earn a living as a pit boss in a casino: It all led up to this career. Games are games...procedure is procedure. Rules are rules.

Being a huge lawyering nerd can pay off...poorly. Still, it has definitely prepared me for my casino job.

The aspy is strong in me.

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Jun 18, 2008

Pizza Dude posted:

I regularly corner people and spend 30 minutes to an hour telling them about modular synthesizers.

Yo you can corner me anytime

Dec 18, 2003

Your authority is not recognized in Fort Kickass.

In the year 2000, I dyed my hair blue, wore a faux retro Atari logo t-shirt, and drew Tenchi Muyo fan art.

My PIN is 4826
Aug 30, 2003

Fallen Rib

I won a T-shirt from Microsoft with the .NET logo and a print that said "No I will not fix your *&$^ computer" or something, which my 14 year old self wore proudly to school.

I also had a "STFU n00b" tshirt from my Counter-strike clan. My little brother now wears it ironically around his art school friends.

May 10, 2012

I once made a character on Aetolia.

I bought several Warhammer 40K figurines.

Luckily I escaped both sperg-groups and the associated lizard-kin surprise sex fic'ers and 40 year old basement dwellers who were hugely into them, respectively.

Now at the age of 23 I just sperg about pokemon nuzlockes (to people who are interested, unless I'm drunk).

oh, also i had '/sarcasm' on my high school jersey...

Feb 10, 2011

I used to spend the entire on my computer when I was like 10, and was so quiet my grandmother routinely forgot to get me lunch when she went to town. I still spend the entire day on my computer, but now I get paid for it.

Jun 28, 2010

MattD1zzl3 posted:

When I was 15 I managed to get this attractive girl into my room, sitting on my bed, without once thinking I had a chance to bed her. (Hope that doesn't sound creepy, I defiantly had a shot) I spent a few minutes showing off my computer and gundam model collection, than left.

Hindsight me will never forgive teenage me.

A variation of this happened to me at 15. Some friends and I were taking ballroom/salsa dance lessons at that time (to get chicks, which for some strange reason never happened) and each Sunday evening there would be this dance party where you could practice the moves you had been taught during the week.

So this one cute girl at school asked if I'd be there this sunday, and I said I would, proceeded to forget that exchange and rather played Diablo 2 with friends that evening.

So she calls me from there at 9pm and tells me she will just come to my place. She was there an hour later, on foot. In high heels, black short skirt. At 15, she walked like that for an hour through the night, to come see me. Which did not register at all for me, I was doing Cow runs and on my way to level 95. She sat on my bed, even took off the skirt because it was 'too uncomfortable' and was just there in some black hotpants. I told my friends in D2 about how I totally had a chick over and in my bed, yet proceeded to do cowruns. She left half an hour later, which was fine with me.

To this day I could punch myself in the face for that evening. It took 2 more years until I finally had a girlfriend.

Aug 19, 2005

Work. Work never changes.

Oh man, some more things I have tried and failed to forget:

In high school, my friend who originally introduced me to computer nerdery and gaming had a fairly large Starcraft clan and I had a Diablo clan and a trainer release group/gamehacking community website. We decided to merge all of these under one name and website. What as a pretty active SC community with a few really good players turned to poo poo because people understandably didn't want to be associated with guys who make cheats, so I don't know why we thought this was such a good idea. We took this way, way too seriously like we were overseeing a major corporate merger. We made a three-branch leadership system with each of us having different roles, and the 3rd co-leader being some mutual Internet friend of ours who was meant to "keep us honest." Lots of bickering ensued. We almost got into a fight at school because I wanted someone banned from the channel and he didn't. Ugh.

When I was 9 I read my neighbor's college physics books and I watched bad sci-fi. I filled maybe a dozen notebooks with formulas I didn't understand but they were cool because they were SCIENCE, diagrams, drawings of made-up machines and ridiculous weapons, and silly theories mostly involving black holes and time travel. I also wrote stories and essays about what I would change if I went back to the past or met an alien or whatever. I stopped this when my dad discovered my notebooks and told me "this is Satan working through you."

Aug 9, 2010

I caught them all.

More specifically, I caught every pokemon in the first 4 gens (that's 491 different pokemon) by myself, without trading with the exception of the legendaries that can't be caught within the game.

I did that as an adult over years of on and off playing. I had to play through most of the games several times but now my pokedex on Diamond Version is complete. There's since been new games released but I only had time to do it when I was a student and to be honest it's a tedious grind that I don't want to repeat.

You can add "played World of Warcraft when I was supposed to be doing x" to that as well on innumerous occassions.

May 1, 2009

Time to go into that vault of painful memories I've sunk to the bottom of my brain space.

I ran around as my totally original character Bahamut The Dragon king in way to many mmos in my youth.

