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Jan 24, 2003

I am trying to figure out some component vs coaxial speaker decisions and wanted to ask for some advice. My FJ Cruiser has four speakers currently, 6x9's in the doors and ~3" in the dash. Putting in aftermarket 6x9's and 3.5" is not too hard so I am thinking of doing so to improve the poor sound quality. I'm seeing both combination speakers with multiple drivers (and presumably built in crossovers?) and component speakers and cannot decide which to put where. I'm hoping to go mid range here, so for example I could do JL C2 Coaxial speakers all around for about $300, which is right around what I'd like to spend. Do I need or want to have coaxial speakers in both the doors and dash? I have no desire to have any additional speakers outside the existing spots.


Jan 24, 2003

Don Dongington posted:

For common cars, crutchfield will usually be able to sell you a cable harness and fascia kit that basically makes the whole experience plug and play, as long as you're comfortable using a screwdriver and maybe a 10mm socket. I would not recommend going DIY if you have to cut into the factory wiring because basically every inexperienced person who's done this as a PO of one of my cars has done a terrible job of it.

Generally there's a YouTube guide showing you how to get the dash apart and remove the factory head unit.

I just did exactly this:

Everything* works. Steering wheel controls even. My first time ever installing a stereo (I however have electrical and electronics experience). I did need to cut some wires for the steering wheel controls as I could not get the pins for that out of the connector.

In addition to a philips screw driver and 10mm nut driver I would recommend a decent wire stripper and crimper, I improvised these and it was a bit of a pain.

*Everything except the stuff I saved for later, that being speakers (need a custom mounting bracket), usb (need to either find where the oem connects and get an A-B or run the one from the headunit into the glove box), mic (I'll have better access when doing the speakers), fascia (included screws weren't long enough).

Definitely watch some youtube videos specific to your car for everything you want to do. One of the easiest things to mess up can be removing trim to get at the stereo.

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