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Root Bear
Nov 15, 2004


Falling asleep with my iPod on always yields some interesting results.

I once dreamt I was at a Grand Funk Railroad concert, and it was GLORIOUS.


Miss America
Sep 11, 2001
Saving the world one rainbow sparkly gumdrop at a time

I dreamed there were three ocelots on a surfboard, surfing on a wave made of molten glass that was about to crash down on a wooden table. There were small robots waving spatulas at each other because they wanted to kill some guy making pancakes but couldn't agree on who should do it, but they all wanted the pancakes. A guy was singing about geiger counters while fiddle music oscillated through the air and made the wave dance along with the tune. Then I started flying with a cartoon bluebird and realized I was the sky.

Oct 14, 2012

You can file this under creepy:

Childhood dream - prediction dream:

When I was really young like 5 or younger. I had this constant dream about going to answer the front door and the way I would answer it is I would lay flat on my stomach and open the door. Beyond the door I saw this dark figure (male) silhouetted in bright light.

Then one day I had to answer the door and I thought to myself I should try lying on stomach and see if anything happens. Sure enough the it was exactly like the dream and the figure was the guy who came to rent the basement apartment. He also ended up being a sitter for me and that led to me getting sexually molested by him.

Don't worry I'm over it. I don't let things like this bother me.

Facebook Aunt
Oct 4, 2008

Ham Wrangler

I dreamed that I came out of my bedroom to get a drink, and my mom was smoking in the kitchen. This is a big deal because when we moved in together a few years ago part of the agreement was that she wouldn't smoke inside, and for 5 years she has only smoked outside.
So I was all flabbergasted, "What are you doing, you're not supposed to smoke in here?"
And she beligerently answered, "I don't care."
"But you agreed that you wouldn't smoke in the house."
"So what?"
"Fine. If you are smoking in the house now, I'm never getting out of bed ever again!"
Ha! That'll show her. So I decided not to get a my drink after all, because then I'd have to pee later, which would involve getting out of bed. Then I went to bed.

Waking up from that was weird. I started to get up then thought, "wait, no, I'm not supposed to get out of bed ever again . . . . Wait, what?" I'm still not sure how me never getting out of bed again was supposed to affect her smoking in the house.

Aug 28, 2003

I had a dream that after a holiday I came back home with a tropical skin condition, parts of my arms appeared to grow hairier although the hair was much thicker, flattened and green in colour. Plucking the hairs out wasnít too difficult but at the end of each hair was a small nematode (parasitic worm).

Turns out I had picked up a new type of half animal/half plant parasite unknown to science; these nematodes burrow into your skin and suck nutrients out of your blood supply in order to grow a blade of grass out of their tail end which would erupt out of your skin and allow the worm to photosynthesise. Excess sugars and whatnot would be excreted back into your blood stream which were actually beneficial, full of sugars and proteins and helped to keep the host healthy.
Turns out there was a war taking place and that not only are the nematodes desirable providing that people didnít mind being covered in grass, but that grass also provides the best camouflage found anywhere allowing the soldiers to blend in perfectly with the trees & bushes.

My dream ended with me farming large amounts of these things from different parts of my body and putting them on paying customers skin so they could burrow into their new host, making me insanely rich. But then I woke up bald & poor

Jul 23, 2006


(except for mine)

I dreamed I was trying to escape/survive a slowly increasing flood event in my area of Texas. First I was driving in a storm, had to abandon my car when the water got too deep, was swept downstream for miles, was able to float on top of some cars and houses to avoid drowning. Eventually I was hanging on to a church steeple that was just high enough to keep me alive.

Then I woke up for a bathroom break, and after returning to bed I had *another* flood dream. This time, I was in the San Francisco area, and for some reason, torrential floodwaters (like a tsunami) were driving me to higher ground. For some reason, I remember the flooding was not coming from the ocean, it was coming from the opposite direction and rushing down into the sea. I survived by climbing a tree on a high hill while most of the city around me was washed away.