I played on the German server Dratchenfel in Ultima Online while not knowing a lick of German. I was just a wee kid that couldn't type very fast back then, so this was more or less just a crutch so I wouldn't have to talk all that much.

I played Graal Online a not so massively multiplayer goofy rear end Zelda clone for to many a year in my teens.

Online girlfriends, white knighting, and WoW addiction.

Here's one that really irks me, humming and tapping game and anime themes way to loudly hoping somebody would recognize it, they never did.

Nov 23, 2010

In my last year of gymnasium I spent about 8 hours a day for 6 months scripting and designing a custom map for Warcraft III. It never got finished, sadly.
The map got me the highest grade available for the "big project" class everyone had to take for the last year, though. I also learned a whole lot about coding and it helped me choose my University major, so I guess that's nice.

Since 2004 I have spent alot of time talking about, designing and playing custom levels for the game Jazz Jackrabbit 2. It was released in 1998. I still have a few levels that I work on and intend to release.

I still read weekly. Whenever a new Sonic game is announced, I get super excited and read and watch everything about it I can get my hands on. I even have Sonic music on my phone as of writing this.

I don't think I sperged out too much in school, though. I had some insane ideas and things I wanted to do in front of my fellow schoolmates, but luckily I didn't. I kept my spergy hobbies to myself.

I did attend some anime/videogame conventions a few years ago. I thought the whole experience was super awkward though, except for getting to see Machinae Supremacy live and dancing my rear end off to Goto80 playing live. He even signed my copy of "Made on Internet"! That was awesome, and made up for the general awkwardness of just being there.

No regrets!

Oh god, except for the time I put on a crappy "Magic Show" infront of the whole school in the 6th grade. Dear god, that was awkward.

abraham linksys
Sep 6, 2010

I loving love roller coasters like an old-school sperg loves trains. When I was a kid, I had a VHS tape with POV videos of a bunch of coasters (Viper @ SFMM, Alpengeist, Magnum, etc.) and got Roller Coaster Tycoon and it was downhill from there.

Now I mostly just watch YouTube videos of POVs and keep hoping that No Limits 2 comes out some day

also sometimes I actually ride roller coasters

havent heard a peep
May 29, 2003

When Steve Jobs died it wasn't the first job I'd lost that week.

Some dude just bought me 2* Mysts of Pandaria and 2 * Heart of the Swarm for listening to him tell me how his girlfriend of five months convinced him to spend money on first class tickets to Switzerland to visit CERN for a week and how that's the sexiest thing anyone has ever done for him. I should probly suck some bogs' and move to Sweden before this catches on!

Feb 22, 2010

no words necessary

Oh geez, where to even start ...

All of elementary was me being a super weeaboo with my friends. Pokemon was serious business back then, though mostly the gameboy version, as I went to a Catholic elementary school and the TCG was the devil's work or whatever their reason for banning the cards were. I used to hack the poo poo out of my game so I could show off Mew and be cool, but I was too scared to say I used a Gameshark and would say I moved the truck or whatever the rumor for getting Mew was back then We were also heavily into Tenchi Muyo and would pretend to be the characters during recess after school. Loudly. And we'd keep pretending to be the characters if someone outside of our group approached us during recess, too

High school was worse. It was just me and two others from the old group and we discovered manga and subtitled anime. We used to draw tons of InuYasha and YuGiOh fanart, would find "obscure" anime and assign ourselves characters to be from it (though thank god we didn't try to actually be them), and would try to write manga stories. I wrote two thick ring-binder books worth of one story and it's completely terrible and embarrassing I also ended up dating my male friend from our tiny group but dumped him because I was a terrified nerd girl and ended up leaping to date some guy I met on the internet who was RPing my favorite character at the time from the Tales Of series. He even flew in from Texas to go on a date with me I am so lucky he wasn't a crazy rapist. To put the icing on that cake, dumped him too when I realized that oh god a boy is actually serious about a nerdy geek nerd like me ABORT ABORT!! Basically, I was a terrible person as a teenager.

More recently, I was RPing online quite a bit and was super serious about it for a time to where I did a lot of stupid things to keep myself on top of things (staying home from work/school and nearly failing or losing my job due to absences just because I wanted to get my character involved in an event first because that's obviously more important you see ), but I've since quit that. But unfortunately not before being way too excited about it (it was new and exciting and people liked my writing a lot so of course Everyone Must Know! ) and talking to my two friends about it like crazy, to the point where one of them gets visibly disgusted if I even mention RP while comparing it to something else. I also make excuses to say I'm too busy to do something when I get a new game though, but I don't do it too often anymore!

I think ...

Aug 19, 2005

Work. Work never changes.

