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Feb 21, 2006

I fell asleep last night while reading about the battle of Stalingrad...and I think it influenced the dream I had, though only partially. I don't remember the first part of the dream too well, but it involved some kind of life-or-death struggle, I know that that must have been the world war II inspired part. The second part was a lot more light-hearted, and is a lot more clear in my mind:

I was in a huge group of people who were hanging out inside and in front of a giant garage. By giant garage, I mean a normal sized two-car garage that has been blown up in proportion so that it's as big as an airplane hangar. Anyways, we're all hanging out, and I have this vague thought in the dream that we're all a bunch of refugees...but at the same time we're all having a great time, and people are smiling and laughing. In the center of the garage, extending almost to the walls (which are lined with people just hanging out), are a bunch of stools. Rows, and rows of stools fill this garage. Most of them are wooden, but some are fancy-pants steel stools with swivelling leather/padded seats and all that. I decided I wanted to walk on top of the stools, so I climb up, and start hopping from stool to stool. As I get closer to the opening of the garage, I notice that the garage door (which is giant sized, like the garage itself) is completely detached and is lying precariously on top of the stools in that area. I jump on top of it, struggling to keep my balance as it shifted around on the stools, and then jumped from it to a piece of plywood that is lying on top of some adjacent stools. And there just so happened to be a scantily clad sexy lady sitting on that plywood. Nice! I tell her that she's pretty, and she smiled. We were about to commence some certain athletic activities , but then I woke up . I'm not sure how I got from the battle of Stalingrad and death and horror to that, but there it is.

That was a pretty abstract dream, but I've been having a lot of very real-feeling and vivid dreams lately, sometimes on multiple nights in a row. The kind of dreams with tons of detail, and a larger amount of realism vs. retardedness, where you remember them perfectly, and don't realize at all that you're dreaming until you wake up. Here's one I had a couple weeks ago:

I was climbing some giant Himalayas-sized mountain, but it was in California, and I was climbing it with Sergio Romo. This was a drawn-out dream, and a lot of it was spent simply climbing. I remember the wind, the cold, the snow, the views, making small talk, etc. Eventually it starts to get dark and we set up camp. Unfortunately, a huge storm comes along, and we're afraid the wind is going to blow us off the side of the mountain. Luckily there was a cave just a few dozen feet farther up the mountain side, and we go take refuge in there. We sit in the cold, and watch our tent, hoping that it doesn't get blown away. Then we notice that we forgot to bring our packs with us, and they're getting slowly pushed through the snow by the wind, towards the edge of the mountain. Sergio Romo wasn't about to let us lose our bags though and ran out into the blizzard to get them. Right as he's about to reach them, a huge wind gust picks them up and launches them towards the edge, but Romo just reaches out and snags both of them in his arms, saving them at the last second. Then he did a victory dance.

Then I woke up. And start my journey up the same mountain with a friend and his girlfriend. The trip is less extreme this time, and while we're hanging out at one of our camp sites, I tell my friends about the crazy dream I had where I was climbing that very mountain with Sergio Romo, of all people. They agreed it was pretty funny. We talk some more, and go to sleep.

Then I woke up. And climb the same mountain again, this time with my mother and sister. Now there's no snow at all, and the weather is very nice. We make it to the top and enjoy the view, and I tell them about the weird dream-within-a-dream I had where I had climbed that same mountain with Sergio Romo and my friends. They laughed and agreed that it was pretty funny.

Then I woke up again, for real.

The day before that I had a dream where I was skateboarding and smoking weed and eating microwave pizza with Pablo Sandoval. I think the SF Giants installed a microchip in my brain or something


Molten Llama
Sep 20, 2006

IronClaymore posted:

Even worse when you dream about high school exams and you've been in college for four years

For four years after leaving college, I had recurring dreams about not getting my degree because of missed exams. I can't even tell you how many mornings I woke up sure that I'd ruined it all.

Eventually those gave way to an even-more-horrifying series of dreams where, due usually to some clerical error on the part of the university, they took my degree back, and I had no recourse due to some university policy.

I haven't had school nightmares for a while now, but I probably will tonight thanks to this thread.

Jul 10, 2001
some obscure reference

I dreamed of a Wal-mart bathroom that was an obstacle course. I couldn't make it and had to climb out of the pit. Climbing back to the top I saw that in addition to bathroom facilities, there was a foot massaging station at the end of the obstacle course. Leaving the bathroom, I told my friend Manny to check it out, even if he didn't have to use the bathroom.