Hobo Siege
Apr 24, 2008

by Cowcaster

I dreamed that the last twinkie in existence was lodged up an obese man's anus. Nobody told me this, I just knew, and so did the crowd gathered around me. They tore him apart butt first like a horde of zombies.

The twinkie looked like a poop.

Sep 2, 2011

Last dream I remember was not too fun. It was one of those dreams where I wasn't present, just a bodiless observer, and it looked like a video game cutscene.

It was in a crappy inner city apartment in a fictional US city, in a cramped bedroom, and some gangsta type dude was molesting a fat officer worker by pinning him down to the bed and dry-humping his butt. It got to the point where the molester started to unzip the fat dude's fly, and the fat dude finally built up the courage to fight back so he punched the dude unconscious and clambered out of the window and down the fire escape. Then the molester woke up and stared right at me (even though I was non-corporeal, so it was more like he was staring into the 'camera' i guess?) and I panicked hard enough to wake up. What the gently caress? I don't even dream normally.

I want to have more of those great dreams I get where I'm cis female (I'm trans in real life). Sometimes nothing interesting even has to happen, I'm just extremely happy in the dream for no apparent reason (but I know what the reason is upon waking ).

Last one of those I remember in detail I was some hot redhead in an empty train station and I had to get on a train. I got on it and I was in some sealed compartment and the rest of the train was inaccessible. The train pulled out of the station and the compartment partially flooded with water, but it was not threatening at all and I actually became mildly aroused from the experience. I love water, and it's never a negative thing in my dreams.

That remind me of a dream I had a REALLY long time ago (when I was like 9 or something) and I was in a natural history museum. It looked like the one in London but with a different layout, and there was these stone steps that I was at the top of and the bottom of the stairs flooded with water, and some little girl (same age as me) was drowning but everyone just watched and looked kinda sad. She was ok in the end and then Celine Dion walked up the stairs out of the water, singing.

I get recurring themes in my dreams. Usually theme parks are involved, or hotels. Also urban places like inner London universities or office buildings, often featuring lifts and stylish architecture. Also when water, as I mentioned before, in a pleasant (or sometimes erotic) way, such as a water slide or having water fights. None of these apocalypse floods or deadly waves.

What the hell is even up with my dreams? I know I've had way more hosed up ones than the first one I wrote about here, but I can't remember any. I think I've repressed them or something.

Nov 17, 2004

Sorry guys, I'm just a donut.

Loretta Trampface posted:

I had dreams that i was having seizures and then dreams that I had hundreds of needles stuck through my arms and moving to pick one out would just lodge more in me.

thanks Effexor you're a dick

Consider yourself lucky you can sleep on effexor at all, when I took it (for three days) I was awake for seven straight days and nights. They had to give me chloral hydrate, the date surprise sex/robbery drug of choice in the 1890's, to put me to sleep.

I dreamt last night that I was in elementary school, being bullied by the poor and fat and underachieving students (I don't know why but the rich, slender, overachievers were always nice to me), as was usual back then, when the SWAT team burst in and blew all their brains out, as well as the brains of a bunch of kids who were just walking by. I was scared shitless. It skipped ahead (or at least I don't remember how I got there) to a big non-denominational group funeral, and all the dead kids' parents started gathering around me and started hitting me and shouting things to the effect of "This is your fault, you called the SWAT team". My parents stood by and did nothing. Then I woke up a few minutes ago.

Dec 30, 2008

I was doing some sort of weird yoga air pushups using the back of a chair as support. It was on a beach. I have no idea.

Mar 30, 2006


I dreamed that the week had been extended to ten days: six day week, four day weekend. It went Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Heimday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Lokday, Bragday, Sunday.

Lemony Fresh
Nov 4, 2009

I dreamed that there were evil kittens attacking. They could fly and kept attacking me and my friends. I kept having to kill them, and the last one I killed I stomped on breaking it's skull and bones. In my dream I remember asking myself "Why has it come to me killing kittens?!". I remember being terrified.