High school, 2001, senior English. Everyone had to do a "senior project" to pass the class and graduate high school. The instructions were: create something, do a presentation about it, and have some sort of paper with words to turn in with it. I was making and selling website templates at the time and I knew I was the only geek in the class so I decided I could just show off some code and get away with anything because no one would know what the gently caress. I said I designed "an assembly line approach to front-end web development," used a lot of jargon to explain my totally new thing and printed out some of my rad graphics. Then I was like, "You guys know about WYSIWYG editors like FrontPage? Check this: I type my own code. By hand. In Notepad. " *passes around printed pages of HTML*

Mar 16, 2009

In my freshman year of high school, there was a boy I liked in my art class. He was really smart and (comparatively) mature and even had an almoustache. I desperately wanted to at least be his friend, but I couldn't bring myself to so much as look him in the eye.

At this point in my life, I was at the beginning of a brief affair with anime. I read Death Note and filled the back of my sketchbook with sketches of pointy people with big eyes.

Near the end of the year, the weather was beautiful, so the art class went outside to draw trees and such. I secured a spot next to the object of my creepy affections and, in a feat of Herculean effort, started up a conversation about socialism with him (He was a big ol' suburban Communist).

Things were going amazing well for a while, but then a stiff breeze picked up. I kept a firm elbow on my sketchbook, but in a moment of excitement lifted it up. Immediately, the air filled with shakey, confused nudes of Sesshomaru and Roy Mustang.

In retrospect, I don't know if he even got a good look at any of them. I shrieked and gathered my shame up in my arms, then dashed into the bathroom, where I stayed for the rest of the class period in a sweaty, tearful fog. For the next for years, I never came within ten feet of him.

Women's Rights?
Nov 16, 2005

Ain't give a damn

Did anyone else spend hours of time in the Red Dragon Inns on AOL? You know, those super nerdy RP taverns where everyone was a half dragon vampire elven god?

I spent so much time in those chat rooms that my parents got fed up and bought me my own account so they could actually log on every so often to check their email. Was I happy for the gift? Oh hell no! Now I had to establish a new character! This is bullshit man!

Apr 24, 2007

This isn't going to stop until Pictionary bans the word windmill.

In middle school I carried around 2nd and 3rd edition (A)D&D books and wore a t shirt that said "All Your Dice Are Belong To Us". Oh man, I haven't thought about that shirt in a while and it is not a pleasant memory.

Nov 13, 2005

I spent maybe 4 years playing EVE Online. The spergiest of spergy MMOs. Didn't even enjoy playing for a couple of years but kept up with it because I was so invested in the outcomes of various space wars.

e: sometimes I stayed up past midnight to fight space battles

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Taco Pirate
Jun 3, 2011

Women's Rights? posted:

Did anyone else spend hours of time in the Red Dragon Inns on AOL? You know, those super nerdy RP taverns where everyone was a half dragon vampire elven god?

I spent so much time in those chat rooms that my parents got fed up and bought me my own account so they could actually log on every so often to check their email. Was I happy for the gift? Oh hell no! Now I had to establish a new character! This is bullshit man!

So much time. I think I changed my RP profile every week when I was 13-14. My character description was incredibly flowery and detailed.

Also at that same time I became a regular contributor to an AOL Pokemon-related email list. I can't remember anything specifically embarrassing I might have said on there but I do remember there were way too many people who wrote Pokemon fanfics.

Oct 23, 2005

Food fight!

When I was a freshman in high school, one of our book assignments in English class was to pick any book we wanted and do something creative as a project for it. So I read this:

That's right, Magic the Gathering fiction. And for my project I wrote a little play featuring the characters. I got some of the most popular kids in my grade at the time to act out the scenes in class by giving them gum. This happened almost 14 years ago, and I'm actually blushing right now over how embarrassing that probably looked.

I was also in band, and I did nothing but study when I was an undergrad. Between the ages of 23 and 27 I did almost nothing except work and read classic literature. I didn't start dating women until I was 26.

I never got into anime though, and I've never played an MMO. So there's that.

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Jan 8, 2006
You must be this funky to ride.

I brought my Sim City 2000 manual (which was quite a large book, if I remember) to primary (elementary) school, to read during lunch or something, I don't know. I somehow lost it, and proceeded to visit all the classrooms in the school to see if anyone had seen it, with no shame at all.

Ray Milkbringer
Sep 7, 2008

Damn fool, I knew that you were gonna say that.

In elementary school, shortly after Pokemon came out, I realized during lunch that on the back of the plastic spoons there were random numbers going from 001 to 200. I had memorized the sequential order of all 151 Pokemon, so everyone would go around the table handing me their spoons and I would tell them what Pokemon they were.

Also, won every school spelling bee possible. All of the individual classes would have their own bee, and the winner of each went on to the school. The kids in my class each year wouldn't even bother to try.

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Jul 18, 2009

I have Yakko's World memorized and still do.

I made my own Gameshark codes.

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