Jul 19, 2000

Oh well. While I do usually remember my dreams immediately after waking up, I tend to forget about them pretty quickly afterwards, unless I make a special effort to remember. So because of this thread I made a point of remembering what I dreamed about last night just so I could post it in this thread, and ... oh dear god, I'm such a horrible nerd because, I poo poo you not, I dreamed about a Zero Punctuation video game review. You know, those things where this English bloke makes videos with stick figure characters reenacting scenes from whatever game he's reviewing in a humorous way while talking over it really fast. Yeah. It wasn't about a real game or anything, just something my subconscious made up, the only thing I still remember was that he was complaining about some sort of fetch quest while his stick figures were trying to push rickshaws to make them align with some markings in the ground and oh god I don't even know

EDIT: I just realized this post could have gone in the sperg confessions thread just as much as in here

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Carrot Wheel
May 6, 2007

time is like a circle which is endlessly described

I was watching a porn starring Alton Brown, and he was describing his sex acts in the same tone he used to describe cooking methods on Good Eats.

Criminally stylish
Dec 12, 2010

It's totally fine if you want to ride my disco-stick.

This night I remembered alot of my dream when I woke up, but unfortunately I dont remember that much now. At least here is what I do remember;

I was in a mall with two people, and it was in a kind of zombie apocalypse scenario. We were just walking around trying to be quiet and not attract any zombies, when one of the guys suggested going down to the underground parking lot and hijack a car. The other guy suggested a 90's car, as he said they were more reliable. The other guy told him that he was a enjoyable human being for liking 90's cars. We proceeded to go down some set of stairs to the cars. I could hear a car running and somehow I instinctively knew it was a 90's car. The guy who wanted it chose the door leading to the sound while me and the other guy continued downwards. The 90's car guy got instantly swarmed and horribly mauled by zombies as he attempted to get to his car.

Me and the survivor opened a door and went into the parking lot. For some reason there was cars driving around and people chilling/talking but no zombies. We ran towards a parked car which the guy claimed was his, and just as I was about to reach it my alarm rang and I woke up.

Jul 23, 2005

I dreamed I was working in the M&M mines in the mountains. Looked like Tibet or some place. I wasn't working in the mines though; it was some kind of vacation. I had my chisel and I chipped away in the red clay-rock to find the M&M candies but the few I found usually broke. At one point in a manmade cave I found a lot of raw gold ore on an oak table and swept what I could in my pockets while nobody was looking. I think there was also a love interest. Then I dreamed about having to clean myself in a public bathroom that had at least 35 stalls--each stall had only a shower head and the walls and tiles were avocado green.

All of my dreams involve either climbing things or being stuck in a labyrinthine building; usually an inescapable bazaar or shopping mall.

The Candyman
Aug 19, 2010

by T. Finninho

A cult had set up shop in a wooden military fortress next to a bus stop (more high tech than normal bus stops btw). I got kidnapped and tortured, after which I escaped and stabbed someone in gory detail. Not an especially nice dream.

edit: Sadly, several of my dreams have involved computer game interfaces

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Mar 15, 2012

My dream was basically flashbacks of strange surreal poo poo I've seen on lsd, namely exotic animals that were out of place.(High Park in Toronto is pretty loving bizarre at night what with Bison and peacocks and crazy people).

on time for once
Jan 21, 2003

There was a machine that let humans communicate with cats and I found out mine was really upset that I'd had her spayed. I agreed to be a surrogate mother for her and ended up giving birth to kittens all over the place while attempting to go about my everyday life like there weren't hundreds of kittens coming out of me.

Jul 19, 2008

I had become a vampire skeleton? Later Then i was on another planet whit my brother and friends for hundreds of years as as immortal cyborgs.

Apr 25, 2003

I dreamed I had to play a graphing calculator trivia game in order to receive my unemployment checks. So I played it in the dirtiest bathroom imaginable, and kept washing my hands because I thought they were dirty. Only problem is that the sink and everything in it was covered with poop.

And for some reason the first 4 problems were inverse problems, meaning the right answer was automatically the wrong one. And I kept having to start over the game because I kept forgetting that fact. Oh yeah, and I was in the CALIFORNIA airport.

Nov 4, 2011

I dreamed my bed was surrounded by alligator snapping turtles and they were trying to get me. It was terrifying. No more Turtleman before I go to bed.

Nov 17, 2004

Sorry guys, I'm just a donut.