That dream kind of gave way to another one where my boyfriend was visiting me at a hotel or something similar and had to wait for me to come out because he wasn't allowed there. I made him wait over an hour because I couldn't find my shoes. He kept texting me asking where I was, and when I finally got down there to get him he was with his family, who wanted a tour of the area.

The kitten dream really freaks me out because I absolutely love cats and would never harm one. And I keep seeing the crushed kitty

May 9, 2010

legs crossed like a buddhist
smokin' buddha
angry tuna

jadebullet posted:

Quick question. Does anyone else have recurring dream locations that aren't really tied to your every day life?

Bit of a late response but yeah. They're more generic locations though. Sometimes there's a school, a park, a mansion, and they're always weird clusterfucks of places I've been. They're usually fairly consistent though.

Aug 3, 2003

I had a dream that I went to a yard sale and bought this awesome crushed velvet iridescent jacket with a big 60's collar. Since it was a dream, does that make it a technicolor dream coat?

Doorknob Slobber
Sep 10, 2006

I had a hamster in a fish tank, I'd forgotten about it and the tank was all dirty and gross. I was trying to clean it up when this giant loving centipede crawled out of the mess and I freaked the gently caress out. Then I paid someone $100 to clean it for me.

Dec 25, 2004

Last night I dreamed that I somehow was given Don Draper's job, and everyone was yelling at me because I couldn't come up with any good taglines.

Apr 19, 2007

Take up your rifles

Meis posted:

Last dream I remember was not too fun. It was one of those dreams where I wasn't present, just a bodiless observer, and it looked like a video game cutscene.

I have dreams like this and I've never known anyone else who does, cool! Maybe it's the videogames. I guess it's probably the videogames.

Last night, I was observing a little girl who was on the run from the illuminati. She was sneaking onto planes and looking at the positions of other planes on a tablet PC she had, so she could escape from any illuminati chasing her. It reminded me a bit of the boardgame Scotland Yard, or the 90s game show Wanted. The only other thing I remember is that she owned a spaceship and her name was Captain Dwarves.

The Golden Man
Aug 4, 2007

I keep having a night mare where Im unable to compliment a skater

Sep 2, 2011

Reveilled posted:

I have dreams like this and I've never known anyone else who does, cool! Maybe it's the videogames. I guess it's probably the videogames.

Actually that was the first one that felt like a cutscene. Before then any of my dreams that were like that felt like watching a TV show. I don't even watch TV that much... Must be the videogames.

Apr 19, 2007

Take up your rifles

Meis posted:

Actually that was the first one that felt like a cutscene. Before then any of my dreams that were like that felt like watching a TV show. I don't even watch TV that much... Must be the videogames.

Oh, actually I meant the whole bodiless observer thing. My dreams are always live action like a TV show, and I don't even have a TV. Videogames!

John Videogames
Jun 11, 2007

This tree is going
up your butt.

A smokin' hot college girl wanted to have an affair with me. Being the responsible father and happily married family man I am, I denied her advances, which caused her to transform into some kind of hellish werewolf and literally rip my lower jaw off with her claws.

This somehow reversed time and I found myself again in the receiving end of her declaration of love, but now the dream was kind of like a visual novel, or a choose your own adventure book. I decided to "wait" until evening to give her my answer, because I knew the guys from the local clay shooting team had training then and a stray bullet might just take care of the problem.

Indeed it did, but that just made matters worse, as when she died the girl became some kind of wraith which possessed my wife. I guess that was some kind of bad ending, because then I woke up.

Jack's Flow
Jun 6, 2003

What happen then, Mr Bones?
you seems excited-like.

Last night I dreamed there's a poisonous snake in my room. I woke up, and there was no snake. So I went back to sleep. Then I dreamed that I stole an empty school bus and parked it behind a supermarket. The police was looking for me, so I got out of the bus and ran away.

I like my dreams realistic and boring.

John Videogames
Jun 11, 2007

This tree is going
up your butt.

I cannot stress enough that even in the dream the thing I found strangest is that an attractive young adult was sexually interested on me, not the supernatural twist.

Facebook Aunt
Oct 4, 2008

Ham Wrangler

jadebullet posted:

Quick question. Does anyone else have recurring dream locations that aren't really tied to your every day life?

Yeah, for the last couple years I've been dreaming of a 4 story house. This house does not exist. I've never lived in or even a seen a house anything like it. I'm a kid again and sometimes my mom has foster kids, which makes the ridiculously huge house necessary, I guess. Sometimes kids we actually had, sometimes just generic teenagers.

The entire top floor is a huge master suite. There is a secret passage connecting two closets, but it is so small even a little kid would have to crawl on hands and knees to use it. There are odd half-staircases leading to some rooms. Some of the bedrooms are odd shapes, like a narrow room with an arch dividing it in the middle, leaving two rooms each barely big enough for a bed. The bathroom on the second floor is quite nice, but for some reason has two completely separate enclosed showers. The basement has labyrinthine passages, one of which leads to the outdoors via an old shed with a door that doesn't lock properly and looks about ready to fall off it's hinges. Also in the basement is a tiny bathroom nook, so tiny that you have to back into it to perch on the oddly small toilet, and instead of a door it has a heavy plastic curtain that brushes your knees when you sit on the toilet -- it is weird and uncomfortable so you only use it if all the other bathrooms are occupied. The basement also has a hot tub that came with the house, but usually no one knows how to make it function, it is attached to a bunch of complicated pipes and valves. The furnace is two stories tall, it is mostly in the basement but from the kitchen upstairs there is a grill where you can see fire when the furnace is on.

It is a freaky house, but usually nothing bad happens there. Most of the time we're just moving in and I'm picking out my room and exploring, finding all the weird wrong things in the house.

Dec 9, 2009

Light night I dreamed I was one of the many wives/concubines of some middle-eastern dictator. I thought about running away in a shopping mall, but decided against it since he tended to horribly torture and kill the ones who displeased him. And that was about it. No joke.

Spider Helidon
Nov 4, 2010

by XyloJW

I hosed a seventeen year old in the future and ate mechanically constructed electric meat in the cellar of a pub I used to work at.

Jul 13, 2006

This is not a good idea.

Ok I have another one. I usually remember my weird dreams every day, hopefully I can post them. In this dream I was walking through a giant hotel which was either made to resemble a department store or it was actually built in one. I was waiting for my friends and had heard that the hotel had a record 11 bars on the first floor alone. As I looked around I started counting the different bars, and I got to 6 before I realized they were just carts sort of like at a baseball stadium. I thought about getting a drink and then my friends showed up. We walked to another part of the hotel which actually became the toy section of Walmart, where I found some new Star Wars toys for Christmas (a lot of my dreams involve toy stores from when I was a kid). The big ticket item this year was a huge box the size of a doorway with 3 different life-sized puppets of Salacious Crumb, Jabba The Hutt's little monkey lizard pet. In the dream I thought it was the ultimate, most amazing toy ever but it was way too expensive. Before we left I mimicked the puppet and did my best impression of the monkey-lizards mocking laugh. Now I'm not sure if it would be a waste of money or if I really want one.

May 30, 2006

I had great sex with Jon Stewart.

Feb 9, 2003

Ah do believe Ah've got the vapors...
Ah mean the farts

I'm in a car, and it's in drive, but I'm in the back of the car. I lurch forward over the seat and grab the wheel, and swerve back onto the road. The car is going faster and faster, I'm weaving in and out of traffic. My feet are blocked from the pedals. I can't reach the brake lever. It comes to a yield and I am unable to, so I swerve past the oncoming lane and I am about to hit people walking on the side walk:

I wake up, my heart is pounding. I'm awake but the bullshit part of my brain leaves me with a parting thought. My waking thought as I clutch my sheets and sit bolt upright is "this is like that time, twelve years ago, when I hit that man with my car... I put his body in my back seat, drove him to an alleyway, and dumped the body behind a dumpster. There's still blood in the seat cushions... it's only a matter of time before they catch me. How have I lasted this long? What will people say when they find out? What a horrible way to remember the guilt I've been living with these twelve years. I remember telling my roommate.... my roommate... I didn't have a car when I had a roommate. Oh thank christ it's all bullshit"

I woke up literally believing I was a murderer weighed down by a decade of guilt, and it was made all the more real because I wasn't dreaming about any of that before I woke up.