I dreamed that I woke up and looked out my bedroom window, and there was a cop car pulled over on the street, and a cop was standing just outside my backyard and staring at me with binoculars. Then I realized I was actually awake but still dreaming, which happens occasionally to me. Freaked me the gently caress out. Had to check a minute later when I was fully awake that there was no voyeuristic cop.

everyone wear hats now
Jul 29, 2010

I have a lot of dreams from a 3rd person perspective. I dreamed about wasps, floating in the ocean voiced by Billy West. Immediately the dream switched to Fish, spinning around and laughing, which switched again to a goose sitting underwater in a torn Victorian style dress breathing through a large number of snorkel tubes tied together, reciting bad poetry. Then all the blood left my body through my nostrils and eyes.

Jul 9, 2009

Fun Shoe

Recently, for the first time in my life, I had long periods of sleep where I don't remember my dreams and nothing significant seems to happen. That is, until a few days ago when I started having a crapton of weird-rear end dreams to make up for it.

The first night it happened, two dreams really stood out. In one, I was in the kitchen of the restaurant I work at, and I was helping cook. Instead of the the regular cook though, there was an evil-looking old Asian man who was being really mean to everyone. He started to come slowly towards me with a knife, so I grabbed the big meat cleaver that the cook who wasn't there uses. He laughed and told me I was too afraid to use it, so I hacked his neck with it so his head was just hanging by the back of his spine, which I then chopped clean off. I was traumatized within the dream as if I really had just cut a dude's head off.

The next one was actually really neat. I had gone back in time to about 1995 and met my parents. I was spent the whole dream just chatting and hanging out with them while telling them about all the stuff that was going to happen in the next decade or so. I remembered telling them that our president was black, computers were more advanced, and gas was really expensive. I completely forgot to warn them about 9/11.

Jul 19, 2000

Jellymouth posted:

Recently, for the first time in my life, I had long periods of sleep where I don't remember my dreams and nothing significant seems to happen. That is, until a few days ago when I started having a crapton of weird-rear end dreams to make up for it.
Did you recently change your sleep schedule? From what I understand (not a sleep scientist or anything of the sort) whether or not you'll be able to remember a dream or not when waking up is pretty much a function of which sleep phase you were in when you woke up. You are usually only really able to remember the dream you had in your last dream phase during which you woke up, if you wake up during one of the dreamless deep-sleep phases then you won't be remembering any dreams (and also feel really lovely, sleepy and unrested for the rest of the day).

Feb 13, 2010


So in real life I have seborrheic dermatitis (really bad dandruff, essentially) that flares up every now and then. But in my dream, it had flared up so badly, and I had gotten so sunburned, that my scalp was flaking off in little strips of thick-cut bacon.

Yes, I ate it. And I shared with my friend, who has a shaved head and thus no scalp bacon of his own.

Feb 21, 2006

Me and some friends had to clean up the water from our well that had exploded in some kind of catastrophe (the surrounding buildings had all exploded too). The water had shot out and then a lot of it had run back down into a little basin where the well had once been, and formed a large puddle. Some dude had been showing us around the destruction, and told us that we had to move that water over to a nearby swimming pool. Unfortunately there was no electricity so we couldn't use a water pump to transfer the water, meaning our only option was to use some lengths of a cut-up hose to siphon the water. We were about to start when I realized that the water had been all mixed up in the dirt and rubble around us before pooling in that one spot, and who knew what kind of nasty poo poo was in it. So I stopped my friends, telling them there's no way I'm putting that water in my mouth, and they shouldn't either. They agreed, and then I woke up. I fell back asleep, and then had another dream, where I was on the beach with some people. One of those people was my cousin who was sunbathing near the edge of the water, but she was too close, and a wave came and engulfed her. As it receded it dragged a couple of her books with it, and I went and saved them. Then I woke up again.

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Oct 9, 2012

There was one dream I had maybe a decade ago as a child. My sister was about 4 or 5 at the time.

I dreamed that I walked into a dimly lit fast food Chinese restaurant (or at least that's the notion I get of the place while remembering it) and along the wall to the right of the entrance was what look like a laundry area. My sister was sitting on one of the shelves, but she looked more like a fat, pudgy doll then a kid and was wearing this really old purple flowery dress she wore as a baby, and as I watched she tilted over and fell into the open washing machine. Idk if the machine turned on or not, but I remember crossing to the other side of the room and finding a sort of enclosed slide. Just before the slide was a window that showed me I was in space. As I slid down the slide I caught glimpses of earth through cracks or windows that I wasn't sure existed. At some point on the slide I woke up.

This is the dream I remember most vividly for some reason. The only other one I remember is a cinematic view of an orange Hot Wheels car from a game cube Hot Wheels game I used to play. It drove around a strange looking city at night while a Hindi song, Ya Ali from Gangster, played in the background.