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Hemingway To Go!
Nov 10, 2008

Last night I dreamed I was eating a big marshmallow... and then, when I woke up my pillow was missing

Jul 11, 2012

I had a very strange and especially vivid dream 3 weeks ago after drinking a bunch of cough syrup. I was in Doom, though a fairly abstract version, and early on in the dream one of the enemies was a female chainsaw-toting leatherface type, who I seduced. The dream was also very, very long. Next part I can remember I had reached the last level, and was in the lair of Cyberdemon. I met up with the marine, who told me something about some omnescient guy lying unconscious/half dead near the entrance to the level. I don't remember the wording, just that there was a guy who knew everything and he was unconscious.
Anyway, we got to Cyberdemon, who was considerably taller than I recall in the game, and with a bigger head I think. I don't remember exactly what he looked like, but he was less mannish and more T-rexish. He killed the marine very quickly, so I got the hell out of there and made for the entrance to the level. Cyberdemon was pursuing, though. I took shelter behind a large object about the size of a bus with the omnescient man about a couple meters away from me to my left. Cyberdemon was getting very close, and I knew I couldn't let the omniscient man fall into the hands of Cyberdemon, or else Cyberdemon would have access to all knowledge in all the universe. Just as he peeked his giant red head around the corner, I pulled out my pistol and shot the omniscient man in the head, and then myself.

But it was just a game still? So I reloaded a save, and this time chose to just run away from Cyberdemon's lair from the start. It gets a bit less clear after this. I ran across a bridge over a lava lake, and met up with some guys coming the other way, and I guess I convinced them to turn back, but a door was locked so we had to detour over some moving platforms to some kind of prison thing, but all the cells were open. Then something like an oracle was standing silently in one of the cells, I think he had a horse head. Later the dream segued into me and a few others making our way down a swampy river in the night, with some buildings we had to go through. One had ghosts, little girl ghosts in fact, and hostile. Luckily when I went went "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" I shot beams of fire from my mouth. The other guy seemed very spooked, but I was pretty nonplussed.

Then it got brighter and there was a beach with giant wheels on it and we were going to bike down the beach to Chicago, but instead we made ships out of driftwood and suddenly were dressed like pirates. One guy had made a beef jerky curing operation on this small, rickety boat and I remember thinking that this was a terrible place to cure meats. It pretty much ends after that.

Funny thing is, I wasn't afraid through all of this. Just had this strange oppressive feeling, especially in the early parts. Actually, I would describe the feeling as doomlike. I woke up very depressed, even though the dream got much lighter toward the end. This ended up being a lot of typing.

Jun 15, 2003

by FactsAreUseless

I dreamed this girl I know was in my bed and pulled the covers up over my was kinda nice.

Sep 11, 2001

We go play orbital catch around the curvature of the earth, son.

I dreamed I was watching a fleeing group of several people having their bodies sliced apart before my eyes by a mad scientist child who was performing grotesque mutant surgeries in hyper speed.

Some of the things I watched:

-The child tore out the brains from the skull of one poor sap, and then jumped over his head, unraveling the guy's folded brains into a worm-like noodle. He roped this noodle around a collection of bones he had removed from several of the other nearby people, and applied an electric current to it. The bones came to life, pulled by activated tendons and begin madly slicing apart other people, turning some of them into monstrous creatures that then ripped into their friends.

-The child tore into the back of the head of one guy, and replaced part of his brain with a vice-like pair of metal blades that were gnashing like teeth. The front of the guy's face had this soulless bemused grin like a crappy family photograph, as if his personality had been removed. He backed up to one of his former friends, one of the other soon-to-be-victims, and the back of his head clamped down on his the guy's face. The guy began screaming as whirring dental-drill noises flared up, and burning smoke and stench rose from the guy's trapped head. He was in so much pain that he reached up and clamped his fist over the side of the skull of his friend-turned-vice-monster, and crushed part of his skull by squeazing reflexively in agony. (Which didn't stop it or free him.) When his former friend's face fell away, I saw a perfectly sliced-through cross-section of the guy's head....and then a bunch of finger-bone-like protrusions came out from this mass of perfectly sliced flesh and began clicking like insect mandibles. The whole front of his sliced face now looked a bit like the underside of a horseshoe crab, but with fingerbone-like mandibles.

-The child sewed the tendons together of two people, forcing them to spear each other on their own exposed rib bones, until they were merged in a grisly manner into something resembling a four-legged insect, with bones sewed into their skin resembling carapace.

There was also this "Tales from the Crypt" vibe going through all of it, like these guys kind of deserved what they were getting, as they had mistreated the mad scientist boy horribly. It was a grisly massacre where they came out as malformed monstrosities that expired soon after often shredding apart their former friends in similarly grisly fashions. Almost like the boy was some mad genius who knew how to jury rig a human body into a weapon that would destroy another person or convert them to another destructive tool in a similar fashion, before shortly dying.

This is one of the most hosed up and grisly dreams I've had in forever - yet I was lucid dreaming through it the whole time like I was watching an entertaining horror movie, and knew that it wasn't real but a dream. It was still pretty intense regardless.

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Peven Stan
Feb 1, 2006

Went skiing. It was great

Jul 6, 2004

Better Lucky Than Good.
(since 1994)

Modern western rap musical.

What the gently caress, brain.

Jedi Knight Luigi
Jul 13, 2009

You think this post is BUNNY?!

drquasius posted:

Last night I dreamed that I somehow was given Don Draper's job, and everyone was yelling at me because I couldn't come up with any good taglines.

I dreamt I was loving Christina Hendricks doggy-style.

I, too, have been watching a lot of Mad Men lately.

Nov 17, 2004

Sorry guys, I'm just a donut.

I dreamt I was on a massive, moon-sized generation ship on its way to America's new home (sorry non-Americans, the ship was built by America so only Americans got to leave the Earth, which now was 500x more dangerous and radioactive than in Fallout, but with fewer radio stations). It was close to Christmas time when the aliens from Independence Day started blowing up parts of the habitat ring for target practice. My family's tiny apartment was right next to the President's family's apartment, so President Bill Pullman enlisted me to help him get to the engine room so he could reconfigure the engines to emit some kind of bullshit energy pulse that would disable the aliens' weapon systems, since we didn't anticipate a need for weapon systems of our own. The downside was, the engines would be fried afterwards and the ship would be stuck there forever, so life on the habitat ring would be the only future our descendants would ever know.

It was an action-packed journey during which I kept blubbering because I didn't want to die. When we got to the engine room, I realized that was where everyone had been hiding their Christmas presents for their loved ones, except me, I kept them in my closet I shared with my parents, siblings, my brother's wife, and all our dogs (yes, dogs got to come along, but not non-Americans. I assume they must have been emergency rations or were there to prevent cabin fever or something), so they could all see every day what I was getting them for Christmas. I started opening a package with my name on it when the President threatened me with treason if I opened my presents before December 25, though I was allowed to open one on Christmas Eve. He and the team of engineers already there did the thing to the engines, and the attacks stopped. The president said that they had made the pulse too strong, so it had killed all the aliens instead of just disabling their weapons, which meant we could steal their engines, which were capable of achieving relativistic speeds, so we would end up at our new home in mere minutes (our time) instead of 1000 years. Then I said "Mr. President, I hope this isn't terribly inappropriate, but I really have to take a leak". Then I woke up and went to the bathroom to take a piss. I didn't have any dreams I remember after I went back to bed.