Aug 27, 2006

I dreamed about my office supply person letting my choose from a bunch of new pens with gel grips, I took a new mechanical pencil. I was pretty happy about it. This morning when I got to work and realised I had no new stationary, I thought warmly of the luckier me living the dream in dreamland.

Jan 25, 2006

beep boop

I had a dream I was a playing Katamari Damacy, and then it turned into a place that I actually existed in called "Crumb". It's a place many people go if they don't deserve to directly go to heaven. Similar the game, it involves cleaning things up. If you do enough work, you graduate to heaven. The door there leads to a padded room where the floor, ceiling and walls looked like the obstacle course pads in middle school gym class. The door closed behind me, and the only place to go was off a cliff. I fell off and landed many feet below, and didn't hurt because people in heaven are invincible.

Mar 10, 2012

Mescal posted:

All of my dreams involve either climbing things or being stuck in a labyrinthine building; usually an inescapable bazaar or shopping mall.

Come out of the closet already! I think we can all tell what this represents!

About 60% of my dreams are zombie apocalypse dreams. No joke. They're not scary or anything and I always end up having a really good time just bashing zombies in all day and riding around on dirt bikes and stuff like that.

Maybe this represents that I'm always fleeing from my latent homosexuality?

Also, one night I had a dream where I went into space and met God. He said he was sad that everyone on earth was using him for their own agendas and distorting everything he did. He had the power to create worlds but no powers to influence them and it made him really sad that the world he created became so violent and unjust.

This kind of god is so much more likable then the one everyone believes in.

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Mar 10, 2012

Oops doublepost

fail baku
Aug 6, 2008

by Y Kant Ozma Post

Walking on the street in front of some government building and I heard a loud bang, then I got caught in an atomic blast and woke up. I often get woken up by atomic blasts for some reason. Also before I "die" I always ironically reflect on the bad luck of my city being specifically targeted.

Went back to sleep, I was at EB or something and I asked the clerk if he had any copies of Warcraft 3 left and he said sure but you shouldnt play it because it will only waste years of your life, he was speaking from experience. The girl clerk next to him laughed. Then he gave me Warcraft III battle chest and he had put a yellow sticky note on it and the note said "DO NOT PLAY" and the girl laughed again then I woke up.

Feb 18, 2011

I played Planetside with Joe Biden. He told a story of watching a kid "quarter up," which is (according to him) when you put a quarter on the arcade machine to claim the next play. But then his family left, so he had to leave. He told this story when someone crashed while doing well, the moral of it being that you should always make sure that you don't quarter up before you have to go.

the kawaiiest
Dec 22, 2010

Uguuuu ~

I was a character in Wheel of Time. Obama and Piers Morgan were there. We were going to Tar Valon.

Darth Brooks
Jan 15, 2005

I'm only a crimefighter doing his best, stumbling into the night.

I had a dream that Tom Selleck had been a paid assassin and he killed people by throwing chicken nuggets at their heads.

Jul 23, 2005


Come out of the closet already! I think we can all tell what this represents!

I just woke up from the ultimate climbing dream! This one's real straight though.

I dreamed I lived in a long, narrow house and needed new roommates. So two attractive college-aged lesbians and my uncle moved into one room. My other family was there too, because it was going to be Thanksgiving. Somehow we decided that we should all go see Rocky Horror Picture Show. To get there, we (and some other folks) had to go across the world's biggest monkey bar challenge. It was like all the different stuff at a playground that you climb and go across. Combined with water park tubes and things. It stretched as far as the eye could see. Underneath was a massive lake. So you better not fall! Up, over, down... it was exhausting. Arnold Rothstein was there and tried to trick us into taking a wrong turn at a monkey bar fork; it didn't work because he had it wrong and he ended up behind all of us. Tomorrow was thanksgiving and I knew I'd be too sore to be useful.

At this point some of the more athletic members of our party were so far ahead I couldn't see them any more. I was worried about it getting late. Anyway, I was really developing a crush on this girl who was doing that climb. I'd met her just that day. She was a pretty young black woman who had (I'd feel disappointed to learn later) a quite flat chest. I asked her to marry me. She said yes, and I knew we were making a mistake.

Naturally the wedding would be held immediately; as soon as we got to the Rocky Horror mansion. Then I was like, wait a minute, aren't those guys cannibals? Wasn't that in the movie? I wasn't worried enough to call off our plans. There wasn't a choice either--the interminable monkey bars ended at the mansion and I couldn't avoid it. The ceremony was nice. Dr Frank-n-furter wasn't there, but plenty of creepy characters were. The only one I remember specifically was the girl with the short pink hair from the movie.