Feb 20, 2010

I just had a dream that my friends and I were stuck in a room with Freddy Krueger, Jason, Thor and some other guy. Apparently they weren't allowed to kill us, but they were allowed to cut our fingers up. If we attacked them or called them bad names, they would be allowed to kill us. Also, I shot one of my friends 3 times in the head with a shotgun because she wanted to build improvised weaponry out of my fingers (it was some kind of gauntlet). She seemed to ignore the shotgun blasts and they only left some dark scorch marks on her forehead.

Eventually the situation dissolved and we all went to sleep at my grandma's house.

escape artist
Sep 24, 2005

"Slow train coming"

"Slow quality poster coming to the threads about the shows I like."

"No, really, jokes aside, post more in The TV IV because you make good points and don't suck."

I dreamt Al Pacino became a stand-up comedian, and a solid one at that. He riffed on grandchildren, Pixar films and Sylvester Stallone, among other stuff, the Stallone jokes made all the better because Rocky himself was sitting front and center in the audience. One of the jokes my dream-Pacino told was "Sylvester Stallone is a great guy, but he unwittingly spreads a disease to hundreds of thousands of people around the world: That's right, each day, when someone watches one of his films, they're immediately afflicted with narcolepsy. . ."

Funnier in the dream, with Pacino's delivery and Stallone's reaction, but it was one something I had to document and share.

My meds give me some wacky and vivid dreams and nightmares.


Aug 19, 2011

I want to preface this by saying that most of my dreams are very short, and very vivid in color. That this dream was neither of these made it so memorable.

Background: In the dream the world was slated for destruction. Not by nuclear weapons or anything inherently natural like a comet, just the powers that be(whatever they are, I didn't know and it was honestly irrelevant) decided this world is gonna die out. Just slowly fade into nonexistence, along with everything on it. To that end, all the colors in the world were relatively drab and faded and slowly going out. However, what I can only describe as psychopomps decided this was rather unfair and decided to try to save people by... well, killing them but transporting their souls to a new world rather than just leading them to the afterlife.

Suffice it to say, I was absolutely loving terrified. I managed to find myself some sort of long knife and a friend who had a gun and we decided to try to fight and hold out against them, because all we knew was that something supernatural was trying to kill us. We didn't actually understand what was going on in the grand scheme though, just that something was majorly hosed up and we were fighting for our lives.

The problem with psychopomps and other such things is they don't actually die when you stab them. Sure, they fall down and stop moving, but they just disappear when you're not looking and come back elsewhere. Despite what I've tried to paint myself as up there, this was all far less action movie and more horror movie. Most of this takes place in a house that we figured was a good defensive spot, but at some point we ended up leaving it because they didn't stop coming. I guess we figured that being in the open means we'd be less likely to be ambushed around a corner.

A little ways out from the house, we found a pair of psychopomps chilling in a tree. One of them explained what was going on to us and apologized for the relatively directness of the earlier ones(who I should mention didn't take any time to explain what was going on). I wasn't exactly thrilled at this whole thing, but at that point my biggest fear wasn't so much the dying part but the dying painfully part(which is a fear I have in real life, for what it's worth). He, however, conveniently had a type of naturally poisonous plant which he claimed would've made me pass out and then die while unconscious. I was a bit leery about it, but it beat the alternative and I wasn't terribly interested in ceasing to exist, so I took it. Stabbed myself with the plant(it had a sharp thorn that released the poison), and let the effects take hold.

I woke up in the new world(I'm not sure where it was, again it doesn't matter) and it turns out that the psychopomps made an effort to put us into places that we would probably enjoy. To that end, I was a hovercar racer. The dream shortly ended after that. All told, the dream felt like it was an hour, which was way above my normal 5 seconds to 5 minute long dreams.

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