Now it was getting late; the group was to stay the night. I was feeling antsy while talking to my family and getting used to saying the phrase "my wife." I was too tired from the climb to consummate the marriage and feeling generally worried about having rushed into such a thing with a girl I barely knew.

The next day we had to go a hundred yards or so over the short remaining length of monkey bars to get to the parking lot. Willy Wonka was waiting right there for us with our luggage. He was very nice but I got the impression that he was somehow behind the whole thing.

TL;DR: Went across the world's biggest monkey bars for thanksgiving; got married to a stranger; met Rocky Horror people; it was a scheme by Willy Wonka all along.

Mister Facetious
Apr 21, 2007

The fact that PC gamers not only like, but defend favourably comparing themselves to history's most infamous genocidal supremacists as a positive attribute to aspire to says everything you need to know about gamer culture.

Fuck your Master Race, I'm the PC Antifa.

After four-plus years of playing Call of Duty games, I have this recurring dream that wherever the dream is set (school, warehouse district, fantasy castle, etc.), I and maybe others I can never remember are being attacked by military forces.
I have a gun (usually a pistol, sometimes a rifle/smg of indeterminate type), and when I try to kill them, nothing fires out.

Aug 27, 2003

I can wet the bed in the shape of Abraham Lincoln

Mescal posted:

He was very nice but I got the impression that he was somehow behind the whole thing.

Come out of the closet already! I think we can all tell what this represents!

Oct 14, 2012

Lately, I have been having this recurring dream both day dreaming and during regular sleep.

The dream/nightmare is about me walking down a pathway and this guy who is really tall maybe 6'7"+ easily 325lbs is waiting for me and he puts me in a choke hold. He is wearing dirty blue overalls, like a mechanic's. I don't know what he wants but I get this feeling that he is on the run and is looking for a place to hide.

Another strange part is the pathway always changes. It can be the hallway in my house, the gangway on the outside or something random. It never is the same place.

Dungeon Ecology
Feb 8, 2011

I had a dream that John Denver threw a frog, reluctantly, over a waterfall. It survived and lived to be very large, for frog standards. Many years later, John became romantically involved with the frog.

Weird Fishes
Oct 11, 2007

on time for once posted:

There was a machine that let humans communicate with cats and I found out mine was really upset that I'd had her spayed. I agreed to be a surrogate mother for her and ended up giving birth to kittens all over the place while attempting to go about my everyday life like there weren't hundreds of kittens coming out of me.

This is hilarious to me, I could see this as a Robot Chicken sketch or something.

Few nights ago I dreamed my roommate worked at my company for some reason, and we were in the labs in our lab coats and goggles having a dance-off to the Bowie-Jagger version of "Dancing in the Streets." The custodians eventually got involved, and me and my roommie were busting out sick dance moves and high-fiving and being all "gently caress yeah!" until I woke up still drunk at 5:30 in the morning with Dancing in the Streets blasting on my speakers and a dip in my mouth. I had been asleep for like 3 hours. Downed a bottle of Listerine and passed the gently caress out.

Jan 23, 2006

by toby

A group of girls I went to high school with were cooking pies for an exam. However they were using living bats for the filing ingredients. The bats were bound up in the pastry waiting to be put in the oven.

One of the girls hit a bat on the head with a chisel because it was moving too much. I was so disgusted that I took out a gun and shot the girls and their bodyguards.

I've been playing Mass Effect recently as a Renegade, so that may explain the shooting. gently caress knows about the bat pies.

Disco Prince
Apr 29, 2012

push the button

That the warehouse I worked in got closed down and condemned because of asbestos, it was a great dream, until I woke up and realized I'm about to go to that loving place again.

Mar 7, 2008

Last night I dreamed I got fired, it was horrifying

Apr 12, 2010

Shooting and Fucking
are the same thing!

All nights I dream of pulsating, bulging, greasy, veiny cocks showering me with bloody cum.

Wonder what that means.

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Loretta Trampface
Sep 12, 2006

by T. Finninho

I had dreams that i was having seizures and then dreams that I had hundreds of needles stuck through my arms and moving to pick one out would just lodge more in me.

thanks Effexor you're a dick


Amateur Saboteur
Feb 5, 2010

The galaxy's most dangerous cereal killer.

I had a strange dream where two men I've never seen before were chasing me into my house so I turned around and fired the gun I don't own and they both died to the single bullet.

I then spent literally the next hour of the dream (or so it felt) filling out police reports and answering questions and other boring, bureaucratic poo poo like dude all I did was off two guys it's not that big a deal.